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12-12-06, 01:19 PM
Pyros explode and the fans within the arena go absolutely nuts. All over the arena, they rise to their feet, holding up their respective signs, all in hope of maybe getting on national television. The camera finishes panning the crowd before coming into the announce team.

RC: Hello again everyone! And welcome to UCW Revolution! As always, I’m Rich Cruise alongside Rob Bitterman and “The Doctor” Doug Ross! What a night we have in store for you here!

DR: Absolutely right, Rich! We’re right around the corner for Night of the Legends II, our biggest show of the year! And we have so many tempers flaring here; the roof might explode before we leave tonight!

RC: Tempers are certainly flaring, especially in the case of our UCW Champion, who is actually the calm one, as he has been trying to hold off the very driven Cameron Cruise!

DR: And what could be better than seeing these two men on the same team as they take on the debuting tag team, The French Commandoes?

RC: Possibly our main event tag team match that features the newly formed team of FATE as they take on two very pro-UCW men in The Sergeant and Adam Benjamin!

RB: And don’t forget about that worm, Mr. Incredible. He’s got to be lurking around here somewhere, just waiting to ambush Yours Truly like he has for the past two months.

RC: Mr. Incredible could certainly play a part here tonight, but we also have hardcore action as Irishred continues to take things to the extreme as he takes on the only LVW champion ever, “Cowboy” Jimmy Donovan!

DR: It’s a jam-packed night, Rich, and we’ve got even more action than that! I can’t wait to see it!

RC: Well, you won’t have to wait long, as our first match is ready to begin!

12-12-06, 01:20 PM
Both men entered the ring without much else on their minds than absolutely destroying their opponent. Marx hit the ring first, waiting for Hart to enter the ring and he didn’t have to wait long. Hart hit the ring running, leaving the two competitors exchanging lefts and rights and the ref calling for the bell!

Hart gained the early advantage, working the mat, and working it well. He caught Marx with an early clothesline that sent the “Gentleman” to the mat, where Hart begin doing everything he could to soften up Marx from the neck up. Hart started it with a nice reverse headlock that Marx slowly worked his way out of, but Hart took him right back down with a snapmare that he followed up with a rear chin lock that saw Marx struggle to gain momentum to get back to his feet.

Marx managed to find it though, pulling himself up and peeling Hart off with some well-placed elbows. Marx then took Hart to the mat by hitting the ropes and nailing him with a running shoulder block. With Hart grounded, Marx began his own assault on his opponent’s neck and legs, trying to soften him up for the Marxism later in the match. Marx punished Hart with a vicious sickle hold that had Hart within seconds of tapping. It took a last-ditch effort from Hart to pull himself to the ropes and manage to get the ref to call for the break.

Marx then took control of the match, nailing Hart with several stiff knife-edge chops that sent Hart into the ropes. Marx then gave him a strong whip across that ring that led to a spinebuster from the Gentleman. Marx goes for the cover, but only manages a two. A frustrated Marx pulls himself to his feet and does the same to Hart. He locks him in a waistlock, looking for a belly-to-belly suplex, but Hart manages to shift the weight and get his own belly-to-belly in on Marx.

Hart stumbles around, trying to regain his bearings and looks to really crack down on Marx. He waits for Marx to make his way back up, only to take him right back down with a kick to the midsection, followed by an implant DDT. Marx tries to bounce right back up from the blow, but Hart catches him with an inverted atomic drop that sends Marx and his family jewels reeling into the corner.

Hart charges in, following Marx and catching him with a clothesline. Marx stumbles out of the corner and allows Hart to catch him in a front face lock and follow it with a textbook slingshot suplex. Hart goes for the cover, but Marx manages to get the shoulder up at the count of two. Hart pounds the mat in frustration, but pulls Marx right back up to his feet. Hart tries to nail Marx with the Hart Attack, but Marx manages to press him off and into the ropes. Marx then ducks to catch Hart on his shoulders before dropping him with the Marx of Excellence!

Marx looks to make the cover, but too much has been taken out of him to pull himself to the fallen opponent. Both men race to their feet, seeing Marx get the slight advantage. Marx looks for a straight right, but Hart ducks the blow, only to catch him with the Hart Attack with no miscues this time! Hart then goes for the cover, but Marx manages to kick out at two!

