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01-08-07, 06:33 PM
The last two men standing from the four-way at SSI square off.

No RP limit, all stacking rules apply. RP deadline Friday, January 19th, 11:59:59 PM (give or take a second).

01-12-07, 09:51 PM
A Voice in the dark is heard.

I have been accused of not being able to let things go. I have been accused of obsessing over every loss. Fair comments. But another thing you can accuse me of? Being successful...

We fade up to see Ravager, as he trains for hsi upcoming match for the NAPW championship.

It's been a while Ulysis. Since our match back at the first TEAM supershow, I've had some sucess, some setbacks, and some attitude adjustments. Am I a better person now than I was then?

He smirks.

Probably not. Losing is still a bitter pill for me. And any chance to get a win back is one I'll take. Things are different this time. It's one on one. We won't have Gilkison and Danny Boy to wear us out. Or should I say, wear me out. Correct me if I'm wrong, Mr. Solian, but I do recall that I was the one who did the most eliminations in that match. You swooped in and picked up the pieces. Not to downplay your talent. But you did have the advantage. And to be honest, I would have done the same damn thing. But like I said, it's a whole new game. And if you want the victory this time, you're going to have to wear me down all on your own. You're capable, I won't deny that. But I don't think you have the pressure on you that I have to win. You see, I've kind of set a goal for myself. For the longest time, D! was the face of NAPW at these events. He's gone now. And now people are talking about The New and Improved D-X all over these events. And as much as I want NAPW to succeed.... I bristle just a bit, because I've been working my ass off at these shows for months, and people barely know who I am. It's a bit of a slap in the face. So whenever I see an open invitation to these events, of course I jump in. Even when facing a challenger who's bested me in the past. I have no doubt that people are considering me to be the underdog. You've made quite a name for yourself, Ulysis. But now it's my turn to grab the spotlight. My chance to grab the top spot. And all I have to do?

Is get a win back. Seems easy enough in theory. In practice? It's going to take a bit more work. But I'm ready. I've had months to dwell on that loss. Time to learn from my mistakes. Time to learn about mistakes you make. Time well spent.

See you in the ring.

01-15-07, 05:24 PM
Ravager in his apartment back in Edmonton. The walls are covered in headshots of wrestlers from various organizations, as he's in preparation for several events.

Normally, there are two ways I'd take an opponents silence.

1. As an insult. This man obviously has no regard for my talent in the ring. He figures he'll just waltz in and take care of me. And that makes me angry. It spurs me on to fight harder than I ever have before. I am not a pushover. Any opponent that has managed to defeat me, has had to work their ass off to do it. When you get in the ring with me, you're in for the fight of your life.


But I don't think that's the case here. So that brings me to

2. My opponent is scared. Or doesn't think he'll win. In which case, I probably will. But I don't think that's the situation here either.

Ravager surveys his wall of pictures, until he comes to one of Ulysis Solian.

If I recall correctly, Mr Ulysis Solian is not one for chatter. He's the silent assassin I wish I was. He's focused. Intense. And always knows his opponent before he steps in the ring. So I'm not concerned about your lack of words Ulysis. What I am concerned about?

What happens inside the ring. The true test of an athlete. Sure, being able to talk up a storm is a great skill to have, but a well placed fist or a perfectly timed suplex can silence even the loudest of braggarts. You silenced me once Ulysis. You won't silence me again. In fact, my victory over you will give me something more to brag about as I go on to bigger and brighter things. I should be thanking you. Thank you for making me focus more. Thank you for humbling me all those months ago. Thank you for making me into the wrestler I am now. Because after I get past you, it's onwards and upwards for me in this business.

01-15-07, 06:24 PM
The camera faded in to a sterile room with a sheetrock wall and a Legacy of Champions backdrop. The word “Underground” was spray painted underneath the LoC logo. The camera focused on this backdrop until a flicker of some lighter was heard in the distance. As the camera panned to the right, sitting in a steel chair with all kinds of electrical camera equipment around him was none other than LoC’s reigning Relentless Champion, The Prodigal Son of Wrestling himself…Ulysis Solian.

That flicker that was heard was a Zippo lighter in Ulysis’s hand as he lit up a clove in his mouth. After taking that initial puff, Solian stared into the camera as he exhaled a cloud of smoke from his mouth.


Ulysis Solian chuckled and shook his head as took another drag from his clove. He leaned back in his steel chair as he looked straight up to the ceiling and let out another stream of smoke into the air.


The Prodigal Son scratched his chin as he leaned forward, resting his elbows on his knees. Ulysis Solian looked briefly to the left and right before he turned his attention right back to the camera. He tapped the lit clove in his hand as some ashes fell to the ground.

“Well…Ravager is it? Let me start off by saying to you that you are indeed the underdog going into this match. Be honest, do you really expect to defeat me? You run your mouth like some rookie punk that I’m supposed to take seriously and what have you ever accomplished thus far in your ‘illustrious’ career?”

