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02-19-07, 04:50 PM
Ravager defeated:
Angel of Death

Fusenshoff defeated:
James Irish

Second round match-up to take place at Autry Court, Houston, TX, Rice University. RP deadline is Sunday, February 25th, at 11:59:59 PM, give or take a second.

02-20-07, 01:05 AM
Fade in to Fusenshoff sitting at a bar with his hair in his face. He’s too drunk and depressed to wipe the hair away. He looks minutes away from passing out, but still isn’t slurring his speech or giving off any of the telltale signs bartenders look for when cutting off a customer, so he’s given another shot of blackjack and a Labatt’s Blue beer.

Fusenshoff: “Another week, another World Champ, another opportunity…

“Last week I had a decent idea what I was up against. I knew James Irish from A1E and saw the fight when he won his World Title. I have something in common with you this week Ravager. I have no clue who you are. We have that in common because I guarantee you hadn’t ever heard of me before two weeks ago.

“I ran through a few of your television spots last week and you’re a whole different animal than the last World Champ I battled. Not much of a joker, you’re a no-nonsense guy who’s relatively humble when compared to the rest of the vermin in this business. You say you take every match seriously and never take nights off. There’s nothing I hate more than showing up sober for a match only to end it with The Domination in the first five minutes.

“It’s no fun for me to face the burdens of abstemiousness- so make it worth my while.

“At this point you’re probably wondering what the hell is wrong with me. You’re not alone. That’s the standard reaction I receive in the first five minutes of any encounter I have with ‘happy’ people. You’ve got your World Title belt and you’re the hot shot of your federation. Everyone else is climbing the ladder to the top and you’re standing on the edge ready to kick anyone in the teeth who dares to hunt your precious accessory. You have the fame and money that comes with the territory, along with plenty of envy from all your peers.

“Yes, the sun shines when you walk out your door in the morning.

“Then you meet a guy like me and wonder ‘what can drive a person to such a pathetic existence?’. I’ll tell you now that it doesn’t take much.

“One bad decision and one moment you’d give anything to take back.

“That’s all it takes. Somewhere while a man kisses his wife on the cheek, while a dog rolls over to be rewarded with a treat, while a referee’s hand hits the mat for a 3-count pinfall- lives end and others are destroyed.

“All it takes is a moment, and it changes your life forever.”

Fusenshoff takes a moment to drop his shot in his beer glass and takes a long drink. Meanwhile a young man in his early twenties is smiling as he notices a wallet on the floor. He picks it up and opens it to a picture of Fusenshoff from his driver’s license.

Young kid: “Hey buddy, you dropped your wallet.”

Fusenshoff: “Thanks kid.”

Young kid: “Who’s the babe in this picture man? Your sister? Boy would I like to meet her. How about you introduce-”

Fusenshoff: “She’s none of your damn business! Now piss off before I use my boot as a shoehorn and make sure you’re closely familiar with the term fecal incontinence.”

The boy leaves confused and frightened as Fusenshoff stares at the picture. He slams his wallet down and finishes off the rest of his beer before ordering another shot and beer. The bartender hands over the drinks.

Bartender: “What was all the commotion about over here?”

Fusenshoff: “Just a young kid that needed straightening out. No big deal.”

Bartender: “Well you’re not belligerent despite drinking enough to put everyone here under the table. I don’t know how you’re still standing. It seems like the alcohol has no effect. I have a feeling you’ll be dead by the time you’re 35.”

Fusenshoff: “I don’t get drunk, just numb. Most nights I drink ‘till 1:45 then go buy a fifth for the walk to the nearest hotel.”

Bartender: “Well I’m not your father so I won’t tell ya how stupid that is, but I did overhear your conversation with the kid. I gotta say that whatever happened with that girl in the picture- she’d hate to see you living like this.”

Fusenshoff: “Thanks for the pep talk old man, but the thing about advice is that it’s only appreciated when the person you’re talking to has something to live for.

“It doesn’t work when your pupil is already dead.”

Fade out as Fusenshoff finishes his drink and leaves with the tab paid for. He walks out of the bar into the cool night air in the general direction of the closest liquor store.

