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02-13-07, 07:10 PM
In case anyone is wondering Dave is still running the show. I'm sure he has told everyone this and doubt that anyone thought differently. I just wanted to go on record and state this.

As for the management angle, if anyone has anything they want to work with Red during this little stint please feel free to email me (tworedhead@iw.net) or hit me on AIM (yanktonirishred). I will do all I can to work every angle that comes my way. If you want to send me an angle I'll read it and add my little bit doing my best to not screw it up and send it back to you before giving it over to Dave. Remember Dave has final say on everything.

On a personal note I have never been nervous about anything in E-Fedding. I'm nervous about this. I just don't want to screw up EPW inadvertently. Thank you to Dave for working this angle with me and having an iota of faith in me.


02-13-07, 09:13 PM
You can expect Beau Michaels to request that he be the one to formally STRIP Dan Ryan ... of his duties... :)

02-13-07, 10:48 PM
Shane, don't worry. Like you said. I'm still in charge. It's just an angle. I won't let you mess it up. ;)

Seriously, it's gonna be all good. Stop pretending you're not a good e-fedder Shane, you homo (no offense to Beau Michaels, or Tom Siegel). And everyone's gonna be involved, so everybody stay on your toes. There's a lot of good stuff I have running around in my mind for this.

02-14-07, 12:03 AM
But offense to Tom Siegel is the FW tradition.