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03-10-07, 12:27 PM
Pyros explode and the fans within the arena go absolutely nuts as Marilyn Manson’s “Fight Song” blares. All over the arena, they rise to their feet, holding up their respective signs, all in hope of maybe getting on national television. The camera finishes panning the crowd before coming into the announce team.

RC: Hello again everyone! And welcome to UCW Revolution! As always, I’m Rich Cruise alongside Rob Bitterman and “The Doctor” Doug Ross! What a night we have in store for you here!

DR: Absolutely right, Rich! We’re right off the heels of an amazing Night of the Legends!

RC: What a pay-per-view spectacle it was! There were certainly some toes stepped on there and I’m anxious to see the aftermath of that here tonight.

DR: Aftermath might be an understatement, Rich. What about our Commissioner sneaking out a win over BG Bruce at the Pay-Per-View?

RC: Well, to say that the world was shocked wouldn’t be right thanks to Cloverleaf’s experience in the ring, but I’m sure we’ll get something more out of that here tonight.

DR: It’s a jam-packed night, Rich, and we’ve got even more action than that! I can’t wait to see it!

RC: Well, you won’t have to wait long, as our first match is ready to begin!

03-10-07, 12:27 PM
Johnny Nash vs. Rob Franklin

Two of the UCW’s brightest young stars hit the ring to try and settle which is the premier talent in the company. It was a great way to start the night, thanks to a lot of high-octane action.

Franklin started off the match with the advantage, using a quick poke to the eye to throw off Nash’s orientation. Franklin followed up with a quick side headlock, but Nash reversed it by pressing him off and into the ropes. Franklin managed to stay one step ahead of him, however, by taking Nash to the mat with a shoulder block. Refusing to slow, Franklin quickly pulled Nash to his feet before nailing him with a nice vertical suplex that led to a two count.

Franklin pulled Nash back to his feet and backed him into the corner with some well-placed knife-edge chops. Franklin whipped Nash into the corner and quickly charged after him, only to run into a boot from Nash.

Nash quickly jumped on the disoriented Franklin by taking him to the mat with a bulldog. Knowing that more lie ahead of him, Nash pulled Franklin back up quickly, only to whip him across the ring and into the ropes. Franklin rebounded hard, but right into a whiplash (HARD clothesline) from Nash. Nash then quickly hit the ropes and pulled himself to the second rope to nail a flying elbow. Nash made the cover, but only received a two-count.

Nash stayed on the attack by pulling Franklin up again and whipping him across the ring, only to hit him with a vicious spinebuster. Franklin sat up in pain as he grabbed his back, allowing Nash to quickly hit the ropes and nail him with a dropkick to the face. Nash once again went for the cover, but again came out with only a two.

Nash then pulled Franklin up and lifted him onto his shoulders, looking for a Death Valley Driver, but Franklin managed to slip out. Nash tried to quickly swing at the freed Franklin, but Rob ducked the blow and caught Nash in a rear waistlock before nailing him with a German suplex.

Both wrestlers took some time to get back up and arrived at a vertical base at almost the same time. Nash took the quick initiative and swung at Franklin, but Rob managed to duck the blow and catch Nash in an inverted atomic drop. Nash quickly covered himself, allowing Franklin to hit the near ropes and rebound off into a spear. Franklin then slowly made his way to the corner before scaling to the top. Franklin then leaped off and nailed Nash with the Ice Breaker (diving headbutt). Franklin then made the cover and received the three to earn the win.

Winner via pinfall: Rob Franklin

03-10-07, 12:28 PM
BG Bruce vs. Dan Ryan

UCW absolutely refuses to stop the action, and they showed that by coming right back from the commercial and heading into even more in-ring action. This time, it was a bit of a grudge match as BG Bruce looked to avenge an attack on his life-mate, Esteban, by “The Ego Buster” Dan Ryan.

Two of the biggest men in the company stepped up to face each other nose to nose, but Dan Ryan quickly ended the stare down with back handed shot to the groin. Bruce quickly doubled over and that allowed Dan Ryan to capitalize with an elbow that sent Bruce face-first into the mat. Ryan then bounced off the ropes and dropped another text book elbow that saw Bruce’s face smash off the mat yet again.

