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Franklin turned heads in the first round of the TEAM Invitational Tournament, nearly knocking off the eventual Champion, Dan Ryan. Now, he gets a shot at Ravager's Challenge Championship, but he must score more falls than the White Collar Assassin to do it. Each competitor is being backed by a sponsor. Priceline.com will donate $5,000 for every fall Ravager scores to the relief effort in New Orleans, while Franklin's sponsor, Krystal Burger, will do the same on his behalf.


In addition to giving up their money, your sponsors have asked you to use your celebrity as a wrestler to help draw attention to the plight of a still-recovering New Orleans. They want you to do this through highly-visible charity work, the kind that gets reported as soft news on the 6 o'clock telecast. However, everything you do to help seems to go awry. Through a series of unfortunate accidents, you've made things worse than they were before you got there, so you vow to make things better. Your instructions are to detail all those things that go wrong and how your wrestler plans to resolve those mistakes, all the while still having to prepare for his match.

Match is scored on how many falls are scored in a 30 minute time period. The most falls through pinfall, submission, countout or disqualification after that time period wins. RP deadline is Friday, June 8th at 11:59:59 PM, give or take a second. You have an RP limit of ONE.

06-07-07, 06:27 PM
Dun dun dun da dundundundun dun da dun dun dundundundun

Bright light. We fade in to see Rob Franklin, from a dashboard-mounted camera, driving his silver Jaguar convertible with the top down. The sounds of Metallica's heavy metal classic "Seek and Destroy" blare as Rob hums the guitar riff aloud. Conspicuous in it's absense is Rob Franklin's trademark FTO title.

Search andddd.........seek and destroy.

Rob turns the volume down, and looks into the backseat, talking to his two TEAM FRANKLIN team mates, Jacob Franklin and Pieske.

Now WHERE am I going again?

Jacob: you make a left up here.

Yeah, but where does this "left" lead to?

Jacob pulls out his list of events from his pocket.

Jacob: I think..."Habitat for Humanity?"

Oh god...building houses?

Pieske: Can I sit up front?

Jacob: Rob, it's the only thing we could get for you.

What else was there?

Jacob: Pretty much...nothing.

Pieske: PLEASE?

What do you mean "nothing?"

Jacob: Well, people don't seem to...uh...like you.

What? Why? I'm doing all of this for charity!

Jacob: You're doing this because they're making you Rob, everyone knows that.

Damn. you try to do something nice...


Jacob: Oh god, why did we bring him?

Shut up. Pieske's my good friend, and if I go to New Orleans, Pieske goes there too.

Pieske: YEAH! Jacob Franklin's a *****!

Shut up Pieske.

The trio takes a laft turn into a subdivision, and parks in the fron of what looks to be an unfinished house.

This is it?

Jacob: House...214. Yeah, this is the place.

Pieske: This is gay.

Come on guys, let's see where they want me to start talking.

Jacob: Umm.....

Hey you, come here!

Rob points to the foreman, one of many workers who is currently nailing a board to one of the foundation pillars, and he walks over to our trio.

Boss: You must be....Leeroy?

What? What the hell are you talking about? I'm Rob....Rob Franklin?

Boss: Rob? ....Rob....Rob....Rob...oh, here we go. Thanks for coming.

Yeah, now where do you want me. I want to get the hell out of here as soon as possible....

Boss: Just pick up a board, and i'll walk you through it.

....For what? A photo op?

Jacob: Rob..I...

Okay, that's cool. the more I get on the news the better I guess.

Boss: Oh, we don't get on the news for doing this. Just like...celebrities get on the news..

Yeah, i know.

There is a long, akward silence.

Boss: Are...you a celebrity?

Are you kidding me? this is utter incompetitance. I'm leaving. Come on guys, let's go.

Rob turns to leave, but Jacob stops him.

Jacob: You're going to give up the Challenge Championship shot just like that?

Rob stops, puts on his fakest smile, and turns back around.

Where did you want me to start again?

The foreman points, and Rob picks up a plank and starts to nail it to the house.


Fade back in to a, edition of the 11 O'clock news.

Reporter: ...And in other news, today prfessional wrestler Rob Franklin was spotted helping out New Orleans by volenteering for Habitat for Humanity. However, things started to go south when a fan passing by started yelling obscenities at the brawler. Franklin did not take too kindly to this, and returned the insults. This resulted in a melee at the scene that involved two fellow wrestlers beating down the civilliain. Warning: This footage may shock you.

The tape is shown, Rob Franklin is still nailing boards, having made decnt progress, when the fan struck.

Fan: Ey! F{BLEEP}uck you Franklin! You suck!

What? Do you have a death wish?

The fan puffs his chest out, and starts strutting to Rob as if he has already proven himself.

