View Full Version : PORTLAND: Sensational Sean Edmunds vs. "Yours Truly" Adam Benjamin

02-05-07, 08:46 AM
The former WFW Champion clashes with the former MCW Champion.

First round matchup to be held at the Galen Center in Los Angeles, CA on U of Southern California's campus. No RP limit, RP deadline is Sunday, February 11th at 11:59:59 PM (give or take a second).

02-10-07, 02:33 PM
"You'd think people have gone crazy.."

(FADEIN: 'Simply Sensational' Sean Edmunds. Sitting in a chair. Behind him, a fireplace. Next to him, an end table, a glass of water on top of it. The flames from the fire in the fireplace can be seen jumping over his right shoulder as he picks up the glass and takes a sip.)

"Well, Sean, I want to thank you for allowing us to come into your home for this interview .. as you know A&E has bought a significant chunk of the WWL's old library and we're doing these interviews to go back and look at some of their biggest stars.."

(Edmunds smiles)

EDMUNDS: "Well, its only natural that you'd start with their biggest and brightest!"

(A cough)

"Well, we've actually already finished Copycat, Keith Simpson, Mark Windham, Jared We.."

EDMUNDS: "Ok, ok..."

"First lets start off with how you got into *professional wrestling.."

EDMUNDS: "Oh Lord.. its been about 15 years now .. hard to believe, you know? It seems like just yesterday I was laying down for Jean Rabesque ..."

(A voice comes off screen)

"You probably were! RABESQUADOR~! RULES!!"

(Edmunds shoots a look over behind the camera.)

"We can edit that out.."

EDMUNDS: "Good .. anywho, as I was saying .. it seems like the time has flown by. I started in the small time .. bounced around EVERYWHERE .. different personas probably every week .. and don't even get me started on my mic skills."

"So it was tough in the beginning?"

EDMUNDS: "For a good couple of years it was extremely tough .. but you have to realize that practice makes perfect .. after a few years in the business I started to pull myself together.. mostly."

"Yes .. your well known bouts with drugs.."

EDMUNDS: "I lost a good 2 years of my life, and my career, due to drugs .. but we can come back to that later."


EDMUNDS: "But eventually after about .. oh .. 4-5 years I made my way to this little promotion called the World Wrestling League .. never thought when I signed a "card-to-card" contract the first time that I would fall so deeply for it, you know?"

"You had a nice run in WWL .. held the World Title a few times, but what would you say was your definining moment in the WWL?"

EDMUNDS: "Certainly winning the World Title the first time. I mean, yea I won it after that, held it for the longest period of any champion .. but the first time I won that title, in a match against Keith Simpson.."

(The shot pauses as Edmunds brings the half full glass of water to his mouth. It fades out .. after a few seconds it fades back in, the fireplace is no longer brimming with flames. The glass is empty. Edmunds is resting comfortably in the chair as the shot resumes..)

"Let's talk about your recent endeavors .. it seems in the last month and a half you've slowly begun to show up more on our television screens.."

(Edmunds motions for some more water. A hand enters the screen with a pitcher of water and fills the glass.)

EDMUNDS: "Things have slowed considerably the past year for me .. I've done some work over in Headstrong Wrestling .. but with them closing their doors for good last week, and with World's Finest Wrestling getting itself back together, I haven't been in the ring as much as I'd like to be."

"You were in the last TEAM show against Shawn Hart .. what was it like working with him?"

EDMUNDS: "I've worked with Hart in WFW .. he's a great guy. Incredibly funny .. he always has great ideas on how to work a match. When you took my open challenge at the last TEAM event, I knew it was going to be fun. He always wants to put on the best match possible .."

"And now we see that you're in another TEAM event.."

EDMUNDS: "Yes .. the Invitational tournament they put on. It's a great event .. brings in a whole slew of people that you may have never worked with before. Like my opponent in the first round.."

"Adam Benjamin."

EDMUNDS: "Yea. It's funny, you know? He's been around ... I've been around .. and yet we've never really had the opportunity to cross paths that much. I know a lot about him, too.. Occasionally I like to pick up those rags like *PWI ... and of course you always want to know what else is going on in the wrestling world."

"He's quite established .. some say he's part of the next generation of wrestlers."

(Edmunds smiles)

EDMUNDS: "I don't think my generation is quite ready to move into retirement. It's always good to have fresh faces .. helps the product from becoming stale .. but I know a few of these guys out there have this real complex... sort of a "It's our time so get the hell out of here" state of mind. I don't know if this is true about Benjamin, and I hope not, because these guys who've been over here for a few years could get a lot of helpful pointers from those of us who've been here for a decade or more."

"Are you ready for the match?"

