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02-12-07, 08:29 AM
The man who's won nearly every belt NAPW has to offer grapples with Steve Watson's mortal enemy from FUSE and GTT6.

First round matchup to be held at the Welsh-Ryan Auditorium in Evanston, IL on Northwestern U.'s campus. No RP limit, RP deadline is Sunday, February 18th at 11:59:59 PM (give or take a second).

02-12-07, 02:16 PM
~Bell Island, Newfoundland, Canada, home of the largest iron ore producer in the world between 1895 and 1966. This once bustling town was home, at its peek, to twelve thousand plus hard working people. Now, with the closure of the mine, all that remains are a mere fifteen hundred people mostly employed by the fishery or local businesses. But, there is one man that stands above the rest. He is a champion among men and a gift to the world of wrestling, he is, like his trademark rants tells us; “The former NAPW Television Champion, the three time and longest reigning NAPW Provincial Champion, two time NAPW Champion, 2006 ENN #1 Wrestler, the top wrestler in the business today, the technical terror, “The East Coast Sensation”, “The Lemondrop Kid”, the one and the only…LLOYD REES!!”~

~Most people consider “Newfies”, the people of the Provincial of Newfoundland, as a kind and friendly people; Rees is the acceptation. You must understand, Rees thinks the country of Canada has dealt a raw deal to the people of Newfoundland. Written directly in the Confederation agreement between the country of Canada and, what was formerly known as, The Republic of Newfoundland is a line that proves exactly that, it reads; “Newfoundland, her and her people shall never prosper.” But enough about Canadian and Newfoundland relations, this is wrestling, and it is what “The Lemondrop Kid” does best.~

~Coming off a few big wins in the past few weeks, the biggest being a Four Corner Survival Match involving 2007 Canada Cup Winner, “Sick” Billy Kryenik, the former and at the time NAPW Champion, Evan Cartwright, and the currant NAPW Champion, Ravager, Rees is on a hot streak and is now the number one contender for the NAPW Championship. But, before “The East Coast Sensation” can make a fool of Ravager and start his third Championship reign, he is focused on the TEAM Invitational Tournament and his first round opponent, "The New Sh*t" Bobino.~

~Now, with the NAPW on a short break following its most recent Pay-Per-View, Cold Snap, Lloyd has decided to return to his quaint island home. We find the NAPW’s number one contender to its top prize sitting above the dark, cold waters of the North Atlantic on a natural rock formation known as The Grebe’s Nest. The TEAM cameras close in as Lloyd Rees starts to speak in his thick Newfie accent.~

“The Lemondrop Kid”: Da Second Annual TEAM Invitational is upon us, but d’here is something very special about da tournament dis year. It’s not da fact d’hat wrestlers from all over the wrestle’n world have come t’fill da brackets, it’s not da fact d’hat names like James Irish, Promo, Steven Shane, or even NAPW’s very own temporary Champion, Ravager, fill da brackets. Dis year is special fer one simple reason and d’hat reason is…ME!!

~As “The East Coast Sensation” climbs to his feet we notice that he is holding a India Beer is his hands. He pulls his long coat together to keep out the cold of the eastern Canadian winter, but before he it totally wrapped we notice a hit of gold shining from under his coat. What lies under the evil Newfie’s coat is a custom made title, one that he has brought to the NAPW due to the mockery made of the NAPW Championship by recent Champions like Ravager, Evan Cartwright, and Patrick Bickle. Lloyd takes a huge swig off his beer and continues to talk to the absolute pleasure of the wrestling world.~

“The Lemondrop Kid”: Sure I can hear da critics now…

~Lloyd puts on his best mainlander accent.~

“The Lemondrop Kid”: “Who does this stupid Newfie think he is?! Coming into the TEAM Invitation claiming that he is the difference maker this year!! He has got a lot of balls for someone who has done nothing!!”

