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06-15-07, 11:40 PM

Remember when I wrote that? Here's a quote:

PRIME did an angle where their owner was murdered as part of a wrestling storyline. Now, this falls into the whole "telling a story vs. telling a wrestling related story" that I see some PTC feds struggle with from time to time. I don't even think the WWE would to go so far as to run an angle where someone gets murdered. Two, this angle in PRIME is passed off as a real life thing, that Hin See is dead and there's nothing to bring him back. This is unrealistic. You wouldn't figure that out through a wrestling angle. You'd figure it out in a police investigation and in things that shouldn't be shown on a TV show as being part of the show. I'm sorry. If the WWE tried to do that, RAW would be taken off the air and a federal investigation would be started."

Yeah, I was totally wrong on that one. Vince is a piece of sh*t, especially now that Sherri's dead after they pulled this stupid angle.

06-16-07, 12:08 AM

I like the angle. Wrestling is no more "real" than any other show on TV. have an angle like this is intruiging, and they naver actually said he was dead, just that he was "presumed Dead"

06-16-07, 08:37 AM
Even so, the whole way they've been milking it, and the fact that the "FBI" are now involved... if the FBI were really involved, Titan Towers would be locked down, no photographs would be allowed to be published, the officers would have taken a lot longer in Vince's office than the three hours they're reported to have spent there, etc.

All in all, it's things like this that make me glad I only check the results online and don't actually watch the shows any more - it's a total embarrassment, especially when they do these patently absurd storylines where you know precisely what direction they'll take, and they're done in such an unbelievable manner.

06-16-07, 11:54 AM
This storyline reminds me of the nWo Sting angle.

You know the one, where everyone in the audience knew it wasn't the real Sting but everyone in WCW apparently were idiots and thought it was Sting.

06-17-07, 04:32 PM
It's a very stressing time for the WWE. On one hand, I see how pulling out of the Vince Pressumed Dead, is an option, because of what happened with Sherri. But they knew nothing of that taking place. Same could be said about other tv shows, where an alumnist who left show dies during an angle in which one of the existing cast members die. You don't fake the death just because there is a real one. It was bad timing, sure, but that doesn't mean pull out. Giving the storyline life, it has to play out, or at least it should, or kills the angle in more ways than one.

What happened to Sherri is terrible. I wish her family well. But Sherri and Vince's angle are different. I don't see the need to compare them. One is real life, and one is a show story. Vince nor the WWE did this with evil intent. Vince "died" first. Look at it this way, if Sherri were my mother, and she died, just after Vince "died", I'd see no comparison. I would not stop anything happen in a company that my mom used to work for, just becaused something similiar was happening in real life. Neither was the result of the other directly.

Death, is usually in bad taste, because it's one of the biggest fears and mysteries to many. But instead of baggering the WWE. Badger the show 24, for the nuclear bombs they use which "kill lots of civilians" on a daily basis. I wouldn't blame WWE for any of this. I say, let them run the angle. Be concerned for Sherri's family, but not in relation to whatever the WWE is doing. They're unrelated in events. K, I'm done for now.