Ryan then lifted Bruce to his feet before backing him into the ropes. Ryan gave Bruce a nice, hard Irish whip and then caught him with a clothesline that damn near beheaded Bruce. Ryan then went for the cover but only mustered a two-count.

Frustrated that Bruce was determined to put up a fight, Ryan lifted Bruce back to his feet again. Several knife-edge chops later, Ryan was pulling Bruce out of the corner and sending him across the ring. Bruce managed to reverse the whip and send Ryan into the corner, but his follow-in charge was met with a boot to the face by Ryan. Bruce quickly grabbed his face, allowing Ryan to catch him with a nice jumping DDT that got him a quick two-count.

Ryan pounded the mat as he pulled Bruce up yet again. Ryan then went for a stiff right hand, but Bruce blocked the blow and nailed Ryan with a right of his own. Ryan tried to fire back, but again, Bruce blocked it and nailed Ryan. Bruce then went at Ryan with several more rights as he backed The Ego Buster into the ropes. Bruce then gave Ryan a hard whip before catching him with a big (gay) boot to the 6’7” Ryan!

Bruce then went on the attack and managed to drag Ryan over to the corner. Once there, he pulled himself up to the second rope and gave a mighty bounce to build a head of steam for an amazing butt drop! Bruce reached back to hook a leg, but even then, he only received a two-count.

Bruce rolled to his feet and then perched himself in the corner as he awaited Ryan to get back to his feet. Ryan slowly pulled himself up and then wobbled right into Bruce’s outstretched hand. Looking for a chokeslam, Bruce wrapped his hand around Ryan’s throat, but was quickly caught with a kick to the groin to break the hold. Bruce doubled over, allowing Ryan to catch him with another fabulous DDT.

Rather than trying another pin, Ryan quickly hit his feet and pulled Bruce up with him. Ryan then pulled Bruce close and into a standing headscissors. The crowd went absolutely nuts as Ryan reached down to give a tug, but could not budge the 420 pound Bruce. Bruce then used all the muscle in his tree trunk-like legs to catapult Ryan over his head for a back body drop.

This time, it was Bruce turn to perch himself as he waited for Ryan to get back to his feet. Ryan did and swung a right hand at BG, but Bruce ducked the blow and quickly lifted Ryan up to his shoulder before sending him crashing to the mat with the Gayvalanche! Bruce then made the cover and Ryan could not kick out before the hand came crashing down for the three-count.

Winner via pinfall: BG Bruce

03-10-07, 12:28 PM
(“The Wind Below” by Rage Against the Machine hits over the PA and the crowd goes absolutely nuts. Boos rain down from all around as Ken Cloverleaf makes his way out from behind the curtain and down to the ring. In his right hand, he carries a clipboard. On his face, he carries a smile that really says way too much about how he’s feeling at the current moment. He comes to the ring steps and saunters up them as he climbs between the ropes. He is handed a mic and he pulls it to his face.)

KC: Ladies and gentlemen…

(MASSIVE heat.)

KC: As your commissioner, it gives me great pride to welcome you to UCW Revolution!

(Slight pop.)

KC: And while you all sit back and enjoy the action that I have managed to provide you with tonight, I would like to take a little bit of time myself-

(More heat.)

KC: Take a bit of time myself… to spread along a little piece of information for you all.

We are just one show removed from our biggest show of the year, and if I do say so myself, it was quite the show at Night of the Legends II!

(HUGE pop.)

KC: I mean, I had my own victory celebrations to take from that night…

(Boos followed by chants of “B-G BRUCE! B-G BRUCE!”)

KC: Go ahead and cheer for that penis loving loser all you want. But that’s not why I’m out here.

You see, after a full year of successful management here in the UCW, I, Ken Cloverleaf, have decided to bring even more excitement to the wrestling world.

This event that I am to announce is bigger than any announcement I’ve made here in the UCW.

Because the announcement I am about to give you will effect the ENTIRE industry!

