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02-05-07, 08:35 AM
Two NAPW superstars tangle here. The former's a former NAPW Champ. The latter is the defending Canada Cup Champion.

First round matchup to be held at the Beard-Eaves Memorial Coliseum in Auburn, AL on Auburn U's campus. No RP limit, RP deadline is Sunday, February 11th at 11:59:59 PM (give or take a second).

02-08-07, 01:26 PM
"I'm starting to really hate this guy. Billy Kryenik has done something that no other wrestler has ever been able to accomplish. That being he's remained undefeated against me. Last year he beat me in the semi finals of the NAPW Canada Cup. Just yesterday at the NAPW Cold Snap PPV he and his life partner Tommy Deathrow beat myself and Kenny Krenshov in what is being hailed as the greatest match in that promotions history. Don't belive me? Just take a look at my face, I look like frickin' Frankenstien. Two matches, two wins for Billy Kryenik. If I don't win against him here in this tournament then I'll have to step back and take a long hard look at my career. I can't, I won't be able to sleep at nights knowing that there is one man out there that I have never been able to defeat. Billy, we might be representing the same promotion in this tournament, but to me...This match is personal."


The posh rented house of Chris Casino is quite tonight. No loud parties, no celebrities dropping by, one could say it's quiet as a tomb. The man himself, Chris Casino is found laying on his leather sofa watching the replay from the NAPW Cold Snap PPV. To be more precise, he's watching the brutal No Holds Barred match between Kenny Krenshov and himself against "Sick" Billy Kryenik and "Superstar" Tommy Deathrow.

Casino is dressed in a pair of sweat pants and a tee shirt, casual and comfortable is the tone for tonight. Casino's face looks like it had been lit on fire, and then put out with a shovel. One eye is swollen almost shut and a large bandage covers over a dozen stitches in his forehead. Despite his injuries, Casino is more than willing to bend our ear.

Casino: I don't belive it. Two times now I've lost to a simple garbage wrestler. A man who knows exactly three wrestling moves. Four if you count climbing into the ring a wrestling move. For a year now I've been plagued by the fact that I cannot beat Kryenik. For those of you watching I belive a history lesson is in order. This all started when NAPW held it's first ever Canadian Cup tournament. A tournament I not only helped create but sponsored as well. In the semi finals of that tournament I faced Billy Kryenik for the first time. I lost. In my own damn tournament. To a garbage wrestler.

Casino: But you know what? I could live with that loss. Sure it hurt. Sure I hate losing to anyone, especially to a man who loves the "hardcore" aspect of this industry. But I figured that fate simply favored him on that night. But then, something happened that I've never truly gotten over. At the time myself and another man, Evan Cartwright were the NAPW Tag Team Champions. We were The Rat Pack and we were unstoppable. Well, that is until I was fired for my "unprofessional behavior" backstage. I fully expected my tag partner to leave the promotion with me, yet something odd happened.

Casino: Evan Cartwright was not only allowed to keep the tag titles, but he was able to name his new partner. Three guesses on who he picked. That's right..."Sick" Billy Kryenik. I was betrayed by my own teammate, replaced by a man who beat me the month before in a fluke win and I suddenly found myself back on the independent circuit. But I kept close attention to Billy, Hell he was attempting to replace me in a team that I helped make famous! Or infamous depending on how you look at it. Fast foreword a couple of months and I'm "allowed" to come back to NAPW.

Casino slowly sits up on the couch. He winces as he does so, holding his ribs. He might be wounded but never count out Casino.

Casino: Since my return to NAPW in late November I've become a dominant force once again. I became the Pure Honor Champion thus making myself the only Grand Slam winner in that promotions history. I had seven straight wins, I was poised to set another record. That being the person with the longest winning streak in NAPW. I was one match away and then...The Doomriders. Billy Kryenik and his life partner Tommy Deathrow stick their nose into my business. So just yesterday at Cold Snap myself and "The Colossal" Kenny Krenshov faced The Doomies in a No Holds Barred match.

Casino: We lost. There I was on the verge of setting yet another record and what happens? Billy Kryenik once again tosses a monkey wrench into my plans. Billy, I've grown tired of you. In fact even though I have some respect for you I also despise you. You represent everything that is wrong with wrestling. Wrestling isn't taking a barbed wire bat and smashing someone with it. Wrestling isn't trying to put your opponent through a table at ringside. But you wouldn't know that. All you know is violence and swinging chairs.

Casino: It is in this tournament that I stop your winning streak against me. How fitting that it's in a tournament setting. I beat you and I get my much sought after retribution. I redeem myself and send you back to NAPW with your tail between your legs. This isn't some wild No Holds Barred match, this my bunny loving friend is a wrestlingmatch! What? You think I forgot that you used to run around with a pet rabbit in a cage? What was it's name? Col. Giggles I belive. Tell me, how hardcore can you be when you have a damn rabbit as your manager?

Casino picks up the television remote off of the coffee table in front of him and turns off the carnage playing on the screen.

