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Anyone who wants to answer the call, roleplay here.

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(Scene opens in dark room, no lights, no sound the camera is only pointing to darkness. It's the kind of darkness where you can hear yourself breathe, hear a pin drop, smell your own fear, or perhaps even smell the fear of who is in the room with you. A voice breaks through slowly, almost clearing his throat. The voice is that of Jason Reeves, Stalker of Empire Pro Wrestling.)

Stalker: I see that the challenge has been laid out. The rules... well let's say the non existent rules have already been discussed. Yet, no one seems brave enough to answer my simple request. This is my first chance to show the wrestling world... rather show Empire Pro Wrestling's fans what I'm capable of. What I'm willing to do and sacrifice to attain my goal. What is my goal, you may ask? Well that's my secret for now.

(A pause begins that seems to drag on forever, silence is replaced by low breathing coming from Jason and followed by that is a sound very familiar with some type of spandex. He continues talking again this time his voice slightly slurred and slow.)

Stalker: Rocko... heh.. it's been such.. such a long time. You should know by now that I am here, unless of course you have been living under a rock. If you wish to ignore me and not acknowledge the fact that you know me.....

(Yet again another pause, it passes by quicker as a lighter lights up the dark room and a cigarette is lit. He takes a deep puff and continues to speak.)

Stalker: That'll be fine with me. I'll deal with you in do time... right now I need something from the roster of Empire Wrestling. Whether it be one person, two or hell bring as many as want to come, I want a match. I need to make a name for myself here and I will do it at the expense of anyone. So if you truly feel that you would like to take part in my challenge of a simple falls count anywhere match then please let me know. I'd be upset if I were to find no one man enough to accept my challenge. If that were the case I might just have to choose whoever I please, whether it be the FEMALE world champion.....

(High pitched laughing is heard as he tries to restrain himself from over doing it.)

Stalker: Sorry... or maybe even some of these other new comers looking to make a name. Wouldn't it be special, to have the most brutal unforgettable first match in the history of Empire Pro Wrestling? Wouldn't it be a memory to know that you took part in it? That would just implant a message of what I'm bringing to the table to every fan that walks through the arena entrance. That is something I can't live without doing. So let the games begin, I say, let the challengers come let the match flow within itself. Keep in mind however, only one victor will come out on top of my challenge.. that victor will be whoever can survive Stalker's World.... few have yet to do so and I doubt I'll get anyone who can this time.......

(Silence is again heard, this time unbroken.)


05-21-07, 04:16 PM
Kin Hiroshi sits back in his first class seat. He used to enjoy flying; it used to be an escape in the early days of his career. Erik Zieba and Chad Dupree would call him up, and he’d jump aboard the nearest, and earliest, flight ready to entertain. Nowadays, flying just seems like part of the job. At least THIS part of the job is the comfy part.

Hiroshi-Berry One, indeed, was comfortable: a king-sized bed in the back, a luxury bathroom with a cast-iron claw-foot tub, a three-head shower, and a bidet (for the ladies with the nasty-nasty). Of course, relaxation was easy when your mind has no worries. Yet, even in his “Sky Palace,” Kin Hiroshi wears a grimace.

KIN HIROSHI: “Can you f**kin’ believe this, bullsh*t?!? How many years have I been a part of EPW? How many years have I given time, and time again for this company? And how do they repay me? They give me week after week after week off! Sure, all wrestlers need to take some time to recoup, but, COME ON!

“Ever since my showdown with JA in the King of the Cage tourney, I’ve been left off the cards. I told myself, ‘They’re saving you for a big Pay-Per-View.’ Then, the biggest card of the year, WrestleSTOCK plops down on my desk at my United States Headquarters in Seattle, and guess whose name didn’t show up…again?

“Here’s a muthafu**in’ hint: Kin Hiroshi.

“That’s right, the Muffin Man gets snubbed by the man again. See, NOW I know how Ice Tre’s got to be feeling all the time. The Japanese Thunder, The Muffin Mogul, The Blueberry Bomber…reduced to a mid-carder? A curtain jerker?

“How DARE the EPW management not showcase their talent?!? Who’s the man who took Lindsay Troy to the limits of her abilities?!? Who’s the man who SINGLE-HANDEDLY dismantled the Cameron Cruise Project, AND wrestled himself in a tag-team match…AND WON!?!?

“Kin ‘muthafu**in’ Hiroshi. That’s who.

“Now, my only chance to get on the WrestleSTOCK card is to accept an open invitation for a No-DQ match from Jason ‘Stalker’ Reeves. As I hear an inquisitive wrestling community whisper ‘who’, I too shall pose the question. Who the hell is Stalker?!?? This no talent, trash-can performer gets a match at WrestleSTOCK, and KIN HIROSHI is left off of the card?!?

“Listen, Stalker, I’m sure in whatever garbage league you’re coming from, your name got up on the marquee in the YMCA parking lots that you ‘performed’ in, but NOT here. Not now, not ever. Not only do you have an upper card, the likes of which are unrivaled throughout the wrestling world, but you have a million wanna-be’s and shoulda-been’s flocking into EPW. Come on, tough-guy, face facts here: you’re just another name to add to the jobbers, and by the end of the month, you’re going to be remembered as the EPW rookie who couldn’t cut, so he got hired on as ring crew. I can already hear Lindsay Troy, my dearest love, in my head, ‘The ropes need tightening, Jas.’

“Kid, if you wanted to make an impact in EPW, then you should have tried to wrestle your way through a match. Instead, you gotta rely on kendo sticks, baseball bats, and no-dq’s to get you over. You wanna be ‘hardcore’ and ‘extreme’? Learn a proper hip-toss and hammer-lock, and then we’ll talk about you going somewhere in this sport.

“Hell, I bet you were the kind of kid that grew up in backyards, smashing fluorescent light bulbs over your friends’ backs and idolizing the guy who did a moonsault off of a ladder and broke his neck in three places. Way to set the bar low, Jason. You’re teaching KIDS that as long as they have a weapon, they can achieve something. It’s a good thing you aren’t in the American school system, as an educator, or the achievement of world peace would be set back another 200 years.

“So, instead of learning how to wrestle, a thing that might come in handy in the wrestling industry, you learned how to run your mouth and swing a big stick. You know what I learned in this industry, Stalker? I learned from my father, who learned from his father, that it doesn’t matter how big of a stick you swing, or how hard you hit someone, or how much blood pours from your opponent. What matters is that you have the skill, and the ability, and the tenacity to give people something that they can’t do in their own backyards.

“That’s why I am a HARDCORE wrestler, and you’re another member of the ‘garbage-pail kids.’

“Hell, you can’t even run your mouth right, Jason. You call out all the superstars for your open challenge before the card drops, then you lambaste us for not answering your challenge 20 minutes after we get a chance to see if we’re in a match or not.

”Kudos on promptness and gumption, but, much like your love life, you blew your wad too early. In fact, you’re less of a Stalker, and more of a Poacher. You don’t lay in wait for your pray, sh*t, you just march right into the face of whoever you’re hunting, arms waving, voice screeching, and guns blazing.

“You’re no more of a Stalker, than I am a full-blooded American. It’s more of a 50/50 trade off, depending on the mood. Right? Jason Reeves, I HIGHLY suggest you hop back on the short bus with your half-assed ability, lazy tactics, and monotone snooze fest promos, and head back to buttf**k Idaho, or wherever you come from, and leave the wrestling up to those who know what wrestling REALLY is.

“You don’t have a place here. So, go back home, and put down that blue tarp in your backyard, and swing all the light bulbs you want, because, in this industry, respect is given for applying your knowledge, and shots are given to those that prove themselves.

“Not for people who can get hit and bleed.”

05-22-07, 08:24 AM
(Scene opens inside the hotel room Jason Reeves he is sitting at the edge of his bed smoking a cigarette, taking one long drag after another. His eyes are glazed over as his cigarette burns down in his hand. He leans back runs his hand through his hair and puts the cig out in the ashtray lying next to him. He lets out a loud sigh as he reaches for the remote to the TV and turns it off. Lowering his head into his hands he mumbles to himself a few moments before making something out coherently.)

Stalker: Kin... I am glad that someone has finally stepped up to my challenge.. that someone of your caliber has stepped up to the plate. When I first even thought of restarting my wrestling career a million ideas ran through my head, as to what I would do, who I would do it too and where I would go. When I saw a promo for Rocko Daymon advertising the Empire Pro Wrestling federation I knew deep down that was where I was needed. That would be where I would make my impact. Perhaps the biggest impact of my career. And without the help of Delroy.. my manager I wouldn't be here right now, telling you how much I appreciated what you did for me, what you gave me. That is, a reason to be doing what I am once again going to do. A reason why I will start from the bottom of something special and work my way up to the top. You are that reason and before Wrestlestock I hope you are glad to fulfill my wishes to make something special happen yet again. Make that light burn in my eyes again. Make me the mother****ing man AGAIN!

(A door is heard opening in the background and the camera swings around to see the young Delroy Hawkins step through carrying a bag of groceries. He sets them down on the table and looks at Jason with a huge grin on his face.)

Stalker: What?

Delroy: Someone accepted your challenge, didn't you hear?

(Jason again lays his head into his hands and sighs deeply before nodding his head yes.)

Delroy: What's wrong boss, I thought this is what you wanted?

Stalker: Of course it is, Delroy! I am very happy with what Kin has done for me.. what he has done for both of us. However what I am not happy with is the lack of complete respect he showed me during his 'promo'.

Delroy: **** it, dawg. Listen bottom line is, Kin has zero clue as to who you are as do most of Empire Pro Wrestling. As do all of the fans but what matters most is that I know and you know who you are!

Stalker: Don't forget Rocko and Sean Stevens.

Delroy: Yeah them too but that's not what you need to be focusing on. Kin accepted your challenge not Triple X and definitely not Rocko.

(Jason storms straight up and stares at Delroy for a few brief moments.)

Stalker: Don't TELL ME what I need to focus on!

(Delroy stares at him noticing the slight twitch in Stalker's movements and he looks down shaking his head.)

Delroy: Look man this ain't the time for this garbage if you need to straighten yourself out then do it, boss. Just take care of it I'll take care of the rest.

(Jason looks at him for almost a full minute of silence before walking past him into the bathroom. Delroy watches him go and shakes his head mumbling to himself before looking to the camera.)

