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Alright, the moment you've all been waiting for, the Draft Verdict. This is based solely on the picks you made in the draft. The free agent stuff and trades all will figure into your booking and your own sense of fun, but really, those phases are not required, so I'm not going to count it against anyone if they don't do it :)

Aaaaanyway... I'm going to give quick blurbs on all the drafts, leading up to the winner. This is not in order, so if you're mentioned first, you're not in last place. There is no order after first place, and I hope you don't take any of the criticisms to heart. In the end, this was done for fun, and if you're happy with your roster, then mazel tov.

Midwest Wrestling - I thought this was the least diverse of the drafts, and I was actually a little surprised at the lack of branching out. Granted, Shane is a self-professed MBE mark, but I thought he overvalued MBE names in lieu of getting some quality FW guys. The FW people he did pick, outside of Lindsay Troy, were reaches in my view, specifically the Adam Benjamin pick. No slight to Jeff Kane, but I don't think Benji should have been taken ahead of guys like Kin Hiroshi, Mr. Amazing! or Jared Wells.

Total Sensational Action - Again, not enough imagination early on. Too many A1E/MBE guys, especially for a vet of EPW and NEW and the fedhead of a diverse FW fed himself. Shane C. did go for some FW guys, but I thought it was too little, too late. If this were the A1 draft, I might have gone for the strategy a little more.

Federation of Afghani Grapplers - This was the reverse strategy of TSA. I thought Jason went overboard on the PTC names early, taking guys that might have been there a little later on. Jason got a great roster, but it was a roster out of the scope of the draft earlier on. I do like his FW picks later on, but like TSA, it was too little, too late.

Brooklyn Street Wrestling Association - Theirs was the only first round pick that I thought was questionable. I like Mark Windham, but he's not the best Steve Thomas character available. I'd have taken Melton in a heartbeat, not to mention some of the other names taken after, like Fly, Freakfish, Mayfield and Manson. I thought the draft was a little too heavy on sentimental names from the CSWA and P* of the past, not enough heavy hitters for me, even though Siegel did get Hornet in a steal in the second round.

Canadian Maximum Wrestling - Much like TSA, this draft was very A1 heavy. However, I thought Jarret diversified better, referenced by his Sands/Smallz bookend in the third and fourth rounds. The EPW flavor was nice, but I still thought he could have branched out a little bit more. Also... I'm a huge fan of the Canadian Luchador (hell, I wouldn't be tagging iwth him if I wasn't), but I thought he could have been gotten in the FA Frenzy.

Super Mega Happy Ultra Fun Wrestling - Once again, this draft was pretty narrow in scope like the ones mentioned previously, although this scope was focused on the IWF side of the FW family and LoC. He picked up some pretty choice names, but I feel like this draft was above average but not stellar.

LazyTown Fighting Championship - I thought this draft was similar to Andrew's, but Ryan showed a lot more adventurousness. I questioned the Solian pick at the top of the draft when he made it, but really, I thought it was a quirky yet solid and defensible pick. I also loved that he reached out and picked Garbage Bag Johnny, Pacothewetback and Mr. CATV. The Manson pick was a steal too. This draft sort of levitates between echelons though.

National Wrestling Association - I thought that Katz suffered a bit from tunnel vision, but the picks he made were of very high caliber. When you can get Kodiak Vic Creed when Katz got him, it's a great pick. He's just outside the top three as I see it.

And now, the top three. It was a VERY tough decision among ZOMG~! Wrestling, Dan's Championship Wrestling and the Eastern Southwestern Finland Wrestling Collective. I thought Lindz, Dan and Adam did extremely well for themselves. They were diversified, they went all over the eW spectrum and made picks that made their rosters true dream rosters. I thought that even though Adam made the first "Holy sh*t" pick for me (Big Dog in the third round), I thought that Dan was ahead of the curve picking up on guys from other arenas. He wasn't the first to take PTC guys, but he was the first to take them in the right position (Deville in the fifth). He was the first to pick up on the NAPW crowd. He dipped into NFW, CSWA and the angle fed worlds and never forgot where he came from either. It's very hard for me to say, but I'm going to give the Draft Prize to Dan's Championship Wrestling. Dan, you now have the option to award a Challenge Championship slot to a wrestler of your choosing.

