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02-12-07, 08:31 AM
The 4WW legend battles PRIME's Plague.

First round matchup to be held at the Anderson Arena in Bowling Green, OH on Bowling Green State U's campus. No RP limit, RP deadline is Sunday, February 18th at 11:59:59 PM (give or take a second).

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(OOC: Coricidon was never in WWA :P)

The morning breeze creates a small steam from her pursed lips as Ohio wakes up from its saturday night slumber. Her pink face, adorned with little make--up so as not to hide her natural beauty, reflects her emotion of happiness as she peers down at the waters of the lake, steaming as well as if to be in tune with her body. Adorned in normal winter wear, a chic black coat with buttons keeping it shut along with a black scarf so as to not reveal enough skin to catch a cold, especially not before a big event such as the one she will take place in.

She blows on her hands, also covered with a pair of fleece gloves matched to the rest of her attire. The swishes of the waves crashing against the shore creates such a soothing feeling even though the actual crashing is rough and violent against the sands. Other early risers adjoin around her, some for their morning walks and others to just enjoy the beautiful view. Having never been to such a place as Ohio before, she is just enjoying the view and getting away from the honky tonk part of the city that the rest of the world has come to see.

"Great view, huh?" comes a slack-jawed interpretation from a man standing a few feet away.

Her head swivels as the next wave crashes to see exactly what she had perceived before even looking. He is a taller man, cowboy hat on his head and a plaid shirt barely holding the muscles in its cover. A polite smile is given to admire the gesture but she is not here for talk, she is here to relax before she goes into her intense training regimen. However, not taking no for an answer, the brawny man takes a few sidesteps closer to her, the grass crackling underneath his heavy boots.

"You have to just love that smell along with the soothing sensations it gives you", he continues, smiling back at her even though she has turned away.

Now noticing the sweet aroma of the water, the entire environment just becomes that part of the chi in whi-

"You don't seem that you are from around here, are you?" he asks, cutting off the one speaker in which can decide one's fate.

Turning, she gives the look that is normally only intended for opponents but now is being given to that one obnoxious guy that will not stop pestering her.

"Excuse me, sir", she says, a polite smile on her face. "I am in a really good mood right now and my bi-polar hasn't acted up today... Do you, by chance, know what it is like to be yelled at by a woman once she enters that other phase?"

His blank stare says much about what he is thinking right now. He is a bigger man and has probably never had a woman yell at him before. The reactions he is feeling right now from it make him range his emotions on what kind of response he is supposed to give. Obviously, being a man, you know he is going to give the wrong one as his lips begin to open.

"I just thought I would tell you ab-", he says, before getting stopped by a chop in the throat.

"I am pretty sure I said you didn't want to go there", she responded.

His brawny hands clutch onto his throat, the windpipe not crushed however momentarily damaged as he drops to his knees gasping for short breaths to get anything into his lungs to try and stop the pain. He continues trying to speak as she gives a small smirk and begins walking away, the soothing sound from the shoreline mixed with the gasping man falling to the ground, her two favorite sounds in all the world.


Asleep is where all of the best magic in the world occurs. Her head lays on the plush pillow as her slumbering body is adorned in black sweatpants and a black tank top, obviously if you haven't caught the hint of what her wardrobe closet looks like, chances are you never will. Tossing and turning, a small shade of sunlight catching her face every toss, while her dark hair is sun streaked every turn. She is not awake enough for it to be a daydream however not asleep enough for it to be a real dream. This is not the first time that this has happened, however. Many of her nights have been filled with nightmares and fantasies of the past which is the main reason why she sleeps during the day, less demons come out to play in broad daylight.

She isn't any type of gothic warrior though. Her demons are not creatures sent from down under nor do they have silly names and look as if they are from the pages of comic books. Unfortunately, these creatures are not fictional and were birthed as much as all other mortals before and after have been. The reason they do not come out during the day is because of the sheer fun of the night life, no special meaning for it. They have been called many things such as gangsters, thugs, criminals and, even the white devils. To her, however, they are her past and the things she is trying to stray away from.

