View Full Version : [SSIII] Main Event #1: TiT Semifinal - Dan Ryan vs. Jason Payne

04-15-07, 03:19 PM
Ryan defeated:
Rob Franklin
Hoyt Williams
The Canadian Loonie

He is the Mexico City Regional Champion

Payne defeated:
Chris Storm (in a play-in match)
Devin Shakur
Kin Hiroshi
Ace Mason

He is the Memphis Regional Champion

Match is one fall to a finish, no time-limit, normal rules apply. There is no RP limit. The venue is the Yorilove.com Palace of Dildos Casino and Hotel in Las Vegas, NV. RP deadline is Sunday, April 22nd at 11:59:59 PM, give or take a second.

Jason Payne
04-21-07, 01:47 AM
STATIC! The static is replaced by a series of blurry footage of each of the wrestlers the Jason Payne has faced in the Team Invitational Tournament. The footage is blurry, and broken up by vertical and horizontal bars, as if the signal that's broadcasting is not very strong. As the scenes change from one to the other, a faint voice is heard growing steadily louder. The voice has been altered and sounds distorted, but what it says is quite discernable.

Distorted V.O. - "Same old Jason Payne........same old Jason Payne...."

The scenes flash across the screen faster and faster, the voice over rising in pitch and speeding up along with the distorted footage. The blurs, bars, and static on the display also start to increase until finally, the montage of clips is no longer visible behind a wall of static. Then with a beep, the footage is gone and the screen is black. The voice over plays once more, this time in a low whisper.

Whispered V.O. - "Same old Jason Payne."

The screen remains black for a few seconds, before gradually fading in to a shot of the TEAM Free For All Championship belt. The detail of the belt design is clearly noticeable (especially to those of you viewing this in High Definition). The camera gradually pulls out and it's revealed that the title is being held in a large hand. The camera continues to pull back and whoever is holding that title is revealed to be wearing a blue long sleeved shirt. As the massive chest comes into view, a black shirt is seen under the blue one with the words "TOO HOT" emblazoned across the chest in orange and blue flame. The camera completes it's pullback and Jason Payne is revealed to be standing against a white concrete wall, the FFA title belt dangling from his right hand like a dead cat. Payne's shoulder length hair falls across his shoulders, and partly across his face. Reaching up with his free left hand, Payne pushes his black sunglasses up his nose a bit.

Payne - "Dan Ryan. Just saying his name is enough to strike fear into the hearts of most mortal men. But when I say that name, I don't feel this fear. I don't feel apprehension. I don't feel worry. Quite the contrary. I feel quite determined. I feel focused. I feel as if I can conquer the world. I feel as if I can complete the TEAM Invitational Tournament. And even as those words pass through my lips, I can already here the majority of you saying to yourselves, 'But Payne, this is Dan Ryan. This is 'The Ego Buster'. This is the overall number one seed in this tournament. A man who already holds a victory over you. How can you be so sure that you can defeat him and reach the finals?' And the answer, while not wholly complicated, is very revealing. I can beat Dan Ryan simply because he holds no political power in this organization."

"That's right Dan. Pull all the strings that you want, but they're not going to work for you. And even if they did, it wouldn't matter. Do you think TEAM wants me as their representative? You think TEAM wants me as an ambassador as it's TEAM Invitational Tournament Champion? The first man to ever utter the words 'oversized clit" in a wrestling promo? The man who would crash an automobile with himself inside of it the week prior to a match? The man who would just as soon alienate marks and smarks alike with his kayfabe busting rants on the state of wrestling today? Make no mistake Dan, I have no allies in this business. I don't have anyone lining up to give me a push or any major storyline that's going to push me to the forefront of wrestling articles across the World Wide Web. I don't have the leverage to walk into some promotion with Lindsay Troy by my side and basically demand to be crowned tag-team champions. I don't have the political savvy to sign on with a new fed and three weeks later, become it's new heavyweight champion. Yet at the same time..."

Payne holds up his Free For All Championship belt, taking a moment to look at it before looking back at the camera.

Payne - "...this right here, tells me that I don't need any of that. You see Dan Ryan, like I said, the answer is very simple. TEAM wasn't going to award this title to me. Just the same, I went right out there and took it. I went out there and did things my way, and walked out with the gold. You think TEAM wants me to have this title? I don't think so. I already knew the finish for the FFA match, and it was going to be Ravager that got the nod for the strap. I had other ideas however, and decided to finish the match a little differently. Now here I am, the TEAM Free For All Champion."

