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12-09-06, 04:56 PM
We fade in on Foxx...obviously not long after NEW's second Battlebrawl has come to an end. The room is well lit, but Foxx's expression is the darkest ever seen. If looks could kill...Karla Starr and Caitlyn Daymon would probably be dropping dead right about now. She sits in obvious discomfort in a folding chair. Clearing her throat, she speaks.

"It doesn't take a genius to figure out the most probable reason Mrs. Daymon went and blindsided me with that chair. Without the belt, Karla Starr is nothing and that...in a roundabout way comes back to make you nothing. What reason do you have to LIVE if it's not to steal that belt from around the waist of Karla Starr...and only Karla Starr."

"Congratulations, you just PISSED off the wrong person!!"

She's visibly shivering...with anger.

"I've never felt so angry...so betrayed in my entire life! You selfish CHILD!! You of all people should understand the anger...the rage I'm feeling right now knowing that Starr got EXACTLY what she wanted. And it's all thanks to you, Caitlyn Daymon...All thanks to you."

"So, I hear you're making your return? That's nice. Have fun. BUT! Understand that to get to Karla Starr, you have to get past Foxx...and I highly doubt that Karla will return the favor for ya."

"And if I'm wrong and you've suddenly become Starr's latest girlfriend?"

She gives a small shrug.

"Then I guess you just blindsided me with more than a chair. I expected better from you, Daymon."

She rises slowly, painfully from the chair. She winces slightly, but refuses to visibly show any other signs that she's in a lot more pain than it seems.

"If you do return, I welcome you. The only thing that could bring me a bit of happiness right now is shoving you down more than a few notches. It's time to teach that familiar lesson that just cuz I came here after you, I most certainly am NOT a pushover."

And as for you...Karla Starr. I don't expect you to take this victory humbly. I'm sure you're gonna start bragging about how great you are any day now."

"But deep down...you know what the truth is. We both pushed ourselves to the limit and I had just a little bit more than you. After I've finished my lesson with Mrs. Daymon, I'm comin back for you and there's not a single force in the wrestling world that can stop me."

She walks out of view with the slightest of limps before the camera fades out.