The burgeoning glow of the sunlight continues hitting her, the streaks of daylight just as bad on her as the effects of the dreams of the past she is currently coming in contact with. Slowly helping kill what is left of her. She moans and clutches her body, almost going into a shock as her body re-enacts the vicious crimes from long ago that replay over and over again on her eyelids.


Looking stunning in the black csatin Vera Wang dress that conforms to all of the best features of her body, Coricidon makes her grand entrance down the stairs of the palace. At the bottom awaits her date for the night, the one mob boss that tried so hard to get her and now has her... For the night at least. She isn't a hooker nor considered an escort, she has always just liked to have fun. He came to the shows, waited outside of the locker rooms and always wanted to be around the woman. Honestly, she found it amusing and silently giggled over the crush every time he was around. A big-time mob boss making googly eyes with a female wrestling competitor. Something that would have him laughed at by fellow mobsters if they had found out about it. After surprising her with the amazing dress, she couldn't accept the gift and just not give him the time of day. Did she like him? No. He was your typical dirty old man, a gut hanging well over his pant line and a receding hairline that didn't stop until it hit the hair on his back. But she liked money and expensive things, so she just figured 'what the hell.'

He coughed into his bear paw as he looked at her, the stunning specimen reaching the landing as her heels gave a small click when hitting the wooden floor. Her voice cracked a small giggle as she turned her shoulder to hide her sensuous mouth, making her that much more insatiable. He was no slouch when it came to dressing either, however. Standing with his favorite impressionist Don Juan get-up, the mob boss took her right hand gently in his left and bowed to her reply of a curtsy.

"Are you ready, my lady?" he asked, putting on his best royal family gimmick.

Her smile gave away the answer as the two began walking out the door. As the handle turned, the door swung open but not from the force of the mob boss but from a taller figure outside. His face was visible but well enough hidden in the shadows to not give a very good description. He stepped back in horror while Coricidon stood opponent to him. What the boss could not see, however, was the smirk on her face towards the 'foe'. She took a step back and he leaped into the house, grabbing him by the head and twisting his neck like a corkscrew as the last breath of his life is exhausted out of him. His now glassy eyes stay fixated on Coricidon. While his life is ended and his activity and energy have left his body, he still sees her and nothing else. He knows what happened here and, maybe, some day in the afterlife he can pay her back but, for now, he is dead and she is not.

"My lady?" says the figure, staring at her with a smile to show off a missing front tooth.

She walks over to him and puts her stiletto into his boot, looking up at his frame with a sneer on her face. He doesn't move, the pain obviously searing through his leg and up his spine but he doesn't give the satisfaction of a response. Instead, he just continues staring into her blue eyes, seeing the icy stare in which she exchanges.

"Where is my money?" she responds, a devilish emotion in her voice.

He pulls his foot out from under her, tripping her feet up and causing her to stumble back. He advances on her in a quick motion as she lifts her stiletto up into the air only to... Wake up.


A pool of sweat puddles her pillow as she stares around the room, darkness now slowly creeping in on her. She gives a sigh of relief, having not finished the dream in which she was having. Her hair is a complete mess although her face continues to be a sight for sore eyes. Coricidon reaches around on the dark floor and finds her laptop neatly sitting on the floor. Grabbing it by the back of the monitor, she lifts it up and allows it to open as she sets it on her lap. The screen pops on as the brightness is a completely different contrast from the dark and stings her eyes for a second. The heat from the bottom of the laptop warms her legs while she sits with her legs crossed reading her e-mails.

"Devin Shakur, huh?" she says, laughter disguised somewhere in her tone. "Wonder if he has ever heard of me. Wonder if I have ever heard of him. Wonder if he has been to hell. Wonder if I have ever been in heaven. Wonder why I keep talking to myself. Wonder why I can't stop saying wonder. Wonder where he is from. Wonder whether I care...."