Once again, please don't take any of the criticisms seriously. If you're happy with your roster, then this draft was a great success (Borat thumbs up!) for you and for me. This prize is just gravy, and even though Dan got the prize, we're all winners here. :p

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Congrats to Dan, although I was hoping for more detailed/centralized comments on Dan's, Adam's and my roster. Can't get everything, I suppose. :p

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Congrats to Dan, although I was hoping for more detailed/centralized comments on Dan's, Adam's and my roster. Can't get everything, I suppose. :p

Lindsay is high maintenance.

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Lindsay is high maintenance.

Don't make me go Gilk on you, Brunk.

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For the record. . .

Mark Windham > Joey Melton

Thanks for the comments, Tom.

As for my picks, I wasn't going to pick anyone I'd never read, so I'll just say that I did have tunnel vision, but I tried to spread things out the best I could. :)

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I have to agree with Katz. Mark Windham is a huge step above Joey Melton among Stephen Thomas characters.

Maybe you just aren't familiar enough with his best work with Mark.

Hit the CSWA archives, Tommy.

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I do honor requests, even for the high maintenence :p

I'll go round by round:

Round 1 - Lindz picks Dan Ryan, Adam gets Troy Windham, Dan gets Joey Melton. All three are no-brainers at this point in eW history.

Round 2 - Dan grabs Freakfish, Adam Eli Flair, Lindz Mayfield. Another round of solid picks. For those who doubt Dan's pick, Freakfish is pretty much the Austin to Spoiler's Hogan in MBE.

Round 3 - Lindz grabs Randalls, whom I thought should have gone round 1. Adam with the first real positive holy **** moment taking Big Dog. Didn't think he knew the history behind Dog, and it shows his knowledge of the new realm he's taken on and a great respect for A1 in general. Dan takes Miles. Interesting the three best drafts take Katz characters in the third round... stop your b*tching, Katz! :)

Round 4 - All three take picks close to home. Dan with Maggs, Lindz with GUNS and Adam with Adler.

Round 5 - I thought Dan's pick of Deville here was about right for hte PTC crowd to start going. He got the best option from over there besides Nova, IMO. I thought the Miller and Sampson picks were solid here, but Dan shines in this round.

Round 6 - Lindz stays with characters within the FW spectrum yet she spreads across all the different subsets, but she seems a bit skewed towards GXW, first with Ryan, then Sampson and now Aho. Not a bad thing, but given her worldliness and that both Dan and Adam went outside FW before she did at this point is a small black mark. Still nailing picks though, taking the best available rather than sentimental, "should have been main eventer" or "he/she may be a main eventer in six months" picks. Once again, Shinder goes to the A1 well and takes an all around A1E/MBE legend. Dan goes PTC again with an fWo flair.

Round 7 - Adam opens the tag round... and while I do like CC's chops, I don't think they're the best available tag team. Dan once again wows, stepping into NAPW for the first time and grabbing the best tag team from 2006 in any circle. Lindz again in GXW for her first tag pick.

Round 8 - Lindz FINALLY breaks into her fWo past and lands a very nice pick in the WPO. Dan goes home to MBE for a fine pick, nabbing the Brock Lesnar of MBE. I'm not all that familiar with Simply STunning, but I heard good things about them, not a bad team to close out the tag rounds.

Round 9 - All three solid picks, Lindz maybe with the steal of the draft at this point getting Sonny this late. Dan again going to the NAPW well with another steal... hell, I'm surprised D! lasted that long. Adam with a safe pick, since any CSWA World Champion taken this late is safe.

Round 10 - Once again, Dan with the holy **** pick, taking Lowell, one of the most entertaining and over characters in the angle fed world's lore. Adam cashes in on Payne's rising stardom... a good place to take him I'd suppose. Lindz with the under-the-radar pick, Rook Black.

