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04-01-07, 04:38 PM
SOLIAN defeated:
Simply Beautiful
Larry Tact
Yori Yakamo, Jr.

DAYMON defeated:
Jarod Poe
Sonny Silver
Kodiak Vic Creed

Match to take place at the TD Banknorth Arena in Boston, MA. RP deadline is Sunday, April 8th, 11:59:59 PM EDT, give or take a second.

04-06-07, 11:07 AM
Thursday morning, 5:25 A.M., at an undisclosed location.

The room was rank of cigar smoke and Mediterranean spices. It was dark, too, but the lack of visibility held nothing against the sounds of glasses tinkling, voices whispering, and Mandolins strumming that filled the small basement café. It was a world of its own, cut-off from the hustle and bustle of the world on the outside. It was the perfect location for a meeting such as this.

In the corner, a single cone of light from the low-hanging lamp above illuminated a small table for two. On one side, the man who would only reveal himself as “Emil” sat and slowly stirred a cup of coffee. Across from him was his guest, Caitlyn Daymon, who could only study his weathered, emotionless features while trying her best to keep her poker face.

“It needs to look like an accident,” she said as she slid the manila folder across the table. Emil’s hands opened it and revealed the photograph of her husband Rocko on top of a stack of files. It was a simple promotional photo from recent years. Emil studied it for a moment and set it aside, leafing through the other papers. “He’s never very low-key on where he goes,” she continued. “How soon do you think you can do the job?”

“Within the week,” said Emil. His voice was coarse and parched, and held absolutely no life. “I always act when it’s most convenient.”

As he flipped through the files, Caitlyn took notice of his bronze fingers poking out of the black fingerless gloves strapped over his hands. She could only imagine how those fingers tensed as they tightened the garrote, or that index finger squeezing down on the trigger of a gun. They were instruments of death, she realized. They were like little elves working tirelessly into the night to stop pulses.

Rocko’s pulse, she thought.

A tremor against her chest shook her from her examinations. Someone was calling.

“One sec,” she said apologetically as she reached into her coat pocket and retrieved the razor phone. Reading the time display revealed the caller, and a groan escaped her lips. “It’s him. Give me a moment, maybe he lost the TV remote again.” With an irritated sigh, she opened the phone, punched the receive button, and held it to her ear. “Hello?”

“Caitlyn! I’m the Cyber Champ!” spoke the voice of Rocko Daymon triumphantly on the other end.

The news sent a jolt through her. He won? Impossible!

“You won over in Winnipeg? That’s great, dear,” she responded, biting her lip to resist the urge to let loose a string of curses into his ear.

“Man, you gotta SEE this thing!” he said stupidly on the other end. “I wonder where they found the green metal? Well, anyhow, I just arrived in Boston, so I’ll probably see you in a couple hours at the hotel. Damn, let me tell you, babe, I have missed you, and I am going to ravage your ass the moment I see you!”

She rolled her eyes. “Peachy. I can’t wait.”

“Ta-ta, my lovely bean and cheese burrito!”

Caitlyn sighed again as she hung up the phone. “Change of plans,” she said as she reached across the table and took back the folder. “Apparently, the fool has proven himself useful for at least little while longer.”

“That is a shame,” spoke Emil’s raspy voice. “But not so bad for you, no?”

“I can take it or leave it,” she said with a shrug as she gathered her things into her purse. He’s lucky he has the shaft to make up for his idiocy, she thought to herself. “I’ll call you if I need you.”

“Au revoir, Mrs. Daymon,” said Emil, slightly above a whisper.

“Yeah, ditto,” she said as she came to her feet and left the table.

Congratulations on the win, Rocko, but the all the A1E Cyber Title gives you is a little more time, she thought to herself. Now if only you could pull off the impossible and win this bracket in the TEAM Invitational Tournament… and I might reconsider the notion of killing you altogether.

(With a grin, Rocko closes his own razor phone and stuffs it into his pocket.)

Rocko Daymon
Gotta love that woman.

(We’re at the airport in Boston. Daymon has just stepped off the plane, made a call to his wife, and now stands before a large window that gives a view of the city. He hesitates for a moment while gazing out the window while the rest of the passengers move along to baggage claim.)

Rocko Daymon
You know something?