Delroy: Yo.. Kin dawg when I saw your interview I was completely and totally amazed. Here you come off as some bad ass mo'fo who thinks that just because Stalker is new to the EPW that he is new to wrestling. Or just because he demands that this be a hardcore match that he can't wrestle his way out of a paper bag. First off before Stalker became the hardcore ICON he proved himself night in and night out as a tactician of the game. Wrestling every night in regular all rules apply wrestling matches. Then came the change, it happens in every man's life like I am sure it has happened to you. After that change he became a monster, night in night out showcasing his wrestling moves against guard rails, chair, floors, tables and ramp-ways. You've heard of it you know of it he's probably been the innovator of it.

(Delroy takes a seat grabbing a bottle water out of his grocery bag as he sits.)

Delroy: You talk as if hardcore wrestling is really that bad of thing, you think that all he cares about is making himself bleed.. or even making you bleed? I can tell you that has zero to do with it. All my boss cares about is making sure that no interference or no count out or stupid ass mistake will cost him a match. He wants to be free. Freedom is what he desires and is what I desire to see the most out of him. When he makes his way to the ring he lights up the arena with his moves, with his style, with his give all take all maneuvers. You may not approve of it but I'm sure the fans will and even if they don't what would it matter to him? All he's trying to do is win a match and all he asked for was a style that he was best capable of showcasing what he can do. For you to mouth off like you have saying that he will become just another jobber hired as ring crew, I tend to disagree completely. You don't know him, you never heard of him so tell me how in the world you would know what he'll do to you once you get in the ring with him.

(He scratches his head as he looks down the hallway noticing the bathroom light still on and then looks back at the camera.)

Delroy: Kin you are forgetting something else as well, something that you may have to watch out for. It's an open challenge, that challenge is still open to anyone who wishes to take it. That being said don't be surprised if perhaps another hardcore nut will want to participate or hell maybe even your own worst enemy, whoever that may be. Those are some of the things that you need to think about before you get too involved with Stalker. Because once someone gets as focused as I see you are right now they leave themselves up for someone to come from behind and END their day. Comment as his wrestling style, do what you like. If you reallllly feel that you know him so well then you should be alright when it comes time for Wrestlestock. However if my words have tweaked your opinion of him and maybe you'd like to study him like he'll sure study you then I'd be glad to hook you up with some videos. And hell maybe I'll even throw in some of them matches that weren't hardcore. I'm at your service.

(A loud thump can be heard coming down the hallway and Delroy's head spins around as he hurries to get out of his seat. He rushes down the hallway towards the bathroom door and swings it open yelling to himself. He disappears for a few seconds then comes out with Stalker's arm draped around him, asking him if he's alright he looks at the camera and stops for a brief second before getting an angry look on his face.)



05-22-07, 02:15 PM
** Hiroshi skims through the latest Men’s Health & Fitness magazine. His giant grin seems to stretch the entire width of the cover, but when you’re selected to grace a magazine of that caliber, it’s hard not to smile during the photo shoots. Kin thumbs his way through low-calorie meals, and ‘500 Ways to Get Your Dream Chick,’ while Delroy Hawkins rambles away on a nearby television screen.

Kin sighs, half-heartedly, as his takes a slow drag on his cigar. Tossing the magazine aside, he stops the TiVo’d “pissing & moaning” from Delroy. **

KIN HIROSHI: “Freedom? You actually think that a trash-can match gives you freedom? This, coming from a man who needs his manager to speak for him, needs a weapon in his hand to win matches, and is limited, in his ability to get over with a crowd, by attributing his greatness to a win and loss record?”

** Shrugging his shoulders, Hiroshi looks inquisitively into the camera. **

HIROSHI: “You want to truly be free, J.R.? First of all, get rid of Peaches, you don’t need DelMonte over there getting you your shots. If you were any sort of tactician, or wrestler, you’d be able to do it on your own. Sure, I rely on “Flash”, Mr. Michael LeQuan Dove, as an agent, but as an award winning director, I need someone to manage my life outside of wrestling.

”Point ‘B’: lose the shackles you place upon yourself by releasing yourself from tactless means to achieve. That is, quit swinging sticks at people and start learning how to suplex a man. The fact that you throw people through tables doesn’t impress anyone.”

** Kin slowly wags his finger. **

HIROSHI: “It doesn’t take any skill to swing a bat or chair, son. If you really want to impress the crowd, the EPW and NEW locker rooms, or me, show us something we haven’t seen before. Show us you KNOW how to wrestle, but, I’m afraid with you, that knowledge is lost on the ignorant.

“Peaches, you were right saying that I’m a big bad-ass mofo, that much is true. For you to think otherwise just proves that you don’t know sh*t about the Muffin Man. Hell, kids, I’m the Suzette Samurai, the Glaze Gladiator, the Blueberry Bomber, the Japanese Thunder, the Man from Japan! You want me to not talk about your boy, Stalker, like I know him? Perhaps, then, you shouldn’t go runnin’ your mouth like you know a damn thing about me or this company!

”Because, you don’t know jack. You smirk and laugh at Lindsay Troy being our World Champion. Kid, you won’t ever get a shot at that title, let alone hold it for 20-some odd months. Better men than you have tried and failed to strip her from that title. Men that you have no clue about.

“It’s funny how your own fellow wrestlers in EPW are identical to your wrestling ability. J.R., do you understand why I say you can’t wrestle? Do you understand that you’ve done nothing to prove to me that you have any talent in the ring? The only things you’ve managed to do are wake up the ‘Donut Dragon’, and bring his wrath down upon you. Hell, most of the talking doesn’t even come from you. You let your manager do all your talking. Seems like you’re showing the world that you have a bit of an inferiority complex.

“Is easily pushed around by his underlings? Check.

“Uses underhanded tactics and rules to prevail in matches he can’t wrestle his way out of? Check.

“Negates any credibility of his wrestling ability by calling himself the Hardcore ICON? Check.

“J.R., you’re no icon when it comes to your ‘hardcore’ wrestling. Look up the name Eli Flair, the King of Extreme. You want to be someone who revolutionizes your trash-can, backyard, bleed-fests? Son, Eli was doing it when you were still sucklin’ on your momma’s teat.

“You’re innovative? Yeah, sure, whatever you say kid.

“Me? I invented the Grind Match. I revolutionized the term ‘technical showcase.’ All you’ve accomplished in your career is chasing after a hopeless checkmark in the win column with EPW. You ARE a jobber, and, Peaches, it doesn’t matter what he does in the ring because Stalker is just shaping up to be another cookie-cutter bad ‘boi.’

“Teddy Roosevelt once took a West African proverb as his own: ‘Speak softly and carry a big stick.’ Stalker, I’ve got no doubt that you’ll be bringing a big stick to the ring, and not the kind that’s going to invoke a hard-on in Beau Michael’s skirt. You’re problem, J.R., is that you want respect given to you, but you’re not willing to give it out.

“Kid, you fail to recognize who I am. You seem to think that I forgot that this is an open invitation match. Geez, what does that mean, Stalker? I’m completely dumb-founded by the concept.

“The last thing on my mind is someone sneaking up behind me, and getting the best of me in this match. Felix Red killed me a few months back; he broke my ribs and punctured my lung, and my heart stopped. This came after weeks of attacks from him and his crew in NFW. You know where it got me? Through that perseverance? A number one contender ship for the NFW World Title.

“You think I won that match, or the ones before it? Hell no. In fact, my record in the past eight months as been anything but winning. Yet, here I stand: one of the smartest me in wrestling, poised on the brink of being the greatest ring psychologist of our era. And where do you stand, Stalker? Poised on the brink of winning a match with something other than your god given ability?

“Then again, maybe the only skills you have in the ring, you learned in tee-ball. So, go ahead and swing your bat, or your kendo stick, or even Peaches at me, Stalker, because this ball moves, and will dump you on your head and neck time and again until the only thing you have left to prove is that you’ll, one day, learn to fu**ing walk again.

“Do you know the Muffin Man?”

** Fade to Black **

05-22-07, 03:12 PM
(Scene opens once again in Jason Reeve's hotel room he is in a rage, yelling at himself and at the camera crew. He has dresser draws over turned on his bed, blankets and pillows scattered along the ground. He's desperately looking for something in his room and is getting more irritated by the minute as in the background on the television Kin's latest promo is being played.)

Stalker: You piece of ****ing trash! You think that just because you know who Eli Flair is that that makes you something? You think I don't know of his nickname being the King of Extreme?!? YOU FEEL.. that your knowledge of this game somehow overpasses mine just because I don't spill at the god damn mouth about it? Well listen you punk, Eli Flair's girl Ivy worked for me in MY ****ING FEDERATION! You think for a god damn instance that I have no clue about this man or about his abilities makes you more retarded then you look. He was not doing things my way before I was in fact if I can remember correctly we had started wrestling if not less then two years apart from each other. So if anyone knows the exploits of Eli Flair better between you and I. Smart money would go on me.

(He slams his hand into the wall and takes a deep breathe contemplating what to say next.)

Stalker: Maybe when I was speaking I had given you too much credit for thanking you for accepting this challenge because now I'm starting to regret it. My time before Empire Pro Wrestling has nothing to do with you and the very fact that you have zero clue about Superior Championship Wrestling makes me laugh and almost cry at the same time. That's fine though.. Edward Brown did his part in making it a staple to start federations like Empire Pro Wrestling. Ask Dan Ryan, ask Triple X, ask Rocko they all know exactly what the **** I'm talking about. SO DONT STAND there and tell me I AM A GOD DAMN JOBBER! Do not complain to me about my choice of the way I wrestle, the way I talk, or the decisions I make. You wanna know what I've learned while being away from this sport for so long is that getting hung up on punks like you isn't worth the god damn time. When Devon Jackson cost me my last shot at the SCW title I should've ignored him. But.. I didn't.. I let him get to me. I questioned why, a friend, a tag team partner that I was helping craft to be a superstar would turn his back on me. I see however, that same drive he had in you. That drive of no respect towards the one who make this sport great.

(Jason has seemed to calm down slightly as he relaxes against the wall staring at the ground.)

