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02-05-07, 08:50 AM
The PbPro mercenary and only UXW World Champion battles the NAPW superstar.

First round matchup to be held at the Stan Sherrif Center in Honolulu, HI on the U. of Hawaii-Manoa's campus. No RP limit, RP deadline is Sunday, February 11th at 11:59:59 PM (give or take a second).

02-07-07, 10:56 PM
(A graphical representation of the MBE World Champion, as recognized by PBPro, holding his World Championship over his shoulder. It begins to randomly cut away sections of it, revealing the man himself standing in front of his local Philadelphia travel agency. Steam comes from his mask with each breath as he begins to make his way to the parking lot.)

Everything is arranged. I've got my ticket to Hawaii, the hotel reservations are made, and PBPro has arranged to have some very special people there to meet me at the airport.

The only thing that's left is for me to walk into this tournament, and take care of business. That's too bad for you Mr. Kurtis, because while you may be an "Angry American" fighting the wars up there in NAPW, I'm a World Champion, as officially recognized by PBPro.

I'm a man who makes things happen. A man who people pay their hard earned money to turn their backs on. Yeah, that's right. They hate me so much that they will actually buy tickets to come to my matches, just to turn their backs on me and not watch my match.

Is that great or what? That's what you call drawing power. Hell, they could've stayed at home and turned the channel or something if that's what they wanted. But as long as those tickets are being bought, and that's putting money in my pocket, then I don't give a damn.

Now then, back to you Matthew Kurtis. You found your way to a TEAM Invitational Tournament, by way of NAPW. And before you feel the desire to go on and on about the greatest little independent in Canada, I'll just cut you short, and say I've been there and done that.

That's right, I did a short stint in NAPW before MBE offered up the big bucks to keep me somewhat exclusive to them. I battled some of the best up there, like Ravager, who proved to me that he's one of the best. But you, Matthew, you haven't proven anything.

No, really, you haven't proven anything at all. Except that you can't get the job done when it counts. And that's your downfall in this match.

This tournament is a one and out. You lose, you're done. Last year, I found that out the hard way. Not this year. No, this year, I'm taking every match and treating it like it might be my last. PBPro is sending trainers from Japan to make sure that I'm in the best possible physical condition for this, and I'll be damned if I'm going to let some "Angry American" cut my glory short.

The TEAM tournament is one of the most prestigious events of the year, and this year, is MY year!

(The scene closes as Promo arrives at his black Hummer H2 and climbs inside)

Matthew Kurtis
02-10-07, 11:33 AM
((("The Angry American" Matthew Kurtis and his Girlfriend/valet are walking along the beach headed back to their hotel that sits at the edge of it. As they walk people find hard not to stare at the 6'11" 315lbs. NAPW wrestler and goregous 5'10" redhead who could be a centerfold. As they continue on their way they start to talk about the upcoming TEAM Invitational Tournament and specifically Matthew's first round opponent MBE World Champion Promo.)))

LYNDSEY:Well,Matt did You see Promo's promo? He really didn't say a lot about just talked about himself,but he did say you hadn't proven anything to him.

MATTHEW:Yeah I saw it Sweetheart, and by the name Promo is a really odd name for anybody,especailly a wrestler so to avoid confusion I'll just call him Pro.That way everyone will know when I'm talking about the man and when I'm about his promo. So he doesn't want me to go on and on about NAPW,huh? Well no worries I wasn't planning to,don't get me wrong I'm proud to be on their roster and to be representing them here but I ain't a cheerleader.

LYNDSEY:Hey that used to be my gimmick. Damn I'm glad I don't have to wear that cheerleader oufit anymore.

MATTHEW:Well a lot of the fans are disappointed though,but to get back on track Pro, NAPW doesn't need me to pimp the product since you already have. I noticed you said you battled the best in NAPW,Pro but you didn't mentioned who won those battles,could it because it wasn't you,huh? You talk about drawing power and people actually paying to watch you,but sounds to me it's like EX-WWE type drawing power someone who couldn't hack it one fed and went to another where they were the name. It that it,boy?

LYNDSEY:Awww...Pro are you a Christian Cage? Poor baby.

MATTHEW: You're their Champion? Well La-ti-FREAKIN'-Da! I've been a champ before several times over in another fed so good for you,and if that was supposed to intimidate me, bad news boy it ain't gonna work. Like I've said before I don't get intimidated.As for me not having proven anything to you,I'll admit my win-loss record in NAPW ain't exactly stellar,and that's the truth. Maybe it's because I've been too nice,maybe I should be like my nickname says and get angry?You'd better think this over Pro,if you want me to get angry and prove something to you,because to quote an old TV show "You wouldn't like me when I'm angry".