I hate Boston.

I hate it with a g*ddamn passion.

(He turns around and fully faces the camera.)

Rocko Daymon
The more I think about it, the more I realize that nothing good ever came out of this city. Ben Affleck? The Red Sox? East Coast Metalcore? Sometimes I wonder if this world would be a better place without any of those things…

But in spite of my personal distaste for this hell-hole, it is my full intent to represent this city and its people by being the successor of the Boston Bracket in the TEAM Invitational Tournament.

Three opponents have come and gone, and now the final match in this bracket pits me against a man who’s walked a similar path…

Ulysis Solian…

(Rocko smirks briefly.)

Rocko Daymon
Now there’s a face I haven’t seen in a while.

In fact, if memory serves me correct, I last saw Solian at NEW’s BattleBRAWL…

…in the BattleBRAWL main event…

…tumbling over the top rope…

…by my own hand!

(Daymon begins chuckling, but quickly stifles himself and waves to the camera.)

Rocko Daymon
But I’m not here to brag or say “I told you so.” BattleBRAWL is over and done with, and alas, neither of us walked out the winner.

This time around, it’s only the two of us, and a winner will only be determined by one man putting the other man’s shoulders to the man for the three.

Now, I could easily sit here and say that throughout this entire tournament, I’ve done nothing but work against people’s expectations. NOBODY believed I could overcome a juggernaut like Kodiak Vic Creed. NOBODY keeping tabs on this tournament believed I could make it this far. But just the same, I did it, and I’m here.

But that should mean absolutely nothing to you, Ulysis… cause you’ve also surpassed expectations. You did that by beating guys like Yori Yakamo, Jr. and Larry Tact. As it stands, this is the only regional final that doesn’t include a high-number seed. So for that much, I have to tip your hat to you, amigo, and congratulate you on the good job.

But that’s as far as I’ll go to kissing your ass.

I’ll be frank with you, Solian… I only intended to get as far as the third round in this tournament. It was a personal goal of mine, seeing as how I was eliminated last year by Dan Ryan in a seemingly casual act. But every win only fuels me toward the ultimate goal… the Finals!

And knowing that nobody watching this tournament thinks I can make it there… that only further motivates me.

You see, there’s only ONE PERSON who knew beyond a reason of doubt that I would make it all the way to the Regional Finals. Likewise, there’s only ONE PERSON who knows I can go all the way to the end of this tournament.

And that one person is yours truly.

There was no doubt in my mind that I could best guys like Poe, Silver, and Creed. Likewise, there’s no doubt I can best you, Solian. Knowing you from our last encounter, I’d say you’re not too different from the guys I’ve already beaten, in that you talk a lot of **** and throw a lot of insults, but at the end of the day, you don’t realize that there’s a difference between talking and getting the job done.

And me? Well, whether you choose to believe it or not, Solian, I’m a man that finishes every damn job he begins.

Have a happy Easter…

(Rocko Daymon continues on toward baggage claim as the camera fades to black.)

04-07-07, 10:19 PM
"The following contains material unsuitable for younger viewers, in which case you should feed them their milk and cookies, read them their bedtime stories, and then put their asses to bed. Also, the following people involved were used on camera with permission. See them if you have a problem. Viewer discretion is advised, however, if you don't view this, you're probably robbing yourself of a masterpiece. I'm just sayin'..."

Wednesday, April 4, 2007
5:55PM EST
New York, New York

The camera faded in to a shot of someone placing a stack of one hundred dollar bills in the open palm of someone else’s hand.

“…six thousand eight hundred…six thousand nine hundred…seven thousand dollars. You’re a rich man, Mr. Solian.”

The camera zoomed back showing a bookie giving a huge payday to The Prodigal Son of Wrestling himself…Ulysis Solian.

“I’m curious, Mr. Solian…” inquired the bookie. “Why did you just put down $10? With a man of your stature and great wealth, you could have been a multi-millionaire.”

“Two things, pal; one, I’m already a multi-millionaire doing what I do best. Two, this was to teach someone very close to me an important lesson…”

Upon emphasizing the word “important”, Solian turned to his left to which the camera focused on Ulysis’s uncle, Emanuel Gonzago, with his face buried in his hands.