Fan: And what are YOU gonna do about it?

I'm gonna kick you ASS!

The two start to brawl, Rob getting the upper hand, and slamming the fleeing back of the fan with heavy right hands. Eventually, the fan falls to the ground, and Rob lets him go, but he gets back up, and throws another punch at Rob. Rob delfects it, and the two men start to roll on the dusty ground, throwing ugly looking punches all the while. Jacob and Pieske pull Rob off, but the fan says something to the effect of "fat ass" and Pieske dives head-first onto the fan, crushing him with his 400lb + body. Rob shakes Jacob loose, and him and Pieske start to double team the poor, misguided fan, stomping him into the ground.

The foreman is now in on the action, trying to pull them apart. He grabs Pieske by the hair, and pulls him with relative ease over to the side.

Pieske: I tripped.

Rob and the fan continue brawling for a few more moments, before Rob lands the knockout blow, and stands over the body of his fallen victim.


We fade back in to the newsroom.

Reporter: As a result, Habitat for Humanity has lost over $6,000 in sponsors, and "Krystal Burger" has stepped up and promised to pay the fees. The burger resturant has been cross-promoting with Rob Franklin, and TEAM to put on a match to benefit New Orleans Rob Franklin was later caught by our cameras, and decided to do a improptu press conference.

We fade in to see Rob Franklin, in a sea of reporters.

I did NOT mean for things to get so out of control. i was merely defending myself. However, I have come to terms, that whatever the fees are for damages...

Reporter: $6,000

Jesus. Well, we have decided that it will come from my pay for my upcoming title match at TEAM SuperShow V. So, it is my goal now to win that match by two or more falls, in order to be able to pay both for the fees, and so that $1,000 is not coming from my pocket. Oh, and I want to win the title too...


06-08-07, 07:13 PM
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Ravager sits in a production booth with a video editor.

Ravager: I appreciate you doing this. This saves me some time once I get to New Orleans. A few pre taped public service announcements, and then I can make some appearances around the city.

Editor: yeah, probably best that you don't talk as much...

Ravager glares.

Editor: ... I mean with the pre taped stuff there's less chance of you saying the wrong thing at a bad moment.

Ravager: Nice save. (he checks his watch) I got some last minute arrangement to make before I leave tomorrow. Can I pick up the tapes later? Say around eight?

Editor: Yeah, I'll still be here.

Ravager: Appreciated.

Ravager leaves. The Editor starts to sweat a bit, suddenly looking a bit nervous. A moment later we find out why, as Rex Caliber, Lloyd Rees, and Ca$h enter the room.

Caliber: He gone?

Editor: Yes. Look, I'm starting to have second thoughts about...

Ca$h: Those type of thoughts could be real hazardous to your health, man.

Rees: You wouldn't be thinking of taking off with the money we gave you, would you b'y?

Editor: No! I'll give it all back! It's just.. he'll know who sold him out.

Caliber: He lays a hand on you he's fired. Champion or not, I'll have his ass on the streets in a second. Now. You have the tape?

The Editor sighs and hands over a tape to Rex.

Caliber: Don't worry. He'll be too angry at us to worry about little old you. I mean, it'll be obvious when he sees his first video.

Editor: Don't be so sure.

Ca$h: What are you talking about?

Cut to a few hours earlier. Chris Casino and Sebastian Martyr have the Editor pinned to a wall.

Casino: ... So if you know what's good for you, you'll get us a tape of that footage. If you don't, I'm sure Sebastian here can think up some imaginative ways to show his disapproval.

A sick smile slowly creeps across Martyr's face. But there is no humor in it. His eyes are cold as ice. The Editor quickly nods in agreement. Cut back to the present.

Editor: And then there was yesterday night.

Cut to a bar in downtown Edmonton. Stylin Kyle Roberts has his arm around the Editor's shoulder.

Roberts: Come on, man. I just want some of the footage Bob shoots. If he asks, say I stole it from you.

Editor: Well. ... Okay, as long as it's just for you.

Roberts: What did you mean by that?

Editor: Nothing.

Roberts: There was a sparkle in your eyes when you said "as long as it's just for you".

Editor: I thought you meant... (whispers in Roberts' ear)

Roberts' eyes go wide. He immediately takes his arm off of the Editor.

Roberts: NO! I will go to great lengths to make Bob miserable, but not that far!

Editor: Oh. .... Sorry.

Roberts: Just get me the tape and we'll call it even.

Editor: Okay.

They go back to their drinks. Roberts slowly inches away from the Editor. Cut back to the present. There is an awkward pause.

Caliber: Well, our plan is better than theirs.


Rees and Ca$h: YEAH!


Editor: Can I have my money?

