View Full Version : SWEET 16 - MEMPHIS: [7] Troy Douglas vs. [11] Ace Mason

03-14-07, 07:46 AM
Douglas defeated:
Chris Storm
Jarod Poe

Mason defeated:
Steven Shane
Tony Gamble

This match will be held at the FedEx Forum in Memphis, TN. There is no RP limit, and the deadline is Friday, March 23rd, 11:59:59 PM, give or take a second.

03-21-07, 07:07 PM

Troy Douglas stands outside the Littlejohn Coliseum in Clemson, South Carolina, site of his alma mater's quarterfinal game in the NIT. Troy wears his trusty leather jacket over a blue golf shirt with the Syracuse University logo and a pair of khakis. Troy leans against a tree outside the arena, smiles, and focuses on the camera.

TD: Every second of every day, it gets just a little bit closer. That ever-cliched date with destiny just keeps creeping up on us. Every day is one day closer to my encounter with Ace Mason, my date in the TEAM Sweet Sixteen, my chance to get one step closer to proving that night in and night out I can get it done against the absolute best this industry has to offer.

I started off this tournament knowing I had six chances, six matches, six men in between me and the title of TEAM Invitational Champion, six men between me and the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow that we all call the Merritt Trophy.

I started this tournament with six to go. Chris Storm made it five left, Jarod Poe dropped that number to four.

You know what comes next, Ace? You and me in Memphis, right on the banks of the mighty Mississippi, the blues and the barbecue drifting in from Beale Street, under the watchful eye of the spirit of the King of Rock and Roll himself. In case you've lost count, Ace, what comes next, is three.

You've been a great story, Ace, one of the true revelations to come out of the first two rounds of this year's field of 64. Maybe your not an out-of-nowhere Cinderella story, but in your first two matches, you've stepped out as a star. You've stood out, you've made your name as more than just another face in the crowd.

But, you're not shocking the world, Ace. You might've faced some damn good opponents, worthy of the main event in just about any company they might sign with, but you know as well as anybody that in this business, on any night, all you need is three seconds to send even the biggest star in the industry on his way. Three seconds is a very short time, Ace, and in those three seconds, any man in this industry can beat anyone else.

That's why I pride myself on living and dying in those three seconds. It's not about thirty, forty minutes inside the squared circle. It's about a collection of three second segments, when one person's shoulders are laying flat on that mat. It's about getting to a point where you can use those three seconds to your advantage. It's about making sure that you don't lapse for a second inside that ring, so that your time runs out in just three slaps of the canvas.

I do my best work in those short bits of time, Ace, because I know just how quickly a life, a career, can ebb and flow. One minute, you can be on top of the world, the talk of the entire business, and three seconds later it's like no one has ever heard of you. It's an awful short amount of time, Mason, but it can change your life like nothing else.

Which is why you should savor your victories, Ace. Savor the memories you've created, and soak in the adulation of the public for being one of the darlings of the TEAM Invitational. Take a good picture of the glass slippers and the carriage, because inevitably, no matter what, the clock strikes midnight and Cinderella has to leave the ball.

Right now, Ace, your clock's at 11:59. You've got that shortest amount of time left, Ace. I'm sure you'll give me an absolute hell of a fight, I'm sure I'll have to dig down into my deepest reservoirs one more time, but it's nothing I haven't done before. It's what I do on an every night basis, and it's what I've done for seven long, grueling years inside the ring.

At the risk of sounding like Al Pacino in Any Given Sunday, I fight for those three seconds, Ace. I will sweat and bleed and give up every ounce of my body and soul for those three seconds every single night. Because, especially in an environment like this, if you don't do that, if you let the other man take those three seconds from you, then nobody gives a damn the next morning about what else you did in the ring that night.

You lose, you leave. It's as simple as that. As close as I am to getting this job done, to etching my name on that trophy and cementing my place among the very best in this profession, there's not a chance on Earth that I'm gonna give you those three seconds without the toughest fight you'll ever get.

I'm not the best wrestler in the world, Ace, and I'll never claim to be anywhere close to that. But I can stand toe-to-toe with anyone across the ring from me and know that on that night, I'm willing to go as far as I possibly can for those three seconds.

I apologize for the pep rally coachspeak, Ace, but you've got to admit that it gets the point across. Maybe I'm stuck on March Madness mode. Even though my Orange got left out of their field of 65, they're making the most of an opportunity, and that's exactly what I'm doing.

I've got to get to my seat, but right after that I'm headed to Memphis, Ace. I'm headed to the ball, and when that bell rings, Ace, your clock strikes midnight. The Cinderella story comes to an end, and you'll leave Tennessee as just another ugly stepsister.

I'll see you at the end of the road.


03-23-07, 05:08 PM
Ace Mason is in a strange girl’s bed in Memphis, TN. He goes to hop out of bed and she grabs his arm. He dips down and gives her a long, passionate kiss before sitting up. He begins throwing on the rest of his clothes sitting at the foot of the bed.

Girl: “When will I see you again?”

Ace: “Probably in about 30 minutes. I’ll have breakfast waiting.”

Girl: smiling a little too much “Well I’m up now so let me make my special omelets. You just lay down and I’ll bring it in on a tray.”

Ace: “Even better Amy.”