The scene then cut to a montage of highlights, both in the ring and out, of Ulysis Solian from Legacy of Champions with an instrumental version of “Smack My ***** Up” by The Prodigy playing in the background. The typical flashy graphics with soundbites from a few of Solian’s interviews which ended with fans chanting “SOLIAN! SOLIAN! SOLIAN!” followed by Ulysis yelling in another soundbite, “STOP OR I’ll SHOOT!” After this, the logo of the show appeared for about five seconds:


Thursday, April 5, 2007
12:26PM EST
New York, New York

The camera faded in to an outside shot of Irving Plaza in New York, New York. Camera faded to an inside shot of the venue, as Ulysis Solian, with his uncle, Emanuel Gonzago, walked up to the box office.

“Hello, may I help you?” the cashier working at the venue said.

“Yeah, I want ten tickets for the Peeping Tom concert.” replied Solian.

“So, sobrino, you are buying tickets to watch a peeping tom? That sounds very strange…”

Solian’s eyes lit up at Gonzago.

“Are you on crack, Manny? It’s bad enough that you gambled a few grand on that dildo to beat me, it’s bad enough that you even tried to harm me so I can lose, but now you’re insulting me and my delectable taste in music by not knowing who Peeping Tom is?!”

“You didn’t have to bring up the bet I made?”

“It’s Mike F***ing Patton!”


“Oh mi Dios! Manny! Mike Patton is just about the best f***ing vocalist in all of music! Faith No More! Phantomas! Tomahawk! Mr. Bungle!”

“Who are these friends of yours?”

Ulysis stared at his uncle with a blank expression.

“Forget it uncle. It’s not like you’re coming anyway.”

“Now, let’s not be too hasty Ulysis, I didn’t…”

“Manny…you’re not coming and that’s final.”

“But I want to know all about Peeping Tom and Mike Patton!”

The Prodigal Son sighs.

“Alright…I’ll take you, but if your ass even decides to ruin the concert for me, I will not hesitate to put you on your ass. You’re my uncle and all, and I love ya, but the music Manny…the music…”

Just then, Ulysis Solian scared the bejesus out of his uncle as he started to sing.

“Don’t even trip…don’t get too big for your britches…”

“Okay, okay, okay! Mi Dios! You’re going to give me a heart attack!”

“Who are you to wave your finger…”

“Enough, sobrino!”

“You really need to extract that stick from your ass…I swear…”

Ulysis walked away as he threw a stack of money to the cashier and quickly took his small book of tickets. The camera than cut to a close-up shot of Solian as he sat on a stool with a lit clove in his hand.

“Now that you stunned the world with an upset over Yori Yaka…”

“Whoa there pal! First off, I didn’t stun anyone because those who know me know I was going to walk all over that herpes-infested sashimi like it was nothing. Secondly, it wasn’t an upset. If I had lost, then you can sit there with that smug look across your damn face and say it was an upset. But then again, if I lost, this show wouldn’t still be on, now would it?”

“Yes…quite right. Now that you are in the finals of the Boston Regional bracket, what are your thoughts against a man you are facing in one Rocko Daymon?”

“That jackass that rambles on and on incoherently about ****, accusing others of things that he’s a huge perpetrator of and then stumbling over his words, contradicting himself like some drunk downtown who can control his mouth nor his bowels?”

“Here’s what I find funny about Rocko:

This cat comes on television or what have you and talks about how he dumped me over the top rope in that BattleBRAWL match over at New ERA and then says he’s not here to ‘brag or say ‘I told you so’’.”

“Now if you were me, someone with intelligence and uses common sense, wouldn’t you say that even mentioning that tidbit, all the while true, would be considered bragging?”

“I…guess I would.”

“Then he goes on about how he and I are the same…but that I’m just like everyone else. Does that mean this dumbass is also like everyone else?”

“Well, when you put it that way…”

“Then the guy tells me I ‘exceeded expectations’ in defeating Larry Tact and Yoriwhatchamacallit, and yet, I’m a proven champion who has defeated some of the greatest wrestlers to grace the squared circle. Granted, many didn’t expect me to face Yori…like yourself…”

An awkward silence emanated from Emanuel Gonzago, who was away from the camera.

