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11-21-06, 11:13 PM
Tag Team Match.

The RP deadline for this match will be Saturday, December 2nd at 11:59 PM EST.

11-22-06, 12:55 PM
(The scene opens backstage in front of a UCW Revolution banner backdrop where UCW reporter, perky little Hot Topic postegirl for Gothwear, Brianna LeBrock stands with a microphone in her hand. She is standing alongside "The Dark Phenom" Nakita Dahaka and her valet/manager Delilah Demonik. Nakita stands quietly semi in the background but towering over both Brianna and Delilah, her long firey red hair wet and hanging down freely slightly over her face. Nakita is wearing all black tight leather attire consisting of, a black leather halter top, tight leather pants, black steel toed boots, and a black leather trenchcoat. Delilah is wearing a very nice revealing blood red spandex halter top, a black leather mini skirt, fishnet stockings, and high boots that come up to her thighs.)

Brianna LeBrock: Brianna LeBrock here for UCW, coming off the heels of an excited Revolution this passed week as we saw the offical formation of the new faction in sports entertainment and what could very well become the next dominating force in the UCW as I am standing next to 'The Dark Phenom' Nakita Dahaka and her manger, Delilah Demomik, better known as the Fallen Angels Terrorize Earth or F.A.T.E. but I don't see your partners Rob Franklin or Pieske where are they?

Delilah Demonik: Oh Brianna, they'll be around very...VERY shortly. Be patient because TIME IS ALWAYS ON OUR SIDE.

Brianna: Oh I get it, like the Rolling Stones song right?

(Delilah and Nakita look at Brianna and roll their eyes letting out a sigh. Delilah nods her head at Nakita which Dahaka simply responds with a smile. Suddenly Nakita grabs young Brianna LeBrock by the back of her long hair and pulls it back rocking her head back. Both Nakita and Delilah move in toward her.)

(Delilah seductively begins stroking Brianna's soft skin of her cheek sensually as the new fearful Brianna eyes both of them with terror in her eyes.)

Delilah: Oh Brianna, you have such beautiful eyes. Their pretty. It makes me want to pluck them out and have them all to myself. So what do you say Brianna? You don't need them, but be more than happy to take them from you.

(Delilah attempts to preceed and pluck Brianna's eyes out with her fingers but then Nakita stops her.)

Nakita Dahaka: Delilah, that's enough. I know that we have a flare for the dramatic sometimes, but it is neccessary, but then again so is siding with someone such as Jalan Latham and declaring war on the entire UCW with the goal of wiping it off the face of the earth once and for all and making certain that the MCW will not only rise again but will be the only true dominant name in sports entertainment. But as for you my dear Brianna we'll take it from here now please be gone from our sight or else Delilah just might collect a little bit more than your eyes.

(Delilah snatches the microphone from Brianna as Nakita turns her loose. She frantically runs off in the distance. Delilah looks at the mic shrugging her shoulders and raises the mic up to her mouth to speak.)

Delilah: Once again, the UCW has given us another task. Once again they have lined up more lambs to our slaughter. Personally we wouldn't have it any other way. This week on Revolution Nakita Dahaka and Rob Franklin will once again lock up against The Sargeant peppered steak and Adam Benjamin. Mmmmmmmmmmm Steak, that should make you hungry eh Nakita?

Nakita: Unquestionably.

Delilah: To feast once again on the souls of the many. To savor their blood like wine after crossing the Sahara desert and eating of their flesh at the banqueting table. I tell you Nakita, its the perfect thanksgiving.

Nakita: You know that there are going to be fools who are going to take this statement literally.