EDMUNDS: "I may have only wrestled about a handful of times in the last year, but I haven't been sitting on my ass the entire time. If there's one thing that I can say about myself, its that I keep myself busy .. so I've been training for a match like this. When you're over 30 in this business, its hard to keep up with the 20 year olds .."

"Are we going to see the same Sean Edmunds out in the ring against Adam Benjamin that we would have seen, say, back in 1997 when you won the WWL World Title?"

(Edmunds laughs.)

EDMUNDS: "Most definitely not. Back then I didn't have a care in the world for my body .. I would fly off anything I could get my feet on. I was just trying to show the people that needed to be impressed that I had no fear, that I had no boundaries. I think after being in this business for 15 years, the people in the back know what I'm capable of. I'm a much more sound wrestler nowadays. Smarter, if you will."

"Are you going to move on in the tournament, or is this a one-shot deal?"

EDMUNDS: "Now I can't very well tell you that, can I? Honestly, I have no clue. Benjamin's a talented guy. He's won the World title in a few leagues .. and is always near the top in others. People are very keen on him, which says a lot about his talent. The real test is for him, though. When you step in the ring with Sean Edmunds you're not stepping in the ring with someone like Jean or Jared .. you know, guys who are hanging onto their limelight with a razor tight grasp. You go out there and watch a match of theirs and you can pretty much telegraph what is going to happen next. That's not the way I work."


EDMUNDS: "This is about putting on a match where anything can happen. I won't be flying off random things .. and I wont' be shoving dildos in people's faces .. which by the way, I did almost 10 years ago .. although its nice to see that people that sorta thing will still get the reaction these days.. but that's besides the point."

"Have you talked to Adam Benjamin yet?"

EDMUNDS: "Naw. And who knows if I'll get a chance to. I know that he's talented. But let's hope that he's able to put on a match thats catch and catch can.. I've carried a LOT of guys in my career .. and quite honestly, these days I don't have the patience to do it. I mean, I almost bit Alex Wylde's head off in the WFW World title match."


EDMUNDS: "Yea .. he knew he was getting the World title .. and he wrestled as if he was either comatose or 90 years old .. which neither would surprise me .. but when you go into a match knowing that you're going to lose the title, when you've been told that you're going to lose the title, the least you expect is that the person whose going to take it from you will help carry his part of the match."


EDMUNDS: "So if there's one thing I have to say to Adam before our match .. it would be that he better come ready to wrestle and to carry his fair share of the burden. I may have been around for 15 years, but I can sure as hell throw around some stiff moves when I want to. In the end it'll come down to whose more prepared and whose the better worker of the two of us .. and that .. usually is Sean Edmunds.. which is why I am .. 'Simply Sensational'..."

"Well thank you, Sean, for your time."

(A voice rings out. Edmunds hops out of his chair.)

EDMUNDS: "Great, so we're done?"


EDMUNDS: "Good, I'm out of here, I don't have any more time to waste."

"But we've got to ge.."

EDMUNDS: "Listen. I played your game of "let's do an interview." I even put on my nice face. But I've got (BLEEP) to do ... I can't stand here and *****foot around while Adam Benjamin is out helping old ladies across the street ... just because you might think that I give a rat's ass about this stupid documentary doesn't mean that I do. So .. send me the check, I'll send you a few shots you can put on the DVD case and that's that."

(Edmunds slides on his shades.)

EDMUNDS: "Now I'm out."

(Edmunds blows past the camera and heads for the EXIT door right to the left of the set. He pushes the handle causing the alarm to go off. He looks up at the flashing red light, shakes his head, and walks through the door. A gaggle of people run over to the alarm and try to turn it off as the shot fades to black.)

02-11-07, 04:34 PM
(fade into "Yours Truly" Adam Benjamin standing with a shirt that reads "win or go home".)

"Win or go home. Its truly that simple. Wrestling's version of March Madness, know round the world as the Team Tournament.

(Adam smiles as he looks into the camera)

"Sean Edmunds vs. Yours Truly is a match I have been waiting for a long time to happen.

Both of us have had great careers up until this point.

However, only one of us will advance."

(Adam shakes his head)

"I am a very confident wrestler. I know that pound for pound I am the best technical wrestler in the world.

Sean nothing against you, but I am not taking a back seat in this one.

There is no need to talk about carrying anyone, because deep down you know that as good as you are, you are not on Yours Truly's level.

I always am prepared and ready to wrestle. I am a professional. I train every day, I wrestle every day, this is my life.

I am addicted to wrestling, it is like a drug that I can not stop taking.

This match is going to be about who wants it more. Who makes the last move count.

So man your battle station and lace up your boots, for I am going to take you on a tour of wrestling.

I am going to ground you down and show the world that Sean Edmunds may be Sensational, but he is not better than Yours Truly.

This is not just another match for me, it’s a statement.

(Fade to black)