View Full Version : TEAM SuperShow II: Kin Hiroshi and Cameron Cruise vs. Chandler Maxwell & Rocko Daymon

01-08-07, 06:34 PM
Hot tag action featuring the team of breakfast related food champions taking on the MCW World Champion and the current A1E Triple Star Champion.

No RP limit, all stacking rules apply. RP deadline Friday, January 19th, 11:59:59 PM (give or take a second).

01-12-07, 08:57 PM
* Kin Hiroshi doesn't need a dirty, ill-lit basement. Kin Hiroshi doesn't need a TEAM backdrop or a ring to shoot from. Kin Hiroshi doesn't need to be in some dark alley, or standing in the rain, or training in some gym with an inane amount of weight hanging precariously over his head.

But Kin Hiroshi has these things, because he wants them.

However, today Kin Hiroshi just needs to clear his throat... *

KIN HIROSHI: "Here we are Frankie: finally a time in your life you'll look back on and say, 'I remember when...' Only, you were hoping for more; you were hoping to face me one-on-one. Why? So you can fill in the rest of your memories with '...that time Hiroshi beat the snot out of my ass, and the s**t out of my nose'? How long have you been begging to step in the ring with me? How long have you asked for your shot at me?

Too long, you say? Frankie, why do you want to step up to me so much? Do you think it's because Lindsay Troy credits me with a title other than 'curtain jerker', and you don't think I'm better than you? Or is it something simpler than an inferiority complex stemming from issues with mommy?

Frankie, I get the shots that I get because I'm a work horse. I don't just pull the plow to sow the plants, or the harvester to reap what I've sown, but I carry the cart to market to sell the goods and the carriage for the farmer's wife to shop around. Sure, when the cynics and the critics look back on my life, they'll say something that ends with the word 'mediocrity,' but in todays world of 'C'-average-world-leaders and falling SAT and IQ scores, mediocrity is the new Phenomenal.

And you, 'Phenomenal' Frankie Scott are falling into categories of 'Sub-Par' and 'Lack Luster'. YOU are nothing special, Frankie, and that's why you will never be able to step toe-to-toe, man-to-man with me in the ring and win. Now, you've got Rocko Daymon in your corner for this one, and that's, by-no-means, a name to take lightly. In fact, the fans might say it tips the scales for you, leaning your team back towards even; you're almost to par. Rocko makes up for you, Frankie. He compensates where your lack of talent.

Don't mistake me, Frankie. You've got heart and you've got fortitude. You're proven that by calling out for me everywhere I turn-up, but I've got the secret weapon with me, Frankie. I've got Cameron Cruise: a friend, a man who I can relate to, and a man who has triumphed through adversity that I thrust him into.

See, when I single-handedly destroyed the Cameron Cruise Project, and put Cam and Joey Melton at each other's throats, I became a hero. The fans thanked me for releasing Cam from the clutches of Joey Melton, and Cam even thanked me for helping him see what his life was becoming. Yet, it never fails that the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry, and here I sit half-retired and collecting money from companies that are long gone or that I have no attachment to, and the Cameron Cruise Project lives on.

Did I fail?

Did I fault in the execution of my evil genius scheme?

No, there was no failure and no fault. I misjudged something: friendship. I looked purely at the business side of things, and wanted to help Cameron find his smile. Did I succeed? Yes. What I didn't count on was the bonds that Cam and Joey had made, and the ability to forgive a friend for a lapse in judgment. Yet, here I stand, with my friend in my corner because, with time, that karma came full circle, and Cameron Cruise forgave me.

Why? Because he knows that I'm not a curtain jerking punk-ass kid trying to make a name for himself by toppling one of the greatest wrestling institutions of the new millennium. Do you know which institution that is, Frankie?

Do you know, The Muffin Man?


01-17-07, 11:04 PM
(For the hell of it, we place Rocko Daymon before a TEAM backdrop, bearing the A1E Triple Star Championship over his shoulder. Not because he needs to or necessarily wants to... but simply because he doesn't want to waste time with anything elaborate.)