Delilah: Oh how you must love our little morbid little metaphores. Anyway Sarge couldn't get the job done last week on Revolution. Low and behold the referee was his saving grace from the fate that was coming his way. Now he wants another crack at trying to end us. Very well but it will all be the same. In the end he will embrace his destiny and become one with the afterlife. Now he must do it with Adam Benjamin. Now I don't know if Sarge has any ill feelings or animosities toward this one to like how he had against Cameron Cruise last week, but somehow Sarge coexisted with Cruise, so we have no doubt that Sarge will find away to work as a cohesive unit with this Adam Benjamin. I'm sure that the good Sargeant will continue with his deliberate mispronounciations of Nakita's name. You'll continue to make fun of her again this week, but after this week's Revolution is said and done. The only name that you will hear is The Dark Phenom N-A-K-I-T-A Dahaka. The harbenger of mendacity and destrucition. Nakita, care to add anything else on Adam Benjamin?

(Delilah puts the mic in front of Nakita for her to speak.)

Nakita: Yes I do. Adam Benjamin, the man who won what is said to be a true Match of The Year Candidate in the Ironman match of all matches. It was at the MCW FINALE that were crowned MCW LEGEND. But here in the UCW, you will have something else placed upon head while laying horizontially embracing the dirt and maggots making love to your rotting carcus and that will be the tombstone marked 'Here lies Adam Benjamin who finally fell to his...FATE!' I'm sure that you will attempt to be victiorious against me and The Epitome of Defiance' Rob Franklin, but in the end you'll just fall short of that goal and looking up at me towering over you like the god I am.

Delilah: And on that note, have a happy Thanksgiving. See you soon.

Nakita: So it has been said...

Delilah: Let it be known...

Nakita: So it WILL come to pass...

Delilah: In Your Blood...

Nakita: So it...

Delilah: WILL...

Nakita: Come to pass...

Delilah: As the mighty pen makes love to lover the parchment of history once again chapter and verse...

Nakita: To our Gospel...according to F.A.T.E.

Delilah: Oh and look who's here, right on time. Good to see you again Rob Franklin (She says with utter delight and utter lust in her voice)...and Pieske (who her tone changes to utter disgust at the sight of Franklin's fat perverted managed.)

(Rob Franklin and Pieske come into full view of the camera in front of the Revolution backdrop alongside Nakita and Delilah as she hands Franklin the microphone to talk. Franklin prepares to speak but then the scene temporarily cuts out as it goes to a commerical. We'll be right back with Rob Franklin's response after these advertisements.)

(Tag, your up. Whenever your ready Rob, take here away man. No rush.)

11-22-06, 01:39 PM
The Sergeant: Oh no you don't, woman. I see where this is going. I notice that you've got all of the facts twisted and, from your words alone, it would seem as if Cruise and I got our asses handed to us last week. You would have the fans at home that missed that match think that you destroyed the combat tested and mother approved man you see in front of you right now.

I am starting to think that you aren't delusional... just intentionally misleading. It's like you put on this entire show for your own purposes. You are not crazy, delusional, or a basket case...

What YOU are, I like to think of as a political wrestler. Twisting the facts and putting on an elaborate campaign for your own personal game.

If there is one person in this entire organization that knows a little bit about politically being messed with, I'd say it is me... Mister Combat Veteran in the flesh. I call it like I see it, and how I'm seeing it right now doesn't look very good.

Four-on-one. Four-on-friggin-one! You had a four-hundred-plus pound behemoth attack me on the outside and a dainty little goth chick help you out on the inside with Cameron Cruise... the result? Well, we were both roughed up... that much is true. But, did you forget that Cruise had one of you REALITY CHECK'd and I gave your gargantuan Jon Benet Ramsey-lovin friend a nice little beating with a steel chair that hopefully scared the man straight?

Of course you didn't forget. What am I saying? You purposely had that removed from anything you said. That would make you look weak.

Let me tell you something. I haven't got so much pride that I can't admit when I am fighting a losing battle. That match, well... we were never meant to win. You all had the advantage, you all were fighting as a team. We didn't have a chance.

And yet, we still came out of there with, in essence, a draw. That should hurt your ego just a little bit. That should damage your sense of self worth.

This week is no different. There will be four of you. There will be two of us. The only difference this time is that we'll have even more of a disadvantage. Dakota Smith is gunning for me. Adam Benjamin has Mr. Incredible gunning for him. Oh, and did I mention that I absolutely detest Mister Benjamin, my tag team partner?