Her voice stops and she stares at the screen of this character for a moment... And then she begins to laugh.

"I came all the way out to Ohio for this?" she says, clinching her eyes to look closer at the screen. "I know it has been a while since I have been around but I want competition. A name like Devin Shakur puts no fear into my heart and it definitely doesn't stir up any emotions that might even make my bi-polar act up... Then again, maybe that is a good thing... For him."

The screen suddenly shuts off as she gives a sigh of confusion. Two small taps can be heard as the monitor gets love taps onto the top screen. When it comes on, she looks at her e-mail and suddenly sees the face above it, glowing from the screen resolution.

" 'ello love", says the voice, staring down at her, the only features pointed out are the cold eyes and a scar stretched out above his left eyebrow.

Her face goes blank and she sits completely still.

"Oh ****..."

02-15-07, 07:47 PM
Down in a massive entertainment room on the basement floor of a mansion in Raleigh, North Carolina sits a group of individuals who nobody knows the truth about. The camera turns on to see three individuals sitting on a plush couch and one individual sitting in a reclining chair smoking a candy cigarette. The man in the reclining chair is about 6’2 and has some resemblance to Keanu Reeves.

The three individuals sitting on the couch are quite the opposite. The one on the far left is about 6 feet tall, 160 pounds, and has a pool of empty beer cans around him. He is ****ing wasted. The guy on the far right is 7 feet tall, weighs about 325 pounds, and looks to be about forty five years of age. He also bears a resemblance to Kevin Nash. The man in the middle looks like an abortion of an emo guy having sex with a gothic whore. He sits there in his dress attire staring into the camera. This man goes by the name of Devin Shakur, entrant in the TEAM tournament.

Devin Shakur: Greetings to the benefit of those with corneas, my name is Devin Shakur and I am one of the many entrants in this TEAM tournament. I will get to the unfortunate soul that has to encounter me shortly. I would first like to introduce the people in this room. Over here is a man who goes by the name of Drunken Dan.

The camera is now staring at the drunken guy.


Devin Shakur: Remind me never to let him watch anymore VW commercials with the guy talking German. Anyhow, the really tall bloke goes by the name of Marcus Blaze.

The camera is now staring at the really tall guy who looks like Kevin Nash

Marcus Blaze: FRIED CHICKEN!

Devin Shakur: And the man that is sitting on the reclining chair over there goes by the name of OOC Chris.

The camera now stares at the guy in the recliner

OOC Chris: I can read the description parts on your writing. Now allow me to introduce the narrator of the story who provides our description writing.


OOC Chris: Yes, he can talk but he’s locked in the space time continuum for stalking Jennifer Aniston-

What can I say? I still have a better shot than you at it.

OOC Chris: I hold the key to that continuum. Don’t ****ing push it!

Devin Shakur: We will also be having random cameo appearances from various people. If you look over to my far right, you will see a large time machine/transporter.

The camera now stares at the time machine/transporter. We’re great with description right?

Devin Shakur: Alright, now that we have that out of the way, we will jump right into the introduction for the evening, the roundtable discussion.

OOC Chris: Ok since we are having a roundtable discussion for this evening, our topic will be plagiarism.



Devin Shakur: Shut up. Continue on Chris.

OOC Chris: Thank you. We will be discussing a specific incident of plagiarism that involves a bloke that we are all familiar with, Jason Snow. This other bloke ripped his work and proceeded to call it his on his MySpace page. What are your thoughts on that?

Devin Shakur: How can somebody rip Jason Snow off?

OOC Chris is not sure how to answer this question. He goes all ‘lover having a secret affair’ on Devin Shakur with his look.

Devin Shakur: It’s alright, you can tell me.

OOC Chris: (Sigh) Ok, I didn’t want to have to tell you this so early in our discussions…But you are not a real person…You are a fictional character being written by me in a parallel universe.

Give accurate time to sell.


Devin Shakur: …Damn…That was deep.

Medium pause, just because everybody writes long pause in this place.

