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02-05-07, 08:29 AM
The #1 contender to the A1E World Championship vs. the #1 contender to the MCW Missouri Championship.

First round matchup to be held at the Autry Center, Houston, TX on Rice U.'s campus. No RP limit, RP deadline is Sunday, February 11th at 11:59:59 PM (give or take a second).

02-05-07, 04:35 PM

Camera shot of Dan Ryan in Hermann Park, shades drawn. Off behind them a miniature train rumbles by, children laughing as they ride along the circuitous route of the train tracks. In the background of the shot the main entrance to the Houston Zoo can be seen - and off in the distance, the keen eye can make out Alaina Troy-Ryan carrying their young daughter and looking over a fence at ducks swimming around a large manmade lake.

Ryan: "Gotta love family time."

"Rob Franklin, I'm interrupted my personal family time to offer up something for our first round match today because I'm in a good mood. I'm home, and quite honestly things are just going really well these days."

"It's a wonder how things can change once you start to do your best to groom other people into stars."

"A few years ago the world was my oyster, and while anyone with the foresight and intelligence to know better never doubted that I was anything but great as always - I began to be taken for granted a little bit."

"I've been willing for a long time to make stars, to make them look good and to quite honestly stand by while the future of the sport came up around me."

"I did it Rob, because the sport was in a state of slow decay. The old guard was fading into the background while the new crop was slow to appear. There was no middle ground. I was in the middle of my prime as I am now, with few challengers to keep me challenged as it were."

"A few years down the road and my labor and the labor of others in the wrestling business who are likemindedly concerned with the future of our sport has begun to bear fruit."

"There is young talent all over the world these days and it's the result of work put in by guys like Thomas Holzerman, who has spent much of his time, effort and money bringing organizations and territories together. It's something I've always been a big supporter of, and I've contributed where I can."

"You're one of these young wrestlers in the business, Rob."

"I've heard the rumblings about the promise there, and yes...I too heard the groans when our matchup was announced."

"They expect me to decimate you, kid."

"I don't think that's a surprise to you really."

"But I'm here to encourage you. I'm here to say that to me this is just one match of many on my way to winning this tournament, and I have no intention of doing anything more than pin your shoulders to the mat for three seconds and move on to round two."

"That may not be what you want to hear, but trust me when I say that hearing these words from me is a good thing for you. It means I'm in a good mood. It means I'm not trying to hurt you. It means that I'm not trying to make your career end early."

"I would encourage you to continue to grow and develop. You aren't in my league. I'm sorry, but even if I patronized you and said you were I don't think I could find the requisite passion behind it to make it believable."

"Learn, Rob. Don't do something stupid - like piss me off."

"But learn, and remember two or three years from now when you've developed into a superstar the day you had a shot at the greatest wrestler in the world."

"Now before I get settled and go over to that birdcage of a gym over at Rice to get my bearings in the place, I'm gonna go spend a nice day with my wife and daughter."

"You enjoy your day as well. Just don't come up with any funny ideas."

"I'll try and be nice, if you try and be smart."


02-06-07, 03:16 PM
Chapter 1


Dan Ryan? Even I know who that is!

Yeah, they’re trying to screw me in the first round.

We fade in to a large white and gold themed manor hall, with none other then The Epitome of Defiance, The FTO Champion, The Icebreaker, Rob Franklin. Not only that, but he is sitting by a computer in a large comfy chair joined by his former manager, Pieske, and his estranged brother, Jacob Franklin. Jacob – a wrestler himself is wearing a gold t shirt with the logo “TEAM FRANKLIN” emblazoned in red letters on the front.

Rob Franklin: Ahh, here it is.

Jacob Franklin: What, Dan Ryan’s profile?

Pieske: I thought we were looking up porn!

Rob: Damn.

Jacob looks worried, and lets out a low pitched whistle.

Jacob: Bloody hell, that’s a squash.

Rob: Shut up.

Pieske: Look at all these titles! The CSWA, A1E tag team. Jesus!

