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02-25-07, 11:52 PM

So I might not have finished much more of RAUCOUS .. but the anniversary shows always seem to take a bit longer :P

I promise as soon as I finish this argument that's due for tomorrow I will finish the shortform matches ... and then work this week after classes to get the other matches finished.

But although I didn't finish much of RAUCOUS, I did level my Blood Elf Priest to lvl 29. :)

02-26-07, 01:09 AM
Christ, I'm not even at 60 with my Human Warrior...

Hell, I can't even get a decent party together to get the Tier 0 set.

02-26-07, 06:43 PM
Psh! I've got a 26 draenei paladin, 25 draenei priest, 15 draenei shaman, 27 BE warlock, 13 BE paladin AND I've leveled my pre-existing human rogue from 26 to 32...

I'm....proud of that >.> I have no life...

Get a move on already! =P

02-26-07, 08:56 PM
Bah .. no Draenai for me .. I don't like the Alliance. :P

But I'm a one character kinda person.

I *MIGHT* create a BE Rogue only because my guild has a serious lack of rogues (we're extremely weird in that we have so many ****ing Priests... like probably a good chunk of the server's priests are from my guild lol)


((Looks around as everyone is slowly walking backwards...))

What? :)

02-27-07, 01:46 PM
A guild of Horde priests... wtf?

The rest of y'all are slackin'...

65 Undead Rogue
34 Tauren Druid
22 Orc Warlock
14 Blood Elf Mage

And lemme tell you, the grind from 60 to 70 IS even worse than the 50 to 60 grind... bwa hahahaha.

02-27-07, 01:58 PM

I now remember why this fed scares me.

02-27-07, 02:00 PM

I now remember why this fed scares me.

Word, lol.