OOC Chris: So yeah, the guy is ripping off Jason Snow’s GTT6 winning work. What are your thoughts on that?

Devin Shakur: Well he is using it to gain pending 1337 status so I think that he should be thrown in jail.

OOC Chris: Agreed

Marcus Blaze: I disagree with that sentiment.

OOC Chris: What for?

Marcus Blaze: He shouldn’t have to be the surprise of the buy five packs of cigarettes and get a surprise for free exchange on Thursdays up at a maximum security prison just because he plagiarized somebody else’s work.

OOC Chris: What is the foundation for your argument?

Marcus Blaze: Well if you think about it, we are all plagiarizing each and every single day.

Devin Shakur: What? You are out of your ****ing mind.

Marcus Blaze: No, I’m not. We are even doing it right now.

OOC Chris: From what source?


Devin Shakur: …

OOC Chris: …

Blue smoke comes from the time machine/transporter area. Enter Dick Vitale.

Dick Vitale: PWNED…BAYBEE!

Exit Dick Vitale back through the transporter/time machine.

OOC Chris: Dude, whatever e-pot Chris Nova gave you, give me some because that was seriously a WTF moment.

Devin takes a sip of his water, keeps it halfway in the air, and looks around the room.

Devin Shakur: WTF moment?

Everybody Else: WTF moment

They all raise their beverage containers in agreement. Somewhere an old man is writing that into a WTF Moment book.

Marcus Blaze: Although I do have to ask…The sight of Jason Snow has been known to cause orgasms right?

Devin Shakur: That’s the rumor

Marcus Blaze: What happens when you plagiarize him?

Devin Shakur: I don’t want to be within a three mile radius when that happens.

OOC Chris: Do you think that is why he REALLY set his Myspace page to private?

Devin Shakur: Could be.


All four of the blokes look at each other, Devin Shakur decides to get up and walk over to the door that goes out into the backyard. He stands there for a second.

OOC Chris/Marcus Blaze: …What…The…**** was that?

Devin Shakur: That’s the television watching nymphomaniac from next door. Guess she must have seen Jason Snow on the tele.

OOC Chris: Oh crap

Drunken Dan looks very happy


Drunken Dan jumps up to his feet, kicks the beer cans out of the way, and makes a mad dash for the door. Devin gets out of the way by opening the door. Drunken Dan now makes a beeline for the neighbor’s house. Once he gets to the fence however…

Drunken Dan: OOF

He slams right into it

Marcus Blaze: Nice safety measure.

Devin Shakur: I thought so also.

Devin shuts the door and goes back over to the couch.

Devin Shakur: Now that we have him out of the way for a few minutes...Hand me that marker.

Marcus Blaze reaches over on the table to his right and hands Devin a magic marker. Devin proceeds to turn away from the camera and appears to be writing something on his forehead. About ten seconds later he turns around…

With the words ‘Serious Face’ written on his forehead

Time to drop some propaganda on that ass

Devin Shakur: Who am I? What is my story? Am I one of those wrestlers without an identity, and as a result I searched the flea markets for a washed up gimmick to call my own? No, I am a wrestler who is all about one word, realism. That is my outlook on life, to see the cold hard truth for what it really is: None of you know if there is a real God, none of you know what is going to happen the very next second in this journey that we call life, and none of you can claim absolutism in any aspect of this wrestling tournament no matter your level of confidence.

Marcus Blaze is completely oblivious to the situation.

Marcus Blaze: So you wanna know something about Devin Shakur’s life? This mother****er completed a game of solitaire in 84 seconds on the computer. 84 SECONDS!


Marcus Blaze: What’s a shoot?


Sorry, we can’t talk about that situation. Otherwise they’ll send people from Area 51 and the IRS to beat our ass.

Marcus Blaze: Who are they?

The Unsolved Mysteries theme song plays and Marcus Blaze runs for cover by going through the time machine/transporter.

OOC Chris: You have to admit that music is creepy.

Devin Shakur: Can I finish?