Inflate your egos. Pretend you are demons from whatever dimension you say your from. I know it's all an act. The smokescreen does nothing to confuse me. I'm focused on picking up a win going into this pay-per-view.

I need the momentum in my quest for the US Title and revenge on my enemy.

Oh, and next time you talk to me... leave the big words out of it. I'm a U.S. Soldier, not a spelling bee champion. I haven't a clue what the word "mendacity" means.

11-25-06, 04:21 PM
(Its the next day. UCW Revolution draws closer and closer. One of the bigggest more anticipated matches is the team of Nakita Dahaka and Rob Franklin forming the MCW team F.A.T.E. taking on the UCW united Sargeant and Adam Benjamine.)

("The Dark Phenom" Nakita Dahaka sits quietly behind a large marble with brass trim desk in a large leather revolving chair. Her mananger, Delilah Demonik sits on the side of the desk as they both watch the latest promo of The Sargeant hit the airwaves from across the room on a large plasma television. Nakita just leans back with a confident grin on her face in the chair while Sarge goes off on his would-be oponant one Revolution.)

Delilah Demonik: My my my my Nakita, soldier boy looks really fired up a lot more than usual. If I do say, I'd think that it was something you said.

Nakita Dahaka: Do me a favor Delilah, go look for your boytoy, my tag team partner Rob Franklin and see what's keeping him so long. Make sure that he isn't late for our match on Revolution. I wanna finish where I started last week.

Delilah: He'll be here Nakita, I assure you.

Nakita: See to it that he does. In the meantime I will take care of Sarge. Now go.

(Delilah hops off of the desk and does a polite bow to Nakita before walking out of office. Once she is gone, Nakita leans forward with her elbows on the desk. Her long firey red hair falling down slightly over her face as her green eyes peer directly into the strands of hair, but still we can make out a confident smile on her face. Nakita pushes her hair out of her face as she looks directly into the camera.)

Nakita: The greatest trick that I ever pulled was proving to people like you that I didn't exist. On how things change Sarge. In one week you went from thinking about me only as some how did you say it? Oh yes, from being crazy, disillusioned, basket case and now have called me a liar. I'm not offended because I know the truth that lies within me. I'm glad that we can have this nice little heart to heart talk you and I. Because I think its time for a little educational lesson.

In order for someone to defeat their oponant, they must first understand them and what they are. Of course I don't think that you can beat me, but still I want you to spread my gospel. Where to begin? Lets start with my name shall we?

I have many many names, but of course my all time favorite name is the name that I have right now. Nakita Dahaka. It dates back to ancient Persia as they aptly named named me as being...

An ancient Persian god of death. A demon of deceit and mendacity. She loves destroying life. Dahaka is usually depicted with three heads, while scorpions and lizards crawl all over her body.

(Nakita stands up and paces around the desk while keeping the camera in front of her.)

Nakita: Now I must say Sargeant. Do you see scorpians and lizards crawling all over my body? That's a rhetorical question my dear. But the rest does indeed still hold up. I know who I was and who I am now. The fact of the matter is I am back and roaming the world ready to destroy all life around me. Just like it says, I am FATE. I am your fate.

But now I must address your feable, simple, little U.S. Soldier mind who doesn't have a clue of what big words such as medacity really means. Allow me to enlighten you since that word is used to describe me. It is a word that you will know very well. You may be a fool but even a fool can become wise even if its too late.

The word, MENDACITY means of the following...

1. the quality of being mendacious; untruthfulness; tendency to lie.
2. an instance of lying; falsehood.

—Synonyms 1, 2. deception, lie, untruth, deceit.

So when you call me a liar and a politician, you actually hit the head right on the head. The only difference is Sarge is that I don't need smoke and mirrors in order to beat you. I can stands face to face with with you, look you in the white of your beady little eyes, and you will just know without a shadow of a doubt who I am and what I can and will do to you. Of course I am a liar, I'm the mother of lies fool. I use those lies like I use...

