View Full Version : Roll Call Deadline & Other Notes..

12-11-06, 09:29 AM
The ROLL CALL deadline is tonight, MONDAY December 11th @ 11:59pm. Please respond in the appropriate thread in the OORP forum if you have not already.

If you do not respond you'll be put on the inactive roster and will not be scheduled for any matches until you talk to me. If you happen to hold a title, then the title will be vacated.

Some of you may notice that the layout of the roster pages are changing. I've been wanting to use these layouts since I got this program, but I could never figure out an adequate way to integrate it .. I think that I might have gotten something that I like with the pages... currently the Women's roster is finished and the bottom half of the mens.

Also, I've changed the way that BattleBRAWL 2 is being presented. To make reading results for New ERA show's easier, I am no longer having them open in the main frame. I'm currently trying to get shows moved over to this format. I've finished all the RAPTUREs and all the past PPVs.. RAUCOUSes are always a *****. :) If you want to check that out, go ahead. :)

Also.. lineups for the next RAPTURE and RAUCOUS will go up after the Roll Call deadline so I know who exactly I can book.

This is good .. because I have finals on Wednesday and Thursday and then I'm done w/ the semester.. woot.