OOC Chris: Sorry

Devin Shakur: We will stand out in the wrestling ring with only five weapons at our disposal: Our fists, our feet, and our mind, and combined they make up a wrestler. The intention is to claim superiority in the face of adversity, to leap over the parameters that the opposition builds in front of us. Guaranteeing victory is pointless because you do not know, you only assume and the adage behind that word remains legitimate. We are left to make educational guesses once that bell sounds because confidence is not going to be able to add velocity to a punch nor a kick…

Devin smiles real big for the camera.

Devin Shakur: You are entering my paradise. Alright, get this ****ing **** off my face.

Devin grabs a washcloth from the table and wipes the marker off his face, dries it with the left arm sleeve of his dress shirt, and continues.

Devin Shakur: When aspects of the unknown are paramount, that is where genius truly reveals itself in elemental form. Coricidon, this match is not a matter of past accomplishment, this match is not a matter of past Championships, and this match is not a matter to measure amounts of confidence. This match is about survival. You might bring an eccentric element in being bi-polar to the table, but in the grand scheme of it all you are still a human being. You have crimson blood running through you that can be brought forth. You have bones on your body that can break. You are capable of being pinned for three seconds. You are capable of submitting and your pain threshold is capable of being found. No assumptions there, just facts. I will leave the rest to be dealt with by my five weapons when our encounter occurs.

Devin Shakur: If you want some insight into my world, here it is: My body is a map of hell that Hieronymus Bosch only wishes that he could have been able to paint. My soul is non-existent because life raped it from me at an early age. My one vice is an addiction to superiority. It consumes my body. It controls my brain. It makes me hunt for a way to win even when my body tells me there isn’t one. I am its slave and I reap its benefits. I’m a reject of society who life tries to abort with its proverbial clothes hanger each and every day. It wants to send me to the fiery underworld…And you shall not be the form of Satan that tries to bring me home.

Fade Out

02-18-07, 10:35 PM
Devin Shakur is a walking time bomb that could explode at any given second.

Ever since his inception, he was an unwanted symbol of hate brought about by the constant torment from his father. Devin’s mother, Maria, would never get to see her son develop in this world because she died while birthing him. His father, Anthony Shakur, on the other hand wanted to make sure that Devin never developed in the world…

Because Anthony, being of a Puritan religion, believed that Devin was the reason for Maria’s death, and that Satan had given him a present straight from the fiery underworld. Anthony even went so far as to request Father Patterson of his church to give an exorcism to Devin immediately after he was conceived.

Each and every day of Devin’s existence, Anthony Shakur had to remind his son that the life he was currently living in would be his glass ceiling. Devin would never be able to grow up to have a normal life, he would never get to experience happiness, and he would never be able to go into heaven.

“It is something called predestination” Anthony would say to Devin “That means God has already chosen who he wants to go into heaven, and who he does not want to. No matter what you do Devin your rank is never going to change” The constant whippings and beatings to his infant body every day would remind him of the comments. When Devin would sleep, the only thing that he could see in his dreams was flames. The symbol of where he would wind up one day.

When Devin was just a year old, Anthony Shakur actually did something for Devin that Anthony would consider charitable. He made Devin a birthday present, but made Devin earn the present by being beaten almost to the point of unconsciousness. Devin was taken down into the basement and had to feast his eyes upon the first memory that would be burned into his hippocampus…

A casket with his name stitched on the inside. Devin would have to sleep there from that day forward, further being driven to insanity in his head. Anthony would always keep a sharp eye on his son, making sure that he never got to experience any pleasures that other human beings got to experience. Anthony wanted Devin to quit on life, give up, and rot away with Satan like the girls of Salem did back in 1692.

Each day Devin could smell blood, that of his own, everywhere that he went. It was the stigma of his past that he carried with him up until the age of 15. What exactly happened inside of the Shakur residence upon Devin’s 15th birthday is only known to about 0.01 percent of the population, but Anthony Shakur has not been seen or heard from ever since. Their residence is still around and kids, to this day, tell urban legends of what would happen in that house.