Payne lowers the belt back down to his side, pausing for a second to let his words hang in the air for a moment.

Payne - "Now you're asking yourself what this has to do with our match Dan. Well, since I seem to be in a giving mood, piecing all this together for you, I'll continue. You see Dan, when I was booked to face Foxx in the opening round of this tournament, I already knew that the TEAM booking committee was going to have her go over me, because TEAM wanted to give New ERA and the fledgling VENUS promotions a little rub, and by having Foxx defeat a superstar of my magnitude, they hoped that it would generate interest not only in her, but in TEAM as a whole. This would have attracted more sponsors and put more money into TEAM's pockets, and inevitable, put more money into my pocket as I continued to accept bookings from TEAM and get exposure on it's nationally syndicated Epicenter show. The problem in this whole strategy, was that TEAM didn't count on Foxx to not be able to sell this story to her utmost ability. I did what I had to do for the sake of this business, one more time, and I whored myself out and jobbed to a woman with the promise that I would see some sort of kickback from the extra revenue this angle generated."

"How upset you can imagine I was when I found out that after her match with me, her push was going to be quickly and quietly forgotten and she would be sent home from this tournament. My sacrifice, as selfless as it was, was all in vain. Well, as you can imagine, that didn't sit to well with me, so I decided to take some matters into my own hands. I knew that TEAM would have a sudden death match up should some wrestlers just happen to miss their match. Was it coincidence that the Felix Red/Shawn Westing match ended in a double forfeit? Well, I guess officially, it was a coincidence. But then again, someone who is a little more, in the know, might see things a little bit differently."

Payne puts his FFA title belt over his right shoulder, while taking off his sunglasses and slipping them into the front pocket on his blue shirt. The look on Payne's face tells the whole story. No one in the world could have a more serious look on his face than Payne does at this very moment.

Payne - "What's the point of all this? Well, the point is, quite simply, that if you think I'm letting you walk out of that casino, and into the finals of this tournament, then you sir, are sadly, sadly mistaken. You see Dan, you might have gotten a win over me over in NFW while you were making back alley deals with Craig Miles over who was going to give who the reach around this time, but that's not going to happen here. And the reason it's not going to happen here is simply because I don't really give two ****s what the TEAM booking committee says. They can determine that you're going to win this whole tournament if they want to, but that's not going to change anything. It's not going to change the fact that when we're about to 'go home' in our match, and you think you're going to hit me with the Humility Bomb, that's when it happens. I'll counter it in some very un-Jason Payne like fashion. You'll be lost as suddenly the match isn't going the way it was booked, and in your moment of confusion, BAM! Lights out Dan Ryan. Jason Payne walks into the finals and the TEAM Board of Directors scratches their collective heads wondering what the hell happened to this tournament."

"Dan Ryan. A wrestler who's wiggled his way into every major angle, or championship in every promotion he's been involved with. A guy who's so full of himself that when you go to the profile on A1's website, where his history should be it simply says, 'If you don't know me by now, you will never never never know me.' That should be amended to say 'If you don't know me, promise to either give me your fed's world title or place me in some major angle with your top talent, but make sure that in the end, only I get over, and then you'll know me very, very well.'"

Payne simply stares into the camera while holding his title over his shoulder.

Payne - "Of course I fully expect Dan to come on here and talk about how my remarks are all unfounded, and this is just simply the same old Jason Payne talking out his ass about his opponent without really having a clue as to what's going on. Yeah well, before you do that Dan, you better take a look at what all of my other opponents said during this tournament. All of them, without fail, went on record as saying that I was nothing more than the same old Payne, and therefore wasn't really worth worrying about. They all figured that a match with me was a match that was in the bag. Well, look who is standing here and look who's not standing here Dan Ryan. You had better choose your words carefully before you produce your next promo, otherwise you'll have one foot in the grave before you put one foot in the ring this week."

"If my run in this tournament hasn't done so already, I'm putting everyone on notice. This is not the 'same old Jason Payne'. If that's what you have to tell yourself in order to calm the butterflies in your stomach, then far be it from me to interrupt your pre-match routine. But don't be surprised when that fragile hoe you cling to breaks and sends you falling down the abyss of defeat. Dan Ryan, there is no one here that can help you. The TEAM booking committee can't help you. Jess Chapel can't help you. Hell, Epicenter's little weasel announcer, Tom Holzerman can't even help you. At the end of the day, it's not going to be a matter of who makes it into the finals of this tournament. It's not going to be about who the better wrestler was. It's not going to be about who the most over person in the match was. And it certainly not going to be about who the better man was. It's going to be about who can survive, plain and simple."

