View Full Version : Announcement regarding post-Wrestleverse plans

12-13-06, 02:23 PM
After Wrestleverse concludes we will launch into our next story arc which will be highlighted the the 2007 King of the Cage Tournament. This will be an open tournament to current roster members. Anyone on the roster can enter, even if currently in a tag team. Each match will be a cage match, with the winner of the tournament granted a main event title shot for the EPW World Title at the next PPV - Russian Roullette 2007.

If you'd like to enter, post in this thread so I can make plans.

The Lineup and all information for Wrestleverse will be posted later this afternoon.

- Dave, EPW Owner

12-13-06, 02:27 PM
The Sergeant. He didn't compete in the big battle royal last time around... but he is ready now.

12-13-06, 03:12 PM
Irishred is in for sure.

12-13-06, 03:44 PM
"The Dark Phenom" Nakita Dahaka would like to submit her name into the hat to compete in the King Of The Cage Tournament.

If you still want me Frankie Scott...then follow me into hell itself.

12-13-06, 04:30 PM
"Yours Truly" Adam Benjamin is in!

12-13-06, 05:01 PM
Someone has to be around to make sure Irishred doesn't win. Even though it wouldn't take much ;)

12-13-06, 06:20 PM
Yes, I'm prepared to come in second place in a battle royale YET AGAIN!

12-13-06, 07:26 PM
Knock..Knock..Knocking on Hell's Door....

Count Frankie in baby. He's bringing the fire extinguisher!

Damian D Stone
12-13-06, 10:51 PM
Gosh...I do love gimmick matches...

Sign me up as well.

12-15-06, 08:54 AM
SJH is SOOOOOOO there!!!

12-15-06, 12:19 PM
Troy Douglas is in.

12-23-06, 05:36 PM
Yeah, why not. JA's in.

Trejo Jesus
12-23-06, 08:02 PM
Might as well get the new kid involved. Throw Silvio Fiore in there.

Arson Zanders
12-23-06, 08:27 PM
Arson is in like gin

12-24-06, 01:31 AM
Trip is in, too.