Rob: Please shut up guys.

Rob clicks the mouse a couple of times, and the light from the computer is multiplied, almost as if it’s a sign from heaven.

Pieske: What’s that?

Rob: It’s an email from TEAM.

Jacob: What does it say?

Rob: Oh god, it says the semifinals for my bracket are to be held in…Mexico City.

Jacob: Do we own Mexico City?

Rob: No, we own Montego Bay.

Pieske: Is that what killed The Crocodile Hunter?

Rob: Pieske shut the hell up.

Rob puts his head in his hands, and lets out a deep sigh. He looks over to the camera and puts his hand over the lens.

Rob: Jacob, grab my FTO title would ya?

Rob lifts his hand as Jacob scurries out of the room.

Pieske: So…..Can we look for porn now?

Rob: No Pieske.

Jacob returns with Rob’s infamous FTO title, and slaps it on Rob’s shoulder.

Rob: Listen Team Franklin, we’ve got an interview scheduled for the TEAM tournament tomorrow, so please, tell me you guys booked my flight.

Jacob: Errr….flight?

Rob: Oh God damn it!

Pieske: I booked it!

Jacob: Really?

Pieske: Yeah, after Rob told me about it, I figured we would need some tickets, so I went online after a session of adult erotica, and went to the place where the fat guys zaps Daddy.

Jacob: Really?

Pieske: I guess I don’t want to be fired again.

Rob: Good **** Fatass.

Pieske: NOW can we look for porn?

Jacob: Pieske, I don’t feel comfortable looking at porn with you, especially the kind of stuff you’re into…

Pieske: I told you, that was one time! I honestly thought it said Six inches, not six years old!

Rob: Ew. What the hell have you two been doing?

Chapter 2

The Plane Ride

Give me those ****ing peanuts.

We fade in (again) to see Rob Franklin, Jacob Franklin, and Pieske sitting in Coach Seats in an airplane on their way to Rice University in Houston, Texas for the first round of the TEAM Invitational Tournament

Pieske: They’re my ****ing peanuts.

Jacob: Dude, c’mon I’m hungry.

Pieske: So am I

Pieske and Jacob argue back and forth while Rob sits in the middle of them, getting more irritated as the time rolls on.

Jacob: I’m more important than you.

Pieske: Are not!

Jacob; Are so!

Pieske: Are not!

Jacob: Are so!

Pieske: Are not!

Jacob: Are so!

Pieske: Rob, is he more important?

Rob: Yes, now give him the God damn peanuts, and shut the hell up.

Pieske hands the small bag of salty nuts over to Jacob, who sneers and sticks out his tongue.

Pieske: HEY!


Time lapses and we fade back in to see that Jacob has apparently gone to the bathroom. Leaving Rob and Pieske to sit, alone.

Pieske: Soooooo……………

Rob: What Pieske?

Pieske: Are you scared of this “David Ryan” character?

Rob: Me? Scared? Hell no. Scared of putting him in the hospital maybe.

Pieske:…Oh, well that’s good. It looked like you were scared to me, but what do I know?

Rob: That’s right Pieske, what do you know?

Pieske; So you’re not scared at all?

Rob: Not in the least.

Pieske: What if I didn’t believe you?

Rob: What?

Pieske: What if I thought you were scared?

Rob: Then you’d be stupid, that’s what.

Pieske: Oh, ok Rob.

Jacob returns, and sits on the other side of Rob.

Jacob: Hey guys.

Pieske: Peanut stealing son of a *****.

Jacob: Get over it.

Pieske: We were just talking about how Rob isn’t scared of Ryan Dan.

Rob: Dan Ryan.

Jacob: Oh, but he is.

Rob: What the hell are you talking about? I’m not scared of no one! I’m the god damn FTO champion! Do you hear me? I OWN Dan Ryan! His accomplishments, they’re nothing! NOTHING! Because I know, deep inside my mind, that I CAN beat him. As great as he is, I CAN beat him. He’s only human, whereas I, well, I’m Rob ****ing Franklin.


