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11-19-06, 06:01 AM
Just a note for those who didn't already know that MCW (with TEAM as a "financial partner") is hosting the MCW Tag Team Invitational. Established and mix-and-matched teams alike are welcome to participate. The winners will be awarded a poser contract (3D graphical representation of one of their wrestlers). A JPG image of a trophy with the tag team's name on it is also in the works.

I realize that it is a holiday season, but trust me, the holidays will be factored into the schedule. All information can be found at:


EPW is strongly encouraged to send teams.

Thank you for your time!

11-20-06, 12:03 PM
3 NAPW teams have been the first to formally accept their invitations and another NAPW tag team is thinking of coming together specifically for the tournament. I'm hoping to get this thing kicked off right after the Thanksgiving holiday weekend and break after the first round for Christmas. I know we have some great EPW teams that if not already together could come together for the tournament!

I'll stop trying to guilt you guys now, lol.

Damian D Stone
11-22-06, 07:27 PM
I'm not on a team...but I wouldn't mind tossing my hat into it. I don't know though who would tag w/me...

11-22-06, 07:56 PM
We just closed the thread, as I now have 16 teams. Be on the lookout for the TEAM Invitational, which is a singles tournament. Also, if anyone has dream matches, or would like to lay down a challenge... a thread will be opening shortly.