“And finally, this guy claims he didn’t expect to make it past the third round, damning and doubting himself. Then once again Mr. Daymon decides to contradict himself and had no doubts in going over those who he has faced in this tournament?”

“Me? I expect to go all the way. I know I’m taking this s***. I have no doubts. I’m confident in my abilities. I’ve proven it time and time again. I said it since day f***ing one I was going to be the guy holding up that Merritt Cup…only to relieve myself in it.”

“Here’s where I’m driving at:

Rocko Daymon is a decent athlete. I’m not taking anything away from the guy. If he wants to run his mouth and feel confident about defeating me, he has every right to. If he wants to use that BattleBRAWL match as something to brag about, maybe he needs to realize, and please, don’t take this as damage control and take it as logic, that I was the third man in that match and one of the last four out. Last time I checked, he came into the match late, if my memory serves me correctly.”

“Again, I’m not making any excuses because he is good competitor, as I stated just a moment ago. I’m stating fact because quite simply, this mother f***er seems to get his truths mixed up.”

“Rocko Daymon is the type of guy that just sees what he wants to see and not see the truth. Not getting the job done? Please! I’m still the LoC Relentless Champion! I’m one of, if not, the longest LoC champions. I think I can rise to the challenge and get the job done.”

“The only thing I laugh about is how this guy compares himself to, in that we’re one in the same, and yet, I’m like everyone else. Sorry, but there is no one quite like me. I’m one of the very few who says what they are going to do and follows through on it. I never said I was going to win that damn BattleBRAWL match and I didn’t. I wasn’t expecting to because quite frankly, I just didn’t give a f*** about that match.”

“This time, however, it’s totally different. This is TEAM! This is a place where wrestlers from all corners come together…to beat the living s*** out of each other. To strive to be the best in this sport because even I can attest to the fact that though I am the best in LoC, I have to prove it here in order for it to really stick. I’m taking the tournament, I don’t care what anyone says, including this guy who doubts himself.”

“There’s a complete difference to he and I:

People don’t expect Rocko Daymon to win the big one whereas people don’t want me to win the big one. People doubt I can make it because they don't want me to make it. Because if I do, it will downright piss them off. If Daymon makes it, people just shrug their shoulders and wait for the next time he fails.”

“So you see, even though people hate me, they have to actually care about me enough to have any kind of strong emotional feelings towards me.”

“Rocko? When someone says their name, instead of asking the question, ‘Who is Daymon going to beat tonight?’, they just simply ask…”

“’Who’s Rocko?’”

The Prodigal Son looks right toward the camera with a smirk across his face.

“Well Rocko…just who the f*** are you?”

04-08-07, 10:55 PM
OOC: Really sorry for how last-minute this promo was. The forum didn't register the last post, so I was totally unaware of it until about an hour and a half ago.

Who the F*CK is Rocko Daymon?!

(So shouts an angry Boston citizen in the middle of a bar, pointing accusingly at the last Rocko Daymon promo as it fades to black. Several other patrons of the establishment, many wearing Red Sox and Celtics and Patriots apparel, come to their feet grumbling.)

Red Sox Fan
That son of a b*tch is desecrating the name of our city!

Patriots Fan
That no-good punk! I hope he gets his ass kicked!!

Celtics Fan
I say we go kick his ass first!

Patriots Fan
Man, I wish we could… but that wimp is probably hiding up in his fancy-shmancy hotel room. No way we could find him.

Red Sox Fan
Actually, that room looks a little familiar…

Celtics Fan
Oh yeah?

Red Sox Fan
I used to work at that hotel, and I once removed a dead hooker from that room while Ben Affleck was staying there one night.

Celtics Fan
Affleck was the bomb in Phantoms, yo!

Patriots Fan
So now we know where he is! Come on, guys, let’s get into my cah and drive over to that hotel and show this guy just what happens to ass-wipes that disrespect our home!

(The crew of men quickly gather their coats, leave their tips, and promptly leave the building in a typical lynch mob fashion. The bar is now almost entirely empty, save the bartender, a waitress on her break, the drawl of Johnny Cash’s “I Walk The Line”… and an inconspicuous duo at a table in the far corner.)