Outraged by the ref’s counting, Hart gets in his face, only to make his way to the outside. He shoves the timekeeper out of the way and grabs his chair. He shoves it back into the ring and pulls it into his hands as he enters. The ref tries to keep himself between Hart and the slowly rising Marx. Marx makes his way to his feet and Hart follows up with a shove to the ref and then a drilling of Jonathan Marx over the head with the chair.

Hart then begins an assault on the Gentleman, mounting him and plastering him with right hand after right hand. The ref finally gets up from the shove and calls for the bell.

TB: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner via disqualification… “Gentleman” Jonathan Marx!

RC: I don’t believe this! “The Phenom” Shawn Hart has gone absolutely crazy on Jonathan Marx here tonight! I don’t think that Marx is going to let this stand for long!

12-12-06, 01:20 PM
UCW’s newest signing, Jogi Fresh is seen walking backstage. Suddenly, out of nowhere, His Freshness is attacked from behind by the returning “Phenomenal” Frankie Scott with a flying forearm. Scott puts the boots to Fresh, who curls up, trying to protect himself.

FS: Sorry, Jogi, but with the United States Title on the line, I’m not about to let the new guy come out and try to embarrass me while I try to attain some gold. So take this as your “Welcome to UCW” moment.

Scott walks off as the camera fades to commercial with a shot of the beaten Jogi.

I don’t believe this! Frankie Scott has just laid out one half of his competition for the United States Title tonight! What else is going to go on tonight?

12-12-06, 01:20 PM
Dan Ryan is seen walking through the backstage area, looking like he’s on a mission. He walks right through several different road agents without saying a single thing to them. Finally, he stops and takes a look at the door in front of him. The camera pans to show the door and what it reads:

“Men’s Restroom”

DR: We can do this the easy way or the hard way, pansy boy. You can either open this door and get the match over or The Ego Buster can open this door. It’s your choice.

The camera fixes on the door, which has no response. It pans back to Ryan, who shrugs his shoulders.

DR: Guess it’s option number two.

Ryan reaches out and grabs hold of the door handle. He gives it a might tug and with one single move, he pulls the handle from the door. He then grabs the hole that used to be the handle and rips the door open. We see Estaban curled up in the fetal position on top of the toilet. He gives a very girly scream as Ryan steps toward the restroom.


BG Bruce comes out of nowhere and lays out Ryan with a lead pipe. He then steps over Ryan and bends down to tell him something.

BGB: Let’s get one thing straight, Ryan. This is my *****. And nobody, I mean NOBODY, messes with my *****. You just found that out. And now, Cloverleaf is about to do the same.

Bruce steps over the fallen Ryan and grabs Estaban’s hand as they dash off screen.

12-12-06, 01:21 PM
We cut to another backstage area. We walk through a doorway and see that the door reads: “The Phenom”.

The camera makes its way into the room, where Hart is seen putting on his jeans. His chest remains wet with sweat from his recent match. Suddenly, Jonathan Marx comes flying out of nowhere and clotheslines Hart right off the bench he was sitting on.

RC: Holy crap! These two are going to roll each other right out to the parking lot!

Rights and lefts continue to be exchanged as Marx continues to be the aggressor. The two continue to scuffle until security finally makes their way in and pulls the two apart.

JM: You wanna play rough, Hart? Next time, you better kill me!

12-12-06, 01:22 PM
We see Commissioner Cloverleaf sitting at his desk with his feet up and cell phone to his ear.

KC: So what are we going to do when we get back to the hotel, hunny?

KC: Really? That’s sounds not only perfect, but outstanding as well…

KC: Well then, I guess-


The door flies open and BG Bruce bursts through with Estaban in tow.

KC: Who the hell do you think you are?

BGB: Maybe you better ask yourself that question.

I just got back from letting Dan Ryan know who I was, so I don’t think the question applies to me anymore.

KC: Ruining another of my matches, are you?

Let me tell you what, Junior…

I’m quite tired of you killing my revenue by canceling all my matches.

Bruce gets up in Cloverleaf’s face.

BGB: And I’m quite tired of you trying to kill the one thing that matters most to me.

If you want to keep messing with my *****, then I’m going to keep messing with you.

So, what do you have next for Estaban? The First? Irishred? The 1988 Denver Broncos?

Cloverleaf chuckles at Bruce’s hostility.

KC: You… people, are quite funny when you get rattled. But fear not, my dear pain in the ass…

Cloverleaf looks to the air and the look of regret immediately fills his face after the last statement.