02-21-07, 08:14 PM
Regina, Saskatchewan. NAPW's Tuesday Night Fights has just gone off the air. Ravager is stalking around backstage. Looking for the men who attacked him that night. As he rounds a corner he comes face to face with the man in charge of NAPW, "The Nexus One" Rex Caliber. And so begins a very polite but terse exchange.

Ravager: Rex.

Caliber: Bob.

Ravager: Don't call me that please.

Caliber: Force of habit.

Ravager: So. How's Cyrus?

Caliber: He seems to be adjusting well to school. I was kind of worried that he wouldn't fit in, or that the other kids would treat him badly...

Ravager: Because of who his father is.

Caliber: Exactly. But so far things have been very good.

Ravager: That's good to hear. The little guy has dealt with enough in his short life.

Caliber: Thanks for your concern.

Ravager: You're welcome. Now if you'll excuse me... (attempts to brush by Rex)

Caliber: I know what you're thinking...

Ravager: Do you, now?

Caliber: You're thinking of going after The Untouchables.

Ravager: And why would you think that?

Caliber gestures towards the staple gun in Ravager's hand.

Caliber: Call it a hunch.

Ravager: Actually, I heard that some things needed to be stapled. Some carpet in the front, Casino's mouth shut...

Caliber: You're the NAPW champion. You should conduct yourself better than this.

Ravager: Didn't you run naked through a Starbucks when you were champion?


Caliber: Different circumstances. Besides, I lost my belt two days later. Plus, I'm looking at this as the head of the NAPW, not as a wrestler. And I have to take into account the well being of the company, and ALL my wrestlers.

Ravager: So you're saying to let this slide? That doesn't sound like the man who brought us "Operation Kill Mother****ers Dead".

Caliber: I've had time to mature. (takes a swig from his beer) And I can't have my champion going after the Pure Honor champion. Not when you both have defenses next Tuesday. And not when you're both in the TEAM Invitational.

Ravager: I can make time for both.

Caliber: Do you even know who you're facing...

Ravager: Fusenhoff. Scored the upset over James Irish in the first round. Will no doubt be looking to do the same against me. He's morose, possibly an alcoholic, but a danger to whoever he faces.

Caliber: Good. You've done your studying. But you're going off half cocked and are going to get distracted. The last thing I need is for the NAPW Heavyweight champion to be knocked out of this thing.

Ravager: Don't worry, I still have a lot I want to prove in TEAM. Every victory I get is treated like some kind of fluke. I finally get some decisive wins, yet still get no respect. I want to change that. And I will change that. But first I need to take care of...

Caliber: Casino's in the same bracket as you.

Ravager: I know.

Caliber: He wins. He moves on. You win, you move on. Both of you keep up the pace...

Ravager: And eventually our paths will cross.

Caliber: Meaning I won't have to suspend you for starting a brawl backstage.

Ravager: Suspension? A bit harsh. I'm guessing you're still sore about those chair shots, aren't you?

Caliber: You mean when I was handcuffed and you had a billion of your cronies starting a riot? Naw. Totally forgotten.

Ravager: I'd have hated for there to be grudges.

Caliber: Never said anything about that. But I do know what's good for business. Having an NAPW wrestler win the TEAM invitational. Having all the champions healthy and ready to fight. And for that to happen? It'll mean you staying away from Casino tonight. It'll happen soon enough.

Ravager: It better.

He starts to walk off.

Caliber: And don't forget about Fusenhoff.

Ravager: He's never left my mind boss. Worry about making this company money. I'll worry about winning.

Ravager walks off. We cut to his hotel room later that night.