(He greets the camera with a confident grin.)

Rocko Daymon
So, here I find myself invited once again to another TEAM event... SuperShow II, not to be confused with the first SuperShow, although once again I find myself booked in a random tag match that somehow involves Kin Hiroshi, only this time I'll be seeing him on the other side of the ring instead of in my corner...

(He lets out a slight chuckle.)

Rocko Daymon
...and you won't hear any complaints from me, especially after Hiroshi blew that last match to Troy Douglas and Bryan Storms. To be honest, I was looking forward to losing that dead weight and replacing it with "Phenomenal" Frankie Scott... though it looks like he had to pull out of this dance, only to be replaced by some guy named Chandler Maxwell.

Normally, I'm not very fond to teaming up with strangers--I have Kin to thank for that. But then I hear that Maxwell's the man carrying the MCW Championship. Works for me, I guess. If he carries the gold, then at least he can hold his own in the ring.

Sadly, I don't know if I can say the same for the team of Cameron Cruise and Kin Hiroshi. I mean, Cammy Cruise is well reputed in just about every federation where he and I have shared the squared circle... but I dunno if the man has it in him to carry this match to the end. After all, I watched his performance against Mr. Entertainment last week on NEW's Raucous.

Now, Steph-O Forrester is no slouch, and Cammy put up one hell of a fight... but if you can't beat the kind of wrestler I can beat in my sleep, then what does that say about your chances?

(Daymon shakes his head and tsk-tsks.)

Rocko Daymon
Nothing against you, Cam... you know, I've always had a hell of a lot of respect for you. You've always had the talent... but you never had the heart to match my level. So, I'm sorry, Cameron... I'm sorry that you had to find yourself on Kin Hiroshi's side, and I'm sorry for the humiliation that awaits you at SuperShow II...

But that's part of the game of life, Cam. Friends turn on friends to make new enemies. Respect and talent only get you so far. In the end, it's your drive that takes you places.

That's the difference between you and me, Cam. Here you see me with the A1E Triple Star Championship. I pushed myself to my limits to take this belt, and I intend to carry it for a while. And while you've made the bulk of your career on being half of the greatest tag team to grace Empire Pro, people will never know you as the man who could get things done on his own...

You had Melton there to help you with that... but this time around, you've got Kin Hiroshi. That drastically cuts down on your chances for victory this time around.

(His brow furrows slightly.)

Rocko Daymon
But don't think I've forgotten about you, Muffin Man... and don't think I've forgotten about SuperShow.

It pisses me off knowing I walked into that match ready to force Troy Douglas to put his money where his mouth was... but you, apparently, had other ideas. You wanted to go in there and steal the show... and ended up costing it for us both.

I know you're probably reeling in disappointment now that Frankie's no longer a part of this match, as you've practically run out of people to trash talk for the remainder of the week... but that shouldn't deter you from giving it your all in this match. Of course, nobody's seen you "give it your all" since GWE folded years ago and all the talent migrated beneath Dan Ryan's protective wing in Empire Pro...

I guess you have more in common with your partner than I originally thought.

I hardly expect either of you have forgotten the age-old adage "The Truth Hurts", so you'll have to forgive me if I'm a little lacking in sympathy, regardless of my respect for the both of you as competitors. But the real truth is that real men with real talent and gusto practically fall off the trees in today's wrestling world. These days, records, titles, and sometimes legendary status hardly make a difference, as everybody and their brother has it. It's the man that commits himself to a level of excellence that truly steps ahead of the pack.

While I didn't make quite a splash here in TEAM, 2006 was quite a colorful year for me. I stepped up and overcame some great challenges... and for 2007, I only intend to do greater things.

Maybe when the two of you pull your heads out of your asses and remember what it was like to be REAL professional wrestlers, I might consider putting in a good word for you when I make it to the top.

(Daymon steps out of frame and we fade to black.)

01-18-07, 04:05 AM
"Ya know...there's just something Rocko, in what you said...I don't know..."