KC: Anyway… Estaban is no longer on the radar. The man I’m concerned with is you…

BGB: Oh really? More handicap matches? Two on one, three on one?

KC: No, sir. It would appear as though none of those matches ever go the way I see them.

In fact, I’m quite tired with the way that all of these losers on the roster are handling business. But I’ve found the perfect opponent for you next week.

In fact, he’s a little TOO perfect…

He’s outstanding, as some may say…

He’s definitely a superstar…

He’s… ME!

RC: What?!?! Ken Cloverleaf is going to suit up in UCW for the first time since The Big Bang! I don’t believe what I’ve just heard!

KC: Now, if you’ll excuse me, take yourself and your “*****” out of here so that I may prepare for my match next week.

Bruce’s eyes dance with intensity as he stares a hole through Cloverleaf before exiting the room.

12-12-06, 01:22 PM
What most thought would be some sort of clusterf*ck of a match, turned out to be a rather heated exchange that both teams managed to assert themselves in. First and Cruise started out quickly with First getting the edge on Jean Claude with his rather unorthodox style.

First nailed him with several well-placed rights and backed him into the ropes. An Irish whip later, Jean Claude rebounded right into a spinning heel kick. First kept the punishment coming as he quickly grabbed Jean Claude by the legs and nailed him with a leg drop to the groin. First then rolled to his corner, and to everyone’s surprise, gave a clean tag to Cruise.

Cruise hit the ring with a head of steam, taking down Jean Claude with several stiff rights. Jean Claude backs into the ropes and Cruise whips him across the ring before nailing him with a drop toe hold. Cruise then bounces himself off the ropes before nailing Jean Claude with a dropkick right to the ribs! However, Jean Claude manages to roll right to his corner, where Pierre has his hand outstretched.

Pierre hits the ring and tries to go right after Cruise, but ducks the blow and nails him with a German suplex. Cruise bridges, but only gets a two. After the pin attempt, Pierre becomes enraged and quickly charges Cruise and nails him with a clothesline. Pierre and Jean Claude did the only thing a good tag team would do, isolate the hindered Cruise.

Cruise stayed in the ring for the better part of ten minutes as he tried desperately to tag in The First, but the French Commandoes kept him miles away from his own corner. Jean Claude then whipped Cruise across the ring and caught him in a sleeper hold. Cruise tried desperately to hang on, but the blood flow was majorly cut off. Seeing the inexcusable becoming possible, The First did something very out of the ordinary: getting the crowd behind Cruise.

Cruise slowly managed to pull himself to a vertical base, where he went right back down with a jawbreaker. Both men slowly pulled themselves to their corner, where each managed to make the tag! Pierre hit the ring, but First quickly made him hit the mat with a clothesline. Jean Claude tried to slow down the champ, but First quickly grabbed him by the legs before hitting him with another leg drop to the groin.

Pierre stumbled back to The First, and was then hit with a twist of fate. First then hit the ropes and ascended to the top. The crowd went crazy as Jean Claude tried to intercept The First and his leap, but Cruise came out of nowhere to hit him with a Reality Check. First then leaped off the top rope to nail Pierre with Cut the Threat. Both men then pinned their opponents as the ref counted the three!

TB: Ladies and gentlemen, here are your winners… Cameron Cruise & The First!

The French Commandoes slowly pull themselves back up before attacking their opponents again. They absolutely brutalize them and things begin looking bleak. However, both First and Cruise managed to pull themselves back up and then begin beating the hell out of their opponents again. As if sharing a brain, they clothesline each man over the top rope at the same time. They then stumble to the middle of the ring to turn and face each other, but The First gives Cruise a Reality Check of his own as we go to commercial!

12-12-06, 01:23 PM
The Irishred versus Jimmy Donovan match never even made it to the ring. The camera picked the two of them up after the commercial break, just going at it in the backstage area.

Red gained the upperhand and slammed Donovan’s face right into the block wall in the hallway. Donovan slid down the wall and Red just laid the boots to him before making his way down the hallway to pick up a garbage can. He then came back and slammed it right into Donovan’s face. Red goes for the cover, but only gets a two.

Red then pulls Donovan up and looks for another shot into the wall, but Donovan reverses it and throws Red right into a Diet Pepsi machine! Donovan then picks up a random cord in the back and wraps it around Irishred’s throat as he tries to choke out the former UCW Champ.