Later. At the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International airport. Ravager has just arrived. And he does not get a great reception. A man in a business suit approaches him.

Man: Ravager?

Ravager: Yes.

Man: Jared Carignan, from Priceline.com. We're sponsoring you for your match against Rob Franklin.

Ravager: Ah, yes. Did my tapes arrive?

Carignan: You need to come with me. There are some concerns.

Ravager: What kind of concerns?

Carignan: Concerns about your sensitivity to the plight of the people of New Orleans.

Ravager: I think the fact that I'm here right now shows how concerned I am. And I thought my videos were pretty clear as well.

Carignan: That they were.

Cut to a screening room. Ravager sits in shock as he stares at the screen.

We cut to a screen. The familiar guitar riff (well, familiar to anyone Canadian that is) of The Tragically Hip's "New Orleans is Sinking" plays as we survey the reconstruction efforts. This fades in to Ravager sitting at a chair. We don't hear any words, as we cut to Carignan and Ravager watching the tape.

Ravager: That was not the music I requested.

Carignan: This played on the six o'clock news!

Ravager: Didn't you check the tapes?

Carignan: Well of course we intended to! But there was a timing issue, plus we thought we could trust you. And there was this disgruntled intern...

Ravager: I assure you that video was doctored!

Carignan: Oh really, then how about this one?

Carignan puts in a new tape. Cut to the screen. Ravager sits in a chair, and opens his mouth to talk. However, the voice that comes our is clearly that of Kyle Roberts'

"Ravager": Hello! I am Bob Ravager, encouraging the people of New Orleans to move the hell North!

Cut back to Ravager and Carignan.

Ravager: That's clearly not my voice.

Carignan: We figured that out ourselves. But then there's this...

Puts in another tape. We just see the reaction as cheesy porn music plays in the back.

Ravager: Okay. Pretty lazy, to be sure. But only mildly annoying. I mean, why even bother?

Carignan: (handing Ravager a note) There was a note with it...

Ravager: (reading the note)

"Hey Bob.

Sorry to slack off. Stuff came up and we didn't have time to edit something better. I know you expect more, but Sebastian and I figured this would still screw you over something awful. Hoping you catch herpes from a toilet seat,

Chris Casino"

(as he crumples up the letter) The sad thing is I'm kind of disappointed.

Carignan: And there was one more...

We cut to the screen. A man in a giant penguin costume. The word FEMA written on it's belly. Prancing about, stomping on paper maché buildings.

Ravager: Okay, that makes little sense. Is he attacking the government, is he mocking the plight of the people of New Orleans?

Carignan: We're not sure. He's saying stuff, but we can't quite make out what he's saying.

They turn up the volume. We hear a muffled "Kill or be crushed". Ravager turns off the video.

Ravager: Look, we can both agree this has been a fiasco. But if you view the tapes that I sent...

Carignan: That's the thing. The tapes you sent? Damaged. This is all we have. So unless you have an idea up your sleeve.

Ravager sighs. He pulls out his cell phone. Before he dials, he has one question.

Ravager: Can you shell out for a few plane tickets?

The next day. The Children's Hospital of New Orleans. Ravager is making the rounds, visiting patients. With him are various NAPW and REBEL superstars, including Simply Beautiful as well as Stone Zellor andThe Bluegrass Mafia of Chad and Matthew Kurtis. They sign autographs, get a few smiles (at least from the wrestling fans)

Carignan: Okay, nice save, but can we still count on you...

Ravager: I've arranged a few more public appearances. And I'll make sure that nothing gets tampered with this time.

Carignan: Thank you. Just make sure these guys behave.

Ravager: Don't worry, I made sure to tell them to take any fights outside.

Carignan: (nervously chuckles) You're kidding right?

Ravager gives a no nonsense glare to Carignan. And then a commotion is heard. The REBEL tag champs of Thomas Young and Prince Darko have made their entrance into the hospital, and are shouting smack at The Bluegrass Mafia.

Ravager: Hey! What did I tell you guys?

Darko and Young sigh, and walk out to the parking lot, followed by a cocky looking Chad Kurtis. Matthew follows, as do a bunch of patients and doctors. There is much whooping as they get ready to watch the fight.

Carignan: Are you going to do anything about this?

Ravager: Yes. I'm going to make sure they don't get near my car. Excuse me.

Ravager walks off. Carignan pulls out his cell phone.

Carignan: Yeah, whoever's idea it was to sponsor Ravager? Fire him....

Carignan is whacked upside the head with a bed pan. Simply Beautiful stands over the fallen executive.

Simply Beautiful:No cell phones around hospital equipment! You have no ideas the problems you could cause! (as he walks off) Idiot...

Fade to Black.

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