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11-06-06, 08:01 PM
One fall to a finish. No time limit. Promo deadline is Wednesday, November 15th at 11:59:59 PM.

11-08-06, 12:10 PM
Here we stand on the cusp of showing the whole damn world that MBE is the dominant federation in the wrestling world. Here we stand ready to live up to the legacy of MBE. Here we stand four very different men, brought together only out of our love for the federation that made us. Here we stand united and strong. Here we stand as the number one seeds in the TEAM Tournament. Here we stand...right the **** where we belong.

Where is A1E? Where is EPW? Where is UCW? Where are the rest of the pretenders to the throne?

I'll tell you where they are. They are at the bottom of the heap where they belong. They are there because I decided to turn my back on the other federations that I wrestle in and carry the MBE banner. Oh how they all wish that I would have chosen to represent them so they could be here.

But enough of patting myself on the back. I rarely do that...but **** it felt good.

So now it's MBE versus NEW for the right to say we are number one. I have to ask a question of Mr. Entertainment and Chaos though. Do you two really belong here? I mean if you sit down and are entirely honest with yourselves do you even really feel like you belong here among legends?

It's OK to feel overwhelmed. It's OK to step into this match with a bit of fear and awe. Better then you have and better then you will feel the same. Do you even understand what are up against?

You are facing the man who doesn't know the meaning of pain. You are facing the man that takes every slight personal. You are facing the one true shooter in all of professional wrestling. You are facing the man who has bled in rings all over the world. You are facing the man that has freaking emergency rooms named after him thanks to the amount of money that I have dumped into their coffers. You are facing the man that has been a title holder everywhere he has chosen to compete for belts.


Oh yes there is an and in all of this....

I'm the nice one in this match. My partner, son of ***** my partner, this man and I have stood together and apart and created chaos everywhere we have stepped in the ring. My partner is the silent assassin. My partner sweats pain and licks it up and begs for more. The level of violence and anarchy we together bring to a ring is beyond what you can even imagine in the worst of times.

This is the task laid out before you boys. This is the mountain you must climb. Better then you have failed to reach the summit so don't feel ashamed when the inevitable happens.

So now you know the facts boys. What hope can you possible hold?

11-10-06, 08:42 PM
{{{Sweat pours off his brow and down his chest as the bell rings for his last three minute round of sparring. He holds the ropes as two men enter and he leaves. He takes a long drink of honey-water as he looks into the camera. Half the bottle disappears and his cold blue eyes stare into the camera}}}

Chaos: So this is it. Finally it's the last round, The finals of The Dupree Cup. You know when we started nobody...NOBODY knew who New Era was.

---{{{He chuckles and smiles wide}}}---

Chaos: Well they do now, and why? Because we've beaten everyone else. Now I've sat down to listen to what you've had to say Irishred and I'm really not that impressed. You know it's the same thing I've heard before. I'm better then you. I'm tougher then you. Do you know who you’re dealing with? We're this and we’re that. I heard it in the first round and I'm hearing it again here in the finals. It’s so repetitive that it's become cliché.

---{{{He shakes his head and shrugs}}}---

Chaos: Yet with you Red all I hear is a voice. On ongoing voice. I see no character...no heart...no passion. Just a guy and his running mouth. I don't know what you expected for a reaction from me? What to be in Fear? To be in Awe? Why? What reasons have you giving me? To me Red you’re not much more then mere words on a paper. I've seen more intimidating things written on bathrooms walls.

---{{{He points to the camera}}}---

Chaos: and since you seem to be easily offended...well I hope you are. Hell I hope you're really pi**ed at every little word I've spoken. Because Red I'm ready. I was ready when the bell rang on my match in the first round and I'm just as ready now. I told those DX wannabe's that they were just a Chaos Bomb away from defeat

---{{{He points at the camera once again}}}---

Chaos: Well Red I'll tell you and your partner the same thing. We're New Era. We're not going to tell your we're better then you....we're going to prove it in the ring. Before that it's all just talk. Now you might be quite good at it, but save it Red. It's not going to phase me. It's not going to scare me and it damn sure will not intimidate me.

---{{{He steps forward, his face close to the camera, he narrows his eyes and his voice grows colder}}}---

Chaos: You want to give a lecture on hope and fear Red....well become a politician. But if you want to settle a fight with me? You better bring it to the ring when the bell goes off. Because until then Red....well it's just a very hollow threat in my mind. So Red you want to get my attention...you better show me allot more. You want to get my respect...you damn better give me a reason. And if for a second you think your going to put me in fear or in awe.

---{{{He laughs loudly, but quickly grows quite and cold}}}---

Chaos: Then you really are not prepared for a match with me.

---{{{He snaps his fingers loudly in front of the camera}}}---

Chaos: Because between me and Mr. Entertainment well your just that far away from a finisher and three seconds from defeat.

---{{{He flashes a cocky smile}}}---

Chaos: Now if you don’t mind I've got some real work to get done, before New Era keeps on winning.

---{{{He bangs his eight ounce gloves back together and steps into the ring again}}}---


11-14-06, 02:49 AM
Oh look Chaos is doing two things. One very well and the other...well not so much.

Let's get to the positive first. Obviously Chaos watched the Rocky Movie Marathon on Spike TV and was inspired by Mr. Balboa's slow motion hitting the heavy bag, side of meat, speed bag segments and decided they would impress me. Really Chaos Bravo. If there was an Oscar for best rip off performance by an idiot wrestler playing the role of a boxer...you Chaos would win hands down.

Now to the really bad. Chaos tried to intimidate me. That's just a waste of time and air Chaos. I have been beaten up by tougher then you. I have slapped the **** out of bigger and badder men then you. I have left my blood on mats all over the world fighting guys that tried to intimidate me.

Listen...I did a TON of drugs, I'm German/Irish and I grew up in a bar beating the hell out of drunks for my dad. You're going to have to do a hell of a lot more then huff and puff to impress me let alone intimidate me.

Lay off the steroids from now until our match, put on some Yanni, have a glass of Merlot, snuggle up to Mr. Entertainment and work on your game plan as you prepare to face two wrestlers who just don't know any better. Really we don't. I'm pretty much impervious to pain at this point in my life. It's not that I don't feel it...it's just that I'm in pain so much that a new ache or two doesn't matter. Whitenoise well he hurts himself on weekends just for kicks when there's nothing better to do.

Please take my advice. Please. Stop with the posturing. OK. Am I clear.

People are paying top dollar to see this final. The least you can do is try to come up with something original. At the very least put away your promo 101 handbook as written by Doc Silver and do something...do anything to make my partner and I take notice. Come up with something that will make the fans take notice. Do something that may get them in your corner as I really do LOVE being the underdog and ruining the betting line.

Here let me give you some more ammunition to use against me. ( Like the drug addiction, the constant pain, my heritage and age aren't enough.)

I like 70's rock and roll.

I tend to win belts but not be able to hang on to them.

I have a short temper.

My wife can't stand me most of the time.

I'm from South Dakota.

Come on Chaos...work with me here. Please.

I am literally begging you to give me something that will get me excited about this match. I don't want to be bored, the fans don't want to be bored, the promoters certainly don't want you boring.

I'll be waiting. If you need more incentive...just call. I'll do all I can to help. After all, I'm that giving of a guy.

See you soon sunshine.

11-14-06, 05:11 AM
This is a story of a time long ago

A time of myth and legend – when the ancient Gods were petty and cruel.

Only one man dared challenge their power.

That man was…

[FADE IN… I said FADE IN!!! Oh… no, don’t adjust your set. The screen is completely and utterly black, as if your TV was turned off, but don’t worry – it’s still on. After a few seconds, a sombre monk walks across the screen, arms folded. As he reaches the centre of the screen, he unfolds his arms, pulling a battered scroll from the sleeve of his habit. He unfurls it, head still bowed, before speaking in a dark, distant voice]

Monk: There is amongst God-fearing people a legend of a terrible being – of a demon so horrific, he turned all to stone at a glance, and could will people into eternal slumber. This is the tale of that legend, how the monster lived and wrought havoc on the world. How no-one has yet to defeat him – but there is a prophesy which says of a way to defeat even he.

[The scene changes, but the monk’s voice remains, unchanged and sonorous. The scene now is of Salisbury Plain – more specifically, Stone Henge itself. A circle of druids stands around a central stone, chanting incantations, as a central figure, the High Druid, holds an orb in his hand. The sun is setting as the camera pans round – the sun’s rays through the orb create a myriad of colours, at one angle blue, at another deepest crimson, and so many countless colours it is impossible to list them all here]]

Monk: On the day of the Summer Solstice, in the time before our Lord, did the High Priests of hold annually hold commune with their Gods. For in the days before the Coming of our Lord where there many Gods, and it was to these that they gave their thanks and worship for the year that had ended and the year to come. And so it was from year to year, or so it is written.

Yet, on the last of these instances, was there a great calamity that Cuchullain, who was a hero to them, would have been unable to stave. Maeve herself, a woman of great beauty and freedom of body, would have been unable to seduce what was to come. For the ceremony decreed that all those assembled should be free from sin, joyful of heart, and hold the good of their people above their own good – for to them that was proper, or so it is written.

Yet there was one, after millennia of good, honest worship from the Pagan Celts, that was not adherent to this code. And did he come from the Emerald Isle – from the lands where Troubles have oft occurred. This man was the High Druid of the isle, and was present in that capacity, his peers believing him to have at heart and in mind only the salvation and good fortune of his bretheren. But, to the eternal shame of all, was his heart not pure, nor goodly. For he, whose birthname cannot be mentioned, did covet power, and sought to become the High Priest of all high priests – he wished to elevate himself to be a living God amongst men.

To this end, did he seek out scripture, rumour or gossip, by word of mouth, on scroll or tablet, that might help him in his selfishness and greed. And so it was that he came across a legend about a demon, a legend that was written upon the stones of a bygone civilisation. And when he gazed upon the stones did he know that he had found what he had sought, for he heard an ancient voice, powerful and dark, in his mind.

“When I am released from my prison,” spake it, “shall any wish be granted to thee – for am I am so powerful that it took all of the Gods to imprison me, and so great was their exertion in so wrongfully doing that they did expend their energy and are no more. Release me from my prison, and thou shalt knoweth power beyond thine imaging, for the Gods that thy kind worship are no more.”

“If I do thee free,” spake he, “shall I truly have any wish granted that mine heart desires?”

And did the demon well know that his freedom would soon come, for he could even in the confines of his prison look deep into the hearts of all except the purest, and was in holding of plentiful knowledge of the ways and workings of man that he knew how best to beguile and tempt. “I shall prove what power I have yet in thine world,” quoth the demon, “by making to appear before you that which men find precious and shall find precious for aeons” – and with that did he create in front of the high priest of the Emerald Isle a mountain of gold where once there was but stone. And was he so impressed that he spake thus - “Oh powerful creature, more powerful than the Gods themselves, if that be thine power imprisoned, then I can well believe that thou hast power beyond imaging at thine disposal, and shall I, one but I am, free thee from thy bonds and claim from thee that which is deepest in mine heart.”

And at length did the demon tell the high priest how he could be freed – and so it was that on the day of the Summer Solstice, as the days grew shorter, when all the high priests and many other druids assembled, and the Highest Priest delivered with their help the chant to pray for a bountiful harvest and continued prosperity, was he from the Emerald Isle chanting as well – though not the chant of his brothers of the cloth. He did chant in defiance of they, but such was the noise surrounding that they did not hear. And he spake the words which the demon had taught him, and, as the moon rose full to it’s height, did it run crimson with blood. The stones began to shake, violently did they shake that the earth itself soon was quaking. Cracks appeared in the sky, and lightning shot towards the stones, although there were no clouds and the air was calm. The druids all did fear and panic, excepting the Highest Priest, and the high priest of the Emerald Isle. The former did call out for calm, knowing that there was still time to prevent the disaster that was to occur – but the latter cast an incantation during the chaos, encouraging the growing fear amongst his fellows.

Such was the chaos, that none save those two could tell when first did the horned demon begin to rise from a mountain that, save for the light of the crimson moon, was invisible – for truly it was not part of this world, but was specially made to hold the demon. Slowly, the mountain shook, cracks appearing on its slopes, as the peak did start to rise – for did the demon, or so it is written, lift it once the seal had been broken, bracing his shoulders against the solid matter and heaving it with great force. Slowly, as if aeons passed, did the demon lift the mount, until the summit did topple back as he stretched fully to his height. He was truly terrifying, with his arms changing from many-headed necks to human, from the paws of bears and wolves to the heads of dragons, lions and griffins. His skin was at once scaly red, and at another instant was a blue flame. The eyes, sunk deep inside its skull, shone fiercely, now black, now brighter than all the stars that are in the sky. He stood massive against the sky, flames from the very core of the earth, or some other dimension, shooting up all around him from the cracks and the whole he had made, as he started to break apart the rest of his prison.

When at once he was free, did he walk towards the panicked mass of druids – and all were afraid, save for he from the Emerald Isle, and the most holy of their order, for he knew what must be done, if only he could inspire in his brothers calm.

“Foul creature,” spake he to the demon. “He that was imprisoned for all eternity for thy crimes and for the good of all that dwell upon this and all other earths, go back to thine prison, lest thy being destroys even thyself.”

The demon laughed, and shattered the sky in one fell blow.

And did the most holy speak again – “Foul creature, vile creature, I command thee again to return to thy prison! For I know well the enchantments to banish thee again, and ye, even to destroy thee!”

“Thou forgets, Mortal,” quoth the beast, “that such incantation requires all of your number, pure of heart – and my presence bespeaks that there is but one who is not. Thou canst do thine worst, but thou shalt fail, for thou hast not power enough to destroy me, nor imprison me – for it took all your Gods to imprison, and all their power was spent.”

“BEGONE!” spake the Holiest. And was for a second, but no more, a brilliant light, as he gathered his Will, and attempted to force back the advancement of the creature. But the creature was unafraid after the initial blast, knowing full true that he could destroy at a glance. “Thy power is weak, Mortal,” he spake, and did, turning one serpentine head from his right arm, cast the eyes o’er half of the assembled as they attempted to flee, and did some turn into stone and were burst asunder, and were others thrown high into the air, landing many miles distant out to sea. And still were some more consumed by invisible flames, and others turned to liquid so vile-smelling that it cannot be named.

The Holiest did turn to look about, and saw he that one was not in panic – and he knew, deep in his heart, that what the demon had spake was true. “Damned fool, no brother to all but his own greed, thou hast condemned all of humanity to eternal hell beyond imaging! What could have possessed thee?”

“Thou art the fool,” quoth his former brother, “for believing that the Gods still lived – they were not true Gods. They could not destroy that which they found horrid – but HE CAN! They can not help make our people stronger, but HE CAN! You are foolish to believe that real strength comes from a pure heart – that does not breed power! It breeds complacence, and complacence breeds laziness! I am the future, and with the wish promised me by Him, shall I rule o’er the world and have power beyond imagining – I shall be like him, a GOD AMONGST MERE MORTAL MAN!”

“So that is thine wish,” laughed the fiend.

“Brother I implore you do not go through with this!”

“All thou must do,” spake the demon, “is say my name and thy wish shall be granted.”

“Is that all now thou art free? I give myself eternally in thanks to thee, great God, for thy name is known to all and wrongfully feared when it should and shall forevermore be celebrated! Thou hast mine thanks, ME’BE!”

And the Holiest groaned inwardly, knowing what his former brother had done. At once was he from the Emerald Isle taken up in the mouth of one of the dragon heads protruding from the hand of the great demon, and far was he flung, until he landed in the very mountain that had once imprisoned Me’BE – for he was a cruel and vicious demon, who would use his powers for his own end. Yet he also was wise, for he knew that he could still have been resealed in that prison should it not already be filled, and there did he imprison he who had freed him, to suffer for all eternity though having the powers of Me’BE – but they serve him naught in the place he is.

And so it was that the demon was freed, and since then hath man suffered ever. Even with the Coming of our Lord, Merciful and Wise, was unable to halt the progress of the demon – for it is said that none may defeat him. Save, however, for a prophecy – that four mortal men, who shall overcome adversity in many forms and from many false-Gods, shall one day meet with Me’BE and there when final battle is joined shall they slay him. And they shall be likened unto the Gods themselves, as they bring in a New ERA of peace and prosperity to the world, and their names shall be rejoiced and honoured forever more.

We can but pray that the day of their coming shall be soon.

[With that, the scene fades, back to the monk, who rolls the scroll back up, and places it inside his habit. He remains with head bowed, before turning to walk stoically and respectfully off screen.

Only to come flying back across seconds later, landing in a sprawling heap on the floor. Walking in from that side we see a very familiar figure – dressed in leather jacket, stone-washed jeans, and with that incredible air of smugness that always accompanies him, Mr Entertainment walks over. As he approaches the middle of the screen, where the monk lays motionless, he bends down, taking up the scroll in one hand. He then pulls on a cord that has remained invisible, and the lights come on, revealing, not some mystical cavern as you might have thought, but a simple room, a sofa to one side, drinks cabinet along the back wall. It’s well stocked with a choice selection of wines, spirits, beers, and even a few Irish stouts. He unfurls the scroll, unaware that the crumpled mass by his feet is… disappearing? In smoke? Yup, the monk is disintergrating in the unnatural light, but the most entertaining man on the planet doesn’t seem to care. He’s too enthralled in the legend of the second coming of Me’BE, reading how he from the Emerald Isle made mistake after mistake in search of legendary powers. And Mr Entertainment is smiling, as he moves towards the drinks cabinet, and pours himself a nice glass of brandy. He swirls the liquid a little, moving over towards the sofa, as we notice the monk has now completely vanished. But let’s not let that distract us, for He that Entertains is about to speak]

ME: Wow… all I can say is… wow. What a story! It has everything! The destruction of humanity, greed, human downfall, and the chance of there being a New ERA for the masses! As legends go, this one’s a lot of fun.

Which is more than I can say for the so-called foot, or leg end, of IrishRed and Message Board Entertainment. Unless of course he’s using the term literally to mean that his skills are the stuff of pure fiction – that’s the only thing he could’ve meant, because otherwise it would imply he’s actually some good and that Chaos and I have something to fear in the Dupree Cup finals.

Yes, you heard me right. The Dupree Cup FINALS. Where no-one thought New ERA of Wrestling would be. Hell, I remember talking to some people who thought this whole thing was a set-up, scripted event designed to put A1E and MBE in the finals, with Empire Pro and NAPW winning the group with New ERA and WZW in quite comfortably before being knocked out by A1E, MBE or NFW. We were way down the pecking order to even get out of the group stages, weren’t we? We had no chance! After all, we were in a group where two on two companies rosters you had the Champion of Champions and the Chad Merritt trophy winner! Who in their right minds would place a bet on New ERA making it this far?

I’ll tell you who – people who appreciate real wrestling. People who want real action, real excitement, real stars…


Ya see, we’re now on the map. We’re coming up to BattleBrawl Two, where you can see the Phantom Republican, who I’ve beaten, against Jonathan Marx, who I’ll beat down the line, battling it out for the only World Heavyweight Title that matters. You’ve got Foxx going toe to toe with Karla Starr in a match that shows that women can actually wrestle, despite the best attempts by Lindsay Troy to show otherwise. You’ve got the Battle Brawl match itself, from which we will see who is getting a title shot at an event of their choosing! We’ve got the glitz, the glamour, the ENTERTAINMENT to keep the crowds coming back for more. We’re like a drug, we hook ya, and ya keep coming back for more, because you know ya gonna see the greatest action on the PLANET.

Which is more than I can say fer Majorly Boring Excrement. I mean, what, a company is coming back, and suddenly we’re all supposed ta be afraid? We’re supposed ta be afraid of a guy who spreads himself so thin that he doesn’t bring any ratings ta any of the companies he works fer? Pu-lease. In the unlikely event ya can’t get ta sleep and miss him on one show, ya can turn the channel and see him do exactly the same thing on a completely different one! Is that entertainment? Is that what people wanna see? Do people care about him enough ta tune in to each and every show he’s on because they don’t know what he’s gonna do next?

Answer – nope. They don’t give a rats ass. Some penny-pinching promoters pay him ta appear hoping people might remember his name from someone else’s show, but he doesn’t do anything new, nothing exciting. He adds nothing to a show except another face, and is watering down the entire product as a result.

Which is what makes New ERA so different. Ya’ve got guys like HAL making his break in the industry. Ya’ve got MWG doin’ what only he can do with Krist Blue. Ya’ve got the sickest sonofamutha in Chaos, who can and will tear yer head off fer no reason other than because he can. And you’ve got ME

Mister Entertainment

boostin’ ratings and putting other guys over ta make them look good. Ya’ve got guys and gals with real talent. What do MBE have?

Old names an’ old routines doin’ the same old same old, livin’ offa nostalgia trip. There’s a reason that company went under – the same reason the new Extremely Crappy Wrestling is failin’, or why World Class Whiners will never catch on again – it’s the past, it’s over, it’s done, it’s DEAD! People have fond memories of the legacy MBE once had, but now, it’s a shell of the glory it was, an old racehorse running one furlong too many, wheezing it’s way to the finish line. Ya’ve got guys like Spoiler, who always was a poor-man’s Proppet

[Just then, Proppet appears!!!!! YAY!!]


[And a foot squashes him with a giant SPLAT!! Mr Entertainment looks mildly bemused, but as a professional doesn’t let it bother him too much]

ME: Ya’ve got Hida Yakamo, who couldn’t even get the win over the Snoragon. Hell, I know how good Snoragon is at putting people ta sleep, but if ya can’t even beat that P O S, then ya don’t deserve ta lace up yer boots. Then ya’ve got WhiteNoise – has anyone actually heard from him since the second round? I mean, come on – he didn’t even put his name down fer the third round from what I remember, an’ somehow he’s bein’ expected ta compete against a fed that’s had one hundred per cent representation all the way through, a fed that has yet ta miss a promo taping?

Yeah, an’ I’m the Queen of Sheeba.

Which just leaves good ol’ Crimson Emerald. The guy that thinks some kinda myth is gonna scare me. The guy that thinks he somehow is gonna scare Chaos – come on, I don’t anything will ever scare that guy. Like I said, he’ll tear yer head off fer fun. No need ta ask him, he’ll do it whether ya want him to or not.

Am I supposed ta be impressed by a generic “GRRRR! ME TOUGH!!! ME SMASH!!! ME WIN!!” segment? How many times do ya think I’ve heard the same clichéd crap? Waaaaay back last year, in the TEAM Invitational, Proppet said the same thing

Proppet: [muffled] i are the greeeeeeeeeteeeeeessssssttttt…

ME: He went on an’ on about how he was gonna bring pain that I couldn’t even imagine, how he was gonna tear me a new one, how he was the ultimate destroyer goin’ fer ultimate glory an’ unlimited rice pudding, et cetera et cetera. An’ ya know what? I had ta carry his ass, an’ he found out that even he could be ENTERTAINING in the ring. But he still lost. To a guy who represents ONE fed. To a guy with much less experience in the ring than he had.

He lost to ME.

Mister Entertainment.


ME: Woah woah woah woah woah there Mister Editor.


ME: That’s better – I know ya wanna get this on the airwaves as soon as possible, but I’ll tell ya when ta cut. The longer I’m on screen the better the ratings, an’ I think the TEAM office wants a lil bit more money, got it?

Now, where was I? Oh, yeah, some over the hill wannabe.

Ya wanna know what’s funny? The guy thinks he’s a legend. I must admit he’d be better off if he was a piece o’ fiction, because then people wouldn’t have ta look at the cold hard reality that all he is is an over-exposed pile of… I wanna say dog **** but that’d be harsh on dog ****. He wants ta know if I understand what I’m up against?

The better question is, does he? Does he understand how much better at hurtin’ people Chaos is? Does he understand how much more ENTERTAINING I am? Does he understand how many people are right now pissin’ themselves with laughter because of the non-threats he made?

I doubt it. That’d require some degree of intelligence, an’ we all know they from the Emerald Isles ain’t got any o’ that. They just make lame excuses, like he’s gonna after he gets his ass kicked. I wouldn’t even place a bet on his partner showin’ up if I were him. Because IrishRed doesn’t understand that he has no chance against us.

So he’s held titles wherever he’s competed? Yeah that’s a lot of feds – but like I said, no-one cares about those places! They don’t care because people like him spread themselves so damn thin.

But I’m startin’ ta sound like a stuck record. An’ that’s Proppet mark Two’s territory.

Seriously though – you can create more pain than I, the ultimate ENTERTAINER on this planet, can imagine? The most creative man walkin’ on land, swimmin’ in sea, or flyin’ through the air? Ya’ll’d be surprised how good my imagination is, buster. Combine that with how twisted Chaos can be, how sick MWG can be – an’ team New ERA of Wrestling has you more than a lil beat.

We got you beat on what we say, an’ got you beat in the ring. We’re original an’ you - you need ta go back and watch those Promo tapes again, I think there’s a bit from him ya’ll didn’t quite rip off yet.

[He smiles, taking a swig from his drink]

ME: You guys – MBE? Yeah, you had a good run in the stone age. You’ve got a legacy, an’ the fans love the nostalgia trip. But this is today, the now – two thousand and six. This isn’t yesterday. This isn’t another place fer you ta ruin by makin’ fans not care. This isn’t some place ta try an’ brag an’ claw at what ain’t yers ta begin with. This ain’t a place ta be greedy – this is TEAM. This is where the greats of today shine, an’ the greats of yesteryear get given a nice final paycheque like Rex Calibre. This is where the New ERA of Wrestling begins, where people understand about ENTERTAINMENT, what it means ta give the fans a cliff-hanger, and are willin’ ta do what’s right fer business. Where people are prepared ta lose, knowing full well their team mates, whilst not as good as they are themselves, are more than enough ta beat the opposition.

This ain’t the time fer MBE. This ain’t the time fer Spoiler, or WhiteNoise, or the Fellacio Blunder, or even IrishRed.

This is the time fer Chaos. This is the time fer HAL. This is the time fer [shudders] MWG. This is the dawning for a New ERA for professional wrestling. It’s time ta move forward, not backwards.

It’s time fer the best ta shine.

An’ that’s ME.

Mister Entertainment.

[He holds a pose for a few seconds, looking straight into the camera, before leaning back on the sofa]

ME: Now you may cut.



11-15-06, 04:33 PM
[i]WhiteNoise opens the door of his once groundbreadking and then trendy and now simply cliche'd Fortress of Solitude cum Abandoned Warehouse. He stretches and yawns, clearing some sleep out of his eyes. He sees a package on the pavement and leans over to pick it up. He takes it back inside, opening it along the way. He pulls a sheet of paper from the envelope. It is a letter from Red and Hida expressing their displeasure with his efforts as of late. He shurgs and nods as he burps and then takes a slug of black coffee. He crumples up the letter and tosses it on the floor as he dumps the contents of the envelope into his hand. It's a DVD of his opponents' promos for this week's match. He rolls his eyes and walks over to his computer. He places the disc in the tray and fires it up.

Chaos's video starts. WhiteNoise watches it and picks his nose. He loses interest in the promo as the booger on his finger proves far more interesting. It is mostly solid, but with a thin film of mucous on it that makes it slippery between his fingertips. He presses it together between his index finger and his thumb and then pulls them apart slowly watching the membrane stretch and stretch until it snaps. Finally he rolls the snot into a ball and flicks it. Chaos' promo ends with a thud. WhiteNoise laughs at him because he is funny like someone pretending to be something he is not and failing miserably.

Next up on the tape is a bootleg version of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. WhiteNoise fast forwards through it as it has absolutely no bearing on on his life whatsoever and just the thought of sitting through it makes him depressed on so many levels. Finally it ends and the person who calls himself Mr. Entertainment comes on screen. WhiteNoise watches and realizes that this person is either very stupid or perhaps more appropriately a liar. Either way he seems to be very confused about his importance and that of those around him. He proceeds to self felate and offer the same service to all of his friends while WhiteNoise zones out and for some reason starts thinking about the over-excited schills that work for the Home Shopping Network. He snaps out of it and decides to go back to sleep for 8 hours. Shockingly the cameras capture every minute of his slumber because apparently it is a slow news day in TEAM Land and with only two teams left they need to fill the airwaves with something.