Donovan releases the cord and pulls Red up. The two then begin exchanging blows with neither man budging. They continue until finally…

RC: Oh my God! Dan Ryan just came out of nowhere and just plastered both of our competitors here with that same lead pipe that Bruce took him out with earlier!

RB: You can still see the welt on his face!

Ryan just stares down at them before dropping the pipe and walking away. The ref then reaches down and checks on both competitors, neither of which moves a muscle!

RC: What the hell was that for? And what are we going to do about this hardcore match? We kind of need a winner!

DR: I don’t know. Looks like we’re going to go to commercial now and ask questions later!

12-12-06, 01:23 PM
The French Commandoes are backstage, holding their necks as, suddenly, Rob Franklin, Nakita Dahaka, Delilah Demonik, and Pieske walk by.

ND: Nice match, fellas. Welcome to REAL American wrestling.

JC: I’d like to know what you two would do against zem. Zere’s a reason zey’re fighting for ze world title next week.

RF: *laughs* That is some sense of humor you have over there in France. It may take a while to get used to, but I think I’ll like it.

Pierre: What are you trying to say?

RF: I’m saying that since we don’t have a match yet at Night of the Legends, why don’t we show you two what tag team wrestling is all about?

JC: Sounds like an excellent idea…

12-12-06, 01:23 PM
Backstage at Revolution. The Sergeant is standing next to a nondescript white wall in a hallway. Stu Brody is standing next to Sarge with a microphone in hand, ready from the looks of things to conduct an interview.

Stu: I’m standing backstage with The Sergeant, who tonight has a tag team match with “Yours Truly” Adam Benjamin against MCW’s Nakita Dahaka and Rob Franklin. Sergeant, your thoughts?

Sarge: Stu, I think I’ve said enough about this match over the course of the week. I’ll go out there and do for the fans the exact same thing I try to do every single day, and that’s go out there and give them a show while trying to pick up the win. Sure, things seem to be stacked against me, as I’m pretty sure that there isn’t a single person in this match who likes me. But that won’t stop me from trying to do the right thing and prove myself once again as the best that Ultimate Championship Wrestling has to offer.

Stu: You’ve got an upcoming match with Dakota Smith for the US Title...

Sarge: ... and the MCW North American Title.

Stu: Okayyyy... AND the MCW North American Title at Night of Legends II. Originally you had tried to score a match against Irishred. Explain what has been going through your head...

Sarge: It’s like this. I came here to UCW to make a name for myself when Irishred mentioned me in one of his boring diatribes. I beat him outside of UCW and when I show up, because he’s nervous that I can beat him again, he starts dodging me.

In the meanwhile, I get involved in the fight to stop the MCW invasion. I’d say I’ve been a damn good weapon considering how terribly the invasion has gone up to this point. The only exception has been Dakota Smith. He’s seemed to have my number at every turn. He’s hit me with chairs so many times that I’m surprised I’m still standing today.

We finally have a match and it’s a number one contenders match for the US Title. I go in there and give it everything that I have, but the biggest flake to ever grace professional wrestling, Bryan Storms, costs me the shot because he figures Dakota to be the lesser of two evils. Dakota gets the title shot, wins, and has nobody to challenge him because Bryan Storms is out faster than a one legged man in a baseball game.

I didn’t challenge Dakota. Dakota challenged me. He knows that his first win was tainted. He knows that I more than evenly match up with him on every level. He’s a big enough man to know that he needs to beat me again to prove he is truly better. We have endless amounts of respect for each other. It stems from dishing out all of this punishment to each other and still standing to tell the tale. But all of that respect, well, it’s overshadowed by one thing:


We hate each other more than anything right now. We want nothing more than to dish out enough punishment to put the other out of wrestling. In my opinion, the man that survives this feud will be consider the best that UCW has to offer. Yeah, I know we have a World Heavyweight Champ. Yeah, I also know that Irishred, Joey Melton, and Dan Ryan are floating around here and probably take exception to what I just said.

I don’t care.

If you look at those guys, well they are the past. Dakota Smith and The Sergeant. We are the future.

Tonight, I ensure that both of our futures entail a UCW US/MCW North American title match at Night of Legends II. After that, I can’t guarantee that I’ll let Dakota remain a franchise player in UCW. I’m looking to end this feud, which could very well result in me ending him.