(Fadein, Cameron Cruise, head down, as if in shame, in front of a TEAM backdrop.)

CRUISE: I grant you this...I couldn't get the job done the other day against Mister Entertainment and beat 'em for the TV title.

Can't say if it was lack of focus, lack of energy, lack of the proper amount of fiber in my diet or even waking up on the right side of the bed that morning.

Entertainment did do what he set out to do, and did it against me, not you.

(Cruise looks up at the camera.)

But at least I didn't WALK AWAY like an IDIOT, and leave a job UNFINISHED.

(Cruise crosses his arms in a manner like a father being disappointed with his son after said son is caught stealing.)

Let's get something straight here, Rocko. First of all, before you use the intestinal fortitude to tell ME what it's like to be a REAL Wrestler...do yourself a favor and make sure you actually HAVE them to begin with.

Let's not mistake ourselves for a second Rocko, the respect is there, you're becoming the A1E Triple Star Champion is no easy task, nor is maintaining it I'm sure...

But if you sincerely think that I can't get the job done then perhaps you need to RE-THINK about who you're stepping into the ring with.

You may've been able to achieve your status in A1E, and you took a shot at NOT becoming the NEW ERA TV Champion to get a shot at the NEW ERA World Champion...very admirable....

(The camera pans in on a temporary close up.)

But don't you DARE tell me what it's like to get the job done.

I defeated Dan Ryan, Beast, even Joey Melton....which if you count their resumes as one, there's at least about 78 World Title Championship reigns between them in the span of a MONTH...

Nobody helped.

'Course, you're not really one to pay attention to such details are you Rocko??

You know what you know and that's that my career hit levels higher than you would ever DREAM, and the infamous Joey Melton was an accomplice to it.

You're sorry that I had to be involved and you're sorry I had to tag with Kin in a match with you on the other side.

I'm not.

I'm not because I KNOW who I'm walking into the ring with.

I KNOW what it's like to be in Kin's Corner, and the fact is Rocko, as far as my "Chances" are to pull out the victory go...I really see no difference.

Or did you miss that part of EPW too, while you were gone??

I can tag with or WITHOUT Melton, and be just fine, so go back and tell Mrs. Seaver that I won't need to have her send Ben or Mikey to the rescue on this one, as I'm sure you've done in the past.

You want "Truth" Rocko??


You came into this match thinking that I'd be sub-par from losing to a man you had ON THE BRINK of taking the TV title, and thought it'd be a fine time to chastise me about being on the LEVEL.

You wanna face Cameron Cruise, one that's on the LEVEL??

You want me to be REAL??

I've been real from THE BEGINNING.

It's not my fault you're the one that's being "One-dimensional" about this.

I might not've been to the very top of this BUSINESS, even though I've managed to beat afew that has; but I've been AT the top for sometime now.

It's just too bad that your point of view is going to give you a REALITY CHECK...that you just won't like. Not because I had to be the one give it to you...

But because you FORCED ME to be the one to give it to you.


01-19-07, 11:44 PM
(Fade into the "Bulldog Gym" were "First Class" Chandler Maxwell sits talking on his cell phone.)

"Adam, I am not sure what happen to Larry Tact. Well I know you love a good promotional war.

Hey mate just do your thing in the ring. Ok I will see you when you get here.

(Chandler puts down his cell phone.)

"Team, a interesting word when you are truthfully not teamed with your actually partner.

However, when I heard about Frankie stepping out of this match due to personal reasons, I personally extened my hand and tug myself into this match.

Kin and Cruise and even Rocko you guys truthfully do not know much about me.

Each of you have battled my Cousin Adam Benjamin.

Rocko as long as you extend your hand and tag me when you need it, I think we can actually make a nice team.

I give my all every single time I step into the ring. Failure is not a option in First Class!

Kin, Cruise all I can say in short is to bring your A game, and lets give the fans a wrestling match they can talk about on there car rides home.

reality check from First class is that I dislike muffins. Good luck mates.

(Fade to black)