The camera begins to slowly zoom in on Payne's face.

Payne - "Make no mistake, I'm not saying that it's going to be a pushover to beat Dan Ryan. Far from that. The man's got a million dollar body, but a ten cent brain. A man who calls himself 'The Ego Buster', yet his own ego knows no cosmic bounds. Ryan, you're long overdue for a Humility Bomb of your own. Rest assured, when you step between those ropes against the 'same old Jason Payne', you're going to get what's been coming to you for awhile now. I hope you've saved up some money, because after I expose to the world just how much of a fraud you are, I foresee a decrease in the amount of bookings you're going to receive. But then, hey, that's no sweat right? Even if I expose you for the whoring charlatan you are, you still got the EPW title you can fall back on."

The lines in Jason face break as he chuckles at his last comment as we FTB.

04-22-07, 02:07 PM
FADE IN.....

The Bellagio - Las Vegas, NV

Dan Ryan, walking toward the camera. Behind him, the craps table where he just finished playing and in front of him to camera right, a lush private booth where a bottled water sits. Ryan sits, waves off the waiter, takes his sunglasses with both hands and removes them, lying them on the table in front. He then situates himself and settles in, leaning back and smirking slightly.

Ryan: "Jason....."

"Ya know, all your remarks are all unfounded and this is just simply the same old Jason Payne talking out his ass about his opponent without really having a clue as to what's going on."

"You gotta admit, Jase...you walked right into that one."

"But au contraire, dear Mr. Payne. I wasn't thinking that at all until you said it. But the idea that you thought of it before I did is rather telling, wouldn't you say? Truth be told, I don't study what comes out of your mouth nearly as much as I study your ring acumen, which is why when I get in the ring with you, I win. You on the other hand have mostly made a name for yourself as the wrestler most likely to be confused with one of the adults from a Charlie Brown cartoon."


(In mock Charlie Brown voice) "What's that, Jason? Screwed out of a win for political reasons? Huh Jason? Had to come up with your OWN ideas for storylines to interest the audience? What? No one handed you anything on a silver platter like mean ol' Genghis Ryan?"

Back to normal...

"It's not innovation exactly, but if you're trying to reinvent the whine - I kinda like it actually. Just needs to be a touch more nasally and you'll have it just right."

"Now Jason, are you saying I pull political strings in every single company that I succeed in? If that's true, I should run for wrestling President...because I succeed damn near everywhere I go. Now that may have something to do with a willingness to start wherever they need me, the ability to adapt to any story currently being pushed by the office and the in-ring talent to pull off what I'm given - but the idea that I go in and make demands? Come now, Jason. Does whining get anyone anywhere? If I signed with a company and started whining about being champion and so on and so forth would it really inspire a successful booker to do what I asked? To what end exactly? Or else I quit? Why, I had just joined. I'm a businessman myself, Mr. Payne. Someone makes demands to me and I toss them on their ass. The company always comes first, you should know that."

"Pulling strings has nothing to do with beating you, Jason. And if whining your way to the top was the way to go, you'd be the first member of the Hall of Fame. How much of this do you actually have any knowledge of anyway, and how much are you just slinging straight from your ass to the wall to see what sticks? You call me political, then use the absolutely worst example you could've possibly used to support your point."

"A reach around with Craig Miles?? Really, Jason? Since when have I ever....and I mean...EVER...been in cahoots with Craig Miles? I was the main man upset with how All Star Week Season One went down, Payne. Don't forget that. Bridges were rebuilt and all, but never make the mistake of thinking Craig Miles and I are buddies. And if you wanna talk about New Era, I demanded absolutely nothing. It's called working with another company. If you haven't noticed, we're working together to put on a pay-per-view soon. You know, to boost interest the way a selfish guy like me always does....showcasing other people. Case in point, Payne. I won't be wrestling on that show. Make sure you buy a ticket."

"TEAM never made anything easy for me, and I would never dream of asking them to. What's sad about a person like you, Payne...isn't that you're so upset that you haven't had it better, it's that you're so pissed off that someone else did. I busted my ass for a decade to get to this point. You haven't done anything to deserve any of the respect you claim you're due."