Stu: Strong words from a str...

Sarge: I’m not finished yet, little man.

You see, this combat tested and mother approved juggernaut is rolling into to protect the man that I respect enough to face him for a second time, but at Night of Legends II, that very same man is the man I’ll hate so much that I’m going to send his wrestling career to it’s ruin!

Sarge says those last words with intensity while looking at the camera. He pushes the microphone out of his face and exits stage left.

Stu: There you have it. The combat tested and mother approved fan favorite has very specific goals set for Revolution and Night of Legends II!

12-12-06, 01:24 PM
As should already be evident to the viewers unless they were late getting to this edition of Revolution, the three-way match for the US title became a one-on-one affair due to Frankie Scott attacking the third member of the match, Jogi Fresh.

On the outside of the ring was the always-boisterous Rico, but more importantly than that was the man who added his talents to the broadcast booth... The Sergeant. The Sergeant was there to talk about his upcoming US Title match with Dakota at Night of Legends II and to add color commentary for the match at hand. Neither Frankie or Dakota were pleased with him being at ringside.

Dakota is the type of guy who attacks first, but in this contest Frankie hit him before the bell and stayed on him throughout the first portion of the match. This sent a statement from the beginning that Frankie had every intention of bringing the US title home. Dakota retaliated with a sidewalk slam and a spinebuster after a flurry of offense gave him some space, which put him in control for the first time.

With Rico at ringside, you’d think that Dakota would be able to maintain momentum. You would be wrong. Frankie laid out Dakota with a scissor kick to regain momentum and then slid out of the ring, viciously attacking Rico until he finally just fled ringside.

This gave him the space he needed to really take it to Dakota. He dragged Dakota out of the ring and used ringside objects like the guard railing, broadcast table, and the stairs to his full advantage. Dakota’s face came into contact with each and everyone of those objects. The Sergeant played it cool at the broadcast booth, trying hard not to get involved on the behalf of either man.

Once back inside the ring, Frankie sent Dakota into the corner and followed behind him for a big splash. Out of desperation, Dakota managed to dive out of the way and catch a dazed Frankie Scott on the rebound out of the corner with a roll up for a two count. Smith maintained the advantage for a short period of time with slow, methodical ground attacks. This tactic slowed the match to an almost dead standstill. Sarge commented this was actually his type of match, and informed everyone listening that he had every intention of walking out of Night of Legends with both the UCW US Title and the MCW North American belt.

Frankie regained the upper hand after reversing a headlock late in the match. He stayed on Dakota Smith after this with multiple pinning combinations and quick offense that kept Dakota off-balance. After a host of near falls, Frankie hooked Dakota in a fisherman’s suplex. Almost everyone in the building, including Frankie, thought that he had just won the US Title with what looked to be a three-count by the referee. The ref quickly shook his head no. In fact, Dakota had kicked out at the last possible second. This drove Frankie Scott into a rage.

Scott rolled out of the ring and grabbed the US Title off of the table. As he rolls back into the ring, Sarge follows him and grabs the belt. After a brief struggle, Sarge came away with the belt. He then aimed to nail Frankie with a belt shot to the head. Frankie dodged it, and instead Sarge hit a recovering Dakota Smith.

Just like that, the ref called for the bell. The match had been ruled a disqualification in favor of Dakota Smith, who retained his title. Sarge exited the ring, but it was difficult to tell whether he was apologetic for what happened due to his respect for Dakota Smith, or whether he was happy because Dakota retained the belt and got hit in the head on top of everything.

12-12-06, 01:26 PM
Irishred is seen with a large, demonic smile on his face as Stu Brody stands beside of him.

SB: Irishred, we just saw you getting dismantled by Dan Ryan with a lead pipe. Why the hell are you smiling?

IR: Because luck has come my way again, Brody.

SB: What do you mean?

IR: I mean that I’m going to be getting my hands on Dan Ryan, next week at Night of the Legends.

SB: What?

IR: That’s not it, Stu. Jimmy Donovan will be in the match, also.

SB: A triple threat match?

IR: But wait, there’s more.

SB: More?

IR: Mr. Donovan’s title will be on the line.

SB: Donovan’s title? But it’s an LVW Title!

