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01-08-07, 06:41 PM
Anyone can enter. Just post an RP in this thread to get started. No RP limits, no stacking rules (but mind you, if you post 2930843 promos in a row that doesn't mean you're going to win).

RP deadline Friday, January 19th, 11:59:59 PM (give or take a second).

01-12-07, 10:00 PM
I am not a man who enjoys chaos. Unless, of course, I'm the one who creates it. As a wrestler, I find it's essential to learn all I can about my opponent before a match. So why throw my hat in when I don't know who I'll be facing? Or even worse, how many opponents I'll have? (chuckles) It's the price I have to pay to hold title gold. The price I'm willing to pay to be the first Free For All Champion. I know what kind of talent is lurking about, waiting for an opening. And I think I'm better. I think I'm hungrier. And I think I'm just crazy enough to win. I've been the victim of odd man attacks, and yet I come out on top. I've fought my way through a mass of humanity and survived. I will go through anyone to be the Free For All Champion. It has been far too long since I've had a title belt around my waist.

Time to remedy that.

I'm stepping up people. Now who here is ready to try and stop me?

01-12-07, 11:22 PM
Irishred sits alone in the basement of his home. There is a pool table, a bar, a desk with computer, a beat up old rocking chair and stereo system. Chicago's greatest hits blares over the stereo system as Irishred walks on to the scene. He reaches onto a shelf and grabs 9 steel tipped darts. The camera pans to a dart board covered with pictures of the following wrestlers: Dan Ryan, Steven Shane, Karl Brown, Kin Hiroshi, Frankie Scott, Ravager, Rocko Daymon, Troy Douglas and Adam Benjamin. One by one Irishred throws the darts hitting each competitors photo in the face.

Irishred walks over and pours himself a cup of coffee and stares at the board. After a sip of the java Red begins to laugh.

It's as simple as that. Oh and don't worry if you didn't get a picture on the board. It's just that you simply don't matter to me.

This is mine to win. That means that there will be a whole bunch of losers...or if it makes you feel better you can just call yourselves also rans.

Irishred turns up the stereo to Chicago's "Make Me Smile", sits in the chair and sips his coffee.

Jason Payne
01-13-07, 04:13 AM
Fade in on Jason Payne standing with Dave Brown in front of a TEAM logo. Payne, standing a head taller than Brown, faces slightly off camera as Dave holds a microphone to his mouth.

Brown - "Wrestling fans I am here with N.F.W. superstar and TEAM participant Jason Payne. Jason you have what is shaping up to be a hellacious match with Derecho coming up at TEAM SuperShow. You're last meeting in the Dupree Cup and the subsequent rivalry that has spawned has been nothing short of just brutality at it's core. Yet despite this no doubt grueling match, you have a special announcement you wish to make. What's on your mind?"

Payne turns from Dave to the camera. He reaches up and he removes his black sunglasses, revealing the hell bent gaze underneath. His eyes looking worn, yet focused and intent burn through like a raging inferno illuminating the darkest night. When Payne speaks, his voice is much deeper, more menacing, more fearsome.

Payne - "Dave, my match with Derecho notwithstanding, I asked to use this time to put everyone on notice. To put those who wish to enter this Free For All match on notice especially. You see, after I get through putting Derecho out of his misery, I'm moving on to do battle with the participants of the Free For All."

Brown - "Jason, do you think that's a wise move considering your match with Derecho? Just based on what we have seen from you two in the past, most of us have doubts that should you win, you won't be in any physical condition to compete in the Free For All?"

Payne slowly turned towards Dave and seemed to gaze at him with an unflinching glare.

Payne - "I don't make decisions Dave on what I think is wise, or not wise. I have decided that I will overcome any and all obstacles that TEAM wishes to serve up. This Free For All is simply another test of one's self. Of one's fortitude. Of the ability of one man to withstand the punishment from over a dozen or so other men, and continue fighting until there is no more blood for his heart to pump. Until there is no more oxygen to sustain his lungs. Until there is no shred of consciousness with which to cling to. When all that is left, is what a man is capable of with his bare hands."

Payne turns and casts his gaze back to the camera.

Payne - "Dave Brown, you and the rest of the world should look into my eyes right now. Look upon the face of Jason Payne, and understand what I am saying to you. After I travel to the ninth circle of hell, I will rend the flesh and bone from the devil Derecho himself, and any of his minions who should try and get in my way. And once I have declared myself the ruler of hell, I shall come back from the abyss and systematically pull every single wrestler in the Free For All back down to hell with me. One by one they will all fall before me and once the passage of time is complete, and destiny has occured, it will be yours truly standing at the top of the mountain. It will be Jason Payne standing over the broken and battered carcasses of the competition. And once that is accomplished, there is only one place to go from there, and that is the Champion of Champions."

"So come all participants. Declare now, for once the bell sounds, I will declare you for myself."

Brown - "Do you believe this is your destiny Jason?"

