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10-10-06, 12:04 AM
One fall to a finish, no time limit.

Deadline for RP is Wednesday, October 18th at 11:59:59 PM.

Jason Payne
10-10-06, 09:01 PM
Fade in on Jason Payne, standing in front of a TEAM banner, with a NFW logo underneath of it. Jason Payne has his hair pulled back, and he reaches up and takes the sunglasses off as he looks directly into thed camera.

Payne - "Lets cut the bull****, shall we? I want to make something absolutely clear before I get started."

Payne tosses the glasses off to the side out of the shot. Without so much as a care, he looks to the camera.

Payne - "I asked for this match."

Payne paused for a few moments to let the magnitude of the words sink in before speaking again.

Payne - "That's right. I ASKED for this match. People are telling me that I'm insane for wanting to face The Spoiler. I tell them I'm not so much insane as I am psychotic."

Payne folds his massive arms over his chest, his head cocked to one side.

Payne - "I'll give you this much Spoiler, you are to be respected. I know your history. I know all the accolades that have been heaped upon you. Six time MBE World Champion, MBE Unified Champion, MBE Tag Team Champion, PBPro Quintuple Crown Champion, 2 time PBPro Tag Team Champion, A1E Tag Team Champion, A1E Cyber Title. All worthy of someone with your ability no doubt. But if I may, allow me to put all of that into perspective."

Payne leans towards the camera.

Payne - "None of that means **** right now."

Payne leans back, his arms still folded across his chest.

Payne - "I thought I would take the time to get that out of the way now. All kiss ass-ery aside, I don't care how many world titles you've won. When I get you in the ring, and look over at you, all I see is the next obstacle in the way of New Frontier Wrestling walking away with the Dupree Cup. That's all. That's not to say that I'm not looking forward towards my next match with Derecho, far from it. However, I have bigger fish to fry this time."

"And the thing is, I already know what Spoiler is going to come out here and do. He's going to come out here and talk about how he's the 'Force of Nature', and how I'm digging myself into a hole I can never escape from, and no matter how much I talk about how I'm going to beat him down, he will rise up to obliterate me with awesome mightiest because try as I might, I just won't be able to compete with him. Does that about some it up Spoiler?"

Payne cocks his head to the other side and points towards the camera.

Payne - "Well Mr. Force of Nature..."

Payne hooks a thumb to himself, as he allows a smirk to cross his face.

Payne - "...meet Mr. Immovable Object."

Payne lowers his hand, placing both hands on his hips.

Payne - "And yeah yeah, I know that you've heard that from a thousand opponents over a thousand matches, and yet no one has been able to stop the destructive power known as The Spoiler. Well, to that, all I have to say, is that I hope you've been taping the matches in this tournament. Son, I've been god damned near unstoppable myself, and when it happens this week in the ring, I wouldn't be surprised of the walls themselves started tumbling down from the sheer shock of our massive egos entering the building."

"But in all seriousness, Spoiler you had better sit down and take stock of yourself before you think of stepping into the ring with me. You can talk about either how ignorant I am, or how much of a death wish I have for asking to meet you in this semi-final match. The fact is, I'm confident that I can beat you in the middle of the ring. That's not to say that it will be easy. I'm not stupid enough to think that. But you better ask yourself how badly you want this, because right now I'm not thinking that you want it that badly."

Payne folds his arms back over his chest once more.

Payne - "Spoiler, I hope you've enjoyed your time here in the Dupree Cup. I think that MBE has made it's mark here in this tournament. But as they say, all good things must come to an end. And this week, it's going to be you, and MBE, as New Frontier Wrestling proves what everyone else already knows. We are the dominant promotion in the world. And not you Spoiler, or anyone else in MBE, is going to be able to do anything about it."


10-12-06, 06:23 PM
(Cut To: The Spoiler)

SPOILER: So you asked for this, huh?

You actually asked to step into the ring against the Force of Nature?

Well, I don't know what to say. I don't know whether to be touched or insulted. Because - honestly - most people with their heads screwed on tightly tend to run away from emminant disaster rather than towards it. You aren't by any chance a cub reporter for a network news division, are you?

Actually, boy. I have come to expect requests like yours. The hot young gun trying to make his name by outdrawing the Legend in his Own Time and rushing in where Angels fear to tread.

I do have to give you this much though, Jason Payne. For a guy about to so foolishly step into the fire, you have obviously done your research.

You have obviously watched your tapes and read your scouting reports. You have studied my history and my habits and minutely picked apart the mistakes of those that came before you. You have prepared yourself fully to face The Spoiler and think you know exactly what stepping into ring with a force of nature is all about.

Good for you, boy.

But not good enough.

Because if you truly knew what The Spoiler was about, you would know that I do not care how many world title belts I have won either. You would know that I do not care how many federations I have made tremble beneath my might. But most of all you would know that The Force of Nature doesn't just "talk about" obliterating all that cross his path - he actually goes out and does it.




Honestly boy, I could give a rats ass how much you have prepared or what this match means to you. Just like I could care less whether your NFW {or MBE or HIJKLMNOP} wants thinks of itself the most dominant promotion it the world. Heck, for all I know your home federation may very well be just that.

All I know is that you are poor child scheduled to step into the ring against The Spoiler this week. And whether it was by the raising of your own fool hand or not, you are about to learn that you do not know the first damn thing about what it takes to survive me.

You see, boy. I am like nothing you have ever experienced before. Far more that an "Irresistible Force" - I have been tossing around "Immovable Objects" like tinkertoys for the better part of the last decade and a half.

Think of it this way: You are the Biblical David with his sling and I am like Godzilla.

So you see, even if the God of Moses were to guide your hand and divinely steel your aim - I would just fry the damn rock anyway before it even got close.

Because it is like this, Jason Payne, sometimes all the preparation in the world is not enough. Sometime all the willpower and all the rock solid intentions just cannot get it done. Sometime there are challenges that even the most tenacious of souls cannot meet.

Quite simply, some mountains just cannot be climbed but just one man despite how fervently you might want to ascend it.

And the Spoiler is just such a mountain, Payne.

I will give you credit for setting lofty goals though. It is always good to challenge one's self.

So don't think of your requesting this match as the most foolish decision of your career. Think of it as a true educational experience. Because - as they say - people learn far more from their failures than they do from their successes.

And when The Spoiler has finished with you, I guaranteed you will damn well feel that you just earned a doctoral degree from Oxford University.

So let me leave you with this little thought, Payne. Something for you to cling to as you get over the physical and psychological beating I am about to give you.

Do you want to know when you can know that you've made it in our sport?

Let me put it this was. I don't have to request matches against anyone in the business. I don't have to issue challenges to prove myself amongst the elite. Because the the elite and those trying to prove their place there are the ones issuing the challenges to me.

Jason Payne
10-12-06, 09:41 PM
The setting for this little segment: Payneville Kentucky. A post apocalyptic wasteland of what was once a thriving settlement. However economic slowdown having worn away much of the luster from this place. In the middle of town, where to major roads intersect, there is only a four way stop light that no longer blinks. It hangs from the wires above it like a dead bird, slowly rotating in the wind. A lone figure dressed in a long, black, leather duster walks down the faded yellow line in the middle of the road. With each step he kicks up a small cloud of dusts which trails after him, blowing off towards the sunset in the wind. Jason Payne, wearing black sunglasses over his eyes, stops in the center of the intersection. Looