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06-21-07, 01:11 PM
Alrighty, I'm brimming with ideas and announcements, so I'm going to pitch them out in one big post. Lemme know what you think about them.

- For winning the Draft Competition, Dan West got to name the next top contender for the Challenge Championship. His pick was The Canadian Loonie. There will be something on the ToC writeup giving an in-character explanation, so watch out for that.

- You may have read about it on my blog, but I'm thinking about implementing a TEAM Power Poll, much in the same grain as the AP poll for college football/basketball. Basically, after various TEAM events or monthly or however it will work, a group of people will get together and vote on the top wrestlers based on their recent showings in TEAM. The panel will change depending on who's making the big splashes in TEAM at the time. IE, I'm not going to pick any of the current Champions or tourney winners to be on the panel, just to keep the objectivity high. If you're interested in being a part of the panel in times when you're not doing big things in TEAM, lemme know.

- I know that this may be premature since I'm practically begging people to RP for the ToC, but the Dupree Cup is right around the corner, and I had an idea for tweaking the Cup Final meet. Instead of having three matches, I'm thinking this year we start doing a big War Games match for that. Do you guys like that better, or should I stick with the standard final that we did last year as well?

- Finally, I know I've been a big proponent of the tag resurgence lately, but I haven't followed through in TEAM, and for good reason. One, MCW was already doing the tag stuff with the Hegstrand Cup, and two, if I was going to add a Tag Team Championship, I wanted to do something different. Regular feds are having trouble getting tag divisions started/keeping them going, and if I did something straight up, I might not get a response. However, I had this idea... The Lethal Lottery Championship. Basically, it's a Tag Championship where the challengers are randomly paired together out of a pool of available wrestlers. Kinda like the tag equivalent of the FREE FOR ALL~! title. Would you be interested in that if I were to implement it?

Please give me feedback on these ideas, because I'd really like to know if you guys would be interested if I did any or all of this.

King Bear
06-21-07, 04:33 PM
The Poll: The poll idea is different, and I kind of really, really like it... a lot. One of the reasons I hate Duke so much is because every poll always used to vote them #1, all season long. Now, that very well could happen, but that's also where 'classics' come from - when #1 gets dumped by the underdog, the #21 team, etc. This really would give us a much, much more competitive atmosphere. And, even though I'm the biggest name there is in TEAM: I'd be down to panel it up.

Second idear: GREAT IDEA. Now, my only question is: is this just for the first round? Or the ENTIRE Dupree Cup? Either way, War Games > standardness.

Lethal Lottery: Sign me up. I love this idea. I've actually been waiting for somebody to come up with something like that. To quote Rob Schneider, "DOOOOOOOOOO IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT"

06-21-07, 06:13 PM
Second idea would only be for the actual Dupree Cup Finals, the match that decides who wins the whole shebang.

06-22-07, 03:12 AM
I'm not a big voice in TEAM affairs but here goes

I like the Lethal Lottery Idea, only if you legitimately drew names out of a hat, can or whatever. I'm assuming you would anyway.

As for the Wargames, that would definitely be a great ending for such a heated and grand tournament.

The poll... sounds kind of like to much work, but if you had some committed people who read every single TEAM rp... it would be something good. It's sometimes hard to find that type of dedication though.

aka Rex Caliber in REBEL
aka Sebastien Martyr in NAPW

06-24-07, 12:55 AM
I agree with Caldwell. The TEAM Power Poll is a sweet idea. If one guy is #23 and beats a #17, then #10 and then a #8. He obviously moves up. I like the idea. I've always liked being ranked anyway. It shows how hard you have to work to move up or even helps you in making a decision on who you need to challenge on a big show.

The War Games idea to start out the first round is a good idea. Any time there is a new way of doing things with something. At least give it a try. If it doesn't work or help... no harm, no foul.

I also have been waiting for someone to do a lethal lottery type deal. Doing it for a tag team event is great. I'm up for that too. Having Lindz team up with one of her Rum carriers against Beau Michaels and Kin Hiroshi would be worth the price of admission.

So, I say give all the ideas a shot. You have my vote. Now, I fyou can just get me to RP. That might be something worthwhile if it ever happens. :p

Bruno N' Beauty
06-24-07, 05:23 PM
NAPW did a Lethal Lottery this past October. The winners of their respective matches then went into a Battle Royale, and Bruce Richards came out the winner. It was a fun experience, I think it'd be cool for TEAM.

06-24-07, 06:36 PM
Power-poll: No opinion either way here, lol. If it starts to eat up your time though Tom, I'd say as good an idea as it is, it's not vital, especially with the ENN rankings making a comeback.

War Games for the Chad Dupree Final: YES!! ESPECIALLY if you randomised who from each team went into the match in what order, or the fed-heads gave you an order, so it wouldn't necessarily be the two top RPers starting out or whatever. It'd be a bit of a sod to write though wouldn't it?

Lethal Lottery: Another no-opinion from me. I'm actually thinking ahead here with tag team tournaments if there's going to be anything this year - I hope there is because it'd help stablise the re-emerging tag scene. Just as a one off though, I don't see the harm in a lethal lottery.