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02-05-07, 08:49 AM
A1E's Cyber Champion takes on the NAPW superstar.

First round matchup to be held at the Stan Sherrif Center in Honolulu, HI on the U. of Hawaii-Manoa's campus. No RP limit, RP deadline is Sunday, February 11th at 11:59:59 PM (give or take a second).

02-06-07, 04:51 PM
RURAL PORTLAND AREA: A raging storm is brewing in the Portland area. The lone road in this rural area is abandoned and kicking up dust. The winds slowly form mini wind tunnels with the dust of the dirt road. In front of the camera is a humble little church. The place of worship has weathered the test of time. Sitting on the wooden steps of the church, impervious to the coming weather system, is the curent A1 Entertainment Cyber Champion, Cross. Cross looks intently at the ominous dark clouds with his emerald championship belt slung over his shoulder.

Cross: A storm is brewing, TEAM.

Can you see the dark clouds forming?

Can you hear the rumbling of thunder in the distance?

Can you feel the cold wind crawl up your spine?

When I was first approached to about entering the TEAM Invitational Tournament, my plan wasn't to arrive with thunder and lightning. I didn’t make the noise and ruckus that hot shots make upon entering uncharted territory.

I planned to bide my time and allow the action to come to me.

Unfortunately, the Creator sought otherwise. Thus, the storm clouds grow darker in the distance and the shadows are forming.

The shadow of the Cross is slowly moving over the TEAM Invitational Tournament and is casting its first shadow over a man know as "The Show". Am I facing Paul Wight, the Big Slow? Frankly, I could care less.

The storm is coming. There is no doubt about it.

Chad Kurtis, I hear you are an arrogant son of a *****. I hear you love a good brawl and enjoy being the center of attention.

You have MY attention.

You will get more than a brawl. You will fight for your very life!

Arrogance will mean nothing when you step into the ring with me.

Kurtis, when we meet in the opening round, you will meet Crucifixion Incarnate. You will face the A1E Cyber Champion and you will understand why I am feared in A1E and the world around.

The storm is coming, Chad Kurtis.

God have mercy on your soul for YOU WILL BEHOLD CROSS!

Cross gives the camera a glance and a final smirk before getting up and walking out of the picture.

02-07-07, 12:30 AM
We catch up with the NAPW rising superstar as he is leaving Gold's Gym of Honolulu after an intense workout.

Show: Here I am in Hawaii and I don't even have time to enjoy paradise. I mean if I believe want my opponent said a storm is coming. Whatever, Cross, please tell me you are better in the ring then you are with you words. I mean you went on and on for a good five minutes, but all I got out of your little promo was storm blah, blah, blah, arrogance won't help me blah, blah, blah, A1E blah, blah, blah. I heard all this before how you are suppose to be better then me because you are the A1E cyber champion or whatever. Newsflash, "The Show" is from NAPW. You know where the big dawgs play! Now as far as my arrogance not helping me when I climb in the ring against you, here's another newsflash, I am not the one that going to need help when we are face-to-face! And finally on to the on to the so-called storm. I don't believe you are going to bring anything except hot air, so bring what you got, and I'll bring an raincoat just in case. You was what about two thing, Cross, one is that I do like it when my oppenent brings it, and two I am cocky, but you know noone has been able to shut me up yet. Maybe that will be you, think? I doubt it! Any who, I can't wait til all the talking is done and we climb into the ring and see who's got what it takes to not only talk the talk, but walk the walk! I guess that's all I got for now, so until next time remember my name is Chad Kurtis and I approved this promo!

02-09-07, 03:06 PM
We catch up with "The Show" Chad Kurtis inside his rented Hawaii condo as he is working out on cardio equipment watching film on A1E and Cross. He talking into his voice rercorder making observations and just ranting.

Show: This is what I am suppose to be so impressed by? I mean don't get me wrong Cross seems to be able to handle himself pretty good, but the competition in A1E just ain't up to NAPW's level.

Cross, don't get me wrong. I expect a great match against you and I expect you to bring everything you got. And I wouldn't want it any other way, but the bottom line is this "The Show" will move on to the second round, and there is nothing repeating nothing you can do about!

I guess you was right about me being cocky! Let me tell you a little secret, not only am I cocky, I am also young and brash, but you know it ain't bragging if you can it up. And "The Show" can back it up.

Cross, I only ask one thing of you, and that is after I embrass you in the TEAM tournament you don't let it shake you professionally. I mean just cause "The Show" handed you your ass doesn't mean you have to retired or cry or nothing. It just mean like many before you, you messed with the best, so you losted like the rest!

Scene fades as "The Show" turns off his cardio equipment and walks toward the monitor to get a closer look at something on the scene.

02-11-07, 11:57 PM
KILAUEA, HAWAII: This place is hell on Earth. The rumbling and thunder is not from storm clouds, but from fountains of liquid fire. The land is really no land at all. It is black, cold remnants of previous eruptions. A large river of fiery lava gorges its way to the Pacific and it is here where we find the A1 Entertainment Cyber Champion.