Stalker: You mention Lindsay Troy and Eli Flair with breathes of respect coming from your putrid mouth, but I can guarantee them that they wouldn't be shown that respect behind cameras. You are a good for nothing piece of trash, who claims that my whole "QUEST" in Empire Pro Wrestling is too put a w in my win column, well I'll be glad to have you thinking that when you step in that ring at Wrestlestock. Little do you know now that since you've made these attacks at me, questioned what I'm trying to do and what I have done, my new goal is to simply kill you. Felix the cat may have tried to kill you before but maybe I'll get to finish the job, I seriously think that's possible, considering my only style of winning matches according to you is to beat you upside the head with a baseball bat.

(Delroy comes through the front door and looks at Jason with a confused expression, pointing at all the stuff around the room he looks at the camera for a brief second and motions them to get out.)

Stalker: No... Delroy, I'm not done. You need to hear this anyway, Kin really thinks that he knows what I'm capable of inside the ring, even after we offered to show him proof of my non hardcore wrestling style. Simply because I refuse to be a non conventional wrestler doesn't put me down below you, considering that would make me a jobber in your book you must be only right above me then eh? So if you do end up losing to someone like me what would you then become? The EXTREME MUFFIN JOBBER? Or how about 'Hi I'm Muffin job-a-lot'. You are a ****ing idiot.. man from japan somehow goes in line with being the muffin man? I guess if they were to make a movie about you it would be pretty interesting. Muffin Man on the loose? Or how about the Fugitive Muffin? I like that one. ****ing Muffin man that's just MORE INSANE THEN I AM!

Delroy: Boss.. you aren't making much sense man.. what's with the mess too? You alright?

Stalker: Delroy, I am more then just alright. I'm looking forward to something great, something great for me, the EPW roster, their fans and everyone else in between. It won't be great however for Kinfin Man. His mouth has gotten too much for himself to handle, something will be done about it at Wrestlestock something he's not going to enjoy one bit, when he feels like a chair shot will be coming at him I might just dropkick him instead. When he feels the overshadow of a trash can about to come crashing down on him it might just turn out to be an elbow drop. When he sees that table set up outside the ring and feel like I'm setting him up for it, I might just sit on it to take a breather. I'll choose to beat you however I want to Kin. You are just going to have to accept the facts that once you enter my world.. you know STALKER's WORLD!?!? Once you arrive to that destination, you won't be coming out in one piece and more then likely when I finally get through with you and that bell rings, you'll be lying in that ring or on the arena floor...... a dead man.

(Jason looks down at the ground and a smile crosses his face.)

Stalker: Found it!

(Jason he reaches down and pulls up some type of material in foil just then a hand covers the camera, blocking the view.)


05-22-07, 04:00 PM
KIN HIROSHI: *yawning and grinning from ear to ear* "You see what I mean? I spent, what? 10 minutes of your time so far, and I'm already so deep inside your head that you're babbling nonsensical names at me. 'Extreme Muffin Jobber'? Goes to show you know about as much about me, as I know about you.

"Do you KNOW how I got the name The Muffin Man? I didn't give it to myself. Why the HELL would I give myself a name like that?"

Kin chortles for a moment.

KIN HIROSHI: "The ONLY name I've ever used in the United States is Kin Hiroshi. Back in Japan, when I was still a teenager, I was The Japanese Thunder. Kid, names come and go, it's what you do with yourself that's ultimately going to cement your legacy. Fine, call me Kinfin Man, I don't care. Over the course of a decade, I've been called a hell of a lot worse, by a hell of a lot better. Eli Flair, to name one such person. Then again, with someone SO well versed in the history of Mr. Flair, you probably already knew such trivialities, right?

"J.R., I don't care what you did in SCW, just as much as you care what I did in EWI, GXW, GWE, and what I continue to do in CSWA, EPW, NFW and TEAM. In fact, if I DID care about SCW, I'm sure I would have cared about IWF too. But I didn't, and I still don't.

"Because it's the past, and drudging up the past only leads to mixed emotions. J.R., for a 'veteran', you sure do let your emotions get the better of you. Damn, for the 'veteran' you claim to be, you somehow think that degrading the fine institution of wrestling to some alley-rumble is acceptable. What part of putting me through a table or smashing my skull with a chair makes you superior to weathered ring general, like me?


"A Damned...


"See, I can twist and contort your body into a million different positions, and I can dump your body to the mat from rafters to ring apron. I'm one of the most versed students of your little 'game', and you STILL think that you can beat me? Why?

"Honestly, I want to know why?"

* Kin shrugs his shoulders, inviting a response. *

HIROSHI: "Because you can throw me through a table? Well, I can put you through a table, if I wish it. Oh, but now I'm getting into your argument of a wrestlers' free will to dismantle his opponent however he sees fit. Stalker, your cheap ass 'hardcore wrestling' is BELOW the standards of EPW, and I don't see why, on God's green earth, you were even let into this company if you planned from the beginning to use cheap tactics and things that the fans have seen a bazillion times.

"But, I forgot, we're not on Earth. Are we? No, we're on 'Stalker's World'!!!"

* Laughing uncontrollably, Kin regains his semi-composure. *

HIROSHI: "J.R., I'm pretty sure that 'Stalker's World' is somewhere in the 'Sanjaya-Verse', so I have NOTHING to be afraid of. In fact, why don't you track down Sanjaya for a little dance party with some drag queens. I'm sure your old buddies "Pure Playa" Erik Jackson and "Superstar" Johnny Williams would be HAPPY to join you. In fact, bring Eddie Brown in for the meat-fest as well.

"Something tells me Peaches will still have his nose up your ass, so you might have to wipe to get that piece of sh*t out of there so the other boys have better access. Just don't let Beau Michaels in on your extra-curricular activities. Then again, he's probably the maitre'd for your little suare.

"And speaking of Peaches, you might want to have words with your little lackey. While I completely understand that you want to make a name for yourself in EPW with a visage of violence, and you don't care if it's with a check mark in the win column, as I ascertained from your latest and greatest scream fest, Peaches, excuse me, Mr. Delroy, seems to think that, and I quote, 'All he's trying to do is win a match and all he asked for was a style that he was best capable of showcasing what he can do.'

"Damn, sure seems like someone on the senate floor in the Republic of Stalker, on Stalker's World, of course, seems to think all you want is a win by being a sh*t storm of kicks, punches, and a kendo sticks. Seriously, J.R., is this REALLY the best way to showcase yourself? Because, if it is, then I don't even WANT to see those pretty little 'gems' of wrestling matches you said you'd send over for me to watch. If the BEST you can do is use a WEAPON to win a WRESTLING match, then, I have to admit, as does Stalker's World, it's pretty pathetic.

"Just as pathetic as any movie you could even conjure up about me. Hell, I directed 'White Midgets Can't Jump' to major accolades. Your movie? For some reason I imagine a mix between 'Police Academy: Mission to Moscow' and 'Shanghai Surprise'. Just another on screen piece of crap produced by Stalker. Then again, it might go over big on Stalker's World."

* Kin chortles once more. *

HIROSHI: "Stalker, you can't kill what's already dead. Felix Red, no matter how many times I went back for him to finish the job, couldn't kill me. The Boy Who Destroyed The World, couldn't kill Kin 'Just Won't Die' Hiroshi. What makes you think YOU can? Listen up, 'Little Engine That Couldn't' Jason Reeves, go back to the gym, and work off the ring rust. While you're at it, work on taking Delroy's foot out of your mouth, and his head out of your ass.

"It's just like a fu**ed up Twister game.

"My mouth is just getting warmed up, J.R. I have plenty of venom left to coat my words, and the EPW locker room, and talented people around the world know that I have TALENT to back it up. Even if you had half the talent you claim you once had, it's deader than you could ever hope of making me. It's a shame you can't go back to your glory days, because true talent isn't something you can learn, or get in a gym. True talent is something you're born with that sticks with you your entire life. What you had wasn't talent, it was a farce of ability procured through running laps and pumping iron in the gym.

"Which, is once again, why you have to resort to underhanded tactics to win a WRESTLING match. You want to be hardcore? Devote your life to relearning what you forgot during your hiatus from the industry.

"After all, then you won't be a jobber.

"Just a curtain jerker."

** Fade to Black **

05-22-07, 05:44 PM
Stalker: I swear to god.. this guy he won't shut up.... ever.

(Scene opens to Jason Reeves' hotel room, this time fairly cleaned up. No overturned chairs and tables, no blankets on the floor, just Jason sitting at the table with a half drunk bottom of Captain Morgan's rum and various diet coke cans scattered about. With a cup in his hand Jason leans back with his glazed eyes staring into nothingness and his hand wrapped around a big gulp cup. He takes a large drink, after he wipes his mouth clean and flings his long unkept hair back as he looks into the camera staring.)

Stalker: You know what Kin? I can see.. now.. that both of us are veterans. That we both understand the game of getting under each other's skins. With you questioning my style, my antics, my motivation. To me questioning your name, your place of origin and your accomplishments. As we stand here right now their is only one thing that will matter when it comes time for Wrestlestock, and that one simple thing is.. will you survive in my world? You can talk all this garbage and trash about how my style...

(He lets out a loud burp and looks overly groggy as he takes another long drink from huge cup. Wiping his mouth again he looks at the camera again trying to remember what he was going to say.)

Stalker: Oh yeah.. about how my style was how you put.. garbage. How you were going to twist me in all kinds of different ways, how you were going to prove to me that I in no way could compare to you in your style. But see that's not what matters.... what matters is that it won't be your style. It won't be this garbage that you don't excel at. It will be the garbage that I excel at. That's right.. it almost has seemed to slip your mind that no matter what you think about how I want to play this match that this match will be MY MATCH! MY STYLE! MY ****ING WORLD! Heh.. you make me laugh sometimes during your interview and angry for the rest of it. Hell right now I'm drunk off my ass and I can still see the flaws in what you are doing. You say I waked up an angry beast that everything that I am doing right now I will regret when it comes to match time. I disagree.... everything you are doing right now is making me want more and more and more to destroy the UN KILLABLE ONE or whatever ****ing nickname you are going by during match time.

(Another long drink and Jason slams the cup to the table wiping his mouth yet again and running his hand through his hair. He grabs the rum bottle and pours it into the cup, after a few seconds of pouring he replaces the cap to the bottle and cracks open another can of diet coke filling the same cup the rest of the way.)

Stalker: I'm emotional.. you got that right. You've pissed me off you got that right. Kin.... Kin... I swear.. take this warning and take it with the greatest amount of respect as you would take advice from one of your idols. Do not continue to speak about my wrestling abilities. They are of no concern of you. The more you comment on them.. the more you make me angry about speaking on things that you could have zero knowledge of............