Amy gets up and steals Ace’s shirt as she heads to her kitchen. Ace looks up and is reminded of a big reason he chose to approach the beauty last night.

Ace: “Slow your walk a little Amy. I’m savoring the moment.”

Amy looks back at Ace and winks with a grin on her face. She raises Ace’s shirt over the small of her back and sways back and forth on her way to the door. Ace turns on the camera he grabbed out of his Ford F-150 last night and turns it on.

Ace: “Mornings like these are a fantastic reminder why each day on this earth is a gift that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Some people don’t condone one night stands. I’ve always felt that if both people are on the same page then you’ll both enjoy whatever the night brings.

“Being honest and unwavering about your agenda will never spawn guilt or feelings of being used for yourself or your woman.

“Amy, who’s cooking me breakfast right now, is not only sexy but great to talk to. She was smiling, confident and playful last night when we talked about our experiences. She loves moments in life when you truly feel alive, something I can definitely relate to. I have already set up a date for us to go cycling through Morris Park and then she’ll be taking me to visit Graceland here in Memphis. She’s not a one-night stand, but she knows I’ll just be visiting Memphis, and is cool with it. We’ll keep in touch.

“When you have a great time with someone and connect on a strong level, then you want to spend more time with them. Women you can relate to that also have character traits you look for are few and far between. Then there are some that, for whatever reason, just want to have a good time. Women like that are rarely what you’re looking for because they’re sheltered with their feelings and usually could care less about you.

“Troy Douglas, you remind me of a woman just looking for a one-night stand.

“I mean, all the characteristics are there. One, obviously you could care less to learn anything about me. Despite the fact that we’ve both spent time playing professional sports and we both know how it feels to have to find a new way to make a living, you didn’t take the time to learn that. You simply looked at who I’ve taken out in this tournament so far and realized you’ve heard of both while the name ‘Ace Mason’ has rarely if ever graced your ear drums.

“Let me enlighten you a little Troy. My two previous fights weren’t exactly highlight reel material. Neither of my opponents came to the ring ready to truly battle. Both were no-shows during promo week and I was just glad they showed up at all. Giving me credit for those victories is more flattery than appreciation. Even five year old children see how fake flattery is.

“Another quality of a one night stand is the lack of attention people have for the person they’re with. Rarely does someone care about anything but themselves and what they came for. Rarely is the experience rewarding.

“You seem to be infatuated with the three seconds it takes to get your opponents shoulders to the ground for the victory. Let me tell you right now that it takes a whole lot more than that in the ring, friend. The only competition that lasts three seconds is an arm wrestling match.

“Think about those precious three second when you’re sitting in the Icing Gavones in the middle of the ring.

“Yeah, if you took any time to prepare for this contest you’d have seen that Steven Shane and Tony Gamble tapped out to that submission maneuver over the last few weeks. When the bell rings you can try to trip me and keep my shoulders pinned like this is the Olympics or something, but I’ll be treating this match like a marathon instead of a sprint. When I feel like you can’t take any more strain on your lower back—it may take one second or several minutes—and when your will gives out in the middle of the ring I’ll find my glass slipper and you’ll be out of time.

“You can call this a Cinderella story all you want. Being a seven seed (and a hypocrite) you should know how little seed matters in this tournament. As I look over your matches and arguments with Chris Storm and Jarod Poe, I see a recurring theme. You love to say all that matters are those moments in the ring. You don’t take the time to talk about yourself and shun anyone who chooses to add insight into their own lives like they’ve just committed a sin. You gave Jarod Poe a hard time for talking about his demons while the only the only thing you’ve mentioned about your own life is the loss of your father and wife. I had given up hope that you’ve had anything significant in your life actually happen until I came across that.

“Being a part of the Chicago Outfit, I feel your pain to a degree. I lost both my parents and both my brothers to a “house fire” and I can’t even count anymore how many friends I still lose on a recurring basis. It’s a part of the life I lead and is never easy to talk about. It’s even harder when those people closest to you are completely gone, leaving no one to confide in when the going gets tough. Holding things in is unhealthy and sometimes unbearable, but violence has always been a part of my life I can’t hide from. So we take our licks and move on, striving for those rare moments when we can make connections with people.

“This is the perfect life for you Troy. Traveling all over the nation and world, you spend a week or two in a place and move on. You never have to face yourself and experience loss again because you’ll be in and out of people’s lives with no traceable mark left on them. You fight someone in this business one week and move on to the next opponent. If you start feuding with someone it’s a relationship based on anger and violence so there’s no soul searching to do there.

“Keep living in your shell because it’s easiest now, but some day there won’t be any wrestling to fall back on. Keep living a life of three second intervals while your distractions cloud your heart. Remember that reminiscing always comes up to bite us in the ass at some point.

“As for me, I’ll just be another “one-night stand”, so to speak. I’ll be another notch on the bench you sit on in the locker room before the bell rings. You’ll walk in the ring, give me your best shot, and walk out with your head up or down and you’ll probably never see me again- just how you like it.

“Now I don’t want to go grab a coffee after the match and get to know the real Troy Douglas. You’ve made it perfectly clear just how important getting to know someone is to you at this stage of your life. My only wish is that you come to the ring prepared, and I think you will.

“Just don’t forget, even Cinderella had a happy ending.”

Amy walks into the room and Ace turns off the camera as they share a terrific breakfast.