View Full Version : O-FISH-AL Aggression 30 Feedback Thread

04-13-07, 03:50 PM
Ok people, let's get some feedback goin'.....

t r e
04-13-07, 06:01 PM
i absolutely enjoyed the show. the King of the Cage final four looks to be a stacked lineup.

gotta feel bad for Adam Benjamin. two heartbreaking "how the f---" losses on back to back events. i smell an emotional breakdown comin', heh. fun match to read, though, if not a bit textbook of an ending. hope to see something more develop there.

enjoyed Lindsay Troy on color.

Beast as Head of Security was kinda interesting, though I have to wonder where else this angle is going to go. keep appointing wrestlers to administrative positions then, dammit, Tre wants to be EPW Director of Bling.

intrigued by the Rocko/Caitlyn stuff!!! though i may have missed why she wants Rocko dead, now. they were always such a cute couple! ;) who knew she was such a c-word?!?

the UnHoly Father is on the scene. hah. oh boy :) let the nonsense commence.

Triple X has gone loco, yo. and the fans done TURNED on him! a bad, evil-minded Sean Stevens is bad news for just about anyone, heh. this should be fun.

god, what else ...?

Beau Michaels excites me in ways that I .... hold on a second. i'll just stop there.

Carry On! looking forward to the next event and the EPW/NEW Supershow. something tells me we are gonna represent. :)

04-14-07, 09:45 PM
Nicely done show. Can't say that I am even remotely familiar with the EPW backstories, so that left me in the dark on some of the storylines, but the show independent of others was fluid and the matches are written cleanly.

Can't ask for much more as an "outsider" reading a card. Kudos.

04-15-07, 04:03 PM
THought it was a solid show. Most of the matches were well-done, and I'm pretty interested to more of the UnHoly Father.

One gripe... the main event was a little subpar. I'm used to great EPW action for even the TV shows... the finish was a little cliched and the action left a lot to be desired.

Other than that, great show.