(Jason takes another long drink and leans back again groggily reaching for his cigarette pack on the table.)

Stalker: If you continue to do this I will continue to get angry. Continue to study you even more closely continue to plan every single attack, wrestling move, weapon, chair, table, steps... I will plan everything that I'm going to do to you.. how I'm going to dismantle your body. How I will simply and utterly KILL YOU. There is no doubt that you have gotten under my skin, made me itch, made me want to just scream at the top of my lungs to make you shut your god damn trap. But.. I guess... I'll be resorted to doing it in the ring. Let me ask you a question.. it's a simple one really...... what do you think of Rocko Daymon? Do you consider him good? Trash? Just another curtain jerker? Please let me know what you think of him... and before you respond know this. I took him into the ring and he stepped into my world and he got beat down like the bastard that he is. So... if you think that he has talent remember this that I took him to my world and beat him down.

(He continues drinking, not speaking for a few minutes as he downs the rest of the big gulp of his drink. After he's done he finally lights the cig he's been holding in his hand through his latest rant.)

Stalker: The difference between you and 'Rocko the Otter' however is that he had and has respect for what I do in that ring. I still have no respect for him but that's a completely different matter. He didn't go on and on and on and on about how much I made a mockery of the wrestling business he knew what I've accomplished and understood what I was trying to accomplish back when I fought him. The thing you don't understand is that I'm trying to accomplish my stance in EPW.. it's my first match any wrestler's first match is hard.. but you've made it a strong desire in my heart to make this something special. Something unforgettable... something that the fans will say to themselves 'holy ****ing **** this is going down in EPW?'. That will make me happy, it will excite me to know that these fans will then come just to catch a glimpse of what I'll do next, who I'll fight next and what circumstances will surround the match. They'll pull for me.. they'll cheer for me.. but I know some will boo me as well. It'll be those that don't understand the cause. The desire that I have to succeed yet again.. to prove the critics like you wrong and to show why EPW hired me and why they understood that what I bring to the table will bring them the fans that keeps the company running.

(Jason takes one last puff on his cig before pushing it into a nearby can while smiling at
the camera.)

Stalker: Fact of the matter is their are always good guys and bad guys and also their is guys like me. The ones that stand in the middle and let what happens happen. If I feel the need to find a way into Lindsay Troy's steel cage match and beat her upside the head with a baseball bat I WILL! If I feel the need to Evenflow Rocko on his way to the ring during his NEW World title match I WILL! If I feel the need to send you some roses and wish you good luck before our match I WILL! If I want to throw a rap down with ICE TRE I ****ING WILL! That's what some fans love about me and some fans hate about me. I am neutral, I come and go where I please and right now where I please to be is right here telling you that I'm looking forward to taking you into Stalker's World and that when you step into it.. it will be the end of your career. Sorry Kin.. that's just how it goes man.


05-23-07, 01:42 AM
** Hiroshi swaggers through a hotel room door. In the middle of the suite a fold-out table is surrounded by chairs. Kin scans the room; grinning as he pulls a cigar out of his coat's inner pocket, and takes a place in one of the seats. 'Wildfire' Johnny Rage flushes the toilet and comes out of the bathroom.

Nodding to Kin, Wildfire takes a seat opposite the Muffin Man. **


HIROSHI: "Sup, chief? Where's Styles?"

WILDFIRE: "Numbnuts forgot the cards. How'd he plan a poker night without the cards?"

HIROSHI: *shrugging* "No clue. But styles hasn't always been the smartest dude in the locker room. Remember when he forgot his trunks, and didn't notice until we got to the show?"

* 'Wildfire' laughs as Kin lights the cigar in his hand. *

WILDFIRE: *still chuckling* "So he stole a pair of Dan Ryan's trunks! Hell yeah! Only, Styles was still a scrawny runt..."

* 'Mr. Irresistible' Johnny Styles slams the hotel room's door, startling Hiroshi and 'Wildfire'. *

STYLES: "...so I squeezed my ass into one of the legs of the trunks, stapled an inseam, and tied off the other trunk leg.

"Hardy har har, you fu**ers. Ryan never found out, so keep your mouths shut. Worst case of crabs I've ever had."

* 'Wildfire' and Hiroshi damn near sh*t themselves laughing as Styles takes a seat and starts shuffling. *

HIROSHI: "How did you forget the cards?"

STYLES: *irritated* "How did you not get booked on one of the biggest cards of the year?"

WILDFIRE: "Yeah! You're like the Little Orphan Annie of EPW."

STYLES: "Only with a five-o'clock shadow. And balls."

* Kin smirks as Styles deals out the cards. *

HIROSHI: "Speaking of my balls, you two see this 'Stalker' dude trying to get up into my business?"

WILDFIRE: "Yeah. I caught him here and there. You're handling your sh*t though. He getting to you yet? Check."

STYLES: "I saw some of his stuff too. Seems like the dude's got some anger issues. Hell, Habooki, you got him more worked up than a broke virgin at his first strip club."

HIROSHI: *puffing the cigar* "Check. He also thinks he's under my skin. Guys, do I LOOK worried?"

* Kin gets a worried look, and starts shaking his arms around. The other two men chuckle. *

STYLES: "Check."

* Styles deals the flop cards, and grins widely. *

WILDFIRE: "Great poker face, stud. Raise."

HIROSHI: "Ya know, this guy thinks he's tough because he can be hardcore, or whatever. I bet he has so much ring rust, he'll probably trip up getting into the ring and hurt himself."

STYLES: "Or hurt you."

HIROSHI: "Please, *****! You know the Muffin Man..."

STYLES: "Really?!?"

WILDFIRE: *checking his cards* "Nope, not one bit, Styles."

STYLES: "Shut up, Rage."

HIROSHI: "Call."

* Kin tosses in his chips, and drags on the cigar. *

STYLES: "Call."

WILDFIRE: "Jesus! You have the worst tells!"

HIROSHI: "Dude! Let him piss his money away."

* Styles throws down another card. *

WILDFIRE: "So, you think your ready to set sail for 'Stalker World'? Check."

* All three men scoff. *

HIROSHI: "Sh*t, kid doesn't know what he's talking about. When I was all strung out on heroin, I don't think I said half the stupid crazy crap he's spewing out of his mouth. Sounds ridiculous if you ask me."

STYLES: "Hey, nice Evan Aho imitation with telling him true hardcore wrestling is devoting your life to learning how to wrestle to impress people."

HIROSHI: "No sh*t, right? I love how his manager is trash-talking me too. Like that sniveling little whiner would have a spine to step up to me if I was in his face. Check."

WILDFIRE: "You better not stick your foot in your mouth, Kin. 'Flash' did you a favor with that NFW Wrestlebowl match."

STYLES: "Check."

* Styles tosses out the river card, grinning from ear to ear. *

HIROSHI: "What Dove did for me took some serious balls. He's my personal agent. Not some personality following me out to the ring. Hell, you two know that! He's YOUR agent too."

STYLES: "Yeah, yeah, yeah."

WILDFIRE: "F**k it, I'm out. Kin, you take Styles' money this turn."

* 'Wildfire' tosses in his cards. *

HIROSHI: "Still, I'm going to do what I always do: put on a five-star match and crunch in ass in the ring. Raise."

WILDFIRE: "Hey, we know you, Kin, but watch out for all the litter and sh*t he's gonna have in and around that ring. You SHOULD bust out your new moves on this clown."

HIROSHI: "I SHOULD have busted 'em out on JA, but it's so hard to make someone bleed through a mask these days."

STYLES: "I'll call."

HIROSHI: "Okay, what do you got?"


* Hiroshi and 'Wildfire' stare blankly at each other, before moving in on the table's chips. *

HIROSHI: "Styles, you have GOT to be the second dumbest man on earth right now."

STYLES: "You hear that Rage, he thinks I'm smarter than you."

WILDFIRE: "No, he thinks you're smarter than 'Stalker', but not by much."

HIROSHI: "Let's just sit back and wait for this dude's roid rage to wear off, and see if he's got the mettle to go at this for another week. Cause, gents, I'm just getting warmed up."


05-23-07, 11:15 AM
(Knocking can be heard in the background as the scene opens inside Jason Reeves' hotel room. Jason yells to come in from the back and in steps through the front door none other then Terry 'The Idol' Anderson. Former play by play announcer, exclusive interviewer and older then ever. Closing the door behind him he makes his way through the hallway noticing a distinct smell as he does.)

Terry: Hey.. uh.. Jason. When you called me I.. I just couldn't believe I was hearing your
voice. I haven't seen you in what.. six years?

Stalker: Seems longer then that...

(Jason says as he steps out of the bathroom fully clothed, but it's easily seen he had just got done taken a shower. It's one of the few moments in these past few days that he actually looks somewhat decent. Even now though his eyes half glazed and his scars still showing brightly as he makes his way towards the edge of the bed and sits down.)

Stalker: So Terry.. do you follow Empire Pro?

Terry: Yeah from time to time. See ever since IWF went ban...

(Terry coughs loudly trying to disguise what he was about to say, Jason doesn't seem to flinch as he is working his hands through his hair.)

Terry: Ever since IWF closed it's been a rough time for me, bouncing around being hired by different wrestlers Indy feds you name it I did it. So how have you been since IWF closed down?

(Silence comes from Jason now as he gets up and walks to the dresser grabbing his pack of smokes and lights one up.)

Terry: Okay.... Well then why have you called me here?

Stalker: You watched those tapes I sent you correct?

Terry: You mean the ones with Kin Hiroshi?

Stalker: Yeah...

Terry: I watched them and frankly Jason, I don't know if you are too sure of what you are getting involved with here.

(Smoke gets blown against the mirror as Jason just stares in it looking at his scars.)

Stalker: I know what I'm doing, Terry.

Terry: Look I'm not trying to tell you how you should make your comeback. Kin, however, he's an animal. His wrestling skill is.. well amazing man. Look all I'm telling you is for all the pain that you can dish out I think he'll be able to survive it. Will that make him the victor? Hell if I know but you haven't wrestled in seven years, Jason... seven years.

