View Full Version : If the fans were voting..

01-05-07, 06:07 PM
For the start of 2007, Who would be...

Most Popular

Most Hated

Most Watchable/Exciting

Breakout Star

(Maybe we could try to do this once a month or something.)

01-05-07, 06:09 PM
Most Popular-- Karl Brown

Most Hated-- IrishRed

Most Watchable/Exciting-- Joey Melton

Breakout-- Nikita Dahaka

01-06-07, 09:14 PM
For the start of 2007, Who would be...

Most Popular-I think you have to go with Lindz. She has been the champ so long that she is immediately the face of the federation. From a fan point of view she would bring just the right mix of the male/female demographic.

Most Hated-I have to go with Dan Ryan. Dan shows up in his commissioner roll just enough to piss off the fans. Really...someone needs to step up and take this guy out for the fans.

Most Watchable/Exciting-JA. Seriously. JA just brings entertainment every time he is on the screen. This is the type of wrestler the fans want to see crash AND burn.

Breakout Star -The HPSC. They are too damn talented to not make some major waves soon as individual stars not just tag team wrestlers.