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02-23-07, 12:38 AM
For the spot vacated by the Felix Red/Shawn Westing double forfeit. One RP limit. Deadline is Sunday, February 25th, 11:59:59 PM, give or take a second.

Jason Payne
02-25-07, 08:55 PM
Jess Chapel, CEO of TEAM Wrestling sits behind his desk. A phone to his ear, he looks out the wide window to the cityscape outside his office.

J.C. - "Yes, yes. Right, well it was a surprise to us as well. Well it makes for interesting TV that's for sure. Our ratings for this week were up a bit and as soon as the match ended we saw a significant spike in ratings as people tuned in. Right, well I appreciate your concern, but I don't think that's going to happen here. Well I'm sure as frustrated as he is, he was offered a play-in match since some of our other competitors decided not to show up. I think he should be happy with that."

Suddenly, the door explodes off it's hinges as it comes flying inward. Through the dust of the doorframe, a large boot is seen. It slowly moves back to the floor as Jason Payne walks in. Wearing a black sleeveless T-shirt, black jeans, and combat boots, Payne enters the room. Minus his sunglasses, his dark eyes cast a fiery glare upon the CEO of TEAM. Slowly he turns and regards the broken door that lies on the floor, and then looks back at Jess. Jess looks upon the scene with a look of utter shock, as he puts the phone back to his ear.

J.C. - "I...I'm gonna have to call you back Quentin. Something's just come up."

Jess hangs up the phone as Payne slowly strides across the room. Stopping in front of Jess' desk, Payne leans forward and slams both his fist into the oak, leaning down to look into Jess' face. Jess adjusts his tie and returns Payne's look. Jess, though shocked by what just occurred, shows no outward sign of fear.

J.C. - "The costs to repair that door will come from the purse of your play-in match Mr. Payne. Now if you please, kindly get out, before I call security and have you removed from the building."

Payne simply stares into Jess' face as he leans back up. Turning to his left, he hooks his thumb towards the broken doorframe.

Payne - "If you're talking about those guys, then I'm afraid they aren't much up to doing anything right now."

Jess cranes his neck to look around, and spots five security guards laid in a pile just outside his office door. Each of them show signs of having been assaulted and are unconscious. Jess swallows hard and looks back at Payne.

J.C. - "I'm calling the police."

Jess reaches and grabs the phone. Picking it up, he starts to dial 911, but before he can do so, Payne's hand slams the phone out of Jess' hands and back onto the receiver, cracking the plastic.

Payne - "Listen Jess, this can either be real simple, or it can be real difficult. But seeing as how I am willing to be a gentlemen about this, I am going to leave the decision as to how I am going to handle this, rest with you."

Jess looks up at Payne defiantly.

J.C. - "I don't know who the hell you think you are, but this isn't New Frontier Wrestling. You might be able to get away with this sort of behavior over there, but I assure you that this sort of thing will not be tolerated here. You can break as many doors as you want, you can beat up my security all you want, it's not going to matter, because regardless of whatever you do here, I'll make sure that not only will you ever perform in TEAM events in the future, but that your career in wrestling is over as well."

Payne leans down, and goes eye to eye with Jess. Payne's face betrays no emotion whatsoever, and it almost appears as if he has a glazed look in his eyes. His voice, when he speaks, is just barely above a whisper.

Payne - "Let me tell you something. I've been in this business for a long time. I have friends in places you could only dream about having. So before you go and threaten to take my wrestling career away, perhaps you better stop and think about that, before I call some friends and all this little TEAM bull**** up and vanishes into thin air before you could blink."

Payne snaps his finger on the word "blink" to emphasize his point.

Payne - "I want you to think back to what TEAM was just a few short months ago. TEAM wasn't anything. It was barely a blip on the radar. Oh of course it promoted itself as something much more, but do you honestly think that anyone gave a damn about what TEAM was about? No. But that all changed the day that you signed Jason Payne. That all changed because not only did you sign the most controversial superstar of this generation, you signed the most high profile, over the top, can you top this superstar that this business have ever seen. And what happened after you signed me huh? You put me in the Dupree Cup on TEAM NFW. And what happened then huh Jess? Remember? Remember the first round of the Dupree Cup? How about a little feud with Derecho huh?"

"Derecho and myself took each other to hell and back and to hell again, in the match of the year for TEAM. Suddenly TEAM was on the map. TEAM was the place to be. TEAM was the place to get your fix for awesome and intense wrestling matches, all because of Jason Payne, Jess. I went out there in the Dupree Cup, and I worked with some of the ****tiest workers in this business, but I put them over and made them look halfway decent before you finally booked me in a match I actually cared about in the Spoiler."

"Now Jess, remember when you come to me the week before the match with Spoiler? You told me that you wanted to capitalize on the return of the Spoiler, and that I was going to do the job to him. I didn't complain, I didn’t object, and I didn't do anything other than be a professional. I went out there and I did my job like I was supposed to, but only because I believed that somewhere down the road, TEAM would give back to me what I gave to it."

Jess is just looking at Payne as he says all this.

J.C. - "You're taking liberties with some facts Mr. Payne. that's not completely accurate."

Payne leans a little closer to Jess, his voice becoming a growl.

