View Full Version : [SSIV] Strip Club Match: Troy Douglas vs. Ace Mason

04-29-07, 07:27 PM
It's the rubber match, and this time, all the action will take place where their last match ended: inside the Diamond G-String Lounge in the Yorilove.com Palace of Dildos Hotel and Casino. There will be bouncers, strippers, paid customers, and oh yeah, Douglas and Mason. Who will come out victorious? Douglas? Mason? The strippers? This one should be a wild one.

No time limit, one fall to a finish. No disqualifications, no holds barred. There is no RP limit. All regular rules apply. RP deadline is Thursday, May 10th at 11:59:59 PM, give or take a second.

05-07-07, 09:05 PM

Troy Douglas sits on a metal folding chair at TEAM's interview set at the Yorilove.com Palace of Dildos Hotel and Casino, the site of TEAM's fourth SuperShow, wearing jeans and an A1E t-shirt. Troy smiles, looks to the sky, then focuses his gaze on the camera lens, still smiling.

TD: You know, its rare in the business for a war to settle a score to somehow turn into a war that might as well take place at Scores, but folks, that's just what we're in for. Ace Mason and I, we've split the first two in our little rivalry, and now he and I get to come back to the heart of the Nevada desert, Las Vegas, for one of the more ... esoteric rubber matches you'll ever find, and one that I'm sure the boys at the network are just having a field day with.

But, hey, what better place for a Strip Club Match than right here on the Las Vegas Strip? And given what Ace and I did last time, given how far we're willing to take each other for something as simple as a three count, maybe keeping this thing as far away from the arena floor as is possible isn't exactly a bad thing. Because if this started in the ring, people might expect a nice, simple, technical wrestling match, something both Ace and I are perfectly capable of providing on any night.

But this isn't going to be that match, Ace, and I'm pretty sure you know that as well as I do.

This won't be a wrestling match, Mason, this'll be nothing more than a bloody, brutal, knock down-drag out brawl, and it's gonna be one that not even those burly, well-trained bouncers at the Diamond G-String Lounge are going to be able to contain.

I didn't dominate you last time out, Ace, I didn't put you away once and for all, but make no bones about this fact, my friend. At SSIII, I was the better man. You and I beat each other all over this casino, and by the time we ended up in that strip club, I was the one who was able to pull out the 1-2-3.

Know what that means, Ace? It means I've tasted victory against you, it means I've evened up the score after you knocked me out of the Invitational. But, that doesn't mean I'm done with you, buddy.

You wanted another shot? You wanted the chance to give yourself the edge once and for all? It's no problem with me, because I want the exact same thing. I've tasted victory and I've tied the score, but I am never, never satisfied with the status quo, Ace. You got one on me, Ace, and striking back just once ain't nowhere near enough.

If I'm going to prove to the world what I already know, that I'm a bona fide main event, world championship caliber wrestler, I can't just walk away with a split. I've got to do just what all these casinos here in Vegas do on an everday basis in order to stay ahead--I've got to tip the scales, change the odds in my favor.

And in this environment, as I've already proved by putting your shoulders to the strip club floor at the last SuperShow, I walk in as the betting favorite, Ace. In that ring, you took advantage of my mistakes, but outside that ring, with every slip-up amplified, I step up my game.

There are not protective mats, no ring ropes, no padded turnbuckles or bouncy canvas to give you reprieve out here. In this environment, there's nothing but concrete walls, cement floors, metal doors and--in this case--steel stripper poles for you to come in contact with. Pain is exponentially compounded out here, Ace, and in the end it always comes down to the man who can withstand that pain the longest.

Sorry to be the bringer of ill news in this situation for you, but this time, the man ain't you.

You couldn't get it done when we started in the ring and mauled each other all the way to the strip club, and you're not going to get the job done when we start in the strip club and end up god knows where else here in Sin City. The only guarantee, Ace, is that no matter where you and I end up, you'll end up leaving Las Vegas just like most people who come to this city with high hopes.

You'll leave a loser, Ace, and you'll live to fight another day. That's the way it's gotta be, and that's the way I'm gonna make sure it goes down.

Make sure to bring some singles, the girls'll want to know you appreciate them comforting you after I turn the tables in my favor once and for all.

See you at the end of the road.