Payne turns towards Dave for a moment, flicking a hateful glare onto him.

Payne - "It's not a question of destiny Dave."

Payne flicks his gaze back to the camera, looking as evil as ever.

Payne - "It is inevitability."


01-13-07, 02:56 PM
Inevitability. I like that Jason. You're ready to push yourself to the limit in order to get to the top. And you know what? Any other time, any other match, any other opponent, I'd say you have a chance. But this match? The Free For All? This is the night I make my name. This is the show where Ravager becomes the new face of NAPW. And the TEAM superstar. I kind of regret the fact that our paths never crossed at the Dupree Cup, Jason. You made a lot of noise there. Got people talking. You did what I plan to do here. Get everyone's attention. Who knows, maybe we'll go nose to nose in the battle royal. Or maybe you'll be long gone by the time I make it to the very end. Time will tell. All I can truly say is:

There is no one ready to go as far as I'll go to win this. Irishred can toss all the darts he wants to, that's as close as he'll ever get to landing a shot on me. Jason Payne, you may be willing to travel to the ninth circle of Hell, but you mess with me, and you'll be burned beyond belief.

This is my time. This will be my greatest match. And I will be the first Free For All Champion.

Nothing Personal. Just Business.

Bruno N' Beauty
01-15-07, 05:53 PM
Fade in to an familair place - for NAPW fans, at least. We're Simply Beautiful's Edmonton mansion, just about the most extravagant house you've ever laid eyes on. Sitting, as always, in his favorite chair, is Simply Beautiful, in all his glory.

His t-shirt says "Hello, TEAM!" On the back it reads "First Free For All Champ!"

His Italian Flag bandanna is wrapped firmly around his head. His sunglasses are clipped to his shirt, and his jeans are barely able to contain his sexiness. Not because they're tight - he's just so damn sexy.

SB: Hello, TEAM fans. There's a new kid on the block. A God damn good-looking new kid, at that. And I'm here to start taking championships. (smirks) Ya may or may not have noticed, but SB is indeed entered into the Free For All match. That makes TWO NAPW-ites. Me, and the Silent Assassin. Ravy and SB, in the ring once again. I can already see the flash bulbs going off, and I can hear that familiar roar.

But it's going to be different this time. This is TEAM, not New Alberta Pro. You got the best of me last time, Ravy. Never saw that lariat coming - sure as hell felt it in the morning though. I woke up thinking I was Vader, eye bulging out after a Stan Hansen clothesline.

But that's not gonna happen again. It's not gonna be just you and me. But you better believe that's who it'll come down to. The fans know, the other guys in the ring know it, too. Everyone other then me and you is fighting it out for third place.

The question is, which one of us is gonna take this thing? Will you get the better of me again? Or will the Italian Icon strike back? One thing's for sure, in this Free For All, SOMEONE'S gonna pay.

And it ain't gonna be me.

fade out as SB leans back in his chair, putting his feet up on his desk.

01-15-07, 05:58 PM
(Fade into "First Class" Chandler Maxwell standing holding his newly won Major Championship Wrestling world title.)

"It is real simple. When I say I am going to do something, I do it. It's time that the world knows that the kid is really a man, and that I am not just Benjamin's cousin.

so now as I stand a champion I am looking for something else to take.

TEAM wrestling show has a open Free for all match. This is along the same lines as the open challenge I just took from Major Championship Wrestling.

Now I personally am going to be at this show. Up until now I was simply going to watch my partner and cousin "yours Truly" Adam Benjamin out wrestle, out class, and out shine Larry Tact.

However, I have decided that I am going to enter my self into the Free for All match, and in doing so give all the fans a taste of "First Class".

(Chandler smiles)

"Matches like this usually lead to several guys telling the world "this is there moment" this is there "time to shine".

Those guys are usually the guys who are eliminated and sent back to the showers.

True winners never have to proclaim victory. For a winner has the mentality coming out of his veins.

Sure some winners like to toss darts at men. And no I am not upset that a dart was not tossed my way.

For by the looks of those pictures they are guys who have either defeated the dart tosser, or whom he feels could defeat him.

And I have never faced the tosser, nor am I listed in this match, and since I am new I am sure the tosser feels I am not worthy of his time, so hence why there is not a pic of "First Class" hanging with a dart sticking out of it.

I am a man who echoes Royalty not chaos. So you will not hear me talk about odds and what not.

I am not going to make a heart felt story about giving my all till there is no blood to pump out of me.

The truth is that this match is a cluster match with a ring filled with wrestlers.

I am one of many that will be in there.

Will I win? I would hope so. However I am a wrestler not god of whom can see and tell the future.

All I can do is go in there and showcase my First Class ability.

Win or lose I am still the MCW Champ.

And as one half of the Saviors of Wrestling I will bring respect to the ring.

My name is "First Class" Chandler Maxwell, you may not know me yet, but bet your ass you will know me soon enough.