And so we come to this spot. The getting to know you spot. Hello Fusenhoff. I'm Ravager. The NAPW champion. The fifth seed in the Mexico city bracket. "The favorite". But that label means nothing, doesn't it? Any man can beat any other man in the ring. It all comes down to one big move. Or one big mistake. Maybe James Irish made the mistake of discounting you? Maybe you're that damn good. Doesn't matter. Because I'm that much better. And now I have so much more to fight for. Glory? Still want it. Titles? One is never enough. Money? Of course. But Fusenhoff, you are now standing in the way of something I really want. Revenge. As long as Chris Casino stays alive in this tournament, I have to stay alive. Because eventually our paths will have to cross. And when they do, he'll have a world of pain coming. So when I take you out Fusenhoff, it won't be anything personal. It won't be easy, I know that. You could care less about my vendetta. You just ready to fight to the top of the mountain with every inch of your being. And once I get Casino taken care of, I can make that my loan goal again. But for now? One match at a time. Angel of Death was the first to fall. Fusenhoff, soon you will yet another reason to drown your sorrows. Then I go after anyone else who stands in my way. Eventually Casino will go down in defeat. And once that happens?

Ravager smirks.

Then I can dismantle anyone else TEAM puts in my way.

Fade to Black.

02-23-07, 09:35 PM
“By prevailing over all obstacles and distractions, one may unfailingly arrive at his chosen goal or destination. (http://thinkexist.com/quotation/by_preserving_over_all_obstacles_and_distractions/171483.html)”
-Christopher Columbus

Fade in to Fusenshoff walking past 6100 Main Street on Rice University’s campus. It is a gorgeous day but Fusenshoff still looks drunk and miserable. A few guys walk up and one of them is holding a basketball. He stops in his tracks, making them all stop. The student who stopped is pointing at Fusenshoff. He knows he’s been spotted.

Student 1: “Hey man, you’re Fusenshoff!”

Fusenshoff: “What’s up guys?”

Student 2: “Wow, that is so cool! Everyone is pumped about having the TEAM tournament here, man. You can feel the energy in class and on campus.”

Fusenshoff: “Great.”

Student 3: “You should come party tonight Fusenshoff! There’s a three kegger just down the street from here. I’ve got a flyer in my backpack.”

Fusenshoff: “Maybe I will stop by.”

Student 2: “That would be cool, man. Hey, who are you matched up with in the second round?”

Fusenshoff: “Ravager.”

Student 1: “Dude I heard Ravager is fighting Chris Casino!”

Fusenshoff: “Nope.”

Student 3: “Yeah. I heard Ravager was gonna attack Casino with a staple gun. I saw part of one of his television promos and I’d bet $5 bucks he’s fighting Casino.”

Fusenshoff: “I guess you’ll be buying my keg cup tonight then.”

Student 2: “We’re meeting some people in the gym to play pickup basketball so we gotta go. Don’t forget to stop by tonight.”

Fusenshoff: “Later guys.”

Fusenshoff keeps walking around campus before taking a seat under a tree about 30 yards from a women’s volleyball match. He takes a few more swigs from his flask and then looks into the camera.

Fusenshoff: “I’m not very surprised those kids thought you were fighting Casino this week Ravager. If I didn’t know any better I’d have thought the same thing.

“This entire tournament is loaded with big names. Look at the guys left just in our bracket. There’s former MBE great Canadian Loonie, plus the top three seeds in Joe Retro, Karl Brown and the infamous Dan Ryan. All these guys are professionals and put up one hell of a scrap every time they’re surrounded by tens of thousands of people.

“And yet not one of them matters right now.

“This week you’ve got me Ravager, not Chris Casino. You should know by now that worrying about anyone else besides me this week is stupid- plain and simple. If your mind is somewhere else all week and you enter the Autry Center unprepared for me, I’m gonna take it personally.

“If I take you out so easily that I could’ve done it drunk then I’m gonna be pissed that I wasn’t.

“Do me a favor and get your head out of your ass. Put the staple gun down before you hurt yourself. I shouldn’t be ‘always on your mind’, I should be at the forefront of your mind because that’s where you are in mine. Then again, I’ve got nothing better to do than drink and get ready to knock you senseless. “I left my family- my parents and friends- because I wasn’t able to face them anymore. I don’t have a title to fall asleep with every night and I’m sure as hell not thinking about people with their sights set on the target on my back.

“I can understand why I’m not the first thing that comes to your mind when planning your week. I’m the bottom seed now in this bracket and 13s never make it to the Sweet 16, just ask Rice’s basketball team.