Casino: It all ends for you here in this Team Tournament Billy. I beat you and get my long overdue retribution. I pin you and all of your previous wins simply prove that you weren't better than me on those days. You were just luckier. This isn't about Doomriders or Untouchables or even NAPW. It's about Chris Casino whipping Billy Kryeniks ass. I have never wanted to beat a man as much as I want to beat you Billy. So let us lace up our boots for one more match. Let us meet in the middle of that ring like the gladiators were are, and let us see if you're simply the luckiest bastard in the universe...Or the better man between us.

Casino dismisses us and we cut to a commercial.

02-10-07, 03:00 PM
"Fate is fickle. I've come to that conclusion over the last year or so. Here I am, the reigning NAPW Pure Honor Champion and one of the most dominate wrestlers of my era....And I can't seem to beat some garbage wrestler by the name of Billy Kryenik. I know that he's not the better wrestler, Hell I doubt if he even knows any moves aside from a punch to the head or a kick to the groin. I know he's not more charismatic as I, nor better looking. Billy Kryenik is some simple street bum who has gotten by on his amazing ability to take inhuman punishment. But yet fate continues to allow Kryenik to go over on me. Why? Is it Karma for all of the bad I've done in NAPW? Maybe fate feels sorry for Billy. I know I do. Rumor has it that before he came to NAPW he lived in homeless shelters and worked as a cook at Wendys. Will Kryenik might have fate watching his back, I've got something a little better. The law of averages."


The posh living room of Chris Casino is immaculate. Not one item is out of place and it would take a team from CSI to find any stains or dust in this room. Running a multi billion dollar resort in Las Vegas has made Chris Casino a stickler for cleanliness. We find the reigning Pure (Vegas) Honor Champ standing behind his wet bar making himself a drink. His face is still a rainbow of colors, but they're fading now. The large bandage that once covered his forehead has become a hand full of butterfly stitches. He still moves like a man who has been in a car wreck however. Slowly and cautiously. The effects of the No Holds Barred match from the Cold Snap PPV still linger. Casino smirks at the camera crew and offers them a drink.

Casino: Only a few short days from now I'll once again face a man who I have never beaten. A man know to all as "Sick" Billy Kryenik. One half of the feared Doomriders tag team in NAPW. Last time we chatted I told you about the checkered history of myself and Mr. Kryenik. Now I belive it's time to tell you about the law of averages. It's simple really, I'll even explain it slowly so even the people here in Canada can understand what I'm talking about.

Casino: Let's say a man walks into a casino. Although his stomach is full of butterflies he sits at a blackjack table and wins a hand. The initial fear is now gone and now he starts feeling lucky. "One more hand" he tells himself. He wins again. As he watches the stack of chips double he can hear the grumbling of the other players who have lost. Our subject is now sure that fate is on his side and tonight is his night. He plays a few more hands and wins again and again.

Casino: While up until this point fate has been kind, even generous to our subject, fate cannot protect him against the law of averages. You see, no matter how often you win the law of averages will make sure that in the end...Everything evens out. Probability also plays into this. Basically it boils down to one simple undeniable fact. Kryenik can beat me a hundred times in a row, but with the law of averages it's a virtual guarantee that at some point, say in a tournament for all to see, Chris Casino will smash Billy like the piece of trash he is.

Casino steps around the wet bar and gingerly takes a seat on a bar stool. He's dressed own tonight wearing a pair of blue jeans and a black Untouchables tee shirt. In the background playing softly we can hear Marvin Gaye telling us he needs "Sexual Healing."

Casino: Now I know all of that was pretty confusing and most of it went right over your heads so let me break this down to where even Billy himself can understand it. You see, late last year Billy turned into a *****. He lost his edge. He carried around a rabbit and talked to it as it were his long lost brother. So what happened to the rabbit talking, kinder and gentler version of Billy Kryenik? He got his neck broken. Sadly not by my hands but he found himself on the shelf non the less.

Casino: When he returned to NAPW after several months he struggled while I thrived. He squandered title opportunities and lost to lesser talents than him. Meanwhile I went on an 7-0 unbeaten streak, won the Pure Honor Title and formed the stable known as The Untouchables. It was only at the recent Cold Snap PPV that I saw a glimmer of the "old" Billy Kryenik. Sure he beat me and my partner in a wild tag team match but one good thing came out of it. The sick and demented Billy Kryenik I used to know and respect resurfaced at last.

Casino: Now he we stand, in the first round of the TEAM tournament getting ready to once more throw down. To say I'm happy the vicious Billy of old has returned would be an understatement. You see I don't want to beat someone who talks to a rabbit or forms a tag team called "The Bi-Polar" Express. I want to beat Billy when he's at the top of his game. While he's still reveling in his win against me at Cold Snap. This is my redemption. My vindication against a man who has embarrassed me on two previous occasions.

Casino gently slides off of his bar stool and walks towards the camera.

Casino: Billy, you piece of racoon feces. I'm going to win this tournament by hook or by crook. Beating you in the first round will only be that much sweeter. So why don't you do what you do best, come on television and threaten me with all sorts of mayhem. Show me why you deserve to even be in this tournament. Forget the past Billy, forget the previous two wins against me. Because as you know I'm "The Future" and you? You're a relic of the past.

Casino gestures to the camera and we fade to black.