RC: What’s he talking about guys?

DR: I’m not sure. Let’s listen in.

KC: With another successful title defense for our UCW Champion, The First, I am left with some unanswered questions…

Is our talent up to par with the rest of the industry?

What can we do to increase the level of talent here in UCW?

And I, Ken Cloverleaf, have managed to answer both of those questions with one simple answer because, let’s face it; I am the most Perfect, Outstanding Superstar/Commissioner that this industry has ever seen.

And with that, I present to you something that only Ken Cloverleaf can give you…

It brings me great pleasure to announce that UCW will be holding its first inter-promotional battle royal at the next Pay-Per-View!

That’s right, any and everyone from wherever they may be from will be allowed to participate in the biggest event that the UCW has ever hosted. There will be no cap to how many entrants and there certainly will be the pleasure of working for yours truly.

But that’s not all…

The winner of this inter-promotional battle royal will earn a shot our UCW Champion, regardless of who holds the title at the time of the battle royal.

Now, this clipboard in my hand is a list for who will be involved in this match. It already contains the names of every UCW superstar on the roster. And as the calls pour in from agents for all the big stars, this list will continue to fill.

The only question is, “who can match up with the greatest that UCW has to offer?”

That question, my friends, will be answered-

(Cloverleaf is cut off as the PA system goes wild.)

RC: What the hell is this?

(“Phenomenah” by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs hits over the PA and the crowd explodes into cheers.)

DR: It’s Shawn Hart!

RB: What the hell is he doing back here?

(Hart has a mic already in hand as he speaks to Cloverleaf from the stage.)

SH: I may be deaf, dumb, and a bit of a derelict, but I could've SWORN I just heard someone say “battle royal”!

(MASSIVE pop.)

KC: That is absolutely right, but let’s get some things straight. You don’t come out here and interrupt Ken-

SH: Now, if my ears weren't playin' tricks on me and somebody DID say “battle royal”, shame on their names for not mentioning FW’s resident “King of the Battle Royal” in the same breath..

DR: Hart has an excellent point. He did just walk away victorious from NEW’s BattleBrawl!

KC: Hart, that’s absolutely fabulous, but first, we need to cover some ground rules…

SH: I couldn’t have agreed with you more, Commish!

Number one…

KC: Wait a second! You’re now laying the ground rules!

SH: If you want this to be the best damn battle royal in the history of wrestling, you’ll listen to Shawn Jessica Hart’s demands…

(Cloverleaf just continues to stare at Hart.)

SH: That’s what I thought.

Number one – you mustn’t take offense to how bad I will make each and every superstar on your roster look when I toss them all over the top rope like Mrs. Cloverleaf tosses my salad...

KC: What the?!?!

SH: LET’S not forget, I AM “King of the Battle Royal”.

Which brings me to rule number two – you mustn’t cry and wonder about the future of your fed when I cash in on my title shot and walk right out the door with the piece of gold that this pathetic company of yours cherishes most.

KC: Let’s just wait one minute there, Shawn…

You think that guys like Beast and Dan Ryan are going to worry about some self-pronounced “King of the Battle Royal”?

Let me tell you one thing, SJH…

Your inclusion in this battle royal will be HUGE for the UCW.

However, your demise at the hands of my UCW superstars will be no surprise as they send you back to the minors where you came from.

SH: Maybe you mistook me from my previous stint here in UCW.

I am not coming here to help your ratings and to make something out of UCW.

I am coming here to further cement myself as one of the absolute greats on this circuit.

And when people look back in the history books and they see the end of UCW in the year 2007, they’ll be able to say “Wow. That Shawn Hart must’ve been some competitor to take down an entire company the way he did.”

And after I pound your champion into the mat that will be a prophecy that will haunt you for the rest of your life as you wonder why you didn’t listen to SJH in the first place. Call it an outrage, call it a MOCKERY, the guy who's gonna OWN UCW calls it the TRUTH! The Phenom has left the building...

DR: I don’t believe it! A UCW Battle Royal and Shawn Hart is going to be a part of it!