“No one likes 13, they all want lucky number 7.

“I hope our number 7 seed pulls the upset too because if he moves on and fate decides I face him somewhere down the line, then you’ll have to think back to that night you could’ve given your all against me, but instead you were too busy wasting your time with your staple gun. In fact I’m so important that you mentioned to your buddy that I’m ‘possibly an alcoholic’, just like Britney Spears is possibly a bald hillbilly nutcase.

“I wake up every morning next to an empty liquor bottle on the nightstand and a fresh one sitting in the mini-bar freezer. If I’m not an alcoholic to you then I’d hate to meet the man who raised you.

“You’ve said in the past that you treat every match like a world title shot. You said you don’t take nights off. Please prove that your word means something when we meet in the ring.

“I don’t want to be sober all day for nothing.”

Fusenshoff stands up from the tree and looks back down at the flyer. He starts walking toward the volleyball match while taking a drink from his flask as the camera fades out

02-23-07, 10:56 PM
Fade in on a bottle of whiskey. The camera pans back to show Ravager, staring at the bottle. A bitter chuckle from the NAPW champion as he takes the bottle in his hands.

I don't pretend to understand your demons. I won't lecture you on your mistakes or your choices. I'm not here to judge you. I'm just here to beat you. I will say one thing: People who look for answers at the bottom of the bottle usually get the wrong ones. You think I'm not preparing for you? Maybe you should get your head out of your ass.

Ravager stops. Pours himself a shot. He picks up his shot glass, and looks at it.

Sometimes I get angry. I get into vendetta mode, where I don't stop until I get my pound of flesh from whoever wronged me. And apparently it hurt you that you weren't my sole focus earlier. Granted, if situations were reversed, I might feel insulted too. You think I'd forgotten you? Now why would I do that? After all my work to gain credibility in TEAM, why would I let myself brush off a threat like you? Because that's what you are. A threat. You can talk about your being an underdog. You can bring up your alcoholism. That doesn't change the fact that you beat a champion already in this tournament. And I don't want to be another victim of an upset. I admire you for going this match sober. Hopefully that means there'll be no excuses when I win.

Ravager puts the glass down.

I don't want to drink this. It won't help me better understand you in the ring. And I like to think I'm above mocking a man's addictions. But I'm not above beating you senseless. I'm not above bending the rules. Hell, it makes the match more fun. And I'll make no secret of the fact that the man I want to fight most is wrestling another opponent. That's what makes our match so important. That's what's going to drive me to make this a main event. That's what drives me to study as many of your matches as possible, Fusenhoff. Beating you is the most important goal I have right now. Because it'll get me closer to my revenge. My pound of flesh. I will not take the night off against you, Fusenhoff. Not when victory will get me within distance of my heart's desire.

So, you feel better now that you got my full attention?

Ravager smashes the bottle.

Ravager: You probably should have gone to the kegger, Fusenhoff.

Fade to Black.

02-25-07, 07:40 PM
Fade in to Fusenshoff sitting at a table by himself in a dark corner of a strip club in Texas. He’s half focused on the co-ed stripping on stage and also trying to get the attention of a waitress. His shot and beer are both empty and he’s even finished off a bowl of mixed nuts.

Fusenshoff: “Smashing a whiskey bottle wasn’t really necessary Ravager. It took a while for me to get your full attention, but you’ve always had mine.

“I’m glad to hear that this match is going to be longer than it takes to get that whiskey stain out of your shirt at the cleaner’s. I would have been extremely disappointed to hear you’d made an exception for me and didn’t come with your best.

“I thought about your little spat with Casino the other day and it reminded me of an old Charles Dickens quote. It’s from Great Expectations. I used to be an avid reader of literature in my teenage years.

“He said, ‘So throughout life our worst weaknesses and meannesses are usually committed for the sake of the people whom we most despise.’

“I noticed the term ‘revenge’ came up a few times the last I heard from you. I think that pretty much hits the nail on the head. I’m sure right now everything makes perfect sense to you and your actions are wholly justifiable in your mind. Then maybe five years from now or maybe in a week you’ll look back and think, ‘Man, I sure would’ve done things differently if I were given a second chance.’