Jacob: What the hell?

Pieske: That’s called reverse psychology

Rob: No it’s not.

There is a few moments of an awkward silence, in which Pieske pulls out a portable DVD player from his overhead compartment. Cheesy 70s porno music fills the row.

Jacob: Ew

Rob: Pieske, are you watching porn on the airplane?

Pieske: Err….no.

Chapter 3

The Hotel Room

We fade in to a large suite room in a Holiday Inn, where Rob and Team Franklin are just arriving. Rob throws his bags on one of the three beds, and turns on TV. Jacob and Pieske each go to their respective beds on either side of Rob’s, and crawl up the headboard, to watch TV.

Rob: Well, I guess we’ve got this interview scheduled for next Sunday.

Jacob: That’s good.

The team watches as Rob clicks on the television, and turns it to see Dan Ryan’s latest promo. Afterwards, Rob sighs, and clicks the TV off.

Rob: Let's go to sleep.

Chapter 4

The Interview

We fade in to see Rob Franklin, flanked by Pieske and Jacob Franklin, standing in front of a TEAM backdrop, with a serious look on his face.

Rob: So it's showtime. That's what they told me. Time for me to come out here and tell everyone that I'm going to win. Yeah, how many people am I going to convince? None. That's the problem, I can't actually come out here and say I'm going to win, and insult the fans. Too generic. I can't come out here and point to my FTO title. Dan Ryan doesn't give a damn about my FTO title. No, he cares about one person, Dan Ryan. Good idea. Now the sad thing is, I respect Dan Ryan. Yeah, that's right, I do. For some reason, he is everything I want to be at his age, but that means nothing, because if you haven't noticed, respect has never stopped me from doing anything. As a matter of fact, I'm here to say one more thing, I PROMISE that I win beat Dan Ryan. That's all.

Rob dramatically drops the mic, and leaves the room.


OOC: I hope everyone likes it. :)

02-09-07, 03:40 PM

We see a shot of the campus of Rice University in Houston, Texas. The campus sprawls with lush landscaped bushes and trees, creating ample amounts of shadow and the appearance of a finely manicured garden atmosphere.

The shot swings around slowly, and we see in the foreground at a sideways view Dan Ryan looking upon a dilapidated building in the middle of the property - Autry Court. Ryan has his shades pulled down, hands on his hips and shaking his head.

Ryan: "So..."

"I pick up the Houston Chronicle the other day and I read that Rice has finally decided to renovate this dump. A twenty three million dollar renovation to be completed in 2008. Isn't that nice? It'll be so nice to bring this facility up from a broken down version of Hickory High and into the twenty-first century."

"I'm shocked actually....shocked that the snobbish intelligencia of this university would even allow professional wrestling on their property."

"It was just a few years ago that there was discussion....discussion and controversy swirling when a group of board members suggested they do away with the athletic department entirely. The focus at this school has always been academics and they've been well known for upholding the highest possible standards in that area. The Harvard of the South they call it here."

"And yet here today...professional wrestling on school grounds. And not just any professional wrestling - but some of the best wrestlers in the world under the busted up roof of Autry Court."

"Rob Franklin, you're an entertaining guy. I can respect the comedy bit as much as anyone and there's a place for it in this business, so I'm not here to crack on what kind of guy you are. You seem to be a smart guy, too...to an extent. You showed a little respect....." (Ryan holds his thumb and forefinger a half inch apart) "..but you had to throw in that qualifier at the end, didn't you?"

"Rob, you're not Joe Namath."

"Making guarantees at this stage in your career with a date in the ring with me staring you in the face doesn't seem to be the smartest gamble to take right now. Yeah, respect doesn't mean anything either. It's not like I was gonna take it easy on you if you played nicey nice. But it's always fun to talk about, especially when there's not much to say."

"Because let's be honest, Rob. We don't know enough about each other to truly give a s**t about the other guy. Not really. Sure, you can find anything out that you want to about my career if you feel like looking - but there's no animosity there, not yet."