Stalker: Why do you continue to tell me things that I'm already aware of? This Muffin Man has seen me speak to him angrily, calmly, drunkenly, and everything in between and nothing is phasing him so far. So maybe if I'm just straight-forward with him that'll get it through his thick skull that when it comes to Wrestlestock and our match. The only person that has something to lose is himself.

Terry: Something to lose? You mean like his NFW World Title match?

Stalker: Exactly and on top of that his career. See right now in Empire Pro I am a jobber, a curtain jerker, a nobody. That is why I'm working so hard, studying so hard and thinking out every possible angle to be taken advantage of in this match. I am going to use everything in my power to make sure he knows that his career as a superstar is on the line against my career as a jobber. That I think will get through to him. Knowing that in the end I'll be the one to take that extra step even if it costs me a broken arm, leg, back or even neck. This is my one ****ing shot to bring it all back to me Kin. With each word coming out of your mouth you are making it harder and harder for me to not just want to kill you in that ring. Maybe that's what you want.. I don't know.. if it is you are even crazier then me.

Terry: Jason, look this is only one match, even if it's the first match of your comeback who cares if it's a win or not?

Stalker: I lied to myself and Kin when I said I didn't care. Truth of the matter is I do. I won't be making a clear enough statement to the Empire Pro locker room if I come out of that match as the loser. No that won't be good enough for me, it may be good enough for Kin because he has a slew of other things coming up for him... BUT I DON'T! AND IF ANYTHING MAKES ME MORE ****ING DANGEROUS THEN HAVING NOTHING TO LOSE THEN PLEASE INFORM ME OF WHAT THAT IS, KIN!!!

(Terry takes a few steps back, caught off guard by the sudden yelling.)

Terry: Okay... well Jason it was certainly nice talking to you and I'm glad that you invited me over for the interview and to catch up a bit but maybe we can do more catching up at another time? It looks like you may want some time to yourself.

Stalker: How is she..? Have you seen her?

Terry: Her.. who?

(Jason turns away for a second running his arm against his eyes.)

Stalker: Terry.. you know who.

(Terry's face turns saddened slightly as he steps back placing his hands in his pockets.)

Terry: She's doing fine, Jason. I know things ended badly for you guys but.. Heh.. you'd be surprised she's actually working as a general manger for an indy fed.

(Jason turns to look at Terry and has a grin on his face.)

Terry: Why don't you give her a call? You know she hired me for some work I got her cell phon....

Stalker: No.

Terry: Okay, you know I think she miss....

Stalker: You can go now, I'll get in touch with you again sometime real soon. Thanks for coming, Terry.

Terry: It's no problem Jason.

(Terry walks down the hallway and opens the door, closing it behind him. Jason is looking in the mirror staring at himself.)

Stalker: I'm doing this for you.. Riley. You better notice me.


05-24-07, 02:19 PM
** Hiroshi talks rapidly into a cellphone as the EPW cameras close in on him. **

KIN HIROSHI: "Listen 'Flash', I don't care if you're trying to get a contract for those two right now. No one does tag-team wrestling anymore! When was the last time you heard of a PRESTIGIOUS tag-team title?

"That's what I thought. Listen, drop those two for the time being, and just do me this favor. We both saw the promo, and heard him say 'Riley.' I need YOU to run that name through whatever search engines you can. Find out who the hell it is, because when you do, we have the advantage. He's given up his weakness. If he's doing this for this 'Riley', we can push him over the edge.

"Just run it: Riley Reeves. If that doesn't pop anything on the radar, then just run his full name and this 'Riley'.

"Right. Thanks bro."

* Hiroshi ends the call, and turns towards the camera. *

HIROSHI: "Walk and talk with me fellas. J.R., you slipped up. You gave me, Kin Hiroshi, the perfect open to get further in your head, and make you completely flip the f**k out. I don't know who this 'Riley' character is. I don't really care.

"It could be some ex-wife, or ex-girlfriend, who slutted around behind your back: letting every guy in site slip his nut-meat into her ham wallet. Or she left you because you turned your back on the one reliable job you had. Oh, that's right, you didn't turn your back and leave the IWF; you sucked so bad you couldn't even keep some piddle-ass company afloat with your awesome roster. So, she either cheated on you, left you for a real man, or you two played a late night rendition of 'The Crying Game' and Riley has a big old ballsack.

"Then again, Riley could be a daughter! Another person to find out that your career is one giant disappointment. Only, this time it's daddy: the one person who she can always trust will protect her. Losing your job by running a company into the ground, I'm SURE, really cemented more trust from her, didn't it, J.R.? Maybe a bottle of rum that slipped through the Lindsay Troy Trade Embargo found it's way into your hands, and after an all-night bender, you played a little game of 'Hide Daddy's Ring Finger Or Get Knocked Out'.

"That's how things work in America, right? I mean, if modern television has taught us foreigners, it's that rednecks like you enjoy nothing more than drinking, fighting, and knocking up your own daughters.

"But, Riley could also be a boy. I mean, that's the hip new thing: giving your kid an androgynous name so if they decide, later in life, that they'd rather grow up to be the opposite sex, there won't be an issue when it comes to 'Uncle Melanie' or 'Auntie Tim.'

"Once more, I have to ask myself if I'm even looking down the right street. Is my train of thought even in the right hemisphere as to who, or what Riley is? Or was? See, now, for all I know, 'Riley' could be some dead bit*h that you fooled around with, got knocked up and left your ass for Terry. Is that why you and Mr. Anderson haven't talked in so long? I bet he was giving her comfort and solace while you drove IWF, and your career, into the grave. In fact, once she realized that he would always be there for her, and you were just another dude looking for his fortune, she fell hard for him.

"After, of course, he fell hard INTO her. Can you see it in your mind, J.R.? 'Riley', eyes dripping with tears, getting a consoling hug from Terry. Their eyes meet in a hesitant gaze; your number flashing on the caller ID while the phone rings next to the couch they sit on. Then, as the answering machine clicks on:

"Hi you've reached Riley...

"...And Jason (giggle giggle).

"Leave a message...

"...at the beep. BYE! (more giggling)

"Her lips meet Terry's and they end up fu**ing the night away while you sit and stare at an empty bottle, only to be found by Delroy, face down in an alley with a Tibetan prostitute.

"Damn, how could you cheat on her, J.R.? That's pretty fu**ed up, dog.

"Actually, I don't like that scenario. I'm sticking with the dead whore of a daughter that you fingered a time or two while 'cuddling' watching Disney movies.

"Let me know if I'm on the right trail."

05-24-07, 03:38 PM
(Scene opens in darkness.)

Stalker: Well.. well Kin, you seem to think that you have found a weak link in me. A way to get to me more then you already have....

(Jason lets out a chilled laughter cut short by the lighting of a match, behind that match his eyes are seen glazed over and staring into the camera.)

Stalker: I hope you are looking closely because these eyes, this face will be the last thing you remember at Wrestlestock. Hell I can't even guarantee that you'll remember that much. Possibly you'll remember the events that took place before that day but Wrestlestock... I highly doubt that after I'm through with you, after I'm through with what I'm planning for you that you'll even remember your name.

(The match burns out and again darkness is all the can be made out.)

Stalker: I'll save you the trouble right now, Kin. Riley.... Riley is my wife. Not my ex-wife, not my child, not some freak of nature that you and your friends would be attracted too but MY WIFE! She never divorced me, at least not to my knowledge. She still carries my name from what I've heard and in fact if my other nugget of information is correct she still wears my wedding ring. You sorry ****! Fact is... after IWF shut down she stuck with me, for a while. Until what I became grew to be too much for her. I lost alot of things after what happened with Daymon and after my corporation went bankrupt and it was more then just money, fame and love. I lost my drive to do anything in the world. She couldn't stand that so she left and after she left I LEFT. I decided that with no money, no hope, no ambitions that I should do what every other person with those characteristics does and that is.. be homeless. It may sound idiotic to you but at first I enjoyed it, the freedom of not having to answer to anyone except the law, not having to dress properly, not having to shower, shave, change my clothes, eat, anything that was a rule for a normal civil person didn't apply to me.

(Jason lights another match this time bringing it to a cigarette he has placed in his mouth. He lights it the cherry showing a small glow after the match has been put out.)

Stalker: Then came the realization that I had no clue as to where Riley was and I came to understand that I was a ****ing bum. It took four years of being on the streets until I ran into someone one day, that young punk you always refer to. Delroy, found me and told me that he watched me when he was younger, that he loved my style and considered me an idol! YEAH! Can you believe it? ME?!? An idol? I couldn't either, but he wouldn't drop it that he wanted to help me, so I let him. He straightened me up, got me to the gym, helped me get money, clothes and in shape. Then finally I asked him to help me get here to restart what I knew was what I was supposed to do and be all my life, a wrestler. He helped me resume a career I threw away and for that I am allowing him to be my manager to get some of my money that I earn to help us both live better lives then our previous ones.

(The cigarette almost down to the filter is flinged away and the glow gone.)

Stalker: So when I got here I wanted to find out about her and how she was so I knew the person to call was Terry. That old fart would never lay his damn hands on her because he knew and I knew that she would slap him upside his head for even trying. You want to know why, Kin? Why she would show so much loyalty to me? Because she ****ing loves me. She did everything she could to help me after IWF went down but I refused everything and I know that's what drove her away. SO DONT THINK FOR ONE GOD DAMN INSTANT THAT YOU CAN DO A DAMN THING ABOUT HER THAT WOULD AFFECT ME IN THIS MATCH. She's tough as nails, hell she's dealt with me my whole SCW/IWF career anyone crazy enough for that is okay by me. Do you have someone like that for you, Muffin Man? Someone that you know loves you even though they aren't around? Or do you spend two hundred dollars nightly at a strip club to feel the affection of a woman? I bet it's the second answer. All that matters Kin and all that will matter is when Wrestlestock's day is here we'll be the opening act and in that opening act it'll be a showcase. A showcase of what happens when someone's mouth has gone too ****ing far. AND YOU KIN... You'll be the BRUNT of that ****ing showcase. Welcome to Stalker's World, *****. Good luck leaving it.