(Fade to black)

Bruno N' Beauty
01-16-07, 02:21 AM
Fade in to SB, standing in front of an NAPW banner. He's got the ultimate look of cockiness on his face, sunglasses pulled down on the bridge of his nose, Italian flag bandanna tied tightly around his head. He smirks into the camera, and lets the competitve juices flow, baby.

SB: You know, I was really gonna try to avoid cutting a promo where I ripped on all of my opponents. Ya know, I'm pretty friggin' good at it, believe me, but it just don't seem original to me anymore. But...after seeing some of the things guys have been saying, figured "why the hell not?"

He cracks his neck, and gets right into it.

SB: We start with who else but...Jason Payne? Who the hell is this guy? Oh wait, I think I saw you on TV once. It was two - no three - AM, and you were trying to sell me a knife that can cut through a shoe in mid-air! Yeah, that WAS you! Are those still available? But seriously folks. Jason Payne? How original. I'm a wreslter...and I cause pain...so let me call myself PAYNE, and just keep my first name! What'd you think that up while you were takin' a ****? Get the hell offa my screen, chump! If I wanted to wrestle with no-talent mooks, I'd go to Stamford, get my drift?

SB: As we mosey on down the short list of competitors signed up for this match, we find the name Irishred. Just the fact that your name is a color, with your home country placed before it, probably shows off your intelligence. But I digress. I noticed you have some pictures on a dart board - another brilliant idea from the monotony department, no doubt - and you don't have SB. Not only that, but you say that anyone not on your little dart board is an also-ran. Or somethin' like that, I almost passed out from boredom while you were talking. Well, let me clue you in on somethin', Irish; I'm the ONE MAN you should be worried about. I'm the guy you should be tossing darts at, and I'm the crazy bastard who don't take kindly to put downs from chumpstains like you!

SB: But enough about Popeye. We've got more opponents to talk about. Guys like the MCW Chumpion, Chandler Maxwell. Now, if I ever heard of a more effeminate name, I'd be hard pressed to say it was more girly than Chandler Maxwell. It makes ya wanna watch football and scratch your crotch, it's so faggy. Yeah, I know, you're gonna make fun of my name too. And so will Moe and Larry, I'm sure. But the difference is that I ain't lyin' - you see the proof in the pudding as you gaze into your TV screen, baby. NOBODY looks like the Italian Icon, you better believe it! Oh, by the way Bing, congrats on winning a battle royale at the MCW show to win the belt - it must have been real damn hard beating a couple of girls and a guy with his head crammed so far up his ass he could choke on it! Do me a favor and come MY way during the match, Maxi-Pad. There's a nice spot on the arena floor I'd like to introduce ya to!

SB: And then, finally, we come to Ravager. The one man I respect in this match. My NAPW brethren. Is that gonna stop me from tryin' my balls off to toss your ass over the top rope when it's down to just me and you? I don't even have to tell you, do I? We may be friends, but I WANT the Free For All Championship. And like it or not, you ain't gettin' it over me.

SB: And that's not just the coolest, that's not just the best, that's SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL!

fade out.

Jason Payne
01-16-07, 04:38 AM
Fade in on the interior of the Basham-Schultz Wrestling Academy. Jason Payne sits in a recliner looking at a television set. A videotape plays showing each and every person who has declared themself for the Free For All. Each of thier promos runs in succession, and the look on Payne's face shows the fact that he is quite simply and utterly appalled at what he sees. From the back, 'The Wolf' Chris McMillan enters the room with a cold beer in hand.

McMillan - "Anything interesting?"

Payne grabs a nearby remote, and stops the tape. And then rewinds it. As the tape rewinds, he settles back into his chair and lets a long sigh escape his lips.

Payne - "You know Chris, when I singed up for the Dupree Cup, I got excited. I was thrilled to be a part of that, and I think that it showed. Especially in the match with Derecho. Me and him went out there and we promoted the hell out of that match. Tit for tat, back and forth, scathing hot promos that just made you either cringe in fear, or salivate for what we were going to do with each other. With Derecho failing to even show up to promote our 'much anticipated grudge match', I was hoping that this Free For All would provide me the chance to get some things going, and to produce some really off the wall promotions that would cause the buy-rate to go through the roof."

McMillan takes a swig of his beer, and looks over at the television.

McMillan - "Well, what's been put up so far?"

Payne - "Are you sure you can stomach this? I can't, so here, I'm gonna go and take a piss, watch this."

Payne hits play on the remote and gets up and walks to the bathroom. Chris sits and watches the promos in order. Much like his old tag partner, he also shows his disgust with what he has seen. After a few moments, Payne comes back from the bathroom with a fresh beer in his hand.

Payne - "See anything there worth even putting in a commercial for the event?"

McMillan just shrugs and shakes his head in a negative fashion.

McMillan - "Having watched that, I feel the sudden need to take some broken glass, and shove up inside my penis, and then smash said penis with a hammer."

Payne chuckles and just nods in agreement as he sits down. Looking over at McMillan, Jason is just exasperated.

Payne - "Exactly. I mean, is this professional wrestling, or are we all in high school looking for a date to the prom and there's only one cute girl in the whole school? Take this SB guy for example. Like he's the first person to go with the whole 'You're Stupid Because You're Wrestling Name Is Payne' line. Nevermind the fact this guy hasn't even bothered to do his homework and realize that Jason Payne is my true birthname for crying out loud."

McMillan nods in agreement.

McMillan - "And even if it wasn't, Jason Payne is still a better sounding name than...what's his name again...Something Beautiful? He's probably one of those fruity guys that tries to act gay, but he's not really, so he sucks."

Payne - "Actually, I think he's supposed to be some kind of gangsta or something. I'm not quite sure because all I heard in his little promo was crap, crap and more crap. And it's not just him either. EVERYONE'S segments so far are a bit lacking. And everyone's doing the same friggin thing."

Payne alters his voice, doing poor imitations of the various participants.

Payne - "Ooo word son, your name sucks, but it only sucks because I couldn't think of anything that sounded tough that wasn't already taken, so the promoter stuck me with a horrible gimmick where I'm tough, but I'm pretty at the same time. Because of that, I'm tougher than everyone else in the Free For All, and I'm gonna whoop all yous guy's asses. Peace out!"

McMillan chuckles.

McMillan - "That's pretty good."

Payne - "He also talks about how he's never heard of me and the like. I thought we went over this crap with Derecho in the Dupree Cup, but I guess not. Derecho and I had never heard of each other until Week One of the Dupree Cup and look how that turned out. Some guys just get it I guess. Then there's this one."

Payne clears his throat.

Payne - "I'm the champion of some fed that a couple of people might have heard of, but we were only open for a few months before we shut down. Now we're involved in some angle with another fed in order to pretend like we're still open, and I still claim this title of a dead promotion because after years of putting over established talent, this was the only title that I could actually win, and I'll carry it till the day I die, and then pray they'll name a tournment after me. Because of that, I'm tougher than anyone in the Free For All, and I'm going to prevail in the end because I can outwrestle everyone with my non-factor championship."

McMillan cackles with laughter, nearly spilling his beer.

McMillan - "Holy **** dude! That's great."

Payne chuckles at McMillan and just sits back in his chair.

Payne - "Then you got guys like IrishRed, who is a good wrestler in his own right, he comes out and is basically like..."

Payne clears his throat again. he then proceeds to do the crappiest impersonation of IrishRed ever.

Payne - "I am IrishRed. I am tougher than all of you because of my name alone. I will win the Free For All."

Payne shakes his head and sighs.

Payne - "I don't know about you Chris, but that was boring as hell. I feel like I'm the only person in this event that is taking this thing seriously. Everybody is too busy trying to convince themself, and everyone else that thier dick is bigger than everyone elses. I'm pretty confident in the size of my penis ya know?"

McMillan scratches the scruffy hair on his chin as if in deep thought.

McMillan - "The sub-standard wang, is every man's fantasy. Cornhole me now please."

Payne looks over at Chris with a quizzical look on his face. Chris meets his gaze and shrugs.

McMillan - "What?"

Payne - "Was that a friggin haiku?"

McMillan - "Yeah..it was I think."

Payne - "That's odd, yet pretty cool at the same time dude."

McMillan - "Yeah, I have moments of brilliance like that."

Payne nods and looks into his beer a moment before taking another drink. He appears to be in deep thought.

Payne - "I gotta come up with something in order to break this chain of penis envy that is the Free For All. Gotta any ideas?"

McMillan thinks for a moment, and then a look passes over his face as if he had an epiphany.

McMillan - "I got just the thing dude. Give me your cel phone."

Payne - "Dude! Where the hell is your cel phone?"

McMillan - "Well, I left it at some fat *****'s house that I went home from the bar with the other night."

Payne makes a face as he reaches into his pocket and grabs his cel phone.

Payne - "You're a sick freak Chris."

Payne tosses the phone to Chris.

McMillan - "Yeah, maybe. But at least I get laid."

Payne - "I'm not even going to dignify that comment with a response."

McMillan just smirks as he dials a number. Putting the phone to his ear, he waits a moment and then he speaks as someone answers the phone.

McMillan - "Hey man, it's me. Chris. McMillan. The Wolf you retarded monkey now shut the hell up and listen. I might have a job for you, can you get here within the next couple of days? Look man, something's come up, and we need a person of you particular talents."

Payne looks over at McMillan, skeptical as to who he is talking to.

McMillan - "What? Yeah yeah totally. I....what? Yes there is plenty of vaginal orifices in town for you to dip your whacking stick."

A look of revelation passes over Jason Payne's face as he realizes who McMillan is on the phone with.

McMillan - "Yeah I'll pick you up as soon as your flight lands. Yeah. Yeah whatever dude just don't miss your flight or I'll kick your ass."