Payne - "Say what you want if it helps you sleep at night Jess. Truth is, facts are facts, and if you don't like it, then shut the hell up. So I do the job to Spoiler, case closed. Then comes the Free For All. You put me in the ring with a bunch of so-called greats, and you gave me the nod. While I appreciate that nod, I wasn't expecting the screwjob that you had for me a few days later."

Jess gives Payne an incredulous look.

J.C. - "What are you talking about "screwjob"?"

Payne slams his fists into the desk again as he shouts at Jess.

Payne - "Don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about Jess! You went and told you little ****ing booking committee that you wanted me to do the job again, but this time to some 130 pound woman who couldn't really beat a man if she had to! You went and took the hottest star in this business right now and you pour a water tower's worth of water all over him and erased all the heat he'd built over the last six months!"

Jess leans back in his chair and just stares at Payne.

J.C. - "So all this is about you losing to a woman, is that it?"

Payne screams and grabs the desk, and flips it off to his right with one swing. Jess' eyes widen as Payne moves in grabs his chair at the arms, and shoves it backwards into the wall. Jess' head bounces off the wall and it takes him a second to see straight. Payne is hulked over him, seemingly ready to pound him into mush.

Payne - "I DIDN'T LOSE JESS! You arrogant son of a *****, there is no way that I would ever lose in a straight fight with any woman on this earth. But you went and had your ***** ass little booking come and tell me that I was going to be doing the job to Foxx because you all want to make her look like the next Lindsay Troy. Let me tell you something right now Jess there is only one Lindsay Troy in this business. I'm all about equality in the workplace, but this is ridiculous. It's not feasible to have every single woman wrestler beating a man in this business."

Jess is clearly shocked by Payne's actions, but he also continues not to show any outward fear towards him.

J.C. - "I'm not in this business to sell reality Mr. Payne. I'm in it to sell stories, and at the same time, recognize those who are truly the greatest of our industry. I'm sorry that you feel you were slighted in your match, but you have an opportunity to make up for it in the play off match. I don't know what you're complaining about."

Payne’s face looks as if he has a bad sunburn it is so red. He just stares at Jess with a barely harnessable fury.

Payne - "That is NOT the point. But I tell you what IS the point. I don't know what you and you're ***** little booking committee have in store for this match, what story you want to sell, or where you intend on taking the winner, but I do know this. I don't give a flying **** what you or your booking committee decides because I'm going to go out there, and I'm going to be responsible for both the professional and personal death of some other LoC half breed who will then be able to go back to his backwater promotion and share a beer with Derecho about what their careers could have been like before they hit the roadblock named Jason Payne. In fact, I want you to call him yourself and inform him of this right now."

Payne reaches into Jess' coat pocket and pulls out his cel phone. Flipping it open, he hands it to Jess.

Payne - "Call him right now. Call him and I'll leave."

Jess just stares up at Payne, not sure what to make of everything that has just transpired. But if it gets this psychotic mad man out of his office, he'll play along.

J.C. - "Only because you said you would leave."

Jess presses the buttons on the phone as Payne looks on. After entering the digits, Jess bring the phone to his ear.

J.C. - "It's ringing."

Payne - "Pray he picks up, cause if he doesn't I might leave a visual calling card on your face."

Jess simply looks up at Payne, again showing no outward sign of being disturbed by Payne's statement, though all of this still continues to shock him. Chris Storm answers the phone.

J.C. - "Mr. Storm, this is Jess Chapel of TEAM how are you today. Umm, look I don't know if the booking committee has been in contact with you but..."

Payne reaches over and snatches the phone out of Jess' hands and brings it to his own ear.

Payne - "Storm! Do you know who this is? This is Jason 'Mother****in' Payne you're talking to. Listen up big guy, I don't know what you think you might have in store for me, or for TEAM as far as this tournament goes, but rest assured, whatever it is the booking committee tells you, it's not going to happen. What I can tell you is that what's going to happen is that you're going to have your ass handed to you in a fashion you have never before bared witness to. After everything that has been done to me in this business, I'm not taking any more **** from wrestlers, promoters, bookers, fans, anyone in the wrestling industry. I'M going to decide what matches Payne will or will not win. I'M going to decide which stars I want to put over. I'M going to decide what story unfolds not only in this tournament, but in TEAM, NFW, NEW, the EPA, the FBI, and whatever else I want to involve myself in. So you go and build up all the angst over mommy and daddy not paying any attention to you while you were masturbating in the closet to the latest edition of Fudge Packer monthly. It's not going to save you in this match. Let that swim around in the empty fishbowl on top of your neck for awhile, and then deiced on whether or not to show up."

Payne presses the END button on the phone and tosses it back to Jess. Payne stands up and looks at Jess sitting in his office chair. Casting a look around the office, Payne points to the sky and circles his index finger.

Payne - "I'd hire a redecorator if I were you."

Payne turns to leave as Jess slowly stands from his chair.

J.C. - "I would find a new promotion to work for if I were you Mr. Payne."

Payne stops with his back to Jess. Closing his eyes, he slowly smiles, chuckling to himself.

Payne - "Threaten me all you want Jess. If TEAM tries to terminate my contract before I get my earned shot at the Champion of Champions, I'll tie this promotion up in a legal mess that will force it to cease operations for years. Think about that while you're redecorating your office."

Payne walks out of his office, leaving an exasperated Jess looking around at the destruction that Payne had caused.