RC: What else is going to go on here tonight as we continue to inch our way closer to our next Pay-Per-View, Against All Odds?!

(“Phenomenah” hits over the PA as everyone sits in astonishment from Hart’s words. He makes his way back behind the curtain as the show goes to commercial.)

03-10-07, 12:28 PM
Beast vs. “Cowboy” Jimmy Donovan

The crowd was on the edge of their seats as they awaited one of the biggest debuts that UCW has ever had. Upon Beast’s entrance, the roof blew off the arena. Jimmy Donovan was not nearly as impressed.

The two got things started with a conventional lock-up that saw Beast press Donovan all the way to the corner before the ref called for the break. Beast gave a clean break before Donovan stepped out of the corner and walked right into a kick to the midsection by Beast. Beast then quickly followed up with a front facelock. Beast then lifted Donovan high into the air for a stalling vertical suplex that sent the crowd into a tizzy. Beast then floated over to make the pin, but only received a two count.

Beast stayed on the attack and pulled Donovan back up to his feet. Beast then laid into him with some emphatic knife-edge chops that shook the arena. Beast then whipped Donovan across the ring, looking for a back body drop, but Donovan slowed up just in time to catch Beast with a well-placed kick to the face. Beast stumbled, allowing Donovan to get in some nice, stiff right hands. Donovan then followed up his flurry of rights with a kick to the midsection that preceded a signature DDT. Donovan made the cover, but Beast managed to kick out at two.

Refusing to let Beast get back into the match, Donovan did all he could do to keep the big guy grounded. Headlocks and chinlocks abound as Donovan did whatever it would take to cut down Beast’s air supply. Donovan then finally pulled the former EPW Champion up to his feet and nailed him with some nice right hands. He then whipped Beast across the ring and into the ropes, but Beast managed to catch Donovan sleeping and took him down with a hellacious clothesline.

Donovan tried to bounce right back up, but Beast was waiting and quickly caught him with a devastating spinebuster. Donovan clutched at his back as Beast took some time to try and regain his bearings. As Donovan slowly lifted himself up, Beast made his way over to catch him with a European uppercut. Donovan flailed and Beast quickly followed up with another European uppercut. Donovan finally came to a rest in the corner, allowing Beast to whip him across the ring and into the opposite corner. Beast then charged in, but Donovan managed to move out of the way. Beast’s head connected directly with the turnbuckle and sent him stumbling. Seizing opportunity, Donovan quickly lifted Beast and sent him face-first into the turnbuckle with a nice snake eyes.

Beast then stumbled out of the corner into the waiting arms of Donovan, who quickly nailed him with a short-arm clothesline that sent Beast spiraling down to the mat. Donovan then went for the cover, but Beast managed to kick out at two again.

Frustrated, Donovan pulled himself up to his feet and then did the same to Beast. He then placed himself behind Beast and looked to hit him with a straightjacket suplex, but Beast quickly pulled his leg behind him and caught Donovan with a kick to the family jewels. Donovan doubled over, allowing Beast to reach under him and lift him high for a gorilla press slam. Donovan hit the mat hard and Beast shook his head as he regained his composure.

Donovan slowly made his way back to his feet, unaware of the storm that lie ahead of him or behind him rather. Beast quickly snuck up behind Donovan and then caught him in a pumphandle position. He then lifted him high into the air before nailing him with the Absolution 2K4. Beast then made the cover and managed to get the 1-2-3!

Winner via pinfall: Beast

03-10-07, 12:28 PM
(The scene opens to a heavy door with the nameplate “Commissioner Cloverleaf” on it. Suddenly, an image pops onto the screen and the door flies open. The camera shot shows Commissioner Cloverleaf sitting at his desk with a smile on his face as he looks up. The camera then enters the room to show the assailant who opened the door.)

KC: Well, BG Bruce…

What can I do for you?

BGB: What can you do for me?

You know what I want Cloverleaf.

KC: Look, you’re right. I know exactly what you want…

But I’m not a member of Congress and I cannot possibly force the issue of gay marriage onto any senator. It’s just not-

BGB: Shut the hell up, you son of a *****!