Devin meanwhile was now liberated from the fascism that was his home, and now he would have to survive on his own, in the elements of nature similar to Henry David Thoreau when he wrote the book Walden. Devin could not express into words what was happening with him. If one were to ask him today, he would say one word in response


Despite being free from the oppressed, Devin could not live on the pleasures of nature for much longer. It was at this point that he started on a life of crime. Devin had all of the tools of the trade to become a great burglar and robber: He had patience, a select list of things to get, and if the homeowners were home, he could creep around the house without making a noise. Up until the age of 18, Devin would do this and manage to make his living off of this…

Until one night when Devin went into an old lady’s house and he was spotted. Devin ran out the back door and fled into the woods, but was quickly apprehended and brought in by the Raleigh Police Department. When it was revealed that Devin had ties to a man known only by the name of Christian, a figurehead enemy in the area, it was deemed necessary to teach the young lad a lesson, and so he was sent to Central, a maximum security prison for seven years.

Devin was seen as the new fish in prison, as per usual, but he kept himself out of trouble for a couple of months by keeping his mouth shut and not getting involved with any activities. One day however, he would be put to the test as one of the big dogs by the name of Bones wanted to take him out. Why, one would ask, because he wanted to. Bones even went so far as to lash out the beating to Devin himself. Blow after blow was sent into the young man, who could barely muster up a defense against a man as strong as Bones. Unfortunately for Bones, he uttered one word that would change the entire scene.


This was the word that Devin was called everyday for fifteen years and the word that sent him into a blithering rage of fisticuffs. Bones could not have foreseen the rage pouring out of Devin Shakur’s body with each punch and kick that he threw. It would take five guards and some serious baton action from them in order to get Devin away from Bones. Devin was sent to solitary confinement for one month and Bones was soon released from his sentence.

Once Devin got out, he would immediately find new respect amongst the inmates who once gave him scowling looks. No longer did they want to initiate a confrontation with him. Devin felt a sense of satisfaction about his accomplishment, even if it was done by violent means.

Also when Devin returned, another less volatile incident would change the young man’s life forever. A letter had come into Central Prison from Beverly Hills, California from someone by the name of Kimberly Crawford. She was asking for one of the inmates to tell her their story and if they felt that they should have redemption. The guards, not in a conniving mood at the time, handed the letter to Devin. After mulling the legitimacy of the letter, Devin decided to respond back with his story and soon a bond was formed between the two.

The bond was so deep that Kimberly flew to Raleigh to see Devin on his 21st birthday with a surprise that left Devin speechless for the first time in his life, she was asking Devin to marry her. The two would end up wedding two weeks later and have a two hour honeymoon inside of the prison. Three months later, Devin was informed via a letter that he was going to be a father to Kimberly’s child. The emotional high that Devin was on could not be put into words…

The emotional low on the other hand would balance the powers of life: There ended up being a miscarriage of the child, leaving Devin to the point of potential suicide. He was placed on a watch for seventy-two hours about six times within the next month and a half. Devin was never successful as he now had people that cared about him.

On the up and up, Devin learned that he would be released from prison a year earlier than anticipated for the good behavior that he had produced recently. To the point of exhaustion, Devin was on the phone with Kimberly, eager as ever to start his new life with the woman that he loved. The cons that were in the prison with him all pitched in to make sure that Devin got to Beverly Hills immediately after being released from prison.

Upon said release from prison, Devin bought a bouquet of flowers from a street vendor on his way to Kimberly’s house. This was supposed to be the greatest moment of his life, the chance to actually start a life, to have a new beginning, and to have a moment of serenity, unprecedented terrain for Devin Shakur…

Until a plethora of police officers and yellow tape surrounded the Beverly Hills mansion. Devin was horrified, hoping that this was not what it appeared to be. After being able to get by the policemen, Devin ran up the stairs to the second floor where Kimberly’s bedroom was located at, only to find the most macabre scene that he had ever seen.