"Don't give me all this bulls**t about agreeing to lose to Foxx. You lost to Foxx and then your fragile little ego couldn't handle it, and you went into true Jason Payne mode and started *****ing. You *****ed in public, you *****ed in private. You *****ed to anyone and everyone within earshot about how much bulls**t it was that the almighty Jason Payne lost to a woman. Then, in true pu$$y ass fashion you tried to turn it around on her. Oh....she didn't live up to the bargain. She was supposed to go all the way so it would make Jason Payne look like a star. No no no...she lost her next match and made Jason look bad, and for that she must be insulted. We must go out on television and make up some revisionist history story about how it was never supposed to be that way and you're just a good little soldier...OH!!..but no more! No more Mr. Nice guy!! Now I do what I want! Now I win no matter what anyone says!! They can't stop me now!"

"You're a *****, Jason. How's that for a kayfabe buster? You're nothing more, nothing less and always will be nothing....but a *****."

"Who are you to insinuate that Foxx doesn't deserve to succeed? Payne calling yourself a superstar of any magnitude is like calling a grain of sand a boulder. The only sponsorship dollars you ever attracted to any company was the dandruff shampoo and antifungal racket, and we've already got Beast around here somewhere for that. Fact is, Jason she can wrestle rings around you in her sleep - and because she caught you napping, you lost. Don't give us this bull**** backstory about how you agreed to this and agreed to that. You lost, and you got yourself back in by whining just enough to just the right person."

"Kinda shoots your whole 'Dan Ryan gets ahead by political means only' speech all to s**t, doesn't it?"

"When are you gonna stop depending on other people to make you look good, huh Payne? When are you gonna start manning up and making yourself look good and stop making up excuses and complaints for why you're unable to deliver the goods when it counts? You know when? Does anyone know? I have an idea of when. Wanna know my thoughts on it, Payne? My opinion is....you're never gonna do it. You're never gonna do it because you never had it in you to be man enough to step up and take what you want, and you never had the skill to be able to back up that fat mouth of yours. That's why right here in TEAM, just like I did in the NFW Playoffs along with THREE OTHER PEOPLE....I'm gonna knuckle slap you and toss you, and be done with you. You don't wanna hear that, and I don't give a s**t. Sadly that leaves us at an impasse. Unfortunately, I'm bigger, stronger, smarter and better than you - so we're gonna have to go with my whims."

"You may be interested to know that I don't care what the TEAM booking committee says either. Ain't that somethin'? We're connecting...bonding even. We should throw some steaks on the grill, crack open some beers or mix up one of those flavored coffees and celebrate this moment in our life. See, Jason....I'm where I am because I did have the balls....the guts....the ability...the smarts....the skill....to see my opportunities, to reach out and to take them. As for wiggling my way into every major angle, story and championship picture that I see - well, obviously that's kinda the point...to succeed. But, if you want and since we're buddies now, I can give you wiggling lessons if you like. Of course, you'd still have to not suck once you get into that position, and therein lies your problem."

"See, that's why I'm over here on the winner's side of life and you're over there on the bitter loser's side of life. Although, with one or two 'that's not fair's or 'you know I'm better than him/her, gimme another chance!'s...I understand you can upgrade to super duper exceedingly bitter loser. Just two more steps up after that and you'd be like...the bitter loser Dungeon Master. Then you could cast spells of losery and everything."

"I'm not gonna join in with your other opponents, Jason. That would be piling on, and I'm just not that kinda guy. I'm not gonna say you're just the same old Payne either - because I didn't know the same old Payne all that well. All I know is I wrestled you once, you charged at me and I clotheslined you over the rope to end your season. I can only assume you complained the following week when I lost to Felix Red about how you only agreed to look so weak and pitiful because you expected me to go all the way as someone with the rub of defeating the almighty Jason Payne should. Although, when I was actually there?...in the ring with you?...It didn't seem like you were acting. You were either grunting really hard with determination to try to win, or you had to take a s**t. Either way, I tossed you and that was that. Reeeeeeaaally difficult, Jason. But hey, that's all I really know about the old Jason Payne. I ended you, and now you're bitter toward me. Que sera sera, Jason. So if you really are the same old Payne, then beware. My clotheslining forearm of doom awaits thee, sir. If you have gotten better then hey...maybe you stand a chance."

"You're still the same old collossal bore though. That much I can see quite clearly."