Cross is unshaken by the display of Earth’s power. With his A1E Cyber Title slung over his shoulder and wearing his trademark black sleeveless leather trenchcoat, Cross almost seems at home in this place of death and destruction.

Cross: I surely hope that “The Show” Chad Kurtis is not the best New Alberta Pro e-Wrestling has to offer. I was at a loss for words as to how to answer this up-and-comer from NAPW.

Was my silence due to “messing with the best?”

In a matter of two promos, was The Show able to silence the A1E Cyber Champion?

Let me be honest. Allow me to lay it all on the line here for all to see and hear.

I was at a loss for words because how do you answer pure, unadulterated STUPIDITY? How do you answer oral excrement from “the best” NAPW has to offer?

Talk about being damned if you do, and damned if you don’t.

This is what I got from “The Show” Chad Kurtis.

Frankly, I’m appalled that TEAM would allow such ring fodder into this prestigious invitational tournament. Obviously, they didn’t know Chad’s education level before allowing him to chicken scratch his name to the TEAM contract.

I am dealing with a 2nd Grader stuck in a 6-foot 3-inch, 230 pound frame. Any person with a high school education would understand that metaphors are prominent figures of speech used to color experiences. Unfortunately, Chad Kurtis is still using his Weekly Reader from Ms. Palmer’s bonehead 2nd Grade class to liven up his promos.


I tire of being amusing. Chad Kurtis is not worth the time and effort. So let me know put this time of jaw-jockeying to rest with the following.

Cross walks over to the smoldering river of lava. He crouches down and looks at the camera.

Chad Kurtis…

You may not give a damn about A1 Entertainment or its level of competition, but these are only words coming from a fool. Rest assured, Chad, that after the opening round of the TEAM Invitational Tournament you will never open your oral cavity against A1E again!

You see, Chad, when the time has come to atone for your sins, no one is discriminated. We all have to atone sometime. If it happens that the embodiment of Crucifixion Incarnate is in no mood for stupidity and it also happens to be your time to atone…I guess it’s your sorry luck.

You can run your mouth about me being a mediocre wrestler, but I’m not the one who comes to the “big time” from a glorified backyard wrestling promotion. I’m also not the one claiming to come from a place that rips off another organization’s slogan with “where the big dawgs play.”

Trash talk all you want the A1E Cyber Star Title, but I would rather wear a title from any other backyard promotion before wearing any tin foil piece of crap from NAPW.

What you have to realize, Chad, is that I’m not like anyone in NAPW. I’m not like "The Lemondrop Kid" Lloyd Rees. I’m not like “The Angry American” Matthew Kurits. And I’m sure as hell not like YOU! I’m not awestruck by cockiness or brashness and I’m definitely not impressed with you.

Deep down, you must know this. Even if you don’t want to admit it, realize that I am so much more than NAPW understands and certainly anything produced by Ma and Pa Kurtis. I am simply out of your league, she-devil!

Chad Kurtis…

In this opening round, you come to grips with the penalty of your sins. You will atone for your very existence. You will atone for sins, known and unknown. You will atone for the mere fact that you just simply annoyed me.

When all is said and done, you will have no choice but to admit that you have succumbed to the Power on High and have paid your Final Penance!

Take heed, Chad Kurtis. Your judgment is at hand!

Cross takes out a NAPW promotional photo of “The Show” Chad Kurtis and flicks it into the river of lava, instantly incinerating it.


Cross stands up and walks away as the camera pans on the burning image of “The Show” Chad Kurtis.

02-12-07, 01:02 AM
"The Show" Chad Kurtis is sitting in hotel room watches Cross's latest promo on his lap tap as he begins to laugh.

Show: This Cross guy makes me laugh. Not just your normal laugh out loud, but a soda coming out of your nose laugh. Note to self send Cross a thank you card and an autograph, I mean damn I need that laugh.

What does he mean my judgement is coming. Does he think he is the messiah. Come on! I mean my messiah has already been here, and I am just waiting for his return. So, if Cross thinks his little promo where he burns my picture is going to have any effect on me, he must be crazier then I thought or smoking something.

And what was his other great line. Oh yeah I remember I am a jack-ass. That's some wit you've got there, boy. What did you do ask some third grader's advice on cutting a promo. I know better then that, because hell a pre-schooler could have done better then you.

Let's me break it down and cutt through all the bull-**** for you. When you climb in the ring against "The Show" Chad Kurtis not only will you get out wrestled, but out classed!
I mean you need to pay someone to take notes for you, so maybe you can learn something! You right a maybe a jack-ass, but here's my question what that going to make you after I pin you for the 1-2-3!? I mean what do they call someone who got beat by a jackass? Let me think, hold on I got it, from now you will be known as a *****!

If you don't like it do something about. I mean if you ain't too scared. I mean I hate to embarrass you in front of all your little A1E friends, just kidding. I mean after I get done handing your ass to your, I am probably going to rent two billboards one in your hometown and one in A1E hometown showing me with my hand raised high with my foot on your chest!

Scene fades as "The Show" Chad Kurtis closes his lap top and leaves his room head to the training room.