View Full Version : MEMPHIS 2nd: [3] Tony Gamble vs. [11] Ace Mason

02-26-07, 06:58 PM
Gamble defeated:
Prince Darko

Mason defeated:
Steven Shane

Second round match to be held at the Anderson Arena in Bowling Green, OH on Bowling Green St. U's campus. RP deadline is Sunday, March 4th at 11:59:59 PM EST, give or take a second.

03-03-07, 11:36 AM
Fade in to a crowded baseball stadium at Tucson Electric Park in Brooksville, Florida. The Arizona Diamondbacks are hosting the Chicago White Sox as the camera pans in to Ace Mason sitting in the stands about fifteen rows behind the White Sox dugout. He’s watching closely as the opening pitch is thrown. The guy beside Ace keeps glancing over at him.

Guy in seat 8: “Say, you look familiar kid. You’re not a movie star are ya?”

Ace Mason: “Not in this lifetime. I professionally wrestle for a living.”

Guy: “Well I don’t watch that crap so the only way I’d know you from that is if you were in a Rocky movie… I know I’ve seen your face on television or something.”

Ace: “Maybe you saw me on America’s Most Wanted. I would’ve been pretty young back then.”

Guy: “Naw it’s something else. I’m a New Yorker and an avid Yankee fan, but I’ve been coming down to Florida for spring training the last couple years. I try to catch as many games as possible.”

Ace: “You probably saw me on the YES network.”

Guy: “That’s what it was! You were a Yankee prospect at one time weren’t ya?”

Ace: “Rings a bell.”

Guy: “You were that stud prospect who got his knee torn to shreds. Rumor was the attacker was from one of the Five Families. I think I read somewhere that you used to have ties to the Chicago Outfit.”

Ace: “I’m Ace. You follow the White Sox?”

Guy: “Walt. Not too closely, but I like to make it out to a few games every year. I’ve got season tickets back home at the House That Ruth Built. How are things in the pro wrestling business?”

Ace: “A lot like baseball to be honest. The travel is constant and if you’re not focused on the guy who’s bringing the heat you might end up with your head knocked off.”

The guy next to Walt is popping beers like they’re peanuts.

Drunk next to Walt: “Hey Thome! You’re a bum! My kid can hit better than you!”

Ace: “You know that guy?”

Walt: “No way. How many people in a park on a given day are loaded in the Top of the First?”

Ace: “There’s nothing worse than a cocky bigmouth who doesn’t appreciate the fine art of humility.”

Drunk guy: “That’s right Thome! Go sit down! Hand that bat to Konerko and let him whiff three times too!”

When the drunk gets up to scream at the next batter he bumps his beer and it spills all over Walt.

Walt: “Son of a b-“

Drunk: “Hey assh*le! You spilled my beer!”

The drunk cocks his fist and grabs Walt’s shirt by the collar as the old man covers his face. Ace immediately stands up, stopping the drunk.

Ace: “That’s the last thing you want to do right now. I’m gonna take this guy to get cleaned up and while I’m up there I’ll buy you a soda. You knocked the beer over yourself and owe this man an apology.”

The drunk looks Ace over and can tell he’s not someone to get involved with. He releases Walt’s shirt and cocks his chin up. He let’s his fists fall to his sides but says nothing.

Ace: “We all paid hard earned money to enjoy this ballgame. There are no hard-feelings if you apologize for soaking this man’s jeans. Beer comes out of pants easy enough so lets put this behind us and enjoy the ballgame.”

The drunk man stares him down like Ace just slept with the man’s sister. After a few tense moments he finally admits to his mistake.

Drunk: “Sorry about your pants.”

Walt: “No big deal.”

Ace: “What’s your favorite soda?”

Drunk: “Mountain Dew.”

Ace: “We’ll be right back.”

Ace walks up with Walt and tips off the usher about the drunk. He gets in line for three sodas as Walt makes his way to the men’s room. Ace buys two Pepsi’s and a Mountain Dew. He picks up his drink holder when he’s tapped on the shoulder.

Drunk: “Take this you punk.”

The drunk grabs Ace by his shirt and slugs him square in the face. The drinks fly everywhere and soak the cashier at the concession stand. The man throws another right but Ace dodges it and gets him in a front headlock. With the dunk’s weight focused on Ace’s hip, he spins the drunk to the ground with his arms pinned. Three security guards grab them both and escort them out of the park. Cut to Ace in the parking lot.

Ace: “In baseball there’s an old saying. It says ‘There’s two types of people in this sport… the humble and the soon-to-be humble.’

“I’d like to agree with that statement. But too many times I’ve led off third base ready to score when the guy behind me in the lineup walks up to the plate and you can see in his eyes that he doesn’t know what he’s up against. He goes back to the dugout after three strikes with a new excuse to blame for his failure. That’s the difference between confidence and arrogance. Confident men meet the opposition believing in themselves, but at the same time they’re prepared for what awaits them.

“Cocky men meet the opposition with a blind belief that they’re unbeatable. These men strike out and refuse to admit their unbridled superiority has faltered. They repudiate any signs that they would’ve fared better had they focused on their task with their eyes open.

“There are plenty of guys out there just like you Grin. Arrogance makes men rise and rise fast. But you never reach your full potential because like anything there are obstacles on the path to greatness….

“And men like you refuse to believe they’re there.

“You say that grin of yours is your curse. I say it’s pretty damn fitting. Cocksure men like you always have silly grins on their face before the bell rings. Then when you’re walking back up the ramp you’ve got your head down and your brow positioned like you’re trying to solve an algebra problem.

“So we’ll meet in the ring soon enough to see if you can back up your claims as the superstar that finds it unfit to take his opponents seriously. Blow me off like you did your last adversary and spend more time in front of the drawing board- finding new creative ways to glorify your recent accolades.

“I’m not gonna spend any time convincing you that I’ll be the one watching you tap. I’ll let your ego finish you off for me.”

Fade out as Ace walks up to the park entrance and buys a new ticket to watch his White Sox wipe the floor with Randy Johnson and his Diamondbacks.