IR: Not anymore. Anything can happen in Vegas, much like this match. That’s why Mr. Cloverleaf has used his recent purchase of the title to carry this stipulation, because anything goes in this match. And then, Irishred will really take things to the EXTREME!

12-12-06, 01:27 PM
The Main Event tag team match was ready to get underway with the cohesive tag team known as F.A.T.E. already in the ring and ready to face the unlikely team of The Sergeant and “Yours Truly” Adam Benjamin. The crowd was definitely ready for this match. Adam Benjamin came out to the ring, and everybody waited for Sarge.

With three of the four participants ready in the ring, the Ultra-tron came to life to reveal the reason why Sarge had not made it to the ring. The video was shot during the commercial break and showed Sarge receiving a devastating beat down at the hands of his opponent at Night of Legends II, Dakota Smith. The broadcast team commented about it being retaliation for earlier in the night when Sarge hit Smith in the head with Smith’s own US title. Dakota throws Sarge around the backstage area and waffles him in the back with a chair. When Sarge attempted to pull himself up to his feet, Dakota returned the favor from earlier in the night by nailing Sarge in the head with the US title. He then stood over him, showing Sarge the US belt, and then walked off.

Meanwhile, back in the ring both members of F.A.T.E. looked on with a smile (along with their ringside entourage, Pieske and Delilah). Adam Benjamin just looked at the Ultra-tron in disgust.

The commentators discussed the fact that it was essentially one man against four. Suddenly, Mr. Incredible’s music blared and Mr. Incredible made his way to ringside to act as Benjamin’s partner.

The match finally made its official start. Benjamin started off with Nakita Dahaka and held his own, but never showed any interest in tagging. Nakita tagged in Rob Franklin, and again Benjamin never showed any signs of wanting to tag in his partner. He held his own in a back-and-forth with Nakita and Rob, but inevitably was overcome by their numbers.

At that point, Nakita and Rob did what they have been doing best lately... they double-teamed the hell out of Adam Benjamin. Quick tags... mind games with Mr. Incredible... vicious double-teams. All of these things served to keep Benjamin down and on their half of the ring, but they also made sure that he felt alone in the match. According to the broadcast team, this was ultimate tag team wrestling on their part.

Eventually, Benjamin is able to fight his way out of their corner and make his way to a tag. When he tries to go for a tag, however, Mr. Incredible has his back turned and is doing everything in his power to fight off an encircling Pieske and Delilah. This enrages Benjamin, who turns around in time to get caught up in a tornado DDT by Rob Franklin.

Rob goes for the cover. Mr. Incredible finally makes an entrance only to be speared out of the ring by Nakita Dahaka for his efforts. Nakita goes to pursue Incredible, not noticing that Benjamin has managed to kick out of the pinning predicament.

Franklin helps Benjamin to his feet and looks to put him away for good, but Benjamin hits a Final Countdown out of nowhere and makes a weak cover.

Nakita sees this and tries to make a save but is stopped by Mr. Incredible, who has her feet from the outside. Adam Benjamin manages to get the three-count on Rob Franklin to pick up the victory.

During the after match “celebration” by Adam Benjamin, Mr. Incredible attempts to join him in the ring and raise Benjamin’s hand in victory. Benjamin jerks the hand way from him and short-arm clotheslines Mr. Incredible to the floor. Shortly thereafter, he locks Mr. Incredible into a sharpshooter to a chorus of boos from the fans.

12-12-06, 01:28 PM
RICH CRUISE: Alright, UCW fans, welcome back from commercial, and we're just going to give you a quick run down of what will be happening next week, at Night of the Legends II! First, we have-

Cruise is cut off as Marilyn Manson's "Fight Song" begins to blast over the PA, and UCW Commissioner Ken Cloverleaf steps out from the
back and starts to make his way to the ring to big time heel heat.

ROB BITTERMAN: Looks like our esteemed Commissioner has other ideas right now, Rich!

Cloverleaf enters the ring, and removes a microphone from his back pocket.

KEN CLOVERLEAF: UCW fans, tonight is a big night. For weeks now, myself and the head of the MCW knob-gobblers, Jalen Latham, have been working on signing a huge name in this business to one of our respective sides. It's been quite a battle. But I'm here tonight to tell you... I've WON.


DOUG ROSS: Cloverleaf's signed the free agent?