05-25-07, 02:28 PM
** Hiroshi sits in front of an EPW backdrop. Simple. Easy. Effective. **

KIN HIROSHI: “She loves you so much that she couldn’t put up with you anymore and left. Sounds like the truest kind of love. Hell, if I was married, and my wife was failing at everything she was pouring her heart into, I’d probably leave too. After all, no one wants to end up the spouse of a natural born loser, which is, more and more, what you’re shaping up to be, J.R. Riley might slap Terry around for even trying to bone her, but I’m sure she’d come around if The Muffin Man gave her a ring-a-ling on the phone. With all the disappointments you’ve give her, I’m sure she’d be ready for a real man to clear her pipes out. But, don’t worry, Stalker, I won’t bust her so wide open that when you get that ‘We-Should-Have-Sex-To-See-If-A-Divorce-Really-Is-The-Right-Decision’ sex, you can still feel the rancid walls of her uterus. I guess that would be a good thing, though. At least you have one more chance to knock her up so you can keep her around in a loveless marriage.

“Sorry, I forgot, she loves you. That’s right. That’s why she left.”

** Kin rolls his eyes. **

HIROSHI: “Kid, you’re more delusional than Ozzy Osborne circa 1983. Sh*t, circa 2005, even. You think that some bit*h loves you because she left you after you proved yourself to be an utter failure when a business was given to you. Did you even have to WORK as management before you took over in IWF, and drove it into the ground? Or did someone do all the leg work, entrust you with the proverbial ball, and then you dropped said ball, kicked it across the street, had it bounce over the fence, and taken by the nasty dog that lives under Mr. Jenkin’s front porch?

“Jason, you didn’t even get into EPW on your own! Delroy had to GIVE you money, GIVE you training, GET you a contract with EPW, and RETEACH you everything about the industry! Good job, dude, way to work for what you want; way to accomplish something with your own hard work. So far, if I’m supposed to be impressed, I’m not. All you’ve proven is that you talk a big game about where you come from and what you can do, even though you’ve never done anything by yourself and came from places that other people built for you. In fact, when it comes to WrestleSTOCK, I’m probably going to have to carry you through our match, because you won’t even be able to think for yourself in the ring.

“Let alone wrestle, which I’ve touched on a million times by now.

“Your credibility is shot, boy-oh. You’ve got nothing to prove to anyone because everyone has their backs turned to you. EPW management probably thinks that Delroy is the wrestler in the relationship because you can’t do anything on your own, whereas he’s proving more and more to be able to stand on his own two legs. How about you quit coat-tailing on people that have more business sense, and common sense, then you could ever HOPE to have?

“And don’t bring in the ‘I was homeless’ pity party into my ballpark, chief. I went down that road. Even the Muffin Man isn’t immune to failure. Right after I lost control of Hiroshi-Berry Muffins, Inc. to Hostess, I found myself bare knuckle fighting in warehouses around the Seattle area at night, and working a nine-to-fiver as a Business Analyst for Safeco Insurance on Capitol Hill. A nasty little heroin addiction didn’t help me out of my situation, then, either. You know what I did? I got re-signed to EPW and NFW, after being cast aside like Riley’s faith in you. But after Hostess failed to be able to capitalize on Hiroshi-Berry Muffin’s potential, I regained control of my company. I fought to get it back with each and every dime I earned from wrestling, fighting, and working in an Eye-Tee job.

“I didn’t have a ‘Peaches’ Delroy to get me back in shape. I did it myself.

“I didn’t have a friend in the world, and now I have people filling out applications to be in my posse.

“You want some advice from a self-made millionaire? Quit piggy-backing on everyone around you. THEY aren’t your personal stepping stones, and Kin Hiroshi isn’t your ladder to success. Hell, for you to be able to succeed, you’d have to show some capacity for self-accomplishment, but that ship has sailed, hasn’t it, Stalker?

“It walked right out the door with Riley, and never turned around to look back at you. She might still love you, Jason, but you have to realize when she left, she moved on. She’s probably had more cock in her than Beau Michaels, and penetrated deeper than those poor whores at a Joey Melton sponsored donkey show. Riley needs a real man, just like any woman who leaves her husband. Just look at Lindsay Troy, for example. Haven’t you seen her walking around backstage? She’s just hurtin’ for a squirtin’, and who am I to deny her the ‘Hiroshi Pastry Frosting’?

“Can you really accept a whore like Riley back into your life, Jason? 10 years ago, I’m sure she still loved you. Five years ago? Maybe, but her mouth was too full of some dude she met over drinks at Applebee’s to be able to give you a call to tell you where she was, or that she still loved you.

“Ahh, the burdens of REAL love.

“Get over it, bro. She’s gone, and so is any dignity you had coming into this match. Damn, even any talent you may have had back in SCW has flown out the door: you have to piggy-back on weapons and cheap crowd pleasers to get over in EPW. You’re the ultimate lazy-man, Jason. You really should rethink your nickname. I’m thinking Jason ‘Slacker’ Reeves, sounds pretty good. After all, you haven’t been able to do one damn thing on your own in the past several years.

“Don’t get all ‘I’ll kick your ass on my own’, Mr. Reeves, because I’m still going to have to carry your ass through the match so that the fans have something to cheer about. So, in actuality, at WrestleSTOCK, I’ll pretty much be kicking my own ass, using you as the tool that you have become, and I’ll still come out victorious. It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve had to wrestle myself in EPW, but at least I always come out a winner.

“It doesn’t matter if I can remember my own name, because the fans will always be chanting ‘Muffin Man’ when I walk to and from the ring. Your fans? Well, that would imply that you have more than Delroy cheering for you. Instead, they’ll just see you in the ring with me, and starting in with ‘Our Father’ and ‘Hail Mary’ prayers for you, you poor lost soul.

“Jason, I don’t need anyone in my life to love me. I’ve got friends that would do anything for me, and I’ve got a company I built with my own two hands. Sure, I had to steal the recipe from my own mother, but I still broke my ass building Hiroshi-Berry Muffins.

“So, go ahead and keep crying about that Booby-Do, muffin-top of an estranged wife being gone, because after the Pee-Pee-Vee, you’ll have nothing left in your career to do but hope that Delroy can track her down for you so you can cry to her about how much of a failure you still are.

“After all, you wouldn’t even know how to find her up on your own. Get a clue, and leave; the last thing we need around here is another She-Hulk screaming at the top of her lungs because someone said something she disagreed with. Get off the roids, drop Delroy, forget about Riley, and rethink what you really should be doing with your life, because wrestling OBVIOUSLY isn’t the right choice for you.

“Hell, if you ask me, REALLY REALLY nicely, I’ll even make a few calls to Safeco Insurance.

“I’m sure there’s a nice desk job waiting for some schlep like you.”


05-26-07, 11:00 AM
(Scene opens with Terry "The Idol" Anderson knocking on the door of Jason Reeves' hotel room. After a few seconds of standing their, Delora opens opens the door and waves Terry and the camera crew inside. Terry sees Jason sitting at the table watching the television and what looks to be a Kin Hiroshi match. Smoking a cigarette he turns off the television and motions Terry to sit across from him.)

Terry: I'm glad you asked me back and considering the war of words you've been having with Kin, I think that this is the perfect time to have a straight up interview about what's going on right now.

Stalker: I'll tell you what's going on right now, we got Kin in one corner and myself in another. He seems to think that it's more then that, that he can talk about everything in my life and expect me to feel like it's all tied into this match. Now granted, I want to win and this match means a hell of a lot more to me then it probably even does to Kin. BUT this has nothing to do with my failures as the president of IWF, my career at SCW, my wife.. well I'll take that part back. The gutter mouth that he's become spewing everything I say to him back in my face is really starting to drive me up the ****ing wall. I've warned him multiple times that if he continues to mouth off like this to me that he'll regret it but I'm starting to suspect that he's too dumb to realize those facts. Every time he takes a breath during a promo for our match it's just another mistake added to his list. I truly believe he thinks he can psych me out of my own challenge which regretfully for him, won't be happening. He'll find out soon though... we all know that.

Terry: Okay.. okay.. well you just told me that SCW and IWF have nothing to do with your upcoming match, but in all of your various promos that has been your main source of information to what you have done in your career. So you almost seem to be contradicting yourself when you say that they have nothing to do with your upcoming match.

Stalker: Maybe I am.. maybe I'm not. Look bottom line is all this muffin man is doing is looking at every single failed event that's happened to me in both federations. Whether it be my loss to Rocko Daymon in SCW or the closing of IWF. He doesn't realize that instead of IWF actually being handed to me I was the one who created it along with Nathan Fear, who I now hear is in a mental hospital. IWF was a success at first, we had great talent, great events but the spark of something new wasn't their for the fans. Believe me, Nathan and I tried our damn hardest to get that straightened out but we couldn't.. so in the end it failed and for both of us it did not turn out well. Kin believes that I lost my edge in SCW and had to resort to weapons to get by, this ****ing ass mouth doesn't have one damn clue about what I did their. Yet he continues to talk like he did. MY EDGE that I got.. my respect that I GOT was from my willingness to give everything and EVERYTHING I had into each match that I took part in. That is why I became extremely accoladed. Television Champion, Hardcore Champion, Tag team Champion TWICE, WORLD CHAMPION TWICE! Now your next excuse will be I had no competition. I guess that would be the case if you consider Havoc, Rocko Daymon, Triple X, 'Superstar' Johnny Blaze, Rob Sampson god rest his soul, Dan Ryan, Dream Maker.. the list goes on and on and on. But I forgot right all of that means nothing.. I'm just a worthless piece of garbage.

(Jason takes one last puff on his extremely short cigarette and puts it out in an ashtray filled with butts.)

Terry: Kin Hiroshi's talk about your separation with Riley Reeves must have garnered some type of anger. I mean hell he pissed me off by even mentioning that I would even touch her. I loved that girl like my own daughter.

Stalker: Kin's mouth is an ass and all it spews is ****. He talks a good game, walks a good game, but in the end all it will be is just walking and talking. I will be taking care of the actions. He can speak all he wants about how he would bone my wife, or hell maybe in the next promo he'll talk about how he could bone Delora if he wanted too. I don't care! This man's whole ****ing game is based on making personal worded attacks against me and considering that he has never faced anyone like me in the ring before, I think he's scared ****-less. I think that this is why he is acting the way he is. When he first accepted my challenge, I don't even think he realized who he was getting involved with cause we did send him my tapes. We put together alot of tape of my matches alot of my EXTREME matches and I think he's scared now. He's backed into a corner and their is no way for him to escape. He's talked his way into a corner with me, now he's looking for an exit. He thinks that my wife is that exit. Little does he know that it's just making me even more irritated then ever.