You can hear someone screaming over the phone in a foreign language that resembles Japanese. Then suddenly you hear the screaming voice shout in clear English.

Voice On Phone - "DON'T MAKE ME COME OVER THERE!!!!!"

Payne's face crakcs into a smile as Chris chuckles.

McMillan - "I'll pick you up when you get here. Bye!"

McMillan clicks the phone dead and tosses it back over to Payne.

Payne - "Oh this is gotta be good..."


01-16-07, 08:21 PM
And so it gets interesting.

Ravager is backstage at NAPW's Tuesday Night Fights, tongiht taping in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Moments before his NAPW Heavyweight title shot. He seems focused on the task at hand. But there is one small thing that seems to be bothering him...

The Free For All championship. On the line for the very first time. A hungry group of competitors, all starving for title gold. Over a year ago I stepped into the NAPW ring for the first time, and became the very first Provincial champion, and within a month made that belt the most sought after title in the federation. Now I'm in a similar situation. I'm looking to become the first man to hold a title. I am making it my goal to take the Free For All title and make it the title wrestlers want to compete for. But I'm getting ahead of myself. I have to win it first. And so far? ...

Ravager chuckles.

A small group of competitors so far. But by no means an untalented group. I've praised Jason Payne before, even if he does seem to be a bit too penile obsessed for my liking. Simply Beautiful. Talented to be sure. But you seem to be focused too much on one individual. You spend too much time focused on Payne, and I'll drop you. You focus too much on me, and Irishred will take you out. And while I've never been in the ring with Irishred, I've seen what he can do. I saw you take out the Celtic Assassins at the MCW tournament last month. I've seen you in past TEAM events. I'm honored, slightly, that you consider me enough of a threat to throw a dart at me. That doesn't mean you can match me when the bell rings though. And Chandler Maxwell. I'm afraid I don't know much about you yet. I'm sure in the coming days I'll find out much more. You're a champion, which means you're no slouch. You've tossed your name into this match, which means you got guts. Whether or not you can take me out, and make it to the end of this battle? Time will tell.

It will tell you "no".

This past week I have been criticised for dividing my attentions between three matches. My title match in a few minutes. My match with Ulysis Solian. And the Free For All Match on the same show. They wonder, "How can I focus on so many opponents and expect to win?"

And the truth is, I can't divide my focus like that. Not on individuals. But I can focus like a laser beam on one thing: Winning. Winning titles. Winning respect. Winning matches people say I have no business competing in. I came here to TEAM to prove myself. I came here to make my name. If I have to go through ten, twenty, thirty TEAM superstars to do it, oh well. You guys can talk all you want, but nobody needs this more than me. Nobody wants this more than me.

And I'll be damned if anybody takes this from me. I don't care what title you hold, or what organization you belong to. The Free For All title is mine.

And I f****** dare anyone to try and prove me wrong.

Ravager hears his music start up, and heads to the ring.

Fade to black.

01-17-07, 12:10 AM
(Fade into "First Class" Chandler Maxwell sitting waiting to take some promotional pictures for GQ magazine. With a smile he looks into the camera, his eyes shinning bright blue, its simple the look of a winner....)

"Welcome once again fans of Team wrestling. It is I "First Class" Chandler Maxwell here to day to give you yet another taste of what "First Class" is all about.

In first class you will not catch a man marveling over himself. No, in first class we have people marvel over us!

(Stage girl voice)

"You look Great Maxwell"

(Chandler smiles)

"In first class you will not find a metro sexual Italian Stalin. No offense "Rocky meets the Queer eye" but your not First Class worthy.

I mean you basically proved you have nothing you can conjure up to say about me. So you drop down to the school yard mentality and bring out the name jokes.

You attack my name by comparing it to a female.

Then you toss out a very interesting analogy about my name. "It makes you want to watch football, and scratch your crotch"?

Very puzzling mate, very puzzling indeed.

As for you dig at me winning the Major Championship? I tend not to think about who is in the ring when I enter it. What I seen was a chance to win a title. So your attempt the lower the prestige of the MCW title is not going to work.

Ah then you toss fight words towards me again with another school yard name twist of my name. Man I better watch my back, but at last I do not have eyes in the back of my head to look out for the mighty SB!

Oh and bravo on your catch phase mate, got to tell you that made your entire promo for me. I would say your catch phase is Just incredible......

(Chandler smiles as he takes a seat as a stage girl brings him a bottle of watter.)

"Ok fans another classic mistake you will not see any were in First Class is individuals that use the word Penis in every sentence.

Jason, just let you you know since you brought it up. My name is Chandler Maxwell I have been in the wrestling business for little over six months.

The MCW world title was actually my first shot at any championship since I debuted.

I am glad you could in a in direct way take the time to Down play the credibility of the title I recently won.

Still trying to figure were the years of putting over established talent have gone.

How about next time you want to conjure up something to say about "First Class" you actually do some home work on the guy you are attempting to down play.

Until the continue to waist promotional time telling bad jokes with the Wolf.

(Chandler gets up and makes his way towards the photographers.)

"You the most important thing to know fans is that in First Class with have what is know as common sense.

We under stand that matches such as the free for all are very predictable.

The reality is simple at any point any Ravager, SB, JP, BJ, or tom, dick, or Larry can come from behind and eliminate you dreams of championship glory.

We know that there is no magic laser beam that you can target toward the winning circle.

In First Class you will simple get pure dedication.

So in closing fans I ask you to enjoy a great night of Team action.

You will be graced by The Saviors of Wrestling. My cousin and tag team Partner "Your Truly" Adam Benjamin will be showcasing his abilities against Larry Tact.

And then you will get a taste of 'First Class" not once but twice apparently, as I have just been handed a fax that I will be involved in a tag team match as well.

I will try my best, for that is all I can do in a match of odds.

This has been another addition of up close and personal with a taste of "First Class".....

Fade To Black

01-17-07, 12:01 PM
God do I really have to stoop to trash talking each and every one of you? Is that the juvenile behavior it will take to make all of you stop crowing about like the last rooster on Hen Island? Do I have to make each of you cry a little bit as I talk about your failures not only as wrestlers but as members of humanity?

I really do not want to do that. I tried to be subtle with my little dart throwing promo. In fact you can even say that I gave proper respect to those that I threw my darts at. I think enough of each of you to put a little picture up of you, to target you as threats to me in this match. But everyone of you has chosen to mock that bit of subtlety and run your mouths, spouting idle threats that your skills cannot possibly back up.

I shouldn't need to spout my credentials here. Buy an issue of PWI and read about me if you honestly don't know what I am capable of. Make no doubt about it I have cut a swath through every federation I have chosen to wrestle in. I have left a trail of broken bodies and crushed dreams behind me. But I don't need to harp on that. I don't have the need to pump up my own accomplishments. I don't need to brag to each of you how dangerous and talented I am. That's a waste of time. All I'm going to do is prove it in the ring. All I'm going to do is wade through this collection of talent, and I use that term loosely, and become the Free For All champion.

Are others of you worthy of the title? Sure I guess so. I know many of you have had success in other federations much like me. Will any of you actually win this match? Not with me in the mix.

I'm the man to beat. I'm the man that will change each of you. I'm the man that will stand proudly in that TEAM ring and back up my claims, something that none of you have a chance in hell of doing.

It's an oldie but a goodie kids...take your time to learn it and live it. Don't let your mouth write checks your a** can't cash.

Bruno N' Beauty
01-19-07, 01:51 PM
Fade in. SB is standing in front of an NAPW ring, in full attire. With the shades on, of course.

SB: Looks to me like I've ruffled some feathers...good, that's exactly what I wanted. Once those mind games get to working, it makes things a hell of a lot easier for the Icon, I can assure you. Guys tend to eliminate themselves - they get so worked up over being THE guy to eliminate ol' SB, that they forget about the OTHER guys in the match; the guys who don't really give a damn, the guys who can seperate what's personal from what's...business. But don't worry; SB'll dump out a few of ya so you don't feel left out. Not only can you walk back to the locker room with your head held high, you can tell your ugly little grandkids that SB tossed you out on your freakin' neck!

Plain and simple - NAPW is taking over TEAM Wrestling. We've infiltrated the TEAM Invitational, and now, I'm taking the Free For All Championship, like it or not. All the *****ing and moaning in the world from my opponents isn't going to stop me. Let Payne work out his obsession with the male member on his own time. Let Irishred perfect his bar sports, to go along with his piss-poor mike and promo skills. Chandler, feel free to say the words "First Class" a thousand times whenever you're on camera, and to wave around your paper MCW Championship. Do you even believe in the significance of that belt? Because NO ONE else does, Maxie.

You see, it doesn't matter what you say, or what you do. Because everyone else in this thing is only fighting for second place....for now, let the SB hating rain down, baby! I LOVE it!

fade out.

01-19-07, 07:04 PM
We have just driven over the boarder between Alberta and British Columbia. Ravager is on his way to an NAPW show. While he keeps his eyes on the road, he does give us some insight into what he's thinking.

Bam Bam Bigelow. Dead at 45. And a damn shame too.

I never met the man. Never even got the chance to see him perform live. I was a fan. Not a family member. Not a friend. Not someone who truly deserves to mourn his passing. Just someone who remembers his ECW match with Tazz when the ring collapsed. Or the feud with Lawrence Taylor. Or the man who refused to back down from Andre the Giant at the first Survivor Series. "The Beast From the East". And damn, if I didn't always think that flame covered outfit was cool.

Ravager chuckles a bit.

At times like this; When another memeber of the fraternity leaves. It makes me wonder...