Rob Franklin...
Or even that little b(FCCbeep)tch Delilah Demonik...

They are tools to me, and when I am done with them, I will do as I do with every other tool. I will lock them up in the toolbox until I need them again. You call me a politician? I won't argue with you there Sarge. I aligned myself up with Jalan Latham for the purpose that together we have the power to wipe the entire UCW off of the face of this earth. Separately we couldn't do it, but united together as one we are unstoppable. Together we will hold the UCW by the throat and crush it like a grape. The blood that once was the UCW will flow through our fingertips and soak the ground we walk on. So I'm a politician? I guess that means that I will fit right at home. A true match made in hell

Now your right, last week doesn't set well with me. Last week was only but a taste of the incoming fate that is fast approaching you. I used Rob Franklin, Delilah Demonik, and Pieske and they fullfilled their rolls more than adequetly, but by the end of this week when you and Adam Benjamin have fallen and littered at our feet kissing them gently like rose peddles, it will all become so much clearer. Your beaten and broken bodies will be a true testiment to Ken Cloverleaf and to anyone in the UCW that dares to oppose the alliance of F.A.T.E. and Jalam Latham. Your blood shall write the next chapter in the histroy according to Nakita Dahaka. Your right, last week you and Cameron Cruise managed to escape with a mere no contest and you dodged a bullet. You escaped with your body and souls to fight for another day. This week, you and Bejamin, your enemy won't be so lucky.

I trust that this little session between us was most enlightening to say the least. But in the end all of the knowledge about me won't save you from the fate that is long hounding you. Its close, oh so close and I can already smell the scene and I can taste your blood on my lips, and on that note:

So it has been said...

Let it be known...

So it SHALL come to pass...

In Your Blood...

Nakita: So another chapter is written to our Gospel...according to F.A.T.E.

(The scene slowly fades out.)

11-28-06, 10:22 PM
(Fade into 'Yours Truly" sitting toweling off his face, moments after his daily work out.)

Benjamin: ( in a very calm voice)

"Dedication is the key to a mans drive. Some of us wrestle in this sport for a pay check. You see guys parading around with there bling bling to show off the money they have made.

Other wrestle to eat. They are fresh to the sport and are still waiting for that big pay day.

Then there are superstars like "Yours Truly" Adam Benjamin. I have all the money I need to wake up and kiss my girlfriend, of whom you will never see on camera, because I am not about to parade her around for all you American loser fans to droll over.

Each day I thank god for giving me the talent I have inside that ring. For with that talent I am able to work in a world in which I simply love.

Everything I have earned is from my inner dedication and my pure respect and honor for wrestling.

(Adam quickly rubs his sweaty face, and throws the towel.)

Benjamin: (very seriously tone)

"But all that love, and purity has been stolen from me. For the last few months, Mr. Incredible has done nothing but test my sanity.

For the record I am at one with myself in a perfect state of mind.

However, last week the world title was mine. My dream, my passion, my desire............. Stolen...........

(Adam pulls the camera close to his face.)

"At the PPV, I am going to bring you out of retirement simply to implant the memory of "Yours Truly" Adam Benjamin in your mind when you think of wrestling.

For as much as you have tried to mess with my brain, I have slapped you, spit on you, and taken your flag, oh your pride, and trashed it with you pathetic blood.

Prepare Mr. Incredible, live on PPV you will walk that walk one last time, into your own inner demise.

(Adam rolls his neck)


"So of course one has to talk about a rematch? Were is it? God if I know. Instead of "Yours Truly" Adam Benjamin getting his well deserved re match for the world title, I am stuck in some garbage tag team match.

First off my partner, hell I would have rather teamed with Mr. Incredible then this jack arse. I mean let be serious. The Sarge on the same team as Yours Truly?

He walks around parading a flag and pride for a country in which I would not spit on if it was on fire.

Sarge here is your order, stay in your corner, and watch what a true superstar can do inside the ring.

(Adam smirks as he dangles the bloody flag in the camera.)


"And then there is my dear opponents. I am not sure what the UCW is trying to do this week. But consider this my personal disclaimer.

