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11-09-06, 04:42 PM
I want to get a vote from you all. Vote for as many of these as apply.

1. Have a hard deadline for matchwriting, then write the rest shortform (that included the situation for the current show IE - post it with the two missing matches shortformed and continue this policy for the future).

2. Wait for matchwriters to finish the full matches. It's worth the wait.

3. Write all matches for TV shortform and longform the PPVs.

4. We have 30 singles wrestlers. We should do a brand split because there aren't enough titles or enough air time to go around.

5. We should create a new show, but not split the brand. Just let people alternate between shows. (This would work only if doing both shortform under the current system of me only having booking control)

6. Create a new show and have two co-bookers take turns booking each show. The new booker could book the second show and choose from the same pool of characters as Dave does already, taking pressure off of him and spreading the wealth TV time wise.

11-09-06, 05:16 PM
Brand split... BAD IDEA. 30 guys is a good, WWE-type level. We can do more with them than Stamford does with their guys.

11-09-06, 06:39 PM
Our main task should be ways of speeding up the cards in order to get everyone involved. A match writing deadline is also a must... I learned that over in MCW with my Finale show.

I think that a brand split or an extra show, especially when we are having trouble cranking out on show, is a bad idea. Shortforming shouldn't be looked at as an insult to competitors... it should be looked at as a necessity to keep things going from time to time.

11-09-06, 07:31 PM

We don't need a new show when we have a show already in Onslaught. Maybe we need to step up Onslaught and make it almost on-par with Aggression (while still keeping Aggression as the flagship) instead of having it be our "Velocity" or "Heat" type-show.

Maybe Onslaught needs its own booker? If so, then we could always go with Option 6 as well. I voted for 1 and 3, for what it's worth. If we do decide to short-form matches, then I think Dave can expect more people to help out, including myself. If I can write a match narrative style every other show or whatever, I will. I won't like it, because I hate writing matches with a passion, but I'll do it to help out. I've already been tapped to write Troy Windham vs. Lindsay Troy for the PPV's main event, and I'm hoping to get help from people on it (Gregg, Steve, Dave) since it's probably going to be a monster.

Since we have so many people on the roster, maybe it's time we did a roll-call to see who's still around and who still wants to be around. If people don't respond by such-and-such a date, then they're out. I'm sure it's not really a desirable thing to do, but maybe it's necessary.

11-09-06, 08:58 PM

I think that's a good idea about the role call.

I'm not a big match writer, either. However, people will tell you that I can do two things:

1.) Write a match when needed and write it fairly quickly and on time.

2.) Do a pretty good job on shortformed matches, making sure the point gets across and all major details are fleshed out.

Okay, I'm shutting up now.

11-09-06, 09:38 PM
I can write matches. You guys know I can turn in good work at a relatively quick time. In fact, the last match I wrote was the first one received for NEW (I'm not sure if Edmunds had worked on anything before that).

In fact, when Dave first took ahold of the reigns of EPW when John decided he need a break, he shared ownership with Jeff B. and myself. Getting shows together back then didn't seem that hard (though my memory has been sketchy thanks to the past few years of warping my sense of perception).

So, I'm for getting a new booker on a new show, but I'm against the roster split like everybody else. I like setting a deadline for shows to go on, but the problem that would present when having two shows and two bookers is, one guy might get his **** in on time and the other would be behind. The next show puts it's next card up and the participants do their thing, but the other show would be delayed a couple days, and they'd have a shorter turnout on RPs thanks to a shortened deadline (this is what I've seen in EUWC). You always want a balanced number of both shows up to the scheduled Pay Per View, and things get sticky when one show can't keep up with the other.

But provided both bookers are working together, kinda, would resolve that. Getting two people to work on two shows goes a lot faster than one on one with one on one.

If we do get a second booker, I might as well consider myself interested in applying for that spot, having some fed managing experience with this fed in the past. Hell, we can even get Jeff in on it to, for old time's sake. :p

11-09-06, 10:34 PM
I voted 1 and 3.

I rather like the idea of a roll call as well. To be honest, the HPSC has had a half dozen or so matches since we've been here, and at least half of those were no shows. Some I know why, others I don't. I don't see a need for a brand split if we can speed up cards and keep things active.

I'm for shortforming anything and everything.

11-09-06, 11:39 PM
Is it alright if I speak up on this subject?

I hope that it is okay.

Okay, even though I did vote for six because I am in agreement that as great, dedicated, and of course talented as Dave is he can't do everything all by himself. He needs to have some help. So he needs to find someone that he can trust so he needs to get someone that is reliable and trustworthy that can work hand and hand with him on business matters. However at the same time he needs to be someone that is creative and willing to work with each of the talents even if they aren't "main event talents". Someone who knows characters, storylines, and can truly bounce ideas and collaborate with handlers.

I.E. We can't hire a bunch of Johnny Aces when he need more Paul Heymans in efedding and of course the rest of sports entertainment. But that is just me. If someone sends a plathora of different ideas, don't just reply back with a short one liner list simply because a booker doesn't want to read a long winded PM, that doesn't help the handler out one bit, but instead send forth alternative ideas and really help out everyone. Bounce some ideas off.

I am saying this from an overall general problem that I have discovered that is a problem throughout my time efedding. When I say this I am not directing this at anyone but speaking as a whole.

But I digress and say that Dave needs to have help so I would be in favor of him HANDPICKING either a co-booker and/or a booking committee of people whom he can trust.

That's just my advice.

Now as far as the hard deadline is concerned. Although I can understand people saying that Dave should impose a strict deadline for matches to avoid lags such as this.

At the same time I think that this should be automatic. Dave should have that already in place. Nothing against you Dave, but still it should be a given to anyone who signs up to do a match to get it written, finished, and submitted to Dave in a timely manner.

If you can't write the match then why in the blueberry hell did you even elect to write one in the first place?

Now I understand when real life takes a toll, but if something comes up you gotta keep Dave informed on such matters. Surely, if real life happens you could at least get access to someone else's computer with internet access and send something or anything to Dave so that he can have time to get the match off to someone else.

But for Dave to send out notices saying that he is still waiting on two or three matches that haven't been sent in and not even get a progress report on the match is the reason why we are having such long ass delays with the cards.

So, for Dave to put on a strict deadline in my opinion is pretty much a dead given. You either do it or you don't. You commit to that duty and you need to follow through on it.

As far as the roster split is concerned. On paper, for the most part it may look like a feasible option, but all things considering I think that it won't work in the long run. From a kayfabe standpoint, the split has been done to death and with at most marginal results.

Alternating show schedule with one select group of the roster competing one week and the next week the other.

If your a champion, expect to ALWAYS be active simply because your the champ you need to be active. If you are not then drop the title and give someone else a chance to run with the ball for a little bit until you get things going again.

Shortformed cards...for one or two people who didn't rp for that week yes by all means shortform the card.

For instance if wrestler A rped like a mofo and wrestler b didn't get anything at all during the session, then by all means short form the match. "You get out what you put in".

However, if you have two people or more that equally put in great rps and stayed neck and neck throughout the entire rp sessions. Then by all means they should get something to show for their work. They shouldn't suffer because we're a little late in getting the card out because some match writer got lazy in writing his scheduled match.

Again "you get out what you put in."

That's just my advice and thoughts on this matter. I'm done now.

Anything else feel free to contact me you know the way.


11-09-06, 11:46 PM
I have never written a match, and that is because I am not sure how too. If someone would like to teach me the basics I can write two matchs a show and have them in on the deadline.

Also if we just buckle down and write the matches during the week, and then the finish can be mailed to the writter from Brunk and they can write in the winner, that way most of the match is done.

11-10-06, 01:26 AM
I voted for 1 and 6 here.

However, I vote 1 partially here. I do like the hard deadline deal, but maybe a slight fallback to that. I know that sometimes Dave will give a deadline and it will be just a bit out of my reach to get it done by then, but I can get it to him within a day or two. How about if Dave sets the hard deadline, any matches that are not done are expected to be reported on. Should they not get any report within 24 hours, the show goes up. Not sure if this is clear but I know that I'd hate to put in work for three quarters of a match only to have it short-formed because I didn't get it there by the deadline.

And I totally agree with Lindsay on stepping up Onslaught from Velocity to Smackdown status. I know that the only match I've ever had for Onslaught I didn't put much into because I thought of it only as a house show and what could that do for my storyline? And if Dave needs help, Shane is more than willing to help with bookings. I know I run my own fed just down the street, but EPW is my home fed and I always do what I can to keep this show rolling. Adding some extra booking isn't going to kill me.


11-10-06, 02:10 AM
Here are some more thoughts:

Phil's mentioned the HPSC having been booked in matches that have gone uncontested due to no-shows and we've got a thirty-ish character roster. So, why don't some of the people in singles who aren't locked in title programs get with some other people in the same boat and form some teams to help out the division?

I know people want an opportunity for singles glory but there's nothing wrong with being in a tag team. I did it for a good while in fWo with Seth Silvera (handler of Sonny Silver for those not in the know) and we had a good, funny, worthwhile run while it lasted. Silver and GOLD even won the MARK Awards Tag Team of the Year last year. I joined PRIME (PTC fed) to help out the tag division and had fun there too before the division was suspended. The HPSC could use some more challengers; I know Dave just signed a new team on the last card to bolster the division and I think it's great that some people have already taken the initiative to jump into the division from the singles scene.