“I remember that quote because it really stuck with me and has changed my character. That’s why I’m not a person who will take things to heart and cry over spilled milk. I simply get between those ropes and give it everything I’ve got every time. I never have to worry about being distracted because I don’t get caught up in the silliness you seem so eager to resolve. I don’t walk into the ring with a vendetta against my opponent because it is possible to try too hard and make mistakes.

“It’s really very rewarding to simply walk up the metal stairs and wrestle the same damn way every time. I’d say consistency is my biggest strength for all the reasons I’ve mentioned earlier.

“But you’re still not paying very close attention Ravager. You think I’m ‘insulted’ by your focus on Casino?

“I haven’t been truly insulted in over a decade because I’d have to care what the insulter thinks of me. I’ve left my entire family and everyone I’ve ever been close to, so why on God’s green earth would I care about what someone I barely know is thinking or doing? I only mentioned it out of concern. I feared you were going to disappoint me and bring your ‘B’ game to the ring when we meet.

“You’re the one who’s seeking approval, which is a sign of insecurity- doubt in oneself.

“You’re worried about your credibility in TEAM. Wise men have said that you should worry about your character and not your reputation because your character is who you are and not just what others think of you. Why do you care about what other people think when there are guys out there like Hoyt Williams that can’t even spell credibility?

“You want to make waves in this tournament to boost your own pride and ego. You’re doing it to get the approval of the wrestling world. You have so many different things going on in that mind of yours that it’s just one giant mess. When your thoughts are focused on so many different things you can’t possibly set it all aside at a moment’s notice and spend 100% of your effort on the task in front of you.

“Perhaps you should’ve thought before smashing that whiskey bottle. You could’ve found me and we could’ve shared the thing. I wouldn’t have made you go shot-for-shot with me, but I would’ve made sure you had enough to drink to realize how much sh*t you’ve been shoveling into your own backyard. You’d have lightened up and had a few laughs. You could’ve stopped to count your blessing and appreciate your own hard work in winning that title you keep around your waist. It would’ve benefited us both because it would’ve been a better match- a fight we both could’ve been proud of.

“You gotta take time to stop and smell the roses Ravager.

“Things could be worse… trust me.

The waitress finally makes it back to Fusenshoff’s table with his shot of Jack Daniels and bottle of Labatt’s Blue. Fade out as Fusenshoff already orders another round as the next co-ed walks onto the stage to ‘Desperado’ by the Eagles.

02-26-07, 01:59 AM
Ravager backstage at the ENN awards. In his hand he has D!'s Wrestler of the Year Award.

Now before you say anything Fusenhoff, I didn't take this to impress you. You have no reason to care about this award. It has no effect on the outcome of this match.

I didn't take this to make myself feel better. I mean, there's a certain guilty pleasure in taking this, sure. But it's not mine. I didn't earn it. It really has no value for me.

I took it because the person who won it, left the NAPW without getting a proper goodbye from me. He laid me out with a chair on his last show, then ran, never to be heard from since. I'm hoping that having this will prick D!'s sizable ego enough that he'll come back, so I can get a small measure of payback.


Why am I telling you this, Fusenhoff? What possible interest could you have in my NAPW business? I already bored you with my rant about Chris Casino. Why would I bring this up now?

Ravager chuckles.

I hate to leave any business unfinished, Fusenhoff. That's why I lept at the chance to face Solian at the TEAM supershow. That's why I nevere stoppped getting in D!'s face in NAPW. That's why I want to fight Casino so badly. And that's what's going to motivate me to win this Invitational. I've made it my goal to leave a huge impression on TEAM. I've had setbacks, but am finally seeing results. I've had to bust my ass, I've given up much hope of having a life outside of wrestling. But I'm making the waves I want to make. And I'm winning matches. And I want to continue this trend. I can't let your little underdog story continue Fusenhoff. You've shown drive, skill. You're fighting off a monster demon just to give me the best fight possible. But in the end, it won't be enough. Because a loss to you?

That would be bad for business.

Nothing personal.

Fade to Black.

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