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06-11-07, 10:40 PM
This is the big one :)

Alright, I've given you mooks enough time to fill out your free agents, so let er rip with the booking. Here are your instructions.

- You have five shows; four TV and one PPV.
- In that span, you must crown your fed's World Champion or equivalent and Tag Team Champions (or else the tag rounds are useless!). Secondary titles are optional.
- 67% (2/3) of your drafted characters have to appear in at least one show. Which means you have to use 12 characters you drafted for your booking to be eligible to win. Furthermore, your top four picks and top tag team have to appear in all your shows.
- There is no restriction on who can win your titles.
- Deadline for entry is June 30th at 11:59:59 PM, give or take one second.

Alright guys, let 'er rip!

Jason Payne
06-12-07, 01:41 PM
I don't want to come off like a sour puss at all, but I'm withdrawing from this. I had fun with the draft, and all that...but I've become too distracted with extracurricular BS and it's taken away from me as far as EW goes.

Flame away on me for this if you want to...but this is just something I have to do.

06-12-07, 01:50 PM
No need for flames, Jason. This is an optional competition anyway. Don't sweat it :)

Jason Payne
06-12-07, 02:04 PM
Okay that's cool. I just didn't want anyone mad at me for drafting someone and then not using them for this when they could have been used in someone elses fed.....you follow what I'm saying?

In any case, I appreciate you being understanding.

06-13-07, 10:47 AM
Okay that's cool. I just didn't want anyone mad at me for drafting someone and then not using them for this when they could have been used in someone elses fed.....you follow what I'm saying?

In any case, I appreciate you being understanding.
I don't think many people will mind being snubbed for a for-fun-fantasy for-fun-fantasy-wrestling draft :P

06-21-07, 01:01 PM
Don't sleep on the booking competition either! Nine days before this deadline's up!

07-06-07, 01:18 PM
Alright, since no one did this before the deadline, here's what I'm going to do.

The first person to submit a QUALITY booking outline that follows the rules detailed above wins and gets to name a contender to the Championship of Champions.

There you go.

07-06-07, 03:24 PM
I actually meant to do this a while ago, but lost track of it when I began to focus most of my energy on ToC writing. Anyway, here's the first four weeks of ESFWC's television show "ESFWC Televised Wrestling Program", leading up to the first PPV, Moosetopia I.

ESFWC TWP Week 1: From the ESFWC Studios in Helsinki

Commissioner Bjaarn "The Ice Pirate" Shaaarkonnen welcomes us to the show, saying that the East Southwestern region of Finland has never experienced the kind of wrestling action ESFWC will provide. He mentions that there's been tremendous buzz after their flurry of signings earlier this year, and that some of the biggest stars in the industry have come to Finland to go after the biggest prize in Finnish pro wrestling, the ESFWC World Heavyweight Championship. The first holder of that title will be determined live on pay per view at Moosetopia in a special four-way match featuring the winners of four qualifying matches over the next four weeks, including tonight's main event, which will be revealed later.

Match One: WildStar vs. Tony "The Grin" Gamble

ESFWC's first match is an exciting, action-packed one, but eventually the Five Star Wrestler is able to put down Gamble with a brainbuster and a frog splash to go down in the history books as ESFWC's first winner.

Match Two: Tag Team Round Robin Round 1 (Steve Watson & The Phantom Republican vs. Simply Stunning)

The first in a three-team round robin to determine the World Tag Team Champions, the seemingly random pairing of Watson and G.O.P. goes toe-to-toe with the former CSWA Tag Team Champions. Just when it looks like SS is about to put it away, Mr. Amazing comes from out of nowhere to hit Michael Hardy with a steel chair, allowing Watson to roll up the Brit for the pin to score the first win in the Round Robin. The newly formed trio celebrates in the ring to the boos of the crowd.

Backstage with "The Epitome"

Troy Windham, still confused as to how his agent let him sign an ESFWC contract, says that while he's here and getting paid handsomely, he might as well take out all the morons who've been lined up for him along the way and add another piece of meaningless gold to his already loaded trophy case.