Round 11 - It's Adam's turn to drop jaws, taking K-Wolf. Dan goes home again... his draft so far has been what I love seeing in these things. Home-known superstars mixed with the elite from other circles to create a true dream federation. Lindz finally dips into PTC with Hoyt Williams. I see her strategy now; load up early with FW heavyweights and then use her vast knowledge of the world outside to load up the superstars you may have never heard of til now. This is a very tight race.

Round 12 - Lindz goes back to the fWo and takes one of their Champions, Dan back to PTC with the current hot property... it's amazing that the one guy who can rival Jason Snow for PTC supremacy now (Sage) is taken 11 rounds later than Snow was. Adam with the safe pick... taking one of my characters :p

Round 13 - Once again, Adam at PTC with Rollins, whom I'm surprised didn't go sooner. Lindz finally goes to the A1 feds and nabs the steal of the draft to this point. Even with Fordyce's ruining of the character, 187 is still one of the most iconic figures from early A1E. Dan goes PTC again with Jay Phoenix, one of the few to win gold here and there.

Last three rounds - I didn't really expect a whole lot in the way of surprises or reaches here for anyone in the draft. This was a nice filling out roster, and all three did a good job doing just that.

Comments on the feds themselves.

Lindz - Once again, you did a great job loading up early and then hitting hard later on. However, I do feel like you could have gotten Sampson or maybe even Aho later on and stolen KVC away from Katz, and I feel like you went a bit too GXW crazy in the beginning. Still a very solid draft and I wouldn't lose sleep at night in regret if I had named you winner.

Adam - You surprised me a lot with your breadth of knowledge outside the FW realm. That was good. Your tag rounds left a little to be desired. That's bad. All in all, the good outweighed the bad by far, but I feel the tag rounds kept you from the win here.

Dan - What can I say. I thought you ruled the A1 draft when that happened, and you ruled this draft, albeit by a small margin. I'm really hoping you participate in the booking competition and I'm looking forward to seeing how you're going to juggle all those personalities.

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Thanks to Dave and Jon.

Once Pete refused to let me take Mark and Ivy into an S&M direction I lost interest and focused on Melton. RUSSO! (Shakes fist)

I do miss the big lug. But i hear there's a season 3 or something coming in NFW. Hmm.

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okay. See, somebody had to go and get cute.

The ball was SLICK! Those damn K Balls.

Once I find out who did this...I promise you, you'll pay.

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Dammit Steve, if I have to suffer through Kevin Kolb, you can at least suck up and stop whining about Romo!

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Pansy! Mind your own business! :)

06-08-07, 04:19 PM
The TEAM forums are my business! :p

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. . . time to find a new avatar. . .

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B*tching about your characters not meaning much in the grand scheme of things, dick :p

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B*tching about your characters not meaning much in the grand scheme of things, dick :p

I'd like to see my quote on that. . . scabies pus.

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Wait, Katz has characters?!? Legit ones, not just Nemoy and Shatner? That he handles? Wow. News to me.

Jason Payne
06-09-07, 03:17 PM
Thanks for the comments Tom.

By my own admission, my view of the E-wrestling world is almost tunnel like. I am only familiar with characters from FW, and whoever gets mentioned in your blog, which I'll admit I referred to on more than one occasion. I didn't come into this thing expecting to win because I honestly don't have the knowledge of EW like you and Linds, and others have. I had fun though and that's all that counts in stuff like this I think.

One of the reasons I went kind of PTC heavy the first few rounds was because since I only have a narrow view of EW at best, I wanted to try and extend my scope early and take some good PTC based characters. I don't have the time invested to know who was an awesome character in Long Forgotten Wrestling Fed that happened three years ago or whatever, so I decided to try and make some steals early and get some good PTC talent.

Most of the FW names I picked I felt were just the best of what was available at the time I needed to make my picks. Again, I'm not exposed to alot in EW so I just tried to make what I thought were the best choices possible at the time.

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. . . time to find a new avatar. . .

It was time to find a new avatar 6 months ago. :p