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01-31-07, 09:04 AM
Just what the title says ;)

TEAM Champion of Champions: Nova
Banked Shots:
Mike Randalls

Contenders Match Banked Shots
Nova (Highest ToC Round 2 Score)


6/16/07 - D! defeats Mr. Amazing! in the Tournament of Champions '06 Final to become the first ever TEAM Champion of Champions
12/9/06 - D! is stripped of the Championship of Champions after erratic behavior backstage caused TEAM officials to consider him a liability. Title is vacant.
1/8/07 - Mr. Amazing! defeats Jake Hix to win the vacant TEAM Championship of Champions
4/24/07 - Lindsay Troy defeats Mr. Amazing! via pinfall to win the TEAM Championship of Champions
7/31/07 - Nova pins James Irish in an elimination match that also included Lindsay Troy and Dan Ryan to win the Championship of Champions

TEAM FREE FOR ALL~! Champion: Menace

This title is open-invitational, all-comers welcome. No rankings or banked shots available

1/8/07 - Jason Payne eliminates Ravager to become the first ever TEAM FREE FOR ALL~! Champion.
5/27/07 - Harley Douglas eliminates Jason Payne and captures the FREE FOR ALL~! Championship at SuperShow IV
7/31/07 - Larry Tact eliminates Dusk to win the FREE FOR ALL~! Championship
12/23/07 - Phil Atken GUERILLIMINATES Larry Tact to win the FREE FOR ALL~! Championship at SuperShow VII
6/16/08 - James Varga dekes Menace and puts him over the top to become a TEAM double Champion
9/7/08 - Menace holds on by a thread to eliminate Varga and claim the FFA~! Championship

TEAM Challenge Champion: Ravager
Banked Shots:
Jason Payne (swag from first Dupree Cup)
IrishRed (for special reasons noted below)
Nova (Highest ToC Round 3 Score)
Tchu (2nd Highest ToC Round 3 Score)


4/24/07 - Ravager defeats Nova and Chaos in a three-way steel cage match to become the first-ever TEAM Challenge Champion

TEAM Lethal Lottery Champions: "The Violator" James Varga and Larry Tact

This title is open-invitational, all-comers welcome, all challenger pairings random. No rankings or banked shots available.

7/31/07 - Dan Ryan and Troy Douglas defeat Otaku and Beau Michaels in the last match of the Inaugural Lethal Lottery Gauntlet to become the first ever TEAM Lethal Lottery Champions
12/23/07 - Donovan Astros nails Troy Douglas with the Astrocide as he and Thomas Anthony Parker become Lethal Lottery Champions
6/16/08 - Second time's a charm for Otaku as he and James Varga capture the LL titles with a win over TAP and Astros.
9/7/08 - In a bizarre finish, James Varga and Larry Tact score falls on Frankie Scott and Otaku respectively. Amidst the confusion, TEAM officials decide to award the LL titles to Varga and Tact.

Tournament History

TEAM Invitational Tournament - Merritt Trophy Finals
2006: Karl Brown d. Victor Molotov
2007: Dan Ryan d. Ulysis Solian
2008: Mike Randalls d. Ravager

TEAM Tournament of Champions - Finals
2006: D! d. Mr. Amazing!
2007: Nova d. Tchu

Chad Dupree Memorial Cup Finals
2006: NEW d. MBE, 2 matches to 1
2007: The A-List d. A1E (War Games match)

03-26-07, 09:03 AM
Shane G. informed me that he's pulling out of active competition in most of the feds he's in for now. TEAM is one of those feds. Rather than jobbing him out in the SSIII Challenge Championship match due to an automatic no-show, I'm removing IrishRed from the match and giving him a banked shot at the Challenge Championship. Shane deserves a chance to compete for that title, and I don't think real life issues should preclude him from taking that shot.

So now the match at SSIII will be a three-way dance with Nova, Ravager and Chaos.

04-10-07, 08:30 AM
Remember, this is a TENATIVE schedule, so don't come yelling at me if the TiT '08 doesn't start in January at the latest :p

June 9th - RP for Tournament of Champions Round 1 begins
TEAM Tournament of Champions '07 - Rosemont Horizon/United Center, Chicago, IL

July 15th - RP for TEAM SuperShow VI: Lethal Lottery begins
TEAM SuperShow VI: Lethal Lottery - Pepsi Center, Denver, CO

Early August - RP for Dupree Cup '07 begins
TEAM Dupree Cup '07 - various locations for preliminary rounds
TEAM SuperShow VII: Dupree Cup - Dupree Cup Finals, Skyreach Centre, Edmonton, AB

November/December/January '08 - RP for TEAM Invitational Tournament '08 begins
2008 TEAM Invitational Tournament - held at various locations - Regional Finals to be held in London, England; Orlando, FL; Minneapolis, MN and Los Angeles, CA

TEAM SuperShow VII: Final Four '08 - Phillips Arena, Atlanta, GA
TEAM SuperShow IX: Merritt Trophy '08 - Phillips Arena, Atlanta, GA

05-27-07, 11:44 AM
Since Jason Payne is getting an outright shot at the CoC, I'm going to bump him from the contenders match and make it James Irish against Nova.

06-21-07, 03:55 PM
New announcement: Anyone who wins the Tournament of Champions gets a lifetime pass back into the ToC, regardless of standing.

06-29-07, 08:43 AM
Check the edits, and get your randomizing shoes on :)