Something else that was mentioned by Shane was "what could Onslaught do for my storyline?" In the long run, storylines are what we make of them, whether someone is booked on Onslaught, or Aggression, or even not booked at all. Just because you (and this is me speaking generally here) may not be booked on a card doesn't mean you can't write some segments to further your storylines, or do some character-building RPs. And if you're having trouble thinking of something to do or write, or don't have a feud partner, or are feeling like you're lost in the shuffle, then don't just sit back and go with the flow. Contact Dave. Or hell, send me a PM. I don't give my AIM out for privacy reasons, but I'd like to try and take more of a leadership role OOC in the fed, even if it's just bouncing ideas back and forth to see what sticks and what doesn't.

Anyway, I should have been in bed an hour ago because I have another long day tomorrow, but hopefully this will get some more conversation going.

11-10-06, 08:27 AM
Someone read my blog entry about tag teams ;)

11-10-06, 10:02 AM
Someone read my blog entry about tag teams ;)

Didn't need to read your blog entry to know this. ;)

11-10-06, 10:23 AM
I thought there were already matchwriting deadlines? I know this last time I took slightly longer than I would've liked getting the two matches in (not gonna bore you with details as to why), but I must say a hard and fast deadline (with a couple days leeway because life does get in the way sometimes - nothing more than a three day extension, or just make the deadline three days later) and then shortforming what's not come in is a good idea.

As for something with the tag division, you don't want to innundate it with tag teams IMO, especially if it's singles wrestlers who "aren't locked into a title scene" that're the only people joining. I like what we have right now - the tag division has tag teams rather than teams of people tagging because they're not having singles success.

Having people use Onslaught more as a TV show would be useful too - I think so far we've had virtually no non-match segments on it? I know I put two promotional skits on it when Blitz and Brown had matches there (and they were fun to write actually, don't knock the 'b-show') - I don't think it should be a "brand" in it's own right - having it as is right now, maybe a bit more regularly, will give everyone more of a chance to RP and get involved. So appointing a booker for it might be a very useful thing to do - so long as that person has time to write it.

11-10-06, 01:50 PM
I know what you're saying about the "do your own work to get your wrestler over" stuff. And when I haven't been sure about the direction of my character, I've always talked to Dave about it and then you get something that seems rather hot like getting involved in the Red/Ryan angle.

However, what I'm trying to say is that being on Onslaught gives me a feeling of being less important for said week. Like when I see Val Venis on Velocity, I know that he's not going to be on RAW the same week. I look at it being a reason for being on Onslaught, so why flood both Onslaught and Aggression with Steven Shane matches and segments?

I'm not arguing your point at all, just trying to make more of a push for Onslaught to have more of a push :)

11-10-06, 07:38 PM
As for something with the tag division, you don't want to innundate it with tag teams IMO, especially if it's singles wrestlers who "aren't locked into a title scene" that're the only people joining. I like what we have right now - the tag division has tag teams rather than teams of people tagging because they're not having singles success.

Dave signed a "legit" tag team in the Proletariat for the last Onslaught, but what's wrong with singles people joining up to bolster the division? People have done it and have made something out of the team instead of it just being "two singles with nothing better to do." See: The Cameron Cruise Project, Silver and GOLD.

The tag teams I see now are: the Highland Park Social Club, Blitz, the newly reformed Cameron Cruise Project, Troy Windham's Entourage (if GG is still going to run them as a team), Priest and Eisenkreuz, the Proletariat and Adam Benjamin/"Classy" Mike C. It seems like a healthy division, but if Phil's saying that tag matches are going uncontested then maybe we need more teams, or the teams that we have need to be more active.

11-12-06, 05:02 AM
I havent been around. I'm just letting everyone know that I think #1 and #3 are the best ideas. Onslaught should be just as important as Aggression. And with doing shortform matches. I think that it can. Or maybe shortforming all but the main events. And then even shortforming the first two matches of the PPV. Just as long as all Main Events in EPW are longform. They deserve that much and gives that the prestige it deserves over the rest of the show.

Vacate the TV Title and make a larger title such as National or North American. Always defend the two smaller titles - one on each show. Leave the World title for the PPV. Except for angles that warrant a World Title defense. Tag Titles could be defended anytime Dave or the other bookers see fit.

I'm willing to go to Onslaught to push the show. Send Frankie over as a tag team with someone. I don't care. I just want to be a part of EPW.

Just my opinion. Glad I could make the discussion. Remember... Controversy Creates Cash!! ;)