You know damn well that I’m here for one reason and one reason only, and the only kind of union I’m interested in is my foot uniting with your ASS!

(Cloverleaf smirks as he kicks his feet down and sits up in his chair.)

KC: Bruce, you’ve had your chance. Let’s just face the facts…

You lost to the superior athlete at Night of the Legends and you’ll just have to add that to your resume. There’s really nothing I can do for you.

(Bruce leans in.)

BGB: I want a REMATCH!

(Cloverleaf stands up from his chair and gets right in Bruce’s face.)


(Bruce speaks quietly without moving from in front of Cloverleaf’s face.)

BGB: Mark my words, Cloverleaf…

I WILL get you into that ring again. I don’t care what I have to go through…

And once the dust finally settles from that, the fluke of a win you had at Night of the Legends will not even remain in anyone’s memory banks. You might want to watch your back.

(Bruce turns and leaves the office as Cloverleaf looks on with a smile on his face.)

03-10-07, 12:29 PM
The First vs. Nakita Dahaka

Nakita Dahaka was not to be deterred in her shot at the World Champion, title shot or not. She quickly jumped on the offensive, nailing First with several forearm shots that backed the champ into the ropes. She then gave him a whip across the ring. First rebounded right into a dangerous spinning heel kick. She then quickly jumped to her feet and watched First climb to his feet before sending him right back to the mat with a swinging neckbreaker. She then went for the cover, but only received a two count.

Nakita pulled First back up to his feet again and nailed him with several knife-edge chops as she backed him into the corner. She then whipped him across the ring again and into the opposite corner. She then rushed in behind him, only for The First to use the top rope as a means to lift himself up and over her. Nakita tried to turn around and catch the champ, but First was too quick and dropkicked her in back, sending her face into the turnbuckle. First then went for a quick roll-up of his own, but Nakita kicked out at two.

First then pulled Nakita up and drilled her with several nice knees to the face. As Nakita was reeling, First bounced himself off the near ropes and came flying off with a flying forearm that sent Nakita to the mat. Without wasting anytime, First made his way to the corner and pulled himself up onto the top rope before launching off with a swanton bomb onto Nakita. He then went for the cover, but Nakita managed to get a foot on the ropes and save the pin.

First then pulled Nakita up again and nailed her with some knife-edge chops of his own. He then whipped her across the ring, but Nakita rebounded with a vicious spear that took the champ to the canvas. Both wrestlers took some time to regain their bearings, but Nakita came out first. Nakita caught the rising First with an Irish whip into the corner and quickly followed in with a running knee lift that caught First right in the midsection. Nakita then LEAPED to the top rope and grabbed hold of First’s arm. She then walked out to the middle of the ropes before leaping off and catching First with an amazing Tornado DDT. First folded up like an accordion as Nakita quickly pulled him back down to the mat for a cover, but First managed to kick out yet again.

Nakita slapped the mat as she got back to her feet one more time. She then perched in the corner as she tried to regroup herself. First slowly pulled himself up and tried to shake the cobwebs lose. First pulled himself to a knee and then Nakita saw her opening. She quickly hit the ropes and leaped off the second rope before turning and catch First right in the jaw with a Shining Wizard. First slumped to the mat as Nakita just stood over him. Nakita then stood laterally beside the fallen First before leaping into the air and hitting a standing moonsault. She held for the pin, but again, First managed to kick out.

Still frustrated, Nakita stood up and signaled for the finish. She then lifted First to his feet before grabbing him by the head and heading for the corner, looking for the Dragon Snap. As she climbed to the top rope, First realized what was going on and quickly shoved her off and him and sent “The Dark Phenom” flying over the top rope and to the floor. First then leaned up against the ropes as both wrestlers tried to regain themselves again.

As Nakita lie on the floor almost paralyzed, the crowd erupted as a figure came rushing down the ramp. The only problem was that the figure was dressed in all black, including a mask that shrouded everything about him. The figure made its way to Nakita and helped to revive her. He then helped her slide into the ring before turning and making his way back to the back. Nakita pulled herself to her feet and looked back up at the ramp to try and figure out what the hell just happened. Suddenly, First snuck up behind her and rolled her up for the surprise three count!