Her face was mutilated. Her body was shattered. Her blood was spread throughout the room. Devin’s brain could not prepare itself for what he saw, and his reactions after seeing Kimberly lying dead might, in hindsight, have been justified. Devin walked out to her second floor balcony, put his left foot up on the railing, lifted his right leg thereafter, and plummeted straight down to the ground, hoping that he would die.

Unfortunately for Devin, life wanted to have another turn at his expense. Devin would be brought back to life, and after undergoing intense psychological treatment, Devin was sent back to Raleigh to once again fend for himself. However, he was able to find a job at a technological company by the name of ATI (Apex Technological Institute). Devin would find instant success with a job that allowed him to have creative freedom over the ways that the technology was to be distributed, and even coming up with a few technology ideas himself. By the age of 27 Devin would become the CEO of this upstart company, and life it seemed could not get any better for him.

Where there is an up there is always a down

On his 28th birthday Devin stepped down from his position at ATI without warning and much to the shock of everybody who attended the birthday celebration. The reason being that three people held him at gunpoint and demanded that Devin become their personal mercenary for a much bigger target…Someone that was occupied in the wrestling organization called PRIME. Of course he did not tell the people at the party this, and thus left them with an enigma.

Devin Shakur had no choice but to concede, become someone else’s subordinate, and continue on with his life.

“For you see, my life is irrelevant”
“I have experienced the highest of highs”
“I have experienced the lowest of lows”
“I’ve graced the tip of Cloud Nine”
“I’ve felt the blade of fate twisted deeply into my spine”
“I have absolutely nothing to lose”
“My money is meaningless if it is stagnant”
“My wisdom is meaningless if it never emanates”
“Horror circulates through my body, mixed in with my blood”
“The only thing I see at night is death”
“What I should have become”
“And what I want to become”
“What pushes me you ask?”
“Why not just pull the trigger now?”
“While I said my life was irrelevant”
“Those that encounter me are my life”
“Those who have sucked happiness from my lungs”
“You are my objective”
“You are my life”
“If you put yourself in my path”
“It might not be today”
“It might not be tomorrow”
“But one day you will be on that same Cloud Nine”
“Without worry, without concern”
“And you will also feel the knife of fate deep in your spine”
“Watch the clock turn”
“Count the seconds”
“Don’t let them go by so fast”
“Because they just might be your last”

Page 302- The Diary of Devin Shakur (January 29th, 2007)

Now we switch gears to a much lighter side of Devin Shakur’s life

Back in that same entertainment room of that same mansion that you saw the last time you encountered one of these ridiculous pieces sit three of the four individuals: OOC Chris, Devin Shakur, and Drunken Dan. Marcus Blaze is no where to be seen, but the three seem to be having a lovely conversation without him.


Devin Shakur: Did he let you go then?

Drunken Dan: **** YEAH THEY LET ME GO!

OOC Chris: Who do we have as our special guest for the roundtable discussion tonight?

Devin Shakur: You aren’t going to like who it is.

OOC Chris: Adam Morrison? Oh God I want to knock that ****er out so bad for playing like **** for our Bobcats. **** YOU MICHAEL JORDAN! WE COULD HAVE HAD BRANDON ROY AND YOU TOOK THAT PIECE OF ****!

Dude, seriously, if anybody from PRIME reads this crap we are going to lose. You know how they are about caps.

OOC Chris: Ah right, sorry narrator, thanks for keeping me straight.

No problem, happy to help.

Devin Shakur: It’s actually the one guy you hate more

OOC Chris: …No

Devin Shakur: Yeah, he needs something to do in the off season so we booked him as a guest.

OOC Chris: No…Not…Terrell Owens?

Devin Shakur: I’m afraid so.

OOC Chris: **** THIS ****!

OOC Chris storms out of the room

Blue smoke comes from the time machine/transporter. Enter a live chicken and two seconds later enter Marcus Blaze chasing it. He sees the camera and stops.