(The camera pulls in, and we find both Rocko and wife Caitlyn Daymon seated, wearing black jackets with the collars pulled up, black hats with the brim pulled down, and shades. When they realize they’re safe, they quickly peek out from their disguises. Rocko smirks a bit.)

Rocko Daymon
I don’t know what I find funnier… making fun of Boston, or seeing the people of Boston who are made fun of get pissed as a result.

And Solian thinks the people hate him in this match!

(Replacing Daymon’s promo on the TV hanging in the other corner is Solian’s. Rocko pays it a momentary glance and shrugs. Perhaps he’s already seen it before.)

Caitlyn Daymon
It’s a good question, though… who the f*ck is Rocko Daymon?

Rocko Daymon
If you really have to ask, then you’re already dooming yourself to fail!

How many opponents have asked the same question? How many of them were humbled by my hands? Creed, Poe… countless others from various federations. All of them had one thing in common…

They didn’t know who the f*ck Rocko Daymon was.

And they paid the price.

And now my opponent, Ulysis Solian, walks a similar path.

Caitlyn Daymon
But you’re saying he’s like “all the rest” once again. You’re contradicting yourself based on your earlier comments that the two of you were one in the same.

Rocko Daymon
I never said it like that. Leave it to Solian to misconstrue my words… but then, I doubt he has an easy time hearing anything with the FCC bleeping the livid hell out of every one of his promos.

What I said was that Solian and I were similar in our paths up to this point. We came into this tournament as middle seeds, and overcame the expectations of many fans to get to this Regional Final match.

Other than that, we’re practically opposites. I’m a man who goes into that ring and gets the job done when he knows he can do it and when he wants to do it. Solian just likes to ramble on about how badass he is, but he’s living in his own world…

Caitlyn Daymon
…wait, he said the exact same thing!

(Daymon smirks as he peers over his sunglasses.)

Rocko Daymon
Well, I guess we’re not all that different after all.

What can you say, Caitlyn? We’re both great talents… but at the same time, we’re both bullsh*tters. We both believe we’re the very best of what this industry has to offer, and, in spite of how we were seeded, we both believe that our every opponent up until this point was the underdog.

Caitlyn Daymon
But Rocko, as Solian pointed out, didn’t you say you only expected to get to the third round?

Rocko Daymon
Apparently, when Ulysis hears the word “intended”, he thinks “expected”…

To be frank, when I first signed up, I only wanted to out-do my pitiful performance from last year. Now that I’m come this far, I realize there’s no reason why I shouldn’t go all the way.

But when I first signed up for this tournament, there was no doubt in my mind that I could go the entire way.

And yeah, I’m sure Solian says the same load of crap…

But let’s face it, that’s just the professional wrestler mentality. In this business, every successful man believes he is the best product of this industry, and nothing will stop him provided he brings the right motivation and focus with him to the ring. And anybody who says your wrong is just full of himself and denying the truth.

That’s life through the eyes of a professional wrestler. Doesn’t matter if your name is Rocko Daymon, Ulysis Solian, Dan Ryan, Beast, or Jason Payne… that is always how we think as individuals. And, in this cutthroat industry, you must think that way in order to succeed.

Solian likes to brag about how dominant and feared and hated he is everywhere he goes… and you know what? I’m pretty much the same in the arenas I frequent. He wants to ask, “Who the f*ck is Rocko Daymon?” Well, you ask that question over in A1E or NEW or EUWC and people will tell you flat out that I’m one of the best contenders in this industry to date. On the other hand, you ask them “Who the f*ck is Ulysis Solian?” and the response you’ll likely get is a blank stare, and maybe the question, “Is that a Greek name?”

Solian tries to justify himself with his LoC Championship… as if that made any difference to me. Am I in LoC? No, but I’m sure if I was, things would be a lot different. I could say the same thing about my A1E Cyber Championship or the EUWC Tag Team Championship… but none of that matters to someone who never had the balls to enter the same ring as me.

So what you’re left with is two individual point of views, both of which claiming to be the “true” point of view, and both completely motivated to win. But at some point, you have to draw a line in the sand. You have to be able to figure out which of these two self-absorbed egos speaks the truth, and which one is full of sh*t.

You know how we go about doing that, cupcake?

Caitlyn Daymon
Enlighten me.