The figure popped back out to the top of the ramp and grabbed his head in anguish before sneaking behind the curtain as Nakita rolled to her knees and continued to stare at the entrance.

Winner via pinfall: The First

03-10-07, 12:29 PM
We cut to the announcer’s booth as we come back from commercial.

RC: Guys, who the hell was that under that mask that just tried to help out Nakita Dahaka?

DR: I’m not sure, but they appeared to do more harm that good for Ms. Dahaka.

RB: I suspect Lindsay Troy.

RC: Why?

RB: She’s jealous. Worried about the press Nakita is getting here in UCW.

RC: Well, I dou-

The lights flicker in and out. Suddenly, loud scream is heard bellowing over the PA. The lights then go back to normal.

RC: What the hell was that?

DR: I’m not sure!

RC: Folks, things are going crazy here. We’re going to try and get some answers as we move on in this show.

03-10-07, 12:29 PM
B4B Title Match!

Most matches in the UCW are some of the best in-ring action around the circuit. This match could not say that, because it never made it to the ring.

Irishred ambushed Cameron Cruise in the back, drilling him with the title and sending him flying across the hall and into the wall. Red then broke bad on Cruise, hitting him with right after right until Cruise finally slumped clear to the floor. Red then took off from the opposite wall and knee Cruise in the mouth and sending the back of his head into the concrete wall. Red quickly tried to pry Cruise’s hair out of the way to showcase some blood, but there was only a knot to be shown.

Red then picked up Cruise and led him down the hallway before sending him hurling into a door. The camera followed them in to show the two men going fist for fist with each other inside a locker! Cruise managed to get the upperhand as he sent Red stumbling out. Cruise quickly chased Red and sent him face-first into the concrete floor with a bulldog. Cruise lifted Red’s head, looking for a trace of blood, but nothing.

Cruise then pulled Red up to his feet and begin pounding away at him again with some right hands. Cruise then used all of his power to position himself to throw Irishred back-first into the wall. Red bounced off and Cruise quickly hit him with a vicious clothesline. Red grabbed his head as Cruise looked around the room for the B4B Title. He then found it and waited for Red to get to his feet.

Red finally rose and Cruise charged, but Red ducked the blow. Cruise quickly turned, but ran right into a kick to the midsection by Red. Red then grabbed Cruise in a front facelock before planting him right into the title with a DDT. Red looked for blood, but Cruise was still nice and shut.

Red then grabbed the title and waited as Cruise lifted himself to his feet again. Cruise slowly lifted up to a vertical base and Red attacked, sending the belt into Cruise’s face. Red dropped the belt and it flopped right off Cruise’s face and to the floor. Red then grabbed Cruise’s legs and turned him over for the Freebird. As Cruise tried to make his way out of the hold, blood began to trickle down his face.

Cruise looked down at the title below his face and then again at the blood rolling down his nose. Red continued to crank on the neck, actually slowing the flow of the blood. Cruise tried to pull himself up and away from the title, but Red held his ground very well. The blood continued to trickle down and finally came to a rest on the tip of Cruise’s nose. Cruise gave one final push, but Red pulled that much harder, jerking Cruise and sending the drop off blood of his nose and right down onto the title.

The ref called for the break and Red released it, sending Cruise’s bloody face right onto the title and smearing the blood across the title that Irishred quickly picked up and slung over his shoulder as he exited the locker room.

Winner and STILL UCW B4B Champion: Irishred

03-10-07, 12:29 PM
Adam Benjamin is seen making his way through the backstage area on his way to the ring for his main event match. He turns the corner and bumps into someone. The camera quickly pans around to show Benjamin staring down the UCW Champion. The First stands nose-to-nose with Benjamin as he holds his UCW Title over his shoulder. The two don’t even mutter a single word as they just continue to stare before the show goes to commercial.