I "Yours Truly" Adam Benjamin, a proud gentleman of her majesty, the queen of England, have no desire to put my hands on a female in any manor of violence.

Ok that was the disclaimer part, however here lies the fact of the matter. This little truffle wants to step between the ropes of my sanctuary, well then by doing so your pretty little arse becomes fair game my lady!

If you want to step into the den with the lion, prepare to get your hand bitten off.

As for Franklin he appears to be the bigger b#itch in this match.

But its funny I sit back and I listen to you talk about men becoming your tools. Those men that fall victim to your charm, and your FATE, do so because they lack dedication.

Now the Savior of Wrestling, "Yours Truly" Adam Benjamin is all about dedication.

So save the snake charming garbage for someone else. And buckle down for the stiffest wrestling match you have ever been in.

Because I will hold nothing back in my attempts to ground that pretty little face deep into the core of the match, and take your little bath and body works arms and break them till your gasp out "I am a b*tch, and I do not belong in the ring with men, so I tape, because my name is not Lindsey Troy".

For Troy, has earned the right to enter the ring, for she knows when you step in you are not a man or a women you are in fact a dedicated wrestle.

As for the FATE, well so it has been said, and so it shall come to pass. But until then the Savior says god speed, for your ass belongs to me!

You are looking at the new face of UCW! I am the un crowned rightful owner of the World Heavyweight Championship. Look into my eyes, and see the fire that burns within.

(Fade to black)

11-29-06, 04:36 PM

WE fade in to see the young prospect in wrestling nowadays, Rob Franklin, standing against the wall outside of a gas station. His face shows no emotion, and his left leg is non chalantly tourqued behind him, against the wall like a gangster from an 80's movie. He swirls his toungue around his mouth, in deep thought, but snaps out of it in a hurry, and leans his head torwards the door of the station.

Rob: Pieske. you done yet?

Pieske is indeed done, as he walks from the counter carrying a Big Gulp and a messy hot dog.

Pieske: Yeah, I got everything I need.

Rob looks at him, un-amused

Rob: What directions did he give us?

Pieske: Directions? Oh, ****. Forgot.

Rob: Idiot.

Pieske scurries back into the store, and walks to the counter and we see him having a conversation with the clerk there. Rob flips out a shiney Moyorola Razr from his pocket, and flips it open.

Rob: Still no service. Damn.

Pieske returns from his adventure, and informs Rob with a point of his fnger in the right direction.

Rob: Let's roll.

They hop into the car, which for some reason is sagging heavily on Pieske's side, and Rob presses "Play" on his "Record-a-promo"

Rob: Adam. ****ing. Benjamin. A "legend" of the third rate company of MCW right? Hell, trash must migrate to dumps, because you found a home perfect for you in UCW. I like what you have done with the flag there. Big BadAss right? Well, all of my millions AND MILLIONS, of fans don't like that. You see, when I took my claim as ruler and master of the United States of America, I pretty much decided to beat the snot out of assholes like you. For he fans? Hell no. The fans are trailor trash. For America? Hell no. America has been trying to keep me down forever. I will kick your ass for a more important cause at Revolution. The greatest man in history: George W. Bush. I dedicate FATE's win to our great president.

Rob: Nakita, do not fret. I am here. I got lost, but I am here. I can't wait to show those Trailer Trash, Copenhagen chewin' , coupon clipping, idiots what is what. So Nakita and Delilah, Especially Delilah, Keep your tops on, I'm coming. That's a promise from you FTO Champion.

11-30-06, 12:50 AM
(Fade into "Yours Truly" Adam Benjamin standing in front of a UCW back drop. In his hand is the folded American Flag of Mr. Incredible, the blood stains are visibly seen.)

"Oh my dear little foolish Robbie. How much you must learn to think before you talk. Lets just run through your last interview.

First off, we live in a world were Map quest can get you directions. But that is not here nor there.

So Rob, Major Championship Wrestling, the company that gave you a chance to wrestle in front of all your Millions, and Millions of fans, is nothing more that a "Third rate promotion" now?