“Personally, I couldn’t give a f*** what you’re doing in NAPW because quite honestly, none of it matters to me. You see, if we’re going to compare who has a right to complain about who isn’t getting recognized, I will win that argument each and every time.”

“Here’s some real talk for you:

If I’m so f***ing famous, why do many of these jokes I call wrestlers still refer to me as some loser who never amounted to anything? Let’s face the facts – I’m the longest reigning LoC Relentless Champion, I’ve taken down many of the biggest names in this sport who wouldn’t piss on your gums if your teeth were on fire, and I’ve got legions of fans across this damned Earth who chant my name like they are some kind of deranged religious cult just with the nanosecond my music goes on.”

“And yet, I’m curtain jerking this f***ing event by opening it up…with you?!”

“Kid, face the truth; you’re not even in the same league as me. Lucky? Advantage? The only luck I had was the fact I didn’t get to snap your damn neck in the ring last time and help cleanse the wrestling gene pool. The advantage I have is seventeen years of experience in this sport, holding many World Championships and tournaments, tournaments, tournaments.”

“Humble you? Apparently I haven’t done my job because you still run your mouth like you’re the cock of the walk. Listen, Rubbager, get out of this match while you can. I really have more important people to step on. You’re beneath me. I’m going into this sham of a match undefeated and I’m walking my Puerto Rican ass out of it undefeated.”

“I’m sure you’re gonna retort with something ‘witty’ like, ‘You’re going to lose because you run your mouth and can’t back it up!’”

“Well kid, that’s the thing…I can back up everything I say. I’m undefeated in TEAM events. I carried Team LoC far enough on my back before Derecho screwed that one up and now he’s going to get his ass dropped by some NFW rejected aptly named Jason Payne.”

“I think everyone in this sport needs a wake-up call and they most certainly will get one in me. Hell, maybe after I make you cry after humiliating you in the ring I’ll amuse myself some more and enter that Free For All craptacular.”

“But seriously kid, you have no chance. I hate to break it to you, but that’s real talk.”

As Ulysis Solian took another drag from his clove, the camera panned back toward the LoC backdrop before it faded to black.

01-15-07, 09:16 PM
Ravager in his apartment. He has just seen the video offering from Ulysis Solian. And Ravager has a look of what seems to be sadness on his face. He goes to the wall where all the mugshots are hanging. He goes to the picture of Ulysis Solian. And with a breaking heart, he adds the note:

Finally opened his mouth. Sadly, he had nothing new to say.

I don't know why I feel disappointed. I mean, really. Ulysis is my opponent. I shouldn't feel bad that he's no different than any other opponent I have, or will ever face. With a few simple, smoke filled words, he established that:

He's beter than me.

He's won more titles than me.

And he's undefeated in TEAM events, and that I should just stay home.


At least your nickname was original.

Ravager chuckles.

Every man I ever faced has said they were better than me. And sure, I haven't won as many titles as I hoped to win. And maybe my TEAM record isn't as good as I want it to be.

But Ulysis. Things change. I wasn't forced into this match. You made an open challenge, and I answered. I could have just kept my mouth shut and gone on to other challenges. But I saw your name on the sheet. And I remembered July. The first TEAM Supershow. I remembered the loss. So I didn't even hesitate to answer your call. I know of your accomplishments. And they mean as much to me as my NAPW titles mean to you. The only way to earn a man's respect is to beat him in the centre of the ring. Soundly. Decisively. And without mercy. You earned mine. At least until your last tirade. Now I'm going to earn yours. You grossly underestimate my abilites. You undermine my will to win. You are making a mistake. The mistake I've been looking for you to make. You're treating this match as an insult. As an affront to your abilites. Like it's meaningless. Well, this match is important to me. And I will do whatever it takes to win this, the Free For All, TEAM Invitational, the NAPW title, and any other match. This is no longer about me getting a win back. Now it's about me toppling the longest reigning LoC Relentless Champion. Now it's about me taking down a 17 year veteran, former World Champion, yadda yadda yadda. You call this match a curtain jerker?

I call it a chance to steal the show early. A chance I will gladly take.

01-19-07, 06:42 PM
And so we draw nearer and nearer to the big day. TEAM Supershow II. And I have to wonder... what am I in for?

Ravager, in his car, driving to the next NAPW event. NAPW is on a road trip of sorts right now, and we can see the Rocky mountains in the background as Ravager has arrived in British Columbia.

I'm not going to be able to give you everything I wanted Ulysis. You won't be facing the NAPW champion. I can sit here and complain about an unwanted shot to the head with a title belt costing me, but that's a waste of my time. You don't want to hear excuses anyways.

You want me to prostrate myself. "Mr. Solian, it will be such an honor to face you. What with your extended title reign, your TEAM record, your one eye, or your nasty smoking habit. I can't wait to learn from the beating you'll give me!" Nah. You'll see through the sarcasm right away. What with you being so smart and experienced and all.