03-10-07, 12:30 PM
Adam Benjamin vs. Dakota Smith

As some would say, the future of UCW was on showcase in the main event, and Adam Benjamin started out trying to show which man was the strongest link of the future of UCW. He quickly jumped on Smith, hitting him with several rights as he backed him into the corner. Benjamin nailed him with some nice knife-edge chops. Benjamin then nailed him one last time with a back elbow before Smith stumbled out to the middle of the ring. Once there, Benjamin nailed him with a kick to the midsection, followed by a DDT. Benji then made the pin, but only received a two count.

Staying on the attack, Benji pulled Smith back up to his feet and backed him into the ropes. He then gave him a whip across the ring, looking for a back body drop, but Benji ducked too soon and Smith caught him with a kick right to the chin. Benjamin stood straight up, allowing Smith to charge him with a vicious clothesline. Benji tried to bounce back up quickly, but Smith caught him and quickly whipped him into the ropes before catching him on the rebound with the Cave In. Smith then rolled Benji over for the cover, but only for two.

Smith gave the ref a piece of his mind as he pulled himself back up to his feet. He then did the same with Benji as he drilled him with some stiff right hands. Benji tried to swing back, but Smith ducked the blow and caught Benji in a rear waistlock before nailing him with a German suplex. Dakota quickly stood up and welcomed Benjamin to get back to his feet. Upon Benjamin getting to his feet, Dakota quickly threw Benji up onto his shoulders before sending a humongous shock through him with the MegaDeath. Dakota then went for the cover, but still only received a two.

Dakota stood up and got right in the referee’s face. The referee shot right back at Dakota, telling him that he’s calling the match down the middle, but Dakota refuses to listen to him. Dakota continued to jaw while Benjamin slowly made his way back up to his feet. Dakota finally gave up and turned to face Benji, but Benji was already ducked down, ready to lift Smith onto his shoulders to nail him with a Death Valley Driver. Benjamin took a second, but then sprung to his feet as the crowd became electrified.

Benjamin crouched down and waited for Smith to get back to his feet. Smith finally reached his feet and Benji charged him, nailing him with a clothesline. Smith tried to bounce back up, but Benji caught him with yet another clothesline. One more time, Smith tried to bounce up, this time swinging a right at Benjamin. Benji managed to duck the blow and connect with a kick to the midsection. Dakota doubled over and Benji quickly locked him in a front facelock. He then lifted him up and nailed him with a brainbuster, but the referee was inadvertently hit by Dakota’s feet on the way down.

Benji did not slow down as he pulled Dakota right back up and into a standing headscissors. The crowd went wild as Benji leaped and nailed Dakota with the Final Countdown. Benji then went for the pin, but of course, the referee could not make the count. Benji then made his way over to the ref and tried to help him wake up. Suddenly the crowd went nuts as The First came rushing down to the ring in a UCW referee’s shirt!

The First slid into the ring. He stared at Benjamin, as if waiting on him to make the cover. First then pointed to the fallen Smith and Benjamin looked back to him as well. First then threw his hands up as if to say “well, what are you waiting for?” Benjamin then made the pin, but the sounds of The First’s hand hitting the mat did not follow. Benjamin looked around from his lateral press position, but it was too late…

DR: Cut the Threat! The First just nailed Adam Benjamin with that Harlem Hangover right onto the back of his head!

RC: And now he’s rolling Dakota Smith over on top of Benjamin! The First slides out of the ring!




Winner via pinfall: Dakota Smith

The First slides back into the ring as he pulls off the UCW referee’s shirt off. He then gets a microphone as he leans down in Benjamin’s face.

First: Adam Benjamin, your ignorance shown here tonight shows that none of the assumptions that you have made are correct.

You are not ready to face me one-on-one inside the ring.

You are not ready to play the kind of games that I play.

And you damn sure are not ready to contend for the title that I’ve made famous.

Tonight is lesson one, Benjamin. And I am your teacher.

Continue to stick your nose in the wrong books, and I will be sure to keep teaching you right from wrong. And wrong number one is trying to compete for something that you clearly are not ready for.

First drops the mic on Benjamin as he exits the ring and the show fades to the UCW logo.