Match Three: Foxx vs. "Renegade" Rich Rollins

The young up-and-comer from San Antonio puts up a valiant fight, scoring a number of incredibly close near falls, but connects with the Anarchist Elbow and scores a decisive three count.

The Amazing Trio Speaks

Backstage, Mr. A! tells the entire world that he, GOP and the CPA are going to take Finland by storm, starting with the tag team titles and moving all the way up to the top. However, they run into "Iceman" Steve Radder, who says that he just doesn't think that's the case. Radder and Mr. Amazing stare down, but Radder walks away before Amazing's friends get involved.

Match Four: Jason Payne vs. Tom Adler

A classic clash of styles, with Payne trying to brawl and Adler going to his deep well of technical expertise. In the end, it degenerates into a complete and total brawl, spilling outside the ring and ending in a double count-out.

Match Five: Eli Flair & Big Dog vs. Chronic Collizion

Two heavyweight legends take on one of the top tag teams in the industry, and while the CC, as a more experienced unit, do work better together than Dog and Flair, the duo is able to work well enough together to take home a win in this give-and-take match after a Dog Pound on Erik Black and a Fallen One on Ivan Dalkichev.

MAIN EVENT: First Qualifying Match for the World Championship Match

Nobody in the crowd knows who will be in tonight's main event. All of a sudden, "Bulls on Parade" cues up, and out comes Steve Radder. His opponent? Troy Windham. Two CSWA greats go back and forth for more than 20 minutes, but before it looks like Radder will finish Windham off, he's distracted by the presence of Amazing, Watson, and GOP, which allows Troy to hit the Slacknife and move on to Moosetopia.

Amazing and Co. beat down on Radder in the middle of the ring, before Simply Stunning comes out to make the save. Bjaarn comes out to the ramp and says that if Mr. Amazing wants to interject himself into the world title picture, that's fine with him. Next week, he can have his shot at qualifying for the title match against...

ELI FLAIR. Oh, and by the way, he tells Amazing that the special guest referee for the match will be none other than Steve Radder. Flair comes out on to the ramp and stares at Amazing, whose eyes dart between him and Radder as we close the show.

TWP Week 2

Match One: Big Dog vs. Simply Beautiful

The A1E legend makes his Finnish debut in this match. SB gives him a real tough time of it, but Big Dog is able to avoid the New York Nightmare and nail the Backdrop Driver to pick up his first ESFWC win.

Match Two: Rich Rollins & Tom Adler vs. Jason Payne & Karina Wolfenden

This one gets ugly early, as Payne & Adler once again brawl to the outside, leaving K-Wolf and the Renegade to fight this one out. After a lengthy exhange, Wolfenden wows the crowd with the C-4 and picks up the win for her team.

Match Three: Troy Windham vs. Duchess

Before the match, Troy Windham is scene backstage relaxing in his private locker room with two attractive women, saying how now that he's locked in to the World Championship match, he can just cruise into Moosetopia. The commissioner breaks up the party, saying that Troy signed a contract and is bound to compete, and will do so next. And, seeing as he's so fond of the ladies, he can take on one of the best women in the business, Duchess.

In the ring, Duchess tries to take advantage of an unprepared Epitome and almost snags the win with a couple roll-up attempts, but Windham quickly takes over and in just a couple of minutes, he hits the Slacknife with trademark panache and picks up a relatively easy victory.[/i]

The Commish Speaks

Finally calming Adler and Payne down, Bjaarn says if the two want to beat the crap out of each other so badly, they can do it next week in a Falls Count Anywhere match, with the winner getting a spot in Week 4's qualifying match.

Match Four: Tag Team Round Robin Week 2

As we hit the top of hour 2, Watson and the Phantom Republican hit the ring to try and earn their way into the tag title match in two weeks by beating Chronic Collizion. The two teams put on a textbook tag team match, with the team now known as Death and Taxes hitting their powerbomb/neckbreaker combo ("The Tax Cut") for the win to earn their spot in the tag title match.

Match Five: WildStar vs. John Miller

Both men put out a spectacular effort, but after a long and exciting match, the Steel City Icon is able to finish off WildStar and earn a hard fought win that gets a standing ovation from the crowd for both competitors.