KEN CLOVERLEAF: Folks, I am here tonight in this ring to announce the signing of one of the biggest stars in this business today. He and I haven't always seen eye to eye, but I've got to put business first, and this man will be a great addition to UCW. Ladies and gentlemen... the latest UCW signing...



Jalen Latham comes storming down the rampway, microphone in hand.

JALEN LATHAM: You just stop right there, Ken Cloverleaf!

KEN CLOVERLEAF: What's up your ass, Latham?

Latham enters the ring and gets in Cloverleaf's face.

JALEN LATHAM: You know damned well what I'm talking about. Why are you out here claiming to have signed this man, when you know just as well as I do that I.. that MCW.. have signed him?

KEN CLOVERLEAF: Excuse me if I call bull(beep), Latham. This man and I have a verbal agreement, and he's here tonight to sign the papers.

ROB BITTERMAN: He's here? We get to find out who it is tonight!

JALEN LATHAM: Frankly, Cloverleaf, I think you're full of sh(beep). This man and MCW have a verbal agreement for him to work for MCW, and he's here tonight to sign MY offer.

KEN CLOVERLEAF: I'm sorry to say that you've been led on, JL. But, just to make this all official, why don't we bring him out right now-

Crowd starts buzzing.

KEN CLOVERLEAF: -and we can get all this straightened out right here?

JALEN LATHAM: Absolutely.

RICH CRUISE: We're going to see the newest member of UCW/MCW right now!

The opening guitar chords of Van Halen's "Humans Being" begins to play, and the arena lights dim down and fade out, save for a triad of blue spotlights that cover the entrance area.

DOUG ROSS: Wait a minute! I know that music!

Fog slowly covers the stage, and a silhouette appears through the fog. As the entire band kicks in, a huge circular blue pyro explosion goes off, and a familiar face walks through the fog, to a massive pop from the fans in the arena!



DOUG ROSS: What a coup for either of these men!

RICH CRUISE: But which one?

Beast, decked out in Doc Martens, blue jeans, and a black "GORE" t-shirt, walks slowly down the ramp, high-fiving fans along the way. Once he reaches ringside, he climbs up onto the apron and steps through the ropes. He walks to a corner and climbs up to the second turnbuckle and raises his arms, drawing a huge cheer from the crowd. Beast comes down off the turnbuckle, and walks up to Latham and Cloverleaf, and looks at both men, before reaching for a microphone from his back pocket. A "BEAST!" chant starts in the crowd as all three men eye each other.

BEAST: I guess it's time to get a few things straight, gentlemen. Cloverleaf, you and I have been talking for weeks. Once you found out that I was looking to branch out into new federations, you couldn't reach for the phone fast enough. You and I came to an understanding.

(Cloverleaf nods, and Beast turns to Latham.)

BEAST: And you, Latham, once you found out that I was on the free agent market, and that Cloverleaf was recruiting me, you were going to gun for me yourself, cause you couldn't stand to see me working for dear old Kenny-boy here. And you and I came to an understanding.

(Latham smiles and rubs his hands together.)

BEAST: The truth is, both of you have thrown more money at me than the gross national product of some small countries. And you know that I appreciate that. Hell, if Dan Ryan paid me that much, he and I would get along a lot better than we do today. But since both of you are trying to land the hottest commodity to come along in some time, it's all going to come down to who wants it more. And the way it stands now, both of you haven't given me any real incentive to work for one or the other - you're at a dead heat.

(Cloverleaf and Latham glare at each other with a look that could melt steel.)

BEAST: That's right boys. You've both offered me the same. So here's what we're going to do. I'm giving you each one more chance. I'm going to show up at the PPV. Between now and then, I'll let you guys come up with one more offer a-piece. Whoever writes the best offer, becomes my boss. I'll reveal who that is at the PPV. The rest is up to you, gentlemen.

(Cloverleaf and Latham turn to one another, accepting the challenge.)

BEAST: Until then, I'll be watching.

"Humans Being" blares over the PA once more, and Beast again climbs a turnbuckle and raises his arms to a big pop from the crowd, before exiting the ring and leaving Cloverleaf and Latham alone in the ring to trash talk one another as we head back to the announce team.

RICH CRUISE: What a development here on Revolution! We've seen the arrival of former A1E and EPW World Heavyweight Champion Beast, and found out that Cloverleaf and Latham are locked in a bidding war for his services! I can't wait until the PPV to see which side he's going to be on! But we're out of time! Come see us at Night of the Legends II!