Rocko Daymon
Well, you just go back to the original question… “Who the f*ck is Rocko Daymon?”

In the eyes of Solian, I’m whatever he wants me to be. He stands there and accuses me of doubting myself… of contradicting myself… and, worst of all, bragging about BattleBRAWL.

If I really wanted to brag, I would say that Ulysis Solian fed me this exact same sh*t the last time he and I shared a ring, and I proved him to be full of as much crap as I knew he was. Now he tries to cover up this little career embarrassment by saying he was in the ring longer, and didn’t give a half a rat’s ass about winning at the time.

But oh, this time, supposedly it’s different, right?

But in Solian’s eyes, I’m still the same as he saw me at BattleBRAWL… and that is the reason why he will fail again.

It can be summed up this way: Solian doesn’t necessarily expect me to be a superior athlete, but he just doesn’t want to imagine the notion that anybody can be better than him. He wants me to be that guy that nobody cares about, because that somehow makes him feel more important to this industry.

I’ll be the first man to admit that there are—and were—far more superior professional athletes than myself in this tournament. Ulysis Solian is no exception… cause let’s face it, with his talent and experience, I really can’t say sh*t about myself in comparison. But he fails to understand the reason why I’m here and the reason why I’ll move on…

Sometimes, being the superior professional wrestler doesn’t mean dick if you don’t know your opponent. And if Solian really has to ask who I am, and draw these conclusions that I’m nothing more than wasted talent, then he only shows how little he knows about me.

I don’t need to be the superior athlete to move on in this tournament. All I need to do is put his shoulders on the mat for three seconds. I sure as hell wasn’t the better man at BattleBRAWL, but I outlasted him just the same.

Solian has made it to the Regional Finals by kicking ass, as he’s known to do… but there have been others who have firmly planted their boots into my backside, and yet I’m still here, because I not only know how to finish the job, but I know how to finish it through the most convenient means necessary.

Caitlyn Daymon
Like having a masked person interfere on your behalf? Like with Jared Poe?

Rocko Daymon
What masked person?! Damnit, is that gonna follow me everywhere now?

I proved I could get here on my own efforts, and I’ll walk out of this match as the representative of the Boston region in just the same way.

Caitlyn Daymon
Now is this the “truth”, or is just that same bullsh*t that every professional wrestler is filled with like you said earlier?

Rocko Daymon
Who the hell cares? At the end of the day, I let my fists finish arguments. That way, I’m always right.

(He flashes a bright grin, then checks his watch.)

Rocko Daymon
Well… we should be heading to the arena now. Good thing we have all our stuff packed, cause I think those Boston rednecks are tearing through what was our hotel room right now…

(The two of them drop some bills on the table and head for the exit.)

Caitlyn Daymon
You think that dead hooker thing was true?

Rocko Daymon
It sure as hell would explain the smell…

(He sniffs the air as he opens the door for his wife to leave the building.)

Rocko Daymon
…nah, it’s just Boston.

(Smirking to the camera once again, Daymon exits, and we fade to black.)

04-09-07, 01:06 PM
"The following contains material unsuitable for younger viewers, in which case you should feed them their milk and cookies, read them their bedtime stories, and then put their asses to bed. Also, the following people involved were used on camera with permission. See them if you have a problem. Viewer discretion is advised, however, if you don't view this, you're probably robbing yourself of a masterpiece. I'm just sayin'..."

Friday, April 6,:35AM EST
Whitelandia, Connecticut

The camera faded in to a rich, white suburbia in Connecticut known simply as…Whitelandia. It’s the picture perfect place that people imagine America to be. Think Pleasentville and that’s what Whitelandia is all about

Silence fills the neighborhood as the camera cuts to intricate shots of birds chirping, a distant lawnmower going off as grass is being cut, and a couple of kids too young to go to school playing in a front yard.

Then those serene shots are then destroyed as the camera cuts to a close-up shot of The Prodigal Son of Wrestling, the LoC Relentless Champion, and all around ass***…Ulysis Solian. He’s shown standing in the middle of a street, which was clean by the way, taking a sip from a coffee mug. An unusual calm befell him as a warm smile formed across his lips.

“These are the times I cherish the most…eh Scotty?”