LYNDSEY:How about Pro getting trainers flown in from Japan to prepare for this match as he claims,are you worried about that?

MATTHEW:Look who you're asking Lynds.Of couse I ain't worried,I mean Hell you know that I wrestled exclusively in Japan for about a year when I was in my "hired gun" phase. That's where I got the "Angry American" nickname,Pro. So bring in whoever you want,because I don't wanna hear any *****ing after I kick your ass.It's your year,huh? I guess we'll just have to see about that won't we boy.

LYNDSEY (Looking at her watch):Matthew we need to get back to the hotel and get ready,Duane and Beth are expecting us.

MATTHEW:I know we're back at the hotel anyway. So Pro that's it for now. I'll see you around.

(((The NAPW duo enters the hotel as the scene fades.)))

02-11-07, 08:49 PM
(Inside the back of a limo, alongside several representatives of PBPro, sits the MBE World Champion, as officially recognized by PBPro. They are discussing details of his upcoming first round match with "The Angry American" Matthew Kurtis. A vocal track, apparently from an unseen monitor, is heard playing the segment that Kurtis previously taped.)

PBPRo Rep #1: And as you can see, Promo-san, we are very interested in seeing our commodity perform very well in this event. We have prepared for you, the latest training materials of Mr. Kurtis including his most recent matches from one New Alberta Pro Wrestling.

PROMO: That's all very nice, Mr. Sensuke, but after viewing this tape, it's obvious that this kid isn't very interested in this tournament at all. I think he's here just to try and improve his name in the business, if you know what I mean. I still follow NAPW quite a bit, and I've seen him tagging up with his brother and Nightmare quite a bit, but I never see him doing anything really impressive.

PBPro Rep #2: But, Promo-san, we are not here to take anything lightly. Our instructions were made very clear to us by PBPro, and that was to do anything and everything to insure that you are successful in this tournament.

PROMO: The only thing that I need is a new singapore cane. You guys think you can track one down here in Hawaii? Shouldn't be too hard, should it? I still can't believe they lost that part of my luggage.

PBPRo Rep #2: beginning to dial on the limo's phone) I shall have one before the afternoon is over, Promo-san.

PROMO: Thank you Mr. Katsu.

And as for you, Matthew Kurtis, in the future, I would expect that when you address me, you do so with a professional attitude and perhaps you will come over as somewhat of a "Pro" yourself.

My name is Promo. And I kick asses for a living.

That's right. You see, while I may be the MBE World Champion, as officially recognized by PBPro, that's only a trinket. You see, what I really care about is inflicting pain and suffering on anyone that dares stand across a ring from me.

Unfortunately for you, you are selected to be victim number one in this tournament. And if you think that walking on the beach with your girlfriend is a preperation tactic for anything that I'll do to you in that ring, then you will be sadly humbled.

Mr. Kurtis, you are a spec on the windshield of my tournament drive. You are nothing. The fact that you are taking this so lightly only intensifies the training that I am doing on a daily basis. It only serves to drive me that much harder to use you as a message to be sent to each and every other person in this tournament.

So, enjoy your vacation, enjoy your walks on the beach, and most of all, enjoy your trip back to obscurity in NAPW.

PBPro Rep #1: We have arrived at the dojo for today's session, Promo-san. As always, the exercise will begin....

(The PBPro representatives both begin to beat upon Promo inside the limo.)


(The struggle inside the limo continues as the scene fades to black.)

Matthew Kurtis
02-11-07, 11:09 PM
(((Megan Adams,Edmonton Sun reporter who also works for NAPW,waits in the lobby of the hotel where "The Angry American" Matthew Kurtis and Lyndsey Valentine are staying.As she waits for for them to come down so she can interview them before the start of the TEAM Invitational Tornment. As Matthew and Lyndsey come down stairs they spot her and walk over to her Matthew is dressed in his normal style jeans,cowboy boots,and he is wearing a "Dog the Bounty Hunter" t-shirt with the sleeves cut off and he has his hair pulled back into a ponytail. Lyndsey is wearing denim "daisy dukes" flip flops and a "Dog" babydoll tee. They reach the area where Megan is sitting and exchange greetings. Matthew is carrying a box with him. Before Megan,carrying a tape recorder, can ask any questions Lyndsey suggests a walk on the beach as they talk once outside they start the interview...)))

MEGAN: So Matthew Promo has done another promo and one thing he doesn't seem to like is that he apparently feels that you don't treat him with the respect he deserves by not calling him by his full name.