My, my, my, how funny that is. I mean honestly who are you? And what have you done? To call anything third rate?

If you ask me you are simply a mercy signing of the UCW. The day MCW closed you were unemployed. I did not see you in the locker room of Empire Pro Wrestling. Guess Dan Ryan did not think you could hack it.

I did not see you and Nathan Houston shaking hands to a deal that would bring you to the AE1.

So it seems that UCW, the dump as you called it, was the only federation that would sign you.

But lets talk about third rate for a second. I once watched a third rate wrestling promotion change the face of professional wrestling in the late nineties. And man it was Extreme. So in some cases third rate is only in the eye of the beholder.

(Adam looks at the bloody flag)

"So the young prospect does not like what I have done to the flag. Well Rob, this week is your chance to win a war. But in this war, unlike your idols, there will be a ending as I ground and pound you into the core of the match and listen to you tap out.

This week is simply about "Yours Truly" Adam Benjamin dominating the FATE.

As the announcer says Franklin Taps Out!

Oh my, I just realized what that stands for..................FTO............... See you in the ring champ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12-02-06, 06:38 PM
(The scene opens inside the locker room of F.A.T.E. as Delilah Demonik and "The Dark Phenom" Nakita Dahaka are sitting on a bench inside. Delilah is on a cellphone while Nakita is watching the latest promos of Adam Benjamin.)

Delilah Demonik: So you've just landed and your on your way to the arena Robby? That's wonderful. I can't wait to see you. Don't worry, I will be sure to let Nakita know of your arrival. I know that you would never let her down or leave her hanging. Okay see you soon Robby. Bye.

(Delilah closes up her cellphone.)

Delilah: (Muttering aloud to herself.) You nice, tall, glass of sex on the beach.

Nakita Dahaka: Delilah, was that Franklin?

Delilah: Yes it was, he said that he is in the city and already enroute to the stadium. He will be here on time within the hour.

Nakita: Excellent. Anyway, I've been watching these two latest promos from Adam Bejamin, and its almost like they are all reading from the same script. They all say the samething...

(Nakita immitates Adam Benjamin mockingly)

...I "Yours Truly" Adam Benjamin, a proud gentleman of her majesty, the queen of England, have no desire to put my hands on a female in any manor of violence.

Ok that was the disclaimer part, however here lies the fact of the matter. This little truffle wants to step between the ropes of my sanctuary, well then by doing so your pretty little arse becomes fair game my lady!

(They both look at each other and laugh maniacally before Nakita continues on.)

Delilah: That was a really good impression of Adam Benjamin, and to think I thought that you didn't have...a sense of humor.

Nakita: Well I do, and I've realized something something about all of these fools and simpletons and inbeciles. They all say the same thing. I can almost quote them word for word. In fact, I already have. What Adam has said this past week is no different than what every other man...if you can actually call them that has said to me. They don't want a hurt a woman. It so touching that it's almost pathetic...wait a minute...there's no almost about it. IT IS PATHETIC!

Delilah: Oh Nakita, what's the big deal. You will just do to Adam Benjamin what you do do every other man that you've stepped in the ring with before him. You take this little mere weakness and you exploit it. Their foolishness is always their undoing. Just like it will be Benjamin's. At least give Sarge some credit. You may of pissed him off but at least he no longer mocks you. He knows what you can and will do to him and Benjamin in the ring week on Revolution. Its a known fact.

Nakita: I know that your right Delilah. I make them eat their words. I make them embrace their FATE because they have no other choice. Benjamin may be a dedicated sort but what he doesn't realize is that it is the dedicated ones that I love the most. It is by their declaration that I do with it like I do with their souls.

Delilah: What's that?

Nakita: I devour them whole, but that's after what I do to their spirits when I break them. To watch them fall is one thing and there is always great pleasure in such acts and cruelties, but it is far more terrifying and satisfying to watch them fall. To see all of their words and vows to be broken. When I've taken their ways of thinking and trampled them under my feet that is when I truly know that they have been beaten. After that it is all a matter of hearing their hidden prayers begging me for a quick death that has been long hounding them, and for what? Because they lost to a mere little girl. Alas this so-called little girl just owned their asses in the center of the ring. I would, at that moment turn my back and let them revel in their humiliation except for one thing.