What will the fans say when I go? I'm not delusional. I know I'm not immortal. I don't plan on that day coming for a long time. But I'd be crazy not to think about it. Especially in this business. Where we're on high spot away. One chair shot that has a bit to much too much power behind it. One toss over the top rope where you don't land just right. One split second from being another 10 bell tribute.

Will I be applauded? Pitied? Jeered?

Will they call me a legend?

Will they say I never achieved my full potential?

Or will they call me a "never was"?

I doubt it about the last one, but hey, some people have impossibly high standards. So I get to thinking about stuff like this, and I have to ask myself: What can I do to make my name one that is remembered for all time?

Pause as Ravager considers this.

Well, winning titles would help. I've got a few in NAPW already. (mutters) should have had a few more... But that doesn't seem to be enough. Maybe winning some TEAM matches would help. ... That's been easier said than done too. I will give Ulysis Solian the fight of my life at the Supershow, but will it be enough to cement my legacy?

Probably not. But you know how names get made? By plowing through a mass of bodies on your way to huge win. Say... in a battle royal. And if you win a title in the battle royal... If you become the first man to hold that title... If you defend that belt against all comers, and raise it to a level that rivals the greatest World Title available... Now that's someone people write books about. That's someone wrestlers tell their grandkids about. That's someone who can truly be called "legend".

I am coming for the Free For All title. I don't care who gets in my way. I don't care about your pedigree, your alliegences, whatever. Any wrestler in that match is an obstacle for me, and I will remove any obstacle in my way.

Nothing personal. Just business.

Fade to Black.

Bruno N' Beauty
01-19-07, 10:32 PM
Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall...

...Who's the baddest mother****er of em' all?

SB, that's who.

Not only the sexiest man on the planet, not just the Italian Icon, but the best wrestler in the world.

Don't believe him? Ask him?

Does he believe himself...depends on what he wants you to think.

One thing's for sure though...he wants the TEAM Free For All Championship.

SB: TEAM Wrestling. What's it all about? Some say it's bad for the indies, because it brings all it's biggest stars together. I don't agree with that. I think it gives all the best and brightest a chance to shine for the bigger crowds, in bigger arenas.

And that's why I'm here. Because I AM the biggest, and I AM the brightest...and I'm going to prove it, first by winning the Free For All title, and then by taking the Inviational.

Think you can stop me? Step up, chump!

fade out.

01-19-07, 11:32 PM
(fade into the "Bulldog Gym" Were the Saviors of Wrestling are seen working out together.)


"The truth is that you are looking at the Saviors of Professional Wrestling. Together we wrestle to bring back the tradition that is lost in this sport.

But we will not be teamed on the Team show.

I myself will be pulling double duty. I will be in a tag match, of which I will be talking about in a short time period.

However right now I want to close out my chapter known as the Free for All championship match.

So far a lot of talking has transpired throughout the past week.

Chest have puffed out larger than super man. The ego meter has burst sending shatters of glass throughout the nation.

Dreamers, pretenders, and falsehoods have doomed the sky's of the wrestling world.

I am not going to stand here and break down each of the wrestlers who have spoken in this match. I have given my opinions on the individuals I have felt warranted my verbal theories.

However, I am going to lay out a reality forecast of how I truly believe this match will transpire.

first there is Ravager. Other than his respectful comments about Bam Bam, has sounded like a broken record of false hype and un back able claims.

Next up is SB. Man you simply have talked too much. You are truthfully a nobody with a mouth. However I promise you that when the final bell sounds you will not be the last man standing.

It must suck to attempt to try and say something bad about someone and come up with nothing. So you in turn call me on saying "First Class" a millions times.

This just in its called a way of life.

You call your self cute, I give examples of what happens and does not happen in First Class.

I do not wave this title, however SB you are free to come to the MCW, hell the Saviors will personally fly you in "First Class" and I will give you a shot at my paper title, how about that jack off.

Because the title I hold is filled with tradition. And it’s a honor to hold this title. So please come try and take my paper title, hell if you can beat me, feel free to make it into a bloody paper airplane.

But much like a one on one, you will lose this week in side the free for all against me as well.

Now I am going to talk about the only NAME besides mine that actually mean anything. Irish Red. Yes I will give the man his dues, he is one of the best wrestlers in the world. I seen your ranking in ENN magazine.

I know what you are capable of doing inside the ring. I look at the chance to face you as a major challenge in my career, one of which I can not wait to defeat.

You are possibly the best wrestler in this match, however your ego might get you tossed out of this match.

Remember this is a match of odds, not skill. Good luck.

First Class out!

(fade to black)

Bruno N' Beauty
01-20-07, 12:05 AM
Fade in, and we find SB sitting in a chair in his locker room. He looks focused now. The time for flamboyance is gone. Now it's time for the cold, hard truth.