MAIN EVENT: Mr. Amazing! vs. Eli Flair (Special Referee: Steve Radder)

Radder calls this one down the middle for the most part, but Amazing gets in his face after a close call, giving Flair an opening. Flair, who took an extraordinary beating in the match, including some unseen interference from Watson and GOP, hits the Fallen One and gets the pin, moving on to Moosetopia and getting a shot at his old rival, Troy Windham in the title match.

TWP Week 3

Opening Salvo

Troy Windham comes out to start the show, saying that he's seen the entire roster in action over the past few weeks, and he's got no competition for the world championship. Eli Flair comes out and, in not so many words, says he disagrees, and the two come close to blows before Bjaarn comes out and has security separate the two. He says that next week, they'll have their chance to get their hands on each other as part of a triple main event, as both men, along with tonight's qualifier, will choose a tag team partner for a triple threat match. Tonight, however, the two of them are going to have to coexist, as they'll be taking on Mr. Amazing and Tony Gamble in a No Disqualification Match, and it'll happen next.

Match One: Troy Windham & Eli Flair vs. Tony Gamble & Mr. Amazing!

Troy tries desperately to worm his way out of competing, but Flair continually finds ways to tag him in and toss him in against the wolves. Finally, Windham hits Eli with a superkick and walks out of the match, but before Mr. Amazing can cover, Steve Radder runs in and nails him with a chair shot, allowing Eli to nail Fallen Ones on both Amazing and Gamble, earning himself a pinfall victory.

Match Two: Duchess & Jack Gilkison vs. The Thrillbillies

Hoss and Jake are able to use speed and agility to confound Duchess and Jack, winning with their stereo frog splashes on Duchess after sending Jack out of the ring with a tremendous plancha by Jake that got a huge "Holy ****" chant (in Finnish) from the crowd.

Match Three: Karina Wolfenden vs. Foxx

The two talented ladies put on a spectacular, high-flying show for the crowd, but ultimately it's K-Wolf who is able to once again hit the devastating C-4 and pick up a win for the second straight week.

Backstage, Steve Radder tells Bjaarn he wants Mr. Amazing in the ring. Bjaarn says that if Radder can win tonight, he might just find a way to make that happen.

Match Four: Chronic Collizion vs. Simply Stunning

These two teams vie for a spot against Death and Taxes next week, and Simon Wilcox is able to pick up a surprise win for his team, rolling up Dalkichev after escaping a Chronic Crasher attempt.

After the match, Watson and the Phantom Republican hit the ring to attack, but SS fights them off and sends them towards the back. We find out through the announcers that next week, Simply Stunning and Death and Taxes will face off for the titles, and it will be a LADDER MATCH.

Match Five: Steve Radder vs. Rich Rollins

The Iceman is back on top form, and even though the GTT5 winner is an extremely tough opponent, Radder is able to nail the Absolute Zero and pick up the win.

Match Six: Tom Adler vs. Jason Payne (Falls Count Anywhere)

These two immediately begin brawling, and do so throughout ESFWC's Television Studios. In a long and bloody match, Payne looks to have won several times, including after a Payne Killer on the concrete, but Adler shows great resolve and hits a devastating Adlerplex on a stack of wooden pallets to win the match and earn a chance at the World Championship match, as he'll face John Miller for the final spot next week.

MAIN EVENT: Big Dog vs. WildStar (Qualifier 3)

Once again we get great resumes and a contrast of styles in the main event, and although WildStar comes close on countless occasions, Big Dog is able to use his power to hit the Dog Pound and earn his spot in the championship match.

TWP Week 4

Bjaarn comes out and opens the show, running down tonight's card, which will have a triple main event, and announces the following for the PPV...