"And so you know, yes...I have plenty of money saved up. Thanks for your cheap cliche'd attempt at setting up a putdown way of noticing. And no, my bookings will not be drying up really soon. As far as I can tell, I can win money in this tournament but I don't think they're taking it away if I don't win. Although, you may have read some insight into the fine print that my attorneys failed to pick up on. Although I find it much more likely that you have fallen victim to the idiot clause somewhere in your recent past, which as we all know means that when an idiot falls off of your roof and Jason Payne finds him, when he puts on the suit, he becomes the new idiot. Now Jason, you have ten months to get your affairs in order so that you may fulfill the duties of the official idiot of the wrestling world. Shuffle along now. Cameron Cruise will have your room cleaned out before time for you to move in."

"And Jason? If you don't want to look, feel and talk like an idiot any longer and you don't actually want me to beat you to a pulp verbally and physically every time you get up in my face? For God's sake.....just give the suit back, man. Just give the suit back."

FADE BACK.....and OUT.......

Jason Payne
04-22-07, 10:25 PM
Fade in on Jason Payne, standing in front of a TEAM banner, with the FFA title slung over his shoulder. A snide look on his face, he looks into the camera, his head shaking slowly.

Payne - "Dan, Dan, Dan. You know, you are really quite something. You come out here, and you talk about how boring I am, and yet you just cut a promo that I had to watch about four times because I kept falling asleep after the first 30 seconds. All I heard was you trying to talk your way out of everything I said in my promo, trying to make what I said look stupid and make yourself sound smarter. And I'll give you this, you talk a good game. And I know you fight a good game. This is how I know that when we meet in the ring this week, it's going to be a great match. Quite possibly one that steals the show for the rest of the year."

"You come out here Dan Ryan and you run your mouth, trying to save face after I leave the verbal smackdown on you. And for someone who says he is smarter and faster than me, you sure took your time trying to formulate a response to what I said. Lawyers have a way of holding up things though, as I'm sure you had some help in dancing around the issues. See you went so out of your way to tell me that you don't politic for spots and titles, yet you pretty much came out here and gave me a political response, so what you're telling me is, your full of ****. And you know, it's okay to be full of **** as long as you cdan admit to yourself that you are indeed, full of ****."

Payne clears his throat and takes off the sunglasses, looking into the camera with a hard look.

Payne - "I told you before Dan Ryan. Take a look into my eyes and tell me honestly that you think you're just going to walk away with a win in this match. You can talk about the situation with Foxx, and the fragility of my ego, and how much of a whiner I am. It doesn't make a bit of difference. All you're doing is trying to make yourself look better because I've come out here and told the world how you operate. Now, YOU can whine and ***** about how what I said is unfounded, and not true, but ask yourself, is it really? I mean, look back at the history of civilized man. Do you honestly think that history has been accurately recorded down through the years? I highly doubt it. History has been written and rewritten again, by the dominant civilizations of our society. As of right now, I am the dominant wrestler here in TEAM, and if I so choose to tell history the way I see fit, then who's going to stop me?"

"Oh sure, you're big, and strong, and have a great technical background. I'm sure in terms of pure wrestling acumen, you have my number. I'm fine with that. The one thing your missing from your equation though Dan, is the fact that right now, at this very moment, I'm looking at this match and thinking to myself that there is nothing I want more in this world than to beat you in the middle of the ring and move on to the finals of this tournament. You can watch all the footage of my matches all you want, and you can bet your ass that I've been subjecting myself to the Dan Ryan marathon as well. I've prepared more for this match then I have with any other. So go ahead and run your mouth about how I'm just a loser who has no chance in hell to beat you. All you're doing Dan, is closing the door on your own chances at winning. When the match is over, and you're staring up at the lights, I might have to actually thank you because thanks to that motor mouth of yours, my win will be made all the much more dramatic."

Payne adjusts his stance and looks off to the side for a few moments.

Payne - "Dan Ryan. You might think to yourself that you have this match in the bag. You can come out her and try and dispel everything I've said, and you know, you might just do it. The fact is Dan, once I beat you in the middle of the ring, who's going to be the whining *****? I'm so past all this bull**** right now Dan. It's crunch time. It's time to go out and find out just who the winner is going to be. For while you might be the better man, you're going to have to kill me before I let you win this match. Do you have it in you to take my life in order to win this match? I don't think you do. So even if I'm missing a lung, paralyzed from the neck down, both ACL's torn, I'm gonna do what I have to do to come out on top. Can you?"