Maybe you want me to stroke my own ego, so that I'll be overconfident when I get in the ring with you? " I was the first NAPW Provincial champion. I won the title in my very first match. I beat D! ... yes that D! for the NAPW title. I've wrestled in more matches than any other NAPW superstar..." But then, you don't care about NAPW. And why should you? You represent Legacy of Champions. This is probably a one time meeting. We should just focus on the match at hand.

But then I get to thinking, the match at the first Supershow was supposed to be a one time meeting. And look what happened. Our paths crossed again. Will they cross one more time? (he chuckles) I'm thinking they might. Why?

Because I'm thinking you're going to want a rematch. A "rubber match" if you will. Because I see this as a fight that will help make my career. You see this show as a paycheck. You see me as a waste of your time. You see this match as a waste of your talent. And that attitude will bite you in the ass. Because I've never wrestled a "meaningless" match in my life, despite claims to the otherwise. Every time I'm booked on a card, it's one night closer to the end for me. One step closer to that one move that'll put me in the hospital, or the morgue. I have no illusions about life after wrestling. I have money saved, but I don't expect to be able to enjoy it. Because I give my all in every match I'm in, and when I leave this sport, it'll be because I was forced out. I will make every match I'm in a main event, no matter where the booker places it on the card.

So Solian, bring everything you've got to the Supershow. This "rookie punk" is more than ready to teach the world travled veteran a thing or two.

Fade to black.

01-19-07, 11:39 PM
The camera faded in to a small little bistro in the SoHo District of Manhattan, NY. Sat at a table with violin players all around him was none other than The Prodigal Son of Wrestling himself, current and reigning LoC Relentless Champion, Ulysis Solian. He grabbed a bottle of brandy and poured some in a snifter glass in front of him. Placing the bottle down beside him, Ulysis took hold of the snifter and swirled the wine, admiring its aroma.

“This is living.”

“It is very rare I get to enjoy moments like these, because quite simply, I’m not the kind of man who can just sit down and take it easy. But I do have a reason this time to stop and smell the roses, so to speak.”

“I sometimes ask myself am I really becoming full of myself. I sit there, in silence, and I listen, no hear, but listen to my surroundings, both in this plane of existence and the subconscious plane. I often wonder why do I shoot my mouth off with no consideration of other people’s feelings. I mean, let’s face it, words hurt. They affect the very essence of what makes one truly human.”

“But then I had a revelation as of late. And that revelation is, I just don’t really give a f*** about anyone else. Do I really care if I made little Timmy cry because I told him his father was the mailman? Do I care if I made some woman cry because I told her she could really use plastic surgery? And do I really care if some kid who thinks he’s tough s*** from some promotion no one cares about – it’s not like anyone really cares about Legacy of Champions around here, either – because he has this agenda to prove himself and earn my respect?”

“F*** no!”

Ulysis Solian took a slow sip from the snifter and formed a smile across his face

“You see, Rubbager, when I said I didn’t care about current events pertaining to your career, I actually did mean it. Boo hoo, you didn’t win the big one. Dem’s da breaks, kid.”

“And what’s with the regurgitation of these ‘points’ you keep trying to come across to me? I get it kid! I really do. You want to be noticed. You want to be one of the big dogs and in order to do that, you need to put one of the big dogs to sleep. Well I hate to break it to you once again, but, you aren’t the first one who has tried to take me out and you won’t be the last. What does that mean exactly, you say? Simple…”

“You don’t have what it takes.”

“There is no point in arguing with me about this or the semantics you’ve been running through your head. You can play our last match over and over again in your mind. Then you can fantasize yourself defeating me in this second showdown while you’re on the bowl jacking yourself off. But much like you being the Johnny-come-early you are, your fantasy of defeating me is just going to be short lived.”

“Okay, let’s just say that President Bush finally develops some brains, world peace happens, and you somehow pull the upset over me. All it would be is just a fluke, kid. ‘Oh, but the way I wrestle every day almost puts me in the hospital’. Get in line, kid. Who doesn’t put their body and mind on the line when they enter that ring? You talk like you’re the only one to do it, as if you’re so significant that we must stop what we’re doing to take notice.”

“Now if you do so happen to pull a win out of your puckered ass and defeat me, would I want a rubber match? I’ll tell you what kid…here’s what I’m going to do. I’m a man of my word so you remember this, write it down, do whatever you wish with it, because it will hold true until the end of time:”

“If I do not defeat you at this upcoming SuperShow, I will not be allowed to ask for a rematch. That’s right kid, I’m giving you something to brag about now. You defeat me, you can brag to the world you defeated me and that my win against you the first time around was a total fluke due to there being two others involved in that match.”

“But know this and know this well; all of this will never come to be because you question yourself whether or not you can defeat me. Worry not, dear boy, for I already have the answer for you. Now you can go to sleep at bed knowing full well the truth really is…”

“Hell f***ing no. No one can save you….I can not save you…it’s time you save yourself…”

“Maestro…hit it…”

As the violinists begin to play once more, Ulysis Solian takes another sip from his snifter. The camera pans away a bit before fading to black.