Duchess vs. Foxx
The Thrillbillies vs. Chronic Collizion (Tag Title Number 1 Contender's Match)
Rich Rollins vs. Simply Beautiful vs. Tony Gamble
A four-person tournament for the Scandinavian Heavyweight Title featuring Karina Wolfenden, WildStar, Jason Payne, and the loser of tonight's main event, either John Miller or Tom Adler

Match One: Mystery Opponent Triple Threat Tag (Big Dog & Karina Wolfenden vs. Eli Flair & Steve Radder vs. Troy Windham & Wildstar)

In a match pitting five of the World and Scandinavian Title opponents against each other, the action is hot and fast paced. Eli Flair looks to have the match won with a Fallen One on WildStar, but Mr. Amazing! shows up and once again interferes, nailing Flair and his partner Radder and allowing Windham to hit the Slacknife on Radder and win the match just before Big Dog came in to break up the pinfall. Radder chases after Amazing while the three world title contenders stare each other down in the ring.

Match Two: Death and Taxes vs. Simply Stunning (World Tag Team Championship Ladder Match)

In a spectacular and innovative match, these two teams clash for the tag team championships. Both teams come close to the belts on several occasions. The finish comes with Michael Hardy very close to the belts, but The Phantom Republican sneaks up and hits the MOAB from the top of the 15 foot ladder, allowing Steve Watson to climb the ladder and win the tag titles. Death and Taxes are joined by Mr. Amazing in celebration, but that quickly turns into an attack on Simply Stunning. Steve Radder comes out for the save, leading to the announcement of Radder & Simply Stunning vs. Mr. A!, Watson & GOP in a six-man tag at Moosetopia, with the tag team championships on the line!

Match Three: Hoss Garrison vs. Erik Black

In the first meeting between members of Chronic Collizion and the Thrillbillies, these two put on a solid eight minute wrestling showcase, with Black holding the advantage until Hoss is able to reverse a powerbomb attempt into a beautiful huracanrana and hold on for a quick pin.

Match Four: Jake McCody vs. Ivan Dalkichev

Now, their partners get to show their skills, in a David and Goliath matchup between the speedy McCody and the 7 foot, 500 pound powerhouse Dalkichev. Jake throws absolutely everything he's got at Ivan, but apparently this David had no slingshot and no rock, as the Raging Russian was able to absorb every blow from McCody and hit a massive chokeslam followed by the Drunken Russian Driver to finish off McCody, who was valiant in defeat.

MAIN EVENT: Tom Adler vs. John Miller (Final Championship Qualifier)

These two begin with more than 40 minutes left in the show, and they do not disappoint. For more than half and hour they take each other to the limit, and after Miller throws everything he has at his opponent, Adler is able to hit a last-ditch Adlerplex for the pin to earn his spot at Moosetopia.

This brings out Flair, Windham, and Big Dog, who stare down with Adler. The commissioner makes his way to the ring to say he has one last surprise for our four combatants. He said that the championship match would be special, and to make sure it is, he's making it a four-way, sixty minute Ironman match, with the man scoring the most pinfalls taking home the World Championship.

Moosetopia I

Match One: Duchess vs. Foxx

It's fast action to start ESFWC's inaugural PPV show, but after avoiding a number of attempts to finish the match from Duchess, Foxx nails a 450 splash and hooks in the Vixen's Tail for an impressive tapout victory.

Match Two: John Miller vs. Jason Payne (Scandinavian Title Semi-Final)

These two veteran brawlers lock up in a stiff, intense matchup that is nip-and-tuck from the very beginning. In the end, the Steel City Icon slips out of a Payne Killer attempt, hits the Iron Curtain, and locks on the Blast Furnance katahajime to move on to the finals.

Match Three: WildStar vs. Karina Wolfenden (Scandinavian Title Semi)

These two face off in a match worthy of highspot highlight reels, combining brilliant chain wrestling, psychology, and tremendous athleticism in a match that has the crowd on its feet for the duration. The Five Star Wrestler is able to pick up the win, however, bridging his way out of the C-4 and hitting the Wild Driver to get the pin and move on to the title match.

Match Four: Thrillbillies vs. Chronic Collizion

The Billies bring spectacular energy to the ring, but the Raging Russian and the Escape Artist prove that size and speed is a dangerous combination, as Dalkichev's power proves to be to much and a Chronic Crasher gets the win and makes CC the new number one contenders to the tag straps.