Finally WhiteNoise wakes up refreshed and ready for battle. Fortunately he allowed the DVD to continue playing through his nap so he is able to catch Mr. Entertainment's final remarks before his computer screen cracks and the hard drive implodes out of sheer spite for being chosen as the media through which WhiteNoise would choose to display such a voluminous amount of utter garbage. At the same time a virus is launched that will one day crash 90% of the world's computers and lead to complete and utter anarchy as the middle class takes to the streets and the poor are empowered to unseat those in power by force of will.

So I guess we can thank New ERA for something. Although until that time, all they've really done is waste WhiteNoise's time.

And for that he'll thank them an entirely different way.

11-15-06, 09:20 PM
{{{The towering figure of Chaos steps in front of a TEAM league backdrop. Over his shoulder hangs the Prodigy Extreme Title and he carries a steel chair in the opposite hand. He slow takes his time to unfold the chair and he sits down. He takes a deep breath and pauses for a moment of though before looking into the camera}}}

Chaos: Well here we are boys, It's just a few hours from bell time when all this talk can be set aside and we can settle this in the ring....were I do my best work.

---{{{He waves a hand at the camera}}}---

Chaos: Hey Whitenoise, good to see your alive, but more on you later.

---{{{He points a finger at the camera}}}---

Chaos: I'm talking to you first Red. See you did your best job taking your shots, but again it's just a hollow threat. It's the same thing I heard before. Yes Red...I know you've spilled blood in rings around the world, but in case all the drugs have affected your mind let me point out...WE ALL HAVE!!! This is wrestling Red...bleeding is part of the job. Bragging that you've had yours spilled around the world really doesn't put much of an impression on me, but don't worry. Before this match is over Red.

---{{{He flashes a cocky smile}}}---

Chaos: I'll be glad to spill a little more. I'll spill allot more. In Fact if you had any idea of whom you’re getting in the ring with.

---{{{He taps his Extreme Title}}}---

Chaos: Then you'd know that spilling blood is what I do best. As for you not feeling any pain?

---{{{He chuckles loudly}}}---

Chaos: Well that's great Red. You don't want to tap just before your elbow pops. That's fine by me...I'll breakot . Won't feel the pain from a knee or ankle lock...that's fine by me...I'll gladly break one of them too. Hell both if you want to be a real man. We'll see just if what comes out of your mouth is real bravado or just mere talk. Because as a wrestler in the ring that's were I'm at my best. Just before you get there do me one small favor.

---{{{He sighs loudly}}}---

Chaos: Leave the cliché in the dressing room. Forget the Steroid talk. I l know I'm big, but being three hundred pound at seven feet tall didn't require roids Red...all I needed to do was grow-up. Something you clearly haven't done despite the years of experience you claim to have. Stop with the tough guy swearing and tails of your drunken Daddy.

---{{{He whispers}}}---

Chaos: Quite frankly no one really cares. See Red to me your just an annoying voice. You’re not a face to fear or a body to be in awe of. When I close my eyes and listen to you talk...I'm the poor guy who is filling in all the blanks and my minds conclusion is this Red. You’re outdated. HAL told me your allot like basic. Fun to play around with, but not very practical. That's you Red. You talk and sound like all those guys I broke into wrestling along time ago. Too bad you haven't changed since 1994.

---{{{He narrows his eyes and stares coldly into the camera}}}---

Chaos: Red...if you can't do something as simple as sit down in a chair and look us all in the eye. Well don't bother saying anything else. Because I have a mother-in-law...I don’t need another voice yapping behind my back. I don't how MBE made it this far, but it all stops tonight Red. Yet you’re not alone are you.

---{{{He takes a deep breath and rubs a small tension headache away}}}---

Chaos: No I can't forget about you white noise...even if you apparently have. Look kid and I say that based on your actions alone. Red might have been around, but you clearly are in over your head. Tonight you might have had Red carry you here to the finals, but that's not going to happen anymore. Mr. Entertainment and I are going to split the two of you apart, break you down and finally put an end to all of this talk.

---{{{He stands up and looks into the camera}}}---

Chaos: It's called a Chaos Bomb gentlemen. Tonight one of you is going to take the big fall and New Era is going to finish what it started. The time for talk is done...the glory days of MBE are over. There's a New Era on the rise and the world will see it tonight.

---{{{He taps his hand upon his title belt, laughs loudly and walks away}}}---