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05-21-07, 08:59 AM
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06-13-07, 03:11 PM
Fade in.......

The inside of a large building, in utter darkness. A door opens from the outside, streaking light across the room - although very few details can be seen save a faint glow stage left of the shot.

A deep voice calls out....


In the faint light we can see the familiar features of Dan Ryan, with Lindsay Troy a step behind. Ryan turns and looks to his left, seeing the glow of a light behind a set of blinds. His footsteps echo as he walks toward it, Troy matching him stride for stride.

"Seems a little dark in here to tape a promotional piece."

Troy nods.

They reach the door to the small office and open the door. Sitting behind a desk is a middle aged woman typing away at a keyboard. She jumps slightly and grabs her chest.

"Good heavens!! You just about gave me a heart attack! What're you doing here??"

Ryan glances at Troy, one eyebrow raised - then turned back to the secretary.

"We're supposed to be taping a piece for Wrestlestock."

The secretary pauses and gets a weird expression on her face.

"Um...sir, that was last Wednesday. When you didn't show up, the piece was cancelled."

Ryan and Troy look at each other, without expressions. Ryan bites his lower lip. Troy looks up at the roof, sighs and then turns around and walks back out into the darkness.

Troy reaches the outside door first, opening it and turning to look back momentarily.

"You know, you would've thought that being the owner of one of these feds at one time...that you'd have known the promo period ended last week and not this week."

Ryan reaches a moment later, exiting right behind Ms. Troy.

"Yeah....I would've thought the same thing...."


06-13-07, 03:12 PM