Terry: Jason.. you do realize that almost every single word in his last promo he was speculating on your wife's sex life and claiming her to be a whore.

(Grabbing his pack of cigarettes again, Jason takes on out and lights it. He takes a puff, then a second one after blowing the smoke out. He then stares at Terry not saying a word.)

Terry: Sorry Jason, I'll move on. I think we've pretty much covered everything that we can with Kin except for the fact that he believes you are using everyone around you to get back into the game.. how do you respond to something like that?

Stalker: Fact is, Delora doesn't feel like he's being used. Riley never felt as if she was being used. Nathan Fear didn't. My tag team partner at SCW 'Gravedigger' sure as hell never felt like it. We won the tag titles twice together under the name 'Hardcore Hellions' and we were great friends. So you can accuse me of not being able to do anything on my own, or accuse me of riding my manager's coattails. That's all fine and good. You can believe I'm trash, believe I'm nothing but a curtain jerker. Dude.. you can do whatever the **** you want you wanna know why? Cause you are a zombie and zombie's are allowed that privilege.

(Terry bursts out laughing and Jason gets a smirk on his face.)

Stalker: OooooohhhoohhhhhhhhoooOOOOHHhhhh. Is that what I'll be hearing in the ring when our match starts at Wrestlestock? I hope not cause then you might just beat me cause I'd be scared ****-less considering I've not fought a zombie before!

(Laughing again, Terry holds up his hand for Jason to stop. Taking one last puff on his second cigarette of the interview, he puts it out and stares into the camera.)

Stalker: Keep the trash coming Kin, keep it coming. The more it does the more you'll regret it come Wrestlestock. Remember you'll be in my world then not yours, *****.

(Jason leans back and shakes Terry's hand as he gets up, Delora watching the whole interview from the back of the room goes over and shakes Terry's hand as well. He then looks into the camera....)

Delora: Kin you're a dead man bro, dead man walking yet again. I guess that's why they call you the zombie as well? Please for the love of everything that is good in wrestling don't make Stalk destroy you. I know he wants too.. hell I've had to convince him three separate times to not just find you right here and right now and settle it. You don't want that man and if you do... you know where to find us.

(Delora runs his hand across his throat telling the camera man to cut the feed.)


05-26-07, 11:01 AM

05-28-07, 02:10 PM
(Scene opens to Jason Reeves' hotel room, looks to be packing a few bags in preparation for
leaving to go to Wrestlestock. Wearing sweats and a wife beater shirt he looks at the camera
running his hand through his hair. Half grinning he nods to Delroy who's sitting across the
room packing his own bags.)

Stalker: My boy Delroy said the exact words I was thinking to finish off my last interview.
Kin you just stepped way over the line. Now that I've called you a zombie you've done
exactly what I expected you to do and that was shut your damn rabid mouth.

Delroy: You tell him, boss.

Stalker: See bottom line here is that we are leaving right now for East Rutherford, New
Jersey. Early preparation for my returning match and the early staple to my career in Empire
Pro Wrestling. I wish I could be more humble and say that I don't feel like I am going to
come out the victor but after the way you have spoken to me, about me, about my wife and
everything in between. I just don't see any other result.

Delroy: Neither do I, boss. Neither do I.

Stalker: Kin I really wish we could've had a respectable match, between two men that really
love this sport. But I can tell you don't love this sport, as much as you love disrespecting
the people you fight in this sport. You are pathetic scum and when we set into Giants'
Stadium together I'll treat you like pathetic scum. Drag you across that damn ring by your
short ass hair. Smash you ****ing face in with a chair and smile while I'm doing it. Hell if
I didn't fear charges against me I would chop both your hands off and smile at you while I
tell you to clap louder.

(Delroy bursts out laughing, but Jason still has a deeply serious look on his face.)

Stalker: It didn't have to be this way, Muffin Man. You didn't have to make me hate you as
much as I do right now. You made those choices for yourself. Respect I never got from you, I
guess I shouldn't have expected it from someone nicknamed Muffin Man. Oh well it's time I
gave up on those dreams anyways and focus on what's at hand. That is our meeting at
Wrestlestock and I'm going to make it something special. You on the other hand will be the
result of me making it special. A broken down, beat wrestler who after this fateful upcoming
night will come to respect the name of Stalker and his world.

Delroy: Kin enjoy your short time left on your planet.

(Jason tells the camera man to cut the feed and he does.)


05-28-07, 02:12 PM
Ummm.. not showing.

05-29-07, 02:19 PM
** Kin Hiroshi rolls over in his hotel room bed. The bed-side alarm clock had been screaming at him for the past hour, but it was barely enough to raise him from his near comatose slumber. Kin looks around at the hotel room; beer bottles littler almost every available surface, and an odd smell was emanating from the far corner. A young woman stumbles, half naked, out of the bathroom and sits down on the bed. She grabs her skirt from under Kin’s shoulder, and slips on her boots. **

HIROSHI: “Money is on the dresser. Now get the f**k out.”

** The whore gets up and stumbles out the door. **

HIROSHI: “Man, what a f**kin’ bender. I love Memorial Day, I really do. J.R., I hope you didn’t stay cooped up waiting for some sort of response from me. It’s a holiday weekend, bro, you should have gotten out and camped, or BBQ’d, or at least hit up a bar. Instead, I got the same worthless drivel from you, Terry, and Delora.

“Or is it Delroy? I think you’re so over the edge obsessed with me right now, you can’t even keep the names of all your help straight. Maybe you should give Nathan Fear a little company in whatever loony bin he’s locked up in. Hell, even you seem to think I’m some sort of zombie. You are either batsh*t crazy, and not the good kind for this profession, or you fell asleep watching Dawn of the Dead again.”

** Hiroshi grabs a nearby fallen-soldier of beer, and takes a swig. **

HIROSHI: “Ahhh, that’s daddy’s medicine, right there. Listen up, J.R., I’m not some zombie. Sure, I died, but in the REAL world, not Stalker World, medicine has made enough advances to be able to resuscitate a man back from death. It’s called science, and it’s not a miracle. There was a brief moment, when I was at peace with everything, and understood all the connections between all beings on Earth, and I achieved supreme enlightenment. Alas, a few shock paddles to the chest, and I was back into this mortal shell that eats, breaths, sh*ts, shaves and kicks your ass.

“Everything that I had just learned was gone faster than a promotion run by you. Sorry, didn’t mean to bring personal life into this.”

** Kin smirks and takes another pull of the beer. **

HIROSHI: “How stupid are you, Jason? What part of you running a business is your personal life? Sounds like part of your PROFESSIONAL life to me: both the SCW and IWF. Now, if I were to mention your whore of an estranged wife making louder noises on my crotch than a pair of corduroy pants, then THAT would be personal. But I didn’t bring the personal life into this party of ours; YOU did bring Riley into this. Do you remember that? Or do I need to play you back one of your own coveted tape recordings that you keep for personal prosperity?

“Hell, you mentioned her name, and showed the missing piece of your armor. I did nothing more than expose the gaping hole, the one in your armor, not the one between Riley’s thunder-thighs. I was able to get under your skin and point out every single flaw of your life for the past decade, and the best you can get on me is some sci-fi zombie diss?”

** Kin looks around the room. **

HIROSHI: “Hey, Mr. Ashton Kutcher, watch out for Jason ‘Stalker’ Reeves, because he’s coming for you job on Punk’d! Damn, Jason, I don’t need to point out anymore of your flaws because you keep leaving yourself open for redneck America to see how big of an idiot you are, and, come WrestleSTOCK, I’m going to take your foot out of your mouth and kick your own ass with it.

“See, you’re right when you say that I ‘walk a good game’. I’ve taken down giants in this industry, and I’ll continue to steam roll any powder puff that gets in the Muffin Man’s way. I applaud you for at least recognizing that I kick ass. After all, I AM pretty damn awesome, but you somehow think that ‘walking a good game’ isn’t taking action, like you plan to do at WrestleSTOCK.

“Explain your logic here, because ‘walking a good game’ in the REAL world, not Stalker World, equates to taking action to beat your opponent into a sniveling little girl. Uh, are you just playing dumb, or are your really this stupid, J.R.? Did Mommy Stalker and Daddy Stalker promote this kind of backwards thinking in their home? Or did you not have them around as a child? Ya’ know, now that I get to thinking about it, Terry probably instilled his redneck stump-humping agenda into your head at an early age, and you just never were able to formulate coherent ideas on your own. Let alone try and express the ideas of others.

“Sh*t, son, you couldn’t match wits with Delora, or Delroy, or whatever you want to call him, on your best day. It’s really a shame that you had to come up against my forked and venomous tongue on your debut, because I’ve already undone anything you could have hoped to accomplish in this company by just telling the truth about you, about Delora, or Delroy, and about Riley.

“Delora, or Delroy, is the reason you have any success at all. You just did what ‘the man’ told you to do. Come on, Stalker! Fight the power! Live for the cause! Up with the self, and down with the man! Oh, but you believe in unbreakable loyalty between friends, or business partners, or lovers, or whatever you two have relegated to in your one-bed hotel room. Delora, or Delroy, seems to have a better chance of beating me with his business-savvy.

“Riley, is a whore, but you have failed to see it because of that damn loyalty thing again. Sounds like you are still loyal to a woman who walked out on a failure of a man, years ago, because she could no longer stay loyal to his downward spiraling life. Maybe you should have paid a little more attention to what was going on at home rather than what was happening with the IWF. She probably has the same kind of thinking that I do: who cares about the accolades of titles? You think that by winning a title you automatically are the best in the business and garner some sort of godhood respect? That’s not the way this business works, kid, and the sooner you recognize it, the sooner you will stop curtain-jerking for people like me.

“Then there’s you, Stinker. You think that I’m terrified that you throw ‘everything and EVERYTHING of yourself’ into a match, and that’s why you have the respect you have? Well, when I look around the locker room, I’ll make sure to take notice of how many people even acknowledge your existence, let alone say ‘Good job using the barbwire and chairs in that match, Stalker! That’s the BEST way to get over with the fans!’ You’ve forgotten that this is about WRESTLING, and NOT about fighting, Jason. If I wanted a fight, I’ll roll back over to Seattle and step foot into those sh*thole warehouses to make 50-bucks-a-night. Instead, I’m in a WRESTLING company to WRESTLE. You? You just go wherever Delora, or Delroy, can get you to appear in front of a crowd. You aren’t a wrestler, you’re just an attention whore.