Delilah: Oh?

Nakita: I never did believe in mercy. He can expect to be go through his own personal hell before I get bored toying with him and send him there. And another thing.

Delilah: Oh do pray tell Nakita.

Delilah: In his own dilluted mind he might be hearing the announcers say that FRANKLIN TAPPED OUT. But his brain hasn't seen the very end of that proclaimation. He MIGHT have Franklin wrapped tightly in his hold and it COULD have Franklin on the verge of tapping out, and just when he's about to give in. NAKITA DAHAKA slides in and makes the save in the neck of time breaking the hold. Then Rob Franklin comes back, hits him with his finisher and gets the final 1-2-3. How's that for divine intervention?

Delilah: Very fitting Nakita.

Nakita: You see Delilah, Adam Benjamin has already made three mistakes during this passed week...

1) He has underestimated me. His foolishness will be his undoing and he will fall because of it...

2) He's underestimated Rob Franklin, the epitomy of defiance will find the neccessary inner strength deep within him and he will succeed over Benjamin and Sarge this week on Aggression...

3) He underestimates F.A.T.E. alltogher. He thinks that his abilities or his Saviors of Wrestling will prevail. I say unto him-the more, the merrier. Furthermore, there is no way that he or Sarge can come between the united forces of FATE and Jalan Latham.

Take my word for it, based off of what I have seen this past week by Sarge and Adam Benjamin, they have already admited defeat long before they even set foot in the ring. I have seen it in their eyes. Their words have told the hidden story between the lines, and they will not succeed. I proclaim that F.A.T.E. will be victorious. For this is what I have seen and spoken...

So it is said...

Let it be known...

So it shall come to pass...

Let it be written...

And all will become another chapter according to my gospel.

(The scene slowly fades out.)

12-02-06, 06:42 PM
The Sergeant... at a San Jose, California house show... mic in hand.

Sarge: Every once in a while I have to reiterate the reasons for me coming to Ultimate Championship Wrestling in the first place. People forget. The fans, the people who brought me here, and even the people I have ripped through since I made the transition. I am asserting myself once again, and I hope that everyone here is taking notice... especially Nakita Dahaka, Rob Franklin, Dakota Smith, and Irishred.

I came to UCW with my head lowered in shame. I had been beaten within an inch of my life and to me, it seemed my short wrestling career was over before I finished my rookie year. A gang of punks from another organization stripped me of my pride and my dignity and I swore to myself that I would find that dignity by redeeming myself elsewhere.

That elsewhere was UCW.

Since I have arrived, I've carved a name for myself. I'm very close to breaking through that glass ceiling. Sure, it's been a long road with the cheap shots and the minor setbacks... but I'm here... on the verge of taking two championship belts from one person and on my way to establishing my name by beating another.

Before I can do that, I have been paired with a man I hate as much as any of my bitter enemies... Adam Benjamin. My opponents? An up and coming tag team that made the mistake of quadruple teaming my friend, Cameron Cruise, and I in a tag team match last week.

To say that I am ready to make a statement in this match is understating my true intentions. This coming week, at Revolution, I plan to leave no doubt in anybody's mind who will be walking out of Night of Legends with the MCW North American Title... and more importantly than that, the UCW US Title!

The crowd pops. Sarge's level of intensity seems to have raised a notch.

Sarge: That being said, I have another promise to make. Next week, Dakota put's his US title on the line. If he loses it, it looks like my title shot might go out the window... so I'm promising you that Dakota will come out as champ. I've waited long enough. This is my chance and I'm not letting it slip through my grasp.

With all of you fans behind me, this combat tested and mother approved juggernaut is about to show the world that I am no longer a rookie. My time is now!

HUGE pop from the local San Jose crowd.

Scene fades.