~Back to his regular Newfie accent. Which is much like a Southern accent but a lot more fast.~

“The Lemondrop Kid”: D’hat’s fine!! Tink what ye want!! But, don’t look past “Da Lemondrop Kid”!! Many a, so called, greats in dis business have done it befer, and where are d’hey now?! D! is a prime example. After I destroyed him a 30 Minute Iron Man Match and started me first NAPW Title reign, da former Champion of Champions is nowhere t’be found. It’s just a shame fer poor ol’Bobino d’hat he drew me in da first round…

~A second figure appears in the scene. He’s dressed from head to toe in yellow oilskins. His appearance fits the perfect stereo type of a Newfoundland Fisherman. He hands Lloyd another beer and follows up with pulling a metal flask out of his inside pocket and taking a long draw. Lloyd continues.~

“The Lemondrop Kid”: But, ya know what Sh*t, d’here always has t’be a winner and a loser. It just so happens d’hat d’ere is one ting I am very good at, and d’hat me friend, is lose’n. So, tanks fer come’n out!! Da pleasure has been all yers!!

Ol’Fisherman: Ya got some nerve b’y!! Ya don’t even know dis feller…

“The Lemondrop Kid”: Has d’hat ever mattered befer Salty?! Hell NO!! Ya see Bobino, what yer look’n at right here is wrestle’n!! I define dis sport t’da fullest. And you? Well, who cares!! Dis match is more one sided d’han Canada’s agreement with Newfoundland. But, d’ere is one big bonus fer ya in dis match Sh*t, at least you’ll be able t’tell yer kids, yer wife, yer mudder, and yer father, d’hat ya had da absolute pleasure of get’n schooled by “da former NAPW Television Champion, da three time and longest reign’n NAPW Provincial Champion, two time NAPW Champion, 2006 ENN #1 Wrestler, da top wrestler in da business t’day, da technical terror, “Da East Coast Sensation”, “Da Lemondrop Kid”, da one and da only…LLOYD REES!!”

“The Lemondrop Kid”: Come’on Salty. We’re out of beer and it’s f**k’n cold out here…

~The scene fades as Lloyd and the Ol’Fisherman head in search of more beer. Who the hell is Salty?~

02-18-07, 03:34 PM
“Who the hell is Ol’Salty?!”

~We open on a TEAM banner hanging in the background. Enter stage right, “The Lemondrop Kid” Lloyd Rees. Right behind him is the old fisherman from a top The Grebe’s Nest. Who is this man? The answer is easy! He is wrestling’s smartest man, he is “Da Manager t’da Stars”, he is Ol’Salty! Better yet, he is one of the main reasons for Lloyd’s recent success in the NAPW and his future success in the Second Annual TEAM Invitational Tournament. The camera focuses on Ol’Salty as he starts to speak.~

Ol’Salty: What yer look’n at right here in front of ya is wrasslin at it’s finest!! Da top dog, not only in da NAPW, but all of wrasslin!! He is da Technical Terror and soon everyone will know his as da winner of dis tournament, “Da East Coast Sensation”, “Da Lemondrop Kid”…LLOYD REES!!!

~The camera now turns to Lloyd.~

“The Lemondrop Kid”: What is d’here t’say?! Really?! Me opponent in da first round of dis tournament is no where t’be found! Can’t say I blame him t’much. Ya see, Bobino, d’ere is not a lot of fellas around d’hat would have done tings any different. Most would do exactly what you did, no show when d’hey knew d’hey had t’met “Da Lemondrop Kid” in a world renowned tournament such as dis one. I guess it’s just da luck of da draw. It could have been any of da Larrys in dis ting, but no it’s you…

“The Lemondrop Kid”: S**t, atleast have the balls t’make in t’da Welsh-Ryan Auditorium fer our match. I’m go’n t’need a warm up fer da second round and I don’t tink destroy’n Simply Beautiful back in Regina, Saskatchewan is go’n t’cut it. Not t’mention it’s good fer you too. Lose’n to “da former NAPW Television Champion, da three time and longest reign’n NAPW Provincial Champion, two time NAPW Champion, 2006 ENN #1 Wrestler, da top wrestler in da business t’day, da technical terror, “Da East Coast Sensation”, “Da Lemondrop Kid”, da one and da only…LLOYD REES!!” would probably prove t’be more of an achievement d’han da rest of dis pathetic time frame ya call a career!! See ya in Evanston Bobino…Hopefully…

“The Lemondrop Kid”: Com’on Salty!! Im’ thirsty!

~Exit stage left.~