The camera then zooms back a bit, showing none other than the man once known as Rage, former LoC Legacy Champion, and Ulysis’s best friend…Scott Riktor. He too was holding a coffee mug as he took a sip with one hand with another in his pants pocket.

“You said it…”

That picture perfect scene, so serene and calm, was suddenly destroyed as the sound of a construction truck was heard in the background. The camera cut to a white house with a white picket fence. The camera then cut to a close-up shot of a mailbox, also white, that read, “Horowitz”. The camera went back to a shot of the white house…as it was crushed in the side with a wrecking ball.

“I always hated that house…” said Solian.

“I always hated that promotion…” replied Riktor.


The scene then cut to a montage of highlights, both in the ring and out, of Ulysis Solian from Legacy of Champions with an instrumental version of “Smack My ***** Up” by The Prodigy playing in the background. The typical flashy graphics with soundbites from a few of Solian’s interviews which ended with fans chanting “SOLIAN! SOLIAN! SOLIAN!” followed by Ulysis yelling in another soundbite, “STOP OR I’ll SHOOT!” After this, the logo of the show appeared for about five seconds:


Friday, April 6,:08PM EST
Whitelandia, Connecticut

The camera cut to an outside shot of a local diner on the outskirts of Whitelandia. The camera then faded to the inside, where Ulysis Solian and Scott Riktor sat in a booth. Solian was eating on some fried eggs and ham while Riktor drank some coffee.

“You know something Scotty…that was pretty therapeutic today…watching the destruction of Horowitz’s house and all…”

“I never really liked the IWF. I just did not like the fact we had to fight in his backyard.”

“Well, truth be told, we all had to get our start somewhere…”

“You mean with you as Suicide?”

Both men looked at one another awkwardly before they went back to doing what they were doing.

“Anyway…there was something you needed to talk to me about?” asked Solian.

“Yeah, Ulysis, a couple of things. One, it’s about Legacy…” answered Riktor.

“What about it?” said Ulysis with a mouthful of egg and ham.

“You really need to stop ripping on everyone else in the league…”

“What do you mean? The s*** I say about how I’m the best in LoC? It’s true! Why would I change my facts about that one?”

“You’re rubbing the guys the wrong way, Ulysis, and…well…it’s reminding me a bit about NYWA…”

“Scotty…Scotty…don’t bring up that place again…”

“It’s just that you need to realize that while there are some in Legacy that appreciate you’re representing them in this tournament you’re in, to be honest, you’ve got most guys hoping you lose. Everyone actually thought you were going to lose to Yori Yakamo Jr….even some betted on him to win…”

“F***ing Manny…” mumbled Solian.


“Continue with this spiel, Scotty…”

“The point is Ulysis, you need to turn down the ego just a couple of notches. You don’t want what happened to you last time happen again…”

“I seriously hope that’s not a threat, Scotty…especially coming from you of all people. Besides, don’t you have to Larry to worry about? You know this bickering between you two needs to f***ing stop.”

“I can’t help it if Tact’s holding a grudge about what happened at RMWF”

“And you’re holding a grudge because you think he almost ended your career. So please, old friend, don’t start questioning me about my pride and ego when you can’t let go of yours…”

Another awkward silence overcame both men as the waitress walked over and filled up both men’s coffee mugs.

“The second thing you wish to discuss with me, Scott?” asked Solian.

“Yeah…it’s about this tournament you’re in…” replied Riktor.

“What about it?”

“I don’t think you’re going to win. I heard what this Daymon guy’s saying and he’s right. You’re coming off as a loudmouth who doesn’t know when his time is up. You use to not be like that, Ulysis. You used to be a man that represent honor and dignity and respect for everyone.”

“Oh Jesus, Scotty! Don’t tell me where this is going to go!” exclaimed Ulysis.

“You’re only going to make it, not only to the end of this tournament, but also to the top of Legacy if you…”

“Because Suicide, right? That’s what you were about to say, weren’t you? Well you know something, Scotty…f*** you!! F*** you and this whole, ‘you have to be Suicide again for me to truly respect our friendship’ bull**** you always try to bring up. I’m a success now because I’m me, not some trench coat-wearing, cigar-puffing jackass that people ‘related’ to.”