MATTHEW: So he doesn't like it when I call him Pro,huh? I guess that old "sticks and stones may break my bones,but words will never hurt me" thing doesn't work that well for him,huh? He has tapes of me from NAPW then he would see that I give all my opponents nicknames,so PRO will just have to deal with it. Because,I sure as Hell, ain't changing my style for his whiny ass.

MEGAN:What do you think about the fact that he's asking the PBPro reps to locate him a Singapore Cane that apparently he plans to try and use during the match?

MATTHEW:Doesn't bother me if he thinks he needs a weapon,but since he's looking for one I thought I'd fight with fire so to speak so I when out and armed myself as well. Lynds come and hold this box while i open it.

(((Lyndsey holds the box while Matthew cuts it open and pulls out what's inside. He pulls out a 4 x 4 with the bottom shaped like the handle of a baseball bat, and holds it for Megan to see...)))

MATTHEW:You see this? I call it the "Attitude Adjuster" if Pro wants to break out the weapons,then "The Big Blue Ass-kicker" is happy to join the party. So you want to come armed Pro,bring it on son.

MEGAN:Promo went on to say that he has seen tag frequently with Nightmare and your brother Chad and hasn't seen you do anything impressive,how do you respond to that?

LYNDSEY:I think that Pro-Pro needs to open his eyes then,my man might have not the best win-loss record but he does kick ass in the ring.

MATTHEW:Thank you for pointing OUT my less than stellar record there Lynds. First off,Pro I've teamed with Nightmare twice,which was once too often,and Chad once in NAPW,but that's your definition of quite a bit? Nothing impressive,huh? Let's see I physically dominated Chris Casino,so much so that the Pure Honor champ had to cheat to retain his belt. At Cold Snap I basically ran over Jeff James,the longest reigning Television Champion in NAPW history.That's not impressive enough for you,Pro? That's okay I guess I'll just have make my impression on you with my boot upside your head then. You said you kick ass for a living Pro? Well so do I and I happen to enjoy my work and be damn good at it.

MEGAN:Promo is getting a massive amount of support from PBPro,including trainers being sent from Japan and them procuring weapons for him,has the possibility of them sending any of their other wrestlers down to the ring with as back-up,and how that would affect the match?

MATTHEW:I've thought about it and my plan can be summed up in one word...Lyndsey.

LYNDSEY:That's right if anyone else from PBPro,MBE,or anywhere else wants to get invovled they'll have to go through me. If you think that'll be be easy just some of the men in NAPW that I've taken down.Ask North T. Gunderson about my eliminating him from the Action! Battle at Black Thrusday II,ask Raul Havok about my planting him with a DDT or ask the Royal Foundation about me sending running after they ambushed Matt. I ain't a diva I'm a wrestler so if anyone wants to interfere let 'em try.

MATTHEW:That's right Pro, you can bring Mr. Sensuke,Mr. Katsu,Godzilla,Rodan,Mothra,MechaGodzilla,Sailor Moon,Picachu,and whoever else your Japanese benefactors can afford to send with you,but it won't matter because you're still going down. You're the one one seems to be taking this a little too lightly thinking of me as some rookie.I've already wrestled all over the world and I've made my name,so am I looking at you as stepping stone? Nope,you're just the first speed bump on my way to the TEAM Invitational Tournament victory.

MEGAN:I have ask about your thoughts on Promo's...uh...unusual training regime?

LYNDSEY:You mean the little gangbang in the limo,that was kinda werid.

MATTHEW:Yeah no doubt,I mean Pro if you're into S & M that's cool,but you should really do that kind of stuff in private don't nobody wannna see that.I mean kids could have been watching that, you sick bastard.

MEGAN:So before we conclude this interview do you any last words for Promo?

MATTHEW:Yeah,good luck you're gonna need it. I can already hear you *****ing about me disrespecting you,Pro so save your breath,son. You want my respect,earn it first by acting a little less like an errand boy for your fed,and then maybe just maybe doing a little less whining in your promos.You want to yammer on about how great you are but to me Pro,it looks like you ain't earned it. It seems to me,just for what I've seen form you since I've been here in Hawaii, that everything has been handed to you on a silver platter.I got where I am got the hard way by earning my opportunities.Come our match when all the talking is through you will learn why I'm called the "Big Blue Ass-kicker". Oh Pro you don't like my attitude? Well as far as my attitude goes,Pro...YOU CAN KISS MY REDNECK ASS!

(((Matthew and Lyndsey head back to the hotel as Megan rewinds her tape recorder,before walking back through the lobby herself.)))