SB: Oh boy. Max opened his big, stupid mouth again. Saviors of Wrestling? Sheesh. At this rate, I'm gonna need a savior to rescue me from how boring you are. It's like listening to a teacher's lecture. You, my friend, suck. You want me to come down to MCW and take your belt? I'd be glad to, just tell Latham. What you probably didn't realize, since your head is jammed so far up your ass, is that I DID compete in MCW, on the very same show you won your "championship". Me and Bruno tore it up in the MCW tag tourney - lucky for you, since if I wasn't priorly engaged on that night I'd be wearing that hunk of scrap metal you call a title. As far as the title match goes....you're on. But you don't matte right now. Everyone not living under a rock knows you don't have a snowball's chance in hell, so why don't you run along with your SOW butt buddies and knit me a sweater, would ya?

SB clears his throat, and takes a sip from a water bottle.

SB: How many times do I need to say this? When will you finally get it through your heads? I'm not here to look good in my TEAM debut. I'm here for a lot of the reasons Ravager is here. I want a title - Chris Casino stole my Pure Honor Cup in NAPW, so I want some gold around my waist. On top of that, I want momentum headed to the TEAM Invitational - a tournament where anything can happen, I'm told. Well, I'm gonna make "anything" happen, and win this Free For All, AND that Tournament, and stand before TEAM and the wrestling world as the number one wrestler in the world.


And oh yeah...Justin Credible stole my ****ing catchphrase.

fade out as SB smiles, making the belt motion around his waist.

Jason Payne
01-20-07, 12:48 AM
Jason Payne. TEAM banner with NFW on it. Do I really need to set the scene further for you?

Payne - "I was going to produce an entirely different promo then what I'm about to do, but because it seems that none of you want to think outside of your own small boxes, I'll have to clip my own legs out from under myself, and stoop down to YOUR level in order get my point across. You see I don't give a rat's ass about how bad you guys think you are, or how mad you are, or how great you are, or how great you think you are. You guys can all go on about yourselves until you're blue in the face and ya want to know something? It's not going to matter to me a bit."

"Everyone who has put thier names into this Free For All has demonstrated that they have the ability to talk a great game, but let's be honest with each other. If you don't think for a second that true greatness depends on what happens when you step between those ropes, then you are a complete fool. I know there are a few of you in this thing who share this view, and you should consider yourselves one of the smarter ones for thinking so. But the majority of what I have seen from my so called opponents, is that they actually believe the hype they read about themsevles on the wrestling websites, and in the magazines out there."

"I've been playing this game for years gentlemen. I grew out of the stage where I believed my own press clippings years ago. There's going to come a time, and for some of you, sooner rather than later, that this reality is going to hit you square in the mouth. For some of you that is going to be a knockout blow that you will never recover from. I believe that for a lot of you, that moment is going to be this Free For All."

"Now while I could go on about how I'm going to be the one that creates that moment for you, even I'm not that arrogant. Well, actually, I am that ingorant, but I'm just not that stupid. There is a lot of unknowns to factor into this match and if you're not prepared for them, you're gonna find yourself tossed from the ring quicker than a transgendered hooker from MWG's appartment when it runs out of heroin."

"Here's the facts gentleman. Keep believeing your own hype. Keep telling yourself that you're the greatest. For the first few moments of this Free For All, you might actually believe it. But by the time the final bell sounds, and the winner is declared, all your hype, dreams, and beliefs will be roken, bloody, and laying at your feet like so much washed up garbage."

"Think about that for awhile."


01-23-07, 05:51 PM
The screams of jets leer overhead the Vancouver Airport, a very special man waves for a Taxi. He is wearing a custom made leather jacket. Though unseen, the word's "Decapitator" grace its back. On his face are jet black sunglasses over top a plain black Lucha mask. He holds an opened carry on bag, inside we see black leather boots and black pleather pants. Again unseen, these tights have the words "Lucha" one one side and "Dore" on the other.

His name is Diamond, The Decapitator.

Diamond breathes in the fresh Canadian air.

It seems like forever since he left the NAPW and went to Japan to hone his skills. Finally, he is back in his birthland, Canada. But gone are the days that he was known as a young rookie. Once 4'11", he is now 5'2". Once 153lbs, he is now 172lbs. It is amazing how much he has grown: spiritually, physically and in experience. He face is no longer that of a young 20 year old, but of a old samurai with all the knowledge in the world trapped in the body of a 21 year old.

His moves are cleanly performed, from the waving of his taxi to opening the door. It would be astonishing to see this kind of prescence in the ring. And that is exactly what he is back in North America for. To return to the rings in America, and prove to himself that he is a true competitor.

Gone are the days of young Decapitator, who stood on rooftops with his brother, D! and Ravager. Gone are the days that Diamond has his own syndicated TV show in Oklahoma. Gone are the days where Diamond steps aside to let men like El Mentiroso and Patrick Bickle take the spotlight. Those days have vanished and have been etched in stone. Diamond is now only an Alumnus of NAPW, his name will be remembered for this. But his Legacy...

His Legacy starts today.