“I’ve always had your back, Scotty…always! And all I ask in return, as friends who had grown up together mind you, is that you have mine. And since day f***ing one when I shed that dog garb and became the real men, you just went on and on like a little girl with a skinned knee crying your damn eyes out.”

“Well, Scott, you and Larry and Celeste and everyone else that represented Epic Alliance can go and kiss my ass. As far as I’m concerned, all of you are responsible for that dreaded day on my twentieth birthday. But you don’t see me bringing up the past every time because I’m stuck there. Live in the now, Scott…live in the now!”

Ulysis Solian reached into his coat pocket and threw some money on the table before he stormed off. Scott Riktor took a sip from his coffee mug and looked on as Solian exited the diner.

“You aren’t too far off about that…old friend…”

The camera cut to a close-up shot of Ulysis Solian sat on a stool, once again with a lit clove in his hand.

“So, first off, how was the day with Scott?”

“Don’t ask…”

“Okay, I understand. Now, have you had a chance to hear what Rocko Daymon had to say recently?”

“Yes I have and I’ve been thinking…I’m not even going to bother responding point for point.”

“Why not?”

“What’s the point? I can sit here and deny everything he’s saying, which will only make him right about everything he’s spewing. The only reason he even started ranting like a buffoon is because I pissed him off. Why is he pissed off? Because my words rung with the truth.”

“He does like to filibuster…I will give you that, sobrino…”

“This is typical Daymon. He goes on and on about s*** just so he can prove a point, only in the end, he proved absolutely nothing and only accomplished in making himself look even more foolish.”

“But there is something that bothers me that he did mention that I feel he is wrong. He isn’t the only one who is guilty of this as well…”

“And that is?”

“Business. Mostly every wrestler in this sport today calls wrestling a business. Granted, everyone who is in this sport who does a great job gets paid. So I can understand why they treat it like a business. But that’s where Rocko and many others fail in.”

“This is a sport; it’s all about competition. It’s about who wins and who loses. It’s about getting the next guy first before he gets you. It’s about titles and trophies and the non-stop action, no pun intended, of the squared circle. The fame, the fortune…that comes with the territory, but only if you’re real good. On a rare occasion, you can get the fame and fortune and still be blacklisted by your peers.”

“It’s called jealousy and that’s what people like Rocko are. It’s why people like Rocko ramble on incoherently about s*** that just doesn’t matter, to make themselves look intelligent and important. The truth is Daymon, as I stated before, is a good athlete…but is a lousy businessman. If he wants to call himself a product, then I hate to say it, but, nobody’s buying him.”

“The same s*** Rocko keeps bringing up time and time again is the same s*** Simply Beautiful kept bringing up. It was all meaningless and in the end, that kind of mentality had his ass ousted in the first round.”

“Does that mean Rocko will meet a similar fate? I don’t have a crystal ball and I sure as hell can not read the stars. But I will do my damnest to show that piece of s*** that I am the real f***ing deal. I’m going to show him that I’m no businessman but I am one hell of an athlete.”

“I know there are people out there wanting and hoping to see a b****-off between Daymon and I, but what’s the use? Where does that get us? I’ve stated my feelings and apparently my words struck several chords in ol’ Rocko. It’s like I told Simply Beautiful; if he’s going to start accusing me of falsehoods and drawing conclusions, then his ass needs to look in a mirror and not in the eyes of his skank ho of a woman.”

“There’s no losing for me in this thing. I’m going all the way. And before you say it Manny, I know there’s an oft-chance that if I win, I am going to face Shawn Hart…and I don’t give a flying f*** about that. First thing’s first; I defeat and humble Rocko and show him that instead of being a businessman, he needs to be a wrestler. He may have to goods to one-up many…”

“But he just doesn’t have what it takes to one-up the one-up king…The Prodigal Son…the wrestler…Ulysis Solian.”

“So who the f*** is Rocko Daymon? Hopefully Mr. Daymon shows me he’s Rocko Daymon the Wrestler and not Rocko Daymon the Businessman, otherwise…he’s going to need another convenience to get by a man who is all man…and all wrestler…’nuff said…”

“What did you just say?!” exclaimed Manny from behind the camera.

“Nothing, Manny…” said Ulysis sternfully as he waved off the camera while smoking his clove.