“Funny thing: you and Riley both being whores, in your own senses. But there I go, again, talking all personal like, huh? Jason, the INSTANT you think that there is a line between personal and professional in this industry, let me know, because it will be the first time EVER that someone has managed to keep the two separate. Look at the EPW World Champion, Lindsay ‘Future Mrs. Hiroshi’ Troy. She’s STILL struggling to get that asshat, Joey ‘Asshat’ Melton, out of her life, but he keeps getting dragged under the Lindsay-Troy-Mobile time and again.

“Sounds like a little domestic dispute being aired in a professional medium, doesn’t it, Stalker? So, don’t even TRY to lecture me about not attacking your personal life when you gave the go ahead to the camera crew to air it to the world. All you’ve done is side the REAL world, not Stalker World, with Kin Hiroshi. They’ll be cheering me as I tear you limb from limb, and, even though I’m not a zombie, I’ll be splattering your brains all over the first three rows of the crowd.

“The ironic thing, though, is that they’ll revere me for mutilating you in the one fashion that I despise, and the one fashion that you revel in. Go sleep on your bed of nails to toughen your skin, go eat shards of glass to thicken up your blood stream, and go smash your face against a wall so that you’ll still be able to see when your eyes are streamed with blood. It won’t make any difference when I dump you on your head and give you a hangover worse than I’ve got right now.

“Leave it to the prostitutes of this world to be the only women willing to party, and cut-loose from the shackles and demands of society. Of course, that’s here in the REAL world, Stalker.

“You’re still bound to the laws in Stalker’s World: laws that you don’t even have a grasp on. What’s it like not being in control of your own fantasy world? I wouldn’t know the first thing about it, because I’m grounded in reality and I’ve damn near conquered this world. I don’t need some accolades of a defunct company to make me feel like I’m better than someone else. Haven’t you figured it out, already, J.R.? I already know I’m better than everyone else, and they’re just playing catch-up to the greatest thinker in the industry: me.

“Enough of tooting my own horn, though. If I really wanted my ‘horn’ ‘tooted’, I’d give that old dust-bin of a cu*t, Riley, a little ring-a-ling-a-ding-dong, and she’d come on over faster than any prostitute that I’ve had. Who needs the love of a woman, when you have your rivals estranged wife as a c*m-dumpster? Don’t you fret, J.R., I’ll make sure to treat her nice, and give her the four-feet of Screech that I have hiding in my wrestling trunks. If you do reconcile with her, I’d make sure to let the stitches set before you try for any penetration into her toilet parts.

“Come to think of it, I’ll warn her about the stitches that you’ll be waiting to set after WrestleSTOCK. That way it’s not some nasty blood orgy, and you’ll already be past the whole ‘my scar will be better in this spot’ stories. God, I had couples. At least Lindsay Troy knows that our marriage will be one out of sexual convenience, and not out of that romantic bullsh*t that Americans buy into with their force-fed Hallmark propaganda. But I DO love kickin’ this high-holy-hell out of men who think they were big sh*t because they were paper champions ‘back-in-the-day’.

“Get over yourself, Stalker, you’re nothing special.

“You’re no Muffin Man. I, however, am.”


05-29-07, 03:48 PM
(Scene opens in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Jason and Delroy have just gotten out of the airport and Jason spots the camera crew giving them a nod to come on over. Delroy with a surprised look on his face shakes his head as they get into their rental car. Delroy throws the bags in the trunk as Jason takes a seat in the back of the car. The camera guy goes along with them as Delroy takes the driver's seat. As they start to travel down the street the camera focuses in on Jason's face as his eyes are bloodshot red and his face a bitter frown. He grabs a pack of cigarettes out of his pocket and pulls one out lighting it. Rolling the window down slightly he takes a puff staring at the road and cars as they pass by them.)

Delroy: Yo.. boss I thought that we already did your last interview... I saw Kin's latest promo, man and I know it must've pissed you off but you gotta just focus on the match now and not this ass clown.

(Jason just stares out on the road as they continue on the highway for at least a good twenty minutes. Delroy, looking back every few minutes, is shaking his head as Jason lights another cigarette.)

Delroy: Look man.. I know you told me not to comment on your habits but you just got done with a cig, boss. You told me you weren't a chain smoker but at times it looks like you are.

Stalker: Only when I'm upset, Delroy.

Delroy: Yeah boss but isn't that like what...? Ninety-five percent of the time?

Stalker: Is that a problem, Delroy? Because if you'd like you know you could just go back to Seattle.

Delroy: Naw, boss. Come on Stalk, don't be like that. This ****ing asshole Kin.. he's got a huge mouth. It's nothing new. I've looked him up even more deeply, besides just matches and every single time he does a promo it's the same gutter mouth garbage that he spews. It's a daily routine and fact is I don't see many accomplishments from his entire career. All I can see from him is he gets hot for a little bit, then gets beat down like a little *****. This is perfect timing for you boss cause he's in his ***** cycle.

Stalker: I can tell, Delroy. From his very first promo he spoke about losing I think it was like ten matches in a row or same nature like that. So it looks like I've got him at the perfect time. Still, though it doesn't change the fact that all his comments about Riley....

(Delroy looks in the back mirror and sees Jason wiping his eyes as he continues to puff on his cigarette. Neither of them had gotten much sleep these past two days and even less on the airplane after Jason saw Kin's latest promo.)

Delroy: Boss, you are tired man. I would be too it's been a hell of a week. More so then I think I've ever had even doing what I did before this. Truthfully, when I was watching you growing up I had NEVER, EVER seen you go at it this hard at someone and someone going this hard at you. I just don't get it, Stalk. I really don't... All that matters is what happens in the ring and from what I can see you feel the need to put him in his place not only in the ring but like this as well.

(He says that pointing towards the camera, Jason staring out the window doesn't respond.)

Delroy: Dammit man... It's a match. It's not your career again, you already got that back. It's just your first match, boss. You know I understand that you really want to win, and that if you don't you'll feel like the whole purpose of this comeback will be washed away. But that isn't true. Empire didn't hire you for just one match, if you got out their and get yourself hurt or even worse that will be the end right there.

Stalker: Delroy.. it's a lot more then just one match. Kin Horishi took this whole experience to a level that I never thought a war of words could go. Truthfully I wanted to stop, I wanted to stop a while ago. But his voice.. I don't know what it is.. just something about his damn voice that drives me up the ****ing wall like no other. He goes on and on and on about how my personal life failures are the reason I am in my position today and pretends that I don't ****ing know that already. He gives me what I've already said and throws it back in my face just because he can. This match is my ****ing livelihood. I don't know if I lose to this piece of garbage if I can go on anymore. Their is just something special that sparked when he made his acceptance interview. I can't place my finger on it but their is something about our meeting at Giants stadium that I feel will make us both go down in history. Whether he likes it or not. Remember, Delroy I am nothing here.. so if I lose to Kin after practically guaranteeing a win where do you think that'll place me? With the other wrestlers not to mention the fans?

Delroy: What the **** is wrong with you, boss? When the hell did you care about how the actual fans respected you. That's not the Stalker I know. The Stalker I know went in day in and day out demolishing people in such a way that not only made him a hated person to the wrestlers in the locker room but it also made him a superstar among ratings. That's why whether you win or lose you'll continue on in Empire Pro because they'll realize just how much you love wrestling and just how much you are willing to put yourself on the line to get the job done.

(Jason lighting another cigarette, stares out the window a bit longer puffing slowly on it. Delroy in the front of the car is just shaking his head as they pull off an exit towards downtown East Rutherford.)

Stalker: You can talk all you want about it Delroy. I am telling you right now if I lose at Wrestlestock I will have a huge decision on my hands.

Delroy: Boss, stop talking like that. You dug yourself out of that ****ing self pity hole once already I am not going to sit by and watch you do it to yourself again. Win or Lose. This guy he's good, their is no doubt about it. But like I said he's in his ***** cycle right now. He's becomes everyone's whipping boy and it's time that you stop focusing on the what ifs and start focusing on the fact that you are going to go in to Giant's Stadium and MAKE HIM YOUR PERSONAL *****!

(Jason for the first time during the car ride, breaks out into a half smile.)

Stalker: See, that's why I knew when you were helping me that I would need you in spots like this. My mind.. my sanity it's really hard to keep track of. At points I'm thinking of how good it will be to get back in the ring and have a match. At other points I want to strangle Rocko Daymon and beat the **** out of his **** of a wife. Then their are my muffin moments. Those moments are the ones that my mind shifts more drastically then I've ever experienced before in my life. I will not lie to you, I've thought a bunch of times about just getting out of that hotel room and doing my best to find Kin at those extreme moments and if I found him, ****ing kill him. Maybe I do need to be in the mental hospital with Fear, see what's wrong with my head and why I have these CRAZY MOMENTS!

(From the front seat Delroy looks behind him at Jason, while they are at a stop light, and just shakes his head.)

Delroy: Man.. boss, you scare me sometimes.

Stalker: Good, that means I scare others too, unless of course you are just a *****.

Delroy: **** that boss, Kin's the *****.

Stalker: Yeah, well maybe he is. Hopefully he'll realize that finally after all the talk, all the **** we've flung each other's ways that all it'll come down to is Giants Stadium. Wrestlestock, our match. My world, Kin, it's not fantasy world. My world consists of the ring, the arena, and anywhere within a ten mile radius. And it only becomes my world on that fateful night, where I finally get to put my hands around your throat and do what I've promised to do all along. ****ing kill you.

(Jason tosses yet another cigarette in his mouth and lights it. They continue driving past a few more lights in downtown East Rutherford. It's extremely busy on the streets, people walking and talking everywhere vendors selling their wares.. and as Delroy comes to a slow stop at a light, Jason's eyes light up as he sees something he wasn't expecting. A muffin stand. Flinging the door open and storming out of the car before Delroy can even speak, Jason makes his way over to the muffin stand and grins at the seller. He then FLIPS over the muffin stand and follows it up by knocking over the baskets on the ground sending muffins EVERYWHERE! He laughs manically as he stomps on a few muffins, crushing them instantly, then he stares into the camera.)


(He shoves the camera aside and quickly gets back in the car, as a stunned Delroy just stares at him then slowly drives away.)


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