Match Four: Rich Rollins vs. Simply Beautiful vs. Tony Gamble

These three square off in an entertaining three-way that bridges the gap to our title matches. SB hits the New York Nightmare on Gamble, but Rollins catches the Sexiest Man in Wrestling with a huge DDT and heads up top for the Anarchist Elbow. SB has a little left in the tank though, and rolls out of the way before nailing the Renegade with the NYN and picking up a hard fought win on PPV.

Match Five: Six-Man Tag for the World Tag Team Championships

This one is filled with passion and intensity as the tag team champs and Mr. Amazing take on Steve Radder and Simply Stunning with the belts on the line. Radder keeps trying to get into the ring with Mr. A!, but is continually denied the opportunity. Eventually, he does get Amazing in the ring, but the battle between the two spills outside, and the two are all but eliminated from the proceedings after an incredible Senton Bomb through the English Announce Table by Radder onto Mr. A!. SS comes close a number of times, but GOP is able to hit the MOAB on Wilcox, followed by a Guillotine Legdrop by Watson to give the CPA and the Conservative a win in their first title defense. They celebrate as Radder and Amazing are both stretchered away.

Semi-Main Event: John Miller vs. WildStar (Scandinavian Title Match)

Both men are tired from their earlier match, but John Miller is able to gut out an incredibly hard fought win, rolling away from a Shooting Star Press attempt and locking in the Blast Furnace for his second submission win of the night to take home the Scandinavian Championship.

MAIN EVENT: Four Way Iron Man Match for the ESFWC World Championship

This match is of EPIC proportions, and each man brings something special to the ring for this one. There's quite a lot of Windham fighting Flair, as these two still look to settle the long running feud that never really ended. 20 minutes in, Adler strikes the first blow, hitting Big Dog with an Adlerplex and scoring the first fall. However, Big Dog turns the table minutes later, hitting the Dog Pound and pinning Adler. Ever the opportunist, Windham strikes while the iron is hot and Slacknifes Adler, getting a fall for himself. Forty-five minutes in, the King of Extreme finally breaks through, hitting a vicious Tombstone Piledriver on Windham and picking up a pin, tying the match at one apiece for each competitor. As the minutes wind down, Windham and Flair again go at it, this time on the outside, as both men are seemingly knocked out after Troy hits the Slacknife on Eli at the same time as Flair is taking a chair to Troy's head.

It looks to be down to Big Dog and Adler with 30 seconds to go, and the Magnificent One looks for the Adlerplex but is denied, as the big man shoves him off the ropes and hits the Backdrop Driver to get the pin with 10 seconds to go. He thinks he's won, but a recently revived Windham sneaks up behind him and hits the Slacknife, pinning Big Dog with one second left and forcing sudden death overtime between the two.

Overtime ticks on, seemingly forever, as both men come incredibly close to winning the title. Big Dog sets up for a Backdrop Driver to finish it, but Troy hits an unseen low blow and hits the Slacknife. He covers, but amazingly, incredibly, Big Dog is able to kick out at two. Windham pulls him up and looks for another Slacknife, but Big Dog is able to shove him into the ropes and catch him on the rebound with the Dog Pound to get the three count after nearly 75 minutes of heart pounding action. Big Dog celebrates with the ESFWC title as we go off the air, the faces in the locker room coming out to congratulate him.

As we go forward...

ESFWC's build to the next PPV (Chaos in Helsinki), includes a rematch between Big Dog and Troy Windham for the World Championship, Steve Radder and Mr. Amazing! in a steel cage to determine a new number one contender, Eli Flair vs. Tom Adler, John Miller vs. Jason Payne for the Scandinavian Championship, Death and Taxes vs. Chronic Collizion, plus much, much more.

07-06-07, 03:50 PM
You have to have your top four picks and your top tag team appear in all your shows for this to be able to win. You can fix it up and still win, but you have to do it before someone else swoops in and posts a QUALITY outline to be eligible.

07-06-07, 04:04 PM
Sorry, I read the rules wrong. I'll make some edits.

ETA: Edits made to comply to the rules of the booking competition.

07-06-07, 04:32 PM
National Wrestling Association Presents: THE ROAD TO WRESTLECADE!

Saturday Night Rock n' Wrestling #1: Memphis, TN

Intro: Commissioner Sonny Crockett announces that tonight will feature random matches with each wrestler's performance being judged to determine who will qualify for the 8-Man World Championship Tournament that will conclude at the first PPV, Wrestlecade. He also announces a 4-team tag tournament that will take place over the next two shows to crown a World Tag Team Champion.

Shane Southern def. Felix Red via Superkick
Eddy Love def. Kodiak Vic Creed via. Low Blow -> Piledriver
High Flyer def. Sean Stevens via Locomotive

Tag Tournament Match 1:
The OSS (w/ Calvin Carlton) def. The Anti-Terrorist Coalition by DQ
(Bloodhunt uses Cal's racket on Frankie)


Jeff Garvin def. August de la Rossi via Memphis Death Certificate
Havoc def. Tully Devotion via Powerbomb
Codemaster and Rana Venenosa wrestle to a 30 min. draw

MAIN EVENT: The Suicide Kings def. Highwayman/Junior Hornet after the Highwayman turns on JH. . . Tully Devotion makes the save to a huge pop!

Saturday Night Rock n' Wrestling #2: Memphis, TN

Intro: Sonny Crockett announces that last week’s winners have all advanced to the World Heavyweight Championship tournament, and that last week’s losers and ties will have their last opportunity to qualify.

Felix Red def. Kodiak Vic Creed via Shattered Horizon, but KVC attacks post-match and powerbombs Felix on the concrete. Felix leaves via stretcher, but qualifies for the tournament.

Sean Stevens def. August De La Rossi via Cutter to qualify for the tournament.

Junior Hornet def. Highwayman via Tully Devotion interference, Highwayman and De La Rossi retaliate with a backstage attack on Devotion!


Codemaster and Rana Venenosa wrestle to another 30 minute draw, and a 5 minute overtime period ensues. . . and neither man gets the pinfall! This leaves the tournament situation cloudy as 7 of 8 spots are left taken.

Jeff Garvin and Eddy Love def. Shane Southern and High Flyer via Stereo Piledrivers, after The Original Showstoppers help interfere! Calvin Carlton reveals the new NEW SOUTH ENTERPRISES comprised of Garvin, Love and the OSS.


The Original Showstoppers def. The Suicide Kings via New South Enterprises interference, which allows Sweet Melissa to powder Stratton’s eyes, allowing Fargo to push him off the top rope and hit the Missisippi Mudslide Jam Legdrop for the win and titles!

Saturday Night Rock n' Wrestling #3: Memphis, TN

Intro: Sonny Crockett opens up the show again, saying the first round for the World Championship tournament will begin next week. This week, opponents will tag together and face other wrestlers qualifying for the tournament. Frankie Fargo gets in the cage with Tsunami, and in the main event – sixty minute time-limit: Rana vs. Codemaster for the final spot in the tournament!


Shane Southern and Havoc def. Sean Stevens in a handicap match, because Felix Red doesn’t show up. KVC comes out afterwards and tries to Powerbomb Stevens out of the ring, but Havoc makes the save giving the big man a running DVD.

Eddy Love and Brandon Mueller def. Jeff Garvin and High Flyer, after Garvin naturally turns on Flyer. Carlton somehow ‘lawyers’ his way into Eddy getting to choose his own partner, due to the fact that an 8th wrestler hasn’t qualified yet. Shane Southern, Havoc, Tully Devotion make the immediate save, preventing any further harm against Flyer.

Junior Hornet / Tully Devotion defeat The ATC, after Devotion shocks the world by pinning Bloodhunt with a flash roll-up in avoiding the Headshot. Monty cockily thinks the match is won and turns around when ‘Hunt tries to tag him, while trying to stay on his feet. Both argue up the ramp, after the match.

MUSIC BREAK: MOUNTAIN~! (They also intro Frankie in the next match!)

CAGE MATCH: Frankie Fargo def. Tsunami via Mountain Acoustic Guitar smash!

MAIN EVENT: The Codemaster defeats Rana Venenosa in the 59th minute with the Magnum Fang finisher!

Saturday Night Rock n' Wrestling #4: Memphis, TN

Intro: No real intro this week, we get right to chase with the World Championship Tournament first round!

WHC 1: Shane Southern def. Havoc with a Superkick – it should be noted KVC attacked Havoc earlier in the week at Piggly Wiggly’s near the Memphis arena, powerbombing through a row of shopping carts.

WHC 2: Felix Red def. Sean Stevens via Shattered Horizon, Felix sports a purple/red neckbrace and takes a vicious beating for 20 minutes, before somehow eeking out the win.

Junior Hornet / Tully Devotion def. The Suicide Kings after Frankie Fargo swings a guitar at Devotion, but hits Tsunami instead. Fargo is chased out of the arena by a rabid Tsunami.


WHC 3: Eddy Love def. Codemaster via Piledriver. Codemaster plays up the fact that he’s beat tired from all his matches against Rana. Things don’t get much better as Codemaster is attacked post-match, Rana Frog Splashes him and challenges him to a 2 out of 3 pinfalls match at Wrestlecade.

TAG TITLE: The Original Showstoppers def. The ATC, when Bloodhunt gets pinned by Fargo after the ATC butt heads, knocking Monty from the ring. Bloodhunt gets low-blowed and victory rolled for the pin. Monty attacks Bloodhunt after the match with a chair, and gives him the clean slate!

MAIN EVENT: WHC 4 – Jeff Garvin def. High Flyer via Memphis Death Certificate in a 29 minute match, which receives a standing ovation.

WRESTLECADE 1 – The Omni, Atlanta, GA:

Intro: Sonny Crockett comes out to some fireworks, thanks the fans for their support and away we go!


Armando Montezuma def. Bloodhunt via submission. Hunt’s knee buckles badly, allowing Monty to lock in the Cuban Cigar Leaf (Texas Cloverleaf), getting the vet to tap.

KVC def. Havoc in a street fight via Creedzillinator off a balcony! HOLY ****! (3x)

WHC SEMIFINAL: Felix Red def. Shane Southern – in a shocker, Red again takes the beating for 20 minutes in a neckbrace and dodges out of the way of the superkick, nails a dragon suplex and gets the pin.

Rana Venenosa def. Codemaster 2-1 in a 2/3 pinfalls match, sneaking a foreign object into Codemaster’s tights, while getting pinned in the 3rd fall. This gets the reverse decision after some well-played Manu Ginobli flopping and acting by Rana.

WHC SEMIFINAL: Eddy Love def. Jeff Garvin. . . when Garvin gets himself counted out! Calvin writes him a P-H-A-T check and there’s a group hug, and many boos!

Sonny Crockett informs Garvin and Co. that he’ll be wrestling Shane Southern for the Mid-South Championship as a consolation prize!

TAG TITLE TRIPLE THREAT: Devotion / JH def. Suicide Kings and OSS! Highwayman screws this one up, trying to help out the OSS. Trying to nail JH with a guitar, he ducks and he hits Fargo. JH covers Fargo, but takes a stereo moonsault from the Kings. . .but Devotion breaks it up and small packages a dazed Fargo for the pin! August De La Rossi rips off the Highwayman mask and immediately attacks the tag champions, revealing himself as a new member of the New South.

MID-SOUTH TITLE: Shane Southern def. Jeff Garvin via Superkick. Carlton misses a forehand, Party’s Over ensues.

WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP: Eddy Love def. Felix Red via Hurricane Piledriver. Red puts up the valiant effort, but his neck can’t take the Piledriver. Jeff Garvin comes out post-match, rips up Calvin’s check (!) and points at the belt Eddy has just wrapped around his waist.

07-06-07, 05:47 PM
And now you qualify and beat Katz by 15 minutes. You win, Adam. Now you may choose a CoC contender from anyone who currently holds a World Championship. :)

07-06-07, 06:03 PM
I'll give the shot to a new world champion who has been on an incredible roll this year, the brand-new NFW World Champion, Kin Hiroshi.