Marcus Blaze: FRIED CHICKEN!

Big smile…


Devin Shakur: And you want to give Chris **** about yelling.

Marcus Blaze runs at the chicken. The chicken makes a good fake move to the left and then books it back to the right before hauling ass out of the room. Marcus Blaze continues to chase.

Marcus Blaze: You will make me twenty bucks at KFC’s pawn shop!

Exit Marcus Blaze leaving Devin Shakur and Drunken Dan in the room.

Devin Shakur: Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to bring out our next guest…Terrell Owens!

Enter Terrell Owens through the time machine/transporter. He goes over to the couch and shakes hands with Devin Shakur before sitting down next to him.

Devin Shakur: Great of you to be here Terrell.

Terrell Owens: No p-



OOC Chris with a huge right on Terrell Owens and he’s out.

OOC Chris: Hospital bills gonna cost a lot Terrell. You got about 23 million reasons to live now *****!


Enter Triple H through the time machine/transporter.


Devin Shakur hits Play on an audio recorder


Triple H: Then for the three people in the room…And for the three or so people who will actually get this far in the roleplay to view this portion…

Triple H almost doubles over, getting ready for the big moment.

Triple H: TTTTTTTTT…Wait, hang on a second.

Devin Shakur: What’s the problem?

Triple H: Do you have permission to use me in this piece? I’ve heard that can get you disqualified.

Enter Stewie and Brian Griffin from Family Guy.

Stewie Griffin: Yes we got permission to use you and everybody else.

Brian Griffin: From who exactly?



Everybody exits through the time machine/transporter.

OOC Chris: How many points do you think we’ll get docked for that one?

Devin Shakur: I’ll try and regain them back with this. Get him out of the room first though.

OOC Chris and Drunken Dan drag Terrell Owens out of the room leaving Devin Shakur alone with the camera.

Devin Shakur: Coricidon, time is of the essence and soon our encounter shall occur. Your words, whatever they might be, are going to be of little use coming into this match. You know nothing of me and you know nothing of my past. I would hope that you are coming into this match looking at it with the same intensity and the same focus that I am. You are one of the chosen people that are going to come across my path in the life that I am currently living in. I fully expect to be in for one of the toughest fights of my life. I refuse to underestimate my opponents, no matter where they come from or what their background is. On any given night any one person can beat another person. We both are expected to bring our best game to the table and for that, if I lose, you will hear no excuse from my mouth should I lose.

Devin Shakur: The only problem with that is…You have to get there. Fists can be thrown at my face and I will feel them, but they will not hurt me. Kicks will be thrown at my midsection, I might wince, but I will not fall. Hope is the horse that you are riding in on since confidence cannot leave the barn. You will have to pin my shoulders to the mat…You will have to make me a subordinate for three seconds in a match…

Devin tries to keep himself from laughing. After a couple of seconds, he regains his composure.

Devin Shakur: I’ve been seen as a ***** to someone ever since I came into this world: My father, cell mates, life, death, and everything in between, they all want to hold me down and oppress me. They want to use their venom to cripple me just like you do so that you can advance to the next round of this tournament. You want to break me open just like they all have and put me into my proper place.

Devin Shakur: The only problem with that is…Resistance. You will not get the civil disobedience kind of resistance from me. I have had to fight for every right that I have had in my life. For every scrap of food that has gone through my mouth, I have had to fight for it. I have had to bleed immensely for my success. I have had to have my heart void of my body for my success. I have had to lose my soul to have success. I have had to tell morality to go **** itself for my success. I have tasted death’s bitter samples consistently just to have a chance to be sitting here before you today…

Devin Shakur: Do you think I give a **** about hurting you? Do you think I give a **** about beating you senseless? Do you think I give a **** about losing blood because of you? The last words of wisdom I will give you go like this: If you need a second chance, you will not win. That is not confidence, that is a fact. Go look through my history, nobody has gotten a second chance against me…And nobody ever will.

Fade Out