View Full Version : The road back Part 2

05-04-07, 02:57 PM
(Scene opens up to Delroy Hawkins, the kid that met up with Jason Reeves at a Seattle, Washington homeless shelter. He's standing outside what looks to be a run down apartment building. Puffing on a small joint he delivers the smoke in circles out of his mouth as he gazes into the night sky. A car in the distance comes up slowly to where he is standing and makes a stop, the windows roll down and a hand motions outside the window. Delroy struts towards the car slowly one hand in his pocket the other managing the joint in his mouth. Delroy leans in the car window and with one quick slap of hands he walks back to his spot slipping some green bills into his pocket. He leans back against the wall next to the steps that lead up to the apartment and takes one last puff on the joint before he tosses it aside. As he does the apartment doors open and Jason Reeves, looking slightly better steps out. Gone are his clothes that look like they've been worn for a year and now he wears simple jeans and a black t-shirt. His beard much shorter and cleaner, his hair still long but shorter then it was. The scars are even more present with less facial hair to cover them up Delroy nods his head towards Stalker as he walks down the steps.)

Delroy: So how'd it go with my boy?

(Jason stares at him blankly for a moment then reaches into his pocket pulling out a small paper bag only for a brief second before replacing it back inside.)

Delroy: Good good.. Aight well I know where he wants you to be so I'll show you let's roll.

(They walk down the street Jason quiet for a long time as they go past a few blocks, the city alive with hoodlums and kids pretending to be hoodlums is all Jason sees around him.)

Stalker: This is so stupid, I used to be rich I mean RICH, kid. I had my own damn corporation, company, wrestling federation whatever you want to call it. I had everything. These ****ing kids, they stopped watching my product, they stopped watching what I KNEW was good solid hardcore wrestling. And WHY? Hell if I know.

Delroy: I watched, homie.

Stalker: I'm not black why in the hell do you refer to me like I am?

Delroy: It's not about skin color, it's about who you are. I mean **** I idolized you growing up, you were such a bad ass back in the day and when I saw you at the homeless shelter there is nothing more that I could think of besides going to you and talking to you. You need to get your mind straight man. Seriously, you are what thirty-four, thirty-five?

Stalker: Thirty-three actually.

Delroy: You act as if your life was over, I mean what the **** happened to you after IWF closed? You couldn't go back to wrestling? I mean what? No one wanted to sign you or anything?

(Jason looks down on the ground and mutters something to himself.)

Delroy: If you don't want to go into detail, that's fine homie. But let me tell you something. You don't look fat, you don't look like you are on this **** I be selling. So what's the deal? Nothing in my eyes. Get your **** together right here right now and then remember me when you get signed by EPW. That's where you want to be right? Get your hands on that ***** boy Rocko?

(Jason laughs as they continue along their walk, no one that passes by even takes a second glance at the former SCW superstar.)

Stalker: Yeah, that's where I want to be. It all started with him and if I can make this possible it'll END with him.

Delroy: Right, exactly. Listen, I got another boy who runs a boxing gym and I told him I ran into you. He's also a huge wrestling fan and he wants to meet you, says he'll get you into shape for free as long as if you do succeed you don't forget who helped pull you back up.

Stalker: Look, kid, listen seriously it's been a long time since I've even thought about wrestling. A LONG TIME. I don't know what you are expecting from me or how you seem to know that this will turn out to be a success story because I'm being sent to sell ****ing dope, HEROIN of all things and you think that by doing this I'm somehow going to be the Stalker of old?

Delroy: I told you this a thousand times before I've even introduced you to Kern that if you want out you are out, I'm taking full responsibility for you. Hell I feel like I'm on drugs talking to one of my childhood idols right now. THAT'S why I'm helping you, if you don't want to sell dope fine. Think of another way to make money.

(Jason sighs loudly as Delroy points down a side street for them to go down. They walk a bit more and end up on the corner of a liquor store. Delroy leans against the wall and opens a pack a cigarettes, he offers one to Jason who gladly accepts they light em up, sit back and watch as the cars and people pass by. They are quiet for about ten minutes and a car slowly pulls up near the front of the liquor store. The knowing hand reaches out the window and drapes at the side of the car door. Delroy nods to Jason who walks over to the car and again with the slight shake of two hands Stalker makes his way back to Delroy, the car drives off and Delroy smiles as he looks at Jason.)

Delroy: Welcome to my world, Stalk, Welcome to my world.