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06-01-07, 06:47 PM
2006, meet 2007. The Merritt Trophy Champions collide as EPW employee Karl Brown gets a chance to battle his ex-boss, ousted EPW owner and early favorite for Wrestler of the Year in 2007 Dan Ryan.

Match is one fall to a finish, no time limits. RP deadline is Friday, June 8th at 11:59:59 PM, give or take a second. There is no RP limit and all regular rules apply.

06-09-07, 11:59 AM
[FADE IN. Dressed casually, and standing in front of a TEAM backdrop, is the 2006 Chad Merritt trophy winner, Karl “The Dragon” Brown]

Karl: I was wondering when this would happen. After coming so close in two thousand and six, I was sure this year, I’d be facing Dan Ryan in a TEAM event. It’s not quite what I had in mind, but I had a lot of fun in the Invitational this year, and I’d be a liar if I said I was upset when Canadian Loonie beat me. It’s actually useful to be beaten every once in a while.

But, at last, Dan’s schedule and mine have met. I get to face one of the greatest men in the history of the business, with nothing more than pride on the line for us. No pressure at all, just another wrestling match.

I know Dan won’t be upset that I don’t see this as some defining moment in my career. After all, my career would be full of defining moments, if every superstar I’ve faced was one. Some he’d disagree with, no doubt, but when your CV has pinfalls over people like Christian Sands, Adam Benjamin, Troy Douglas, Beast, and JA, you tend to not get phased by another big name. When your CV also includes draws with Maelstrom and Lindsay Troy, you get a little desensitised to the names.

No. Before anyone asks, I’m not spouting names to make myself seem impressive. Dan’s got me well and truly beaten in the respect. I’m simply explaining why Dan’s name and status in this industry, whilst impressive, doesn’t mean a lot to me.

Because he’s like anyone else. Beatable.

Simple logic.

But, I can hear the press-writers – potential match of the year. Old guard versus new guard. Employer against employee! America against Britain!

I’d rather just look at this as Dan Ryan against Karl Brown. The two men to have held the Chad Merritt trophy battling it out, one on one, in a match in New Orleans, which’ll help raise some money for charity. This isn’t a mighty clash of titans. Unlike my match against Viktor Molotov, there’s no debate about the very nature of the professional wrestling industry here.

It’s a wrestling match. And I treat those pretty much the same each time – I train, I keep fit, I sharpen my technique, and I go out there and wrestle. Whomever and however I’m told to.

Of course, this is going to be a good match to watch. Dan’s no slouch in the ring, and for many people the subtext will be whether or not I can go the distance with him. And that, I can’t answer until the final bell’s rung, and neither can Dan.

All we can say is this is going to be a very interesting match. Has he go it in him to beat someone younger and quicker than him? Yes, he has. Do I have it in me to beat someone stronger, more experienced and better known than me? Yes, I do.

We’ll have to see which way it goes, won’t we? But either way, I’ll learn something from this match. And if I win? Then Dan gets a reminder about how fallible he can be, and he’ll have something to work on before his next match.

I can’t wait.


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06-10-07, 11:12 PM
FADE IN......

Denver, CO - The night before flying out to 'SSV' to face Karl "The Dragon" Brown. Dan Ryan is standing over an open suitcase, half full from packing - and continuing about that business as the reel progresses. Ryan is in some knee length shorts and a t-shirt, rubbing his eyes from fatigue from time to time.

Ryan: "See Karl, this is why I compete in the TEAM events. I'm honest about this when I say, I really didn't want a booking for this show. I've been at it nonstop, wrestling everywhere I can because I seem to have a problem telling people no."

"But the reason why I keep coming back...is because when the well runs dry elsewhere, TEAM continues to bring the goods."

"There's always a challenge here because there are no walls, no boundaries, no whims to satisfy or egos to nurse. Just chance after chance to face the best in the world."

"I have immense respect for the talent in this sport right now. To count myself as one of them is an honor. My ego, my arrogance, my confidence...these are all well established known entities and I wouldn't deny them. But I am honored...continually honored to be counted among the best in this sport - the sport that means more to me than anything else."

"They requested my presence on the show, and I almost turned them down flat. For kicks, I went ahead and asked what sort of matchup they had in mind. Karl Brown, they said."

"Karl, I'm curious. And as always, a challenge is a challenge - and you are an intriguing one. You've held my Intercontinental title over in EPW for how long now? Going on your second year are you? I could check the records, but that sounds about right. Needless to say, you have had a stranglehold on the belt for a good long time. In addition, you came...THIS CLOSE....to doing something no one has done in two years. Beat Lindsay Troy in a World Title match. That time limit draw....while ultimately unsatisfying for you...cemented your status."

"My status? Well, we need not go there."

"You're absolutely right. I can be beaten. It happens now and again. It happened in A1E just the other week. It happened over in NFW in the playoffs a little while ago. But ya know, I still win a fair deal more than I lose - and when I win, they make an impact."

"This might not be a defining moment to you. Defining moments are often determined much much farther down the line. But it is an important one. It's a big match, no matter how you slice it. You don't have to admit it to me. Admitting it would show weakness in the macho sort of paradigm we operate in. I understand that."

"I know that if you win, you'll be proud and have a big smile on your face though. I know you'll feel awfully good about yourself. I know it's gonna matter."

"Beast...JA.....those guys? I dunno. They don't carry the same weight. But we'll just leave it as being a cool thing, being able to have this match here. We'll be happy for the chance to challenge each other and give a show to the people who pay good money to see it, happy to be able to face someone we've never faced before."

"We have the chance to have a little fun, without the trappings of any anger or feud or outside influence."

"Just wrestling to see who the better man is...that night."

"Is there anything more pure than that?"

"Let me warn you though, Karl. At this point in my career, pride isn't much of an issue anymore. I'm pretty well immune to that. I told Ulysis I'd shake his hand, and I congratulated my own tag team partner when he won the World Title from me over in A1E last week."

"I'm bulletproof, Karl. I'll never lose enough to risk my status in the annals of the sport. And I simply look forward to seeing you take another shot at making your mark. You took Lindsay to the limit. Now...I get to see what you can do with me."

"You'll not only learn something, you'll get a lesson you won't ever forget. You'll learn what it's like to face an opponent who takes everything you have, and adapts it to his advantage. In the end....however long it takes, Karl....I always get my man."

"Time to catch some Zs, Dragon. 'Til tomorrow...."

Ryan shuts the top of his luggage and shoves it over on the floor and heads toward the hotel bedroom as we....