"I think your pride may be stung a little bit, but that's it."

"But I'm all about business, Rob."

"You just need to know that I don't know any way other than full steam ahead and mowing through you like wet tissue paper. And while you may want to be like me someday....I can't help but be what I already am today."

"They say I'm a legend in the sport, Rob. They say I'm one of the best there is."

"I say they're full of it."

"I'm not one of the best there is. I'm the best there is."

"So, while I don't intend to end your career here at Autry....I do intend to beat you convincingly and in dominating fashion. I intend to move on to the second round, the third round and beyond until I win this match and solidify that 'best ever' status."

"You and your merry band of retards can put on your little skits, make your jokes and make the people laugh. That's fine. You have your place, just so long as you remember that place."

"This is where the big boys play....and I'm the biggest of them all."

"So since you've made your promise, let me make mine."

"I will thoroughly defeat you in Houston in our first round matchup - and while we both said the same thing, Rob? You got a little nervous when I said it, didn't you? There's meaning when I say it, kid - not just the overreaching false confidence of a rookie."

"So keep your mouth in check, and do your best to remain in an area where I don't see fit to cause some permanent damage. Make sure I don't decide to put you out of commission for good. 'Cause you know what, Robbie?"

"There's not too much funny about that...."


02-11-07, 05:42 PM
I think I should take offense to that.

We fade in, to see Rob Franklin, alone in front of an "FTO" backdrop, wearing a black and white t-shirt with "RICE SUCKS" plastered on the chest. Missing, is his usual FTO title, and the picture is black and white.

Rob: You see, Dan Ryan, I came in here to this tournament for a nice little paycheck. Nothing more, nothing less. Just swoop in, fill my pockets, win the damn thing, and swoop out again. But then, I saw that I was to face Dan Ryan in the first round. You know what that means? That means that either Dan, or me is ranked low, and the other high. And even I"M not cocky enough to guess that It was me who people were expecting to win this first round match-up.

Can you believe it? Rob Franklin to lose in the first round?

After all I've done. After all I've been through, all I've been screwed out of.

This isn't about a paycheck anymore, Dan. This is about respect. When you have the best there is, the rookie sensation known as Rob Franklin in your tournament, and you TRY as hard as you can to get him out in the first round, maybe because I don't sell enough t-shirts-

You know what? i think i know what this is all about. People upstairs, the people with all of the pull around here. The Dan Ryans, and the IrishReds and the Champions, and the Former champions, they want to ignore me. They want to put me off to the back, and forget. Forget that one day, I'll be where they are, and they'll be out of sight...and out of mind.

And how dare you refer to my respected TEAM FRANKLIN as "A bunch of retards?" Are you kidding me? Pieske, graduated the 11th grade before he dropped out, and Jacob went to the University of Michigan for a creative writing class in 7th grade!

But none of that matters now. All that I can think about, is that little promise you threw in there at the end. You really think that I'm that green? You think that i'm going to get scared, and lose focus just because you think you're going to win? I knew you thought that since the begining. Hell, the whole WORLD thinks that, but i'm not scared of you Dan Ryan. You're just a man. A man, that had to make a name for himself too when he was in my stage of my career. You're not going to "put me out of commision for good." You can't "end my carreer" or anything like that.

I'm the God damn FTO champion.

Do you know what that means, Dan Ryan?

The FTO title is a little more then something i threw on to make myself look good, the FTO title is merely a placeholder. You see, people expect me to do great things, even you, i think expect me to do great things.

Just not at your expense.

So until I get my shot, until I main event like everyone thinks i can, i wear the FTO title, in defiance, i guess you could say.

But I'm not going to sit by the wayside, and wait for the oppertunity either.

So, that's it, no skits, no laughs, no "merry band of retards" just facts, and another promise. I promise, from the bottom of my heart, that my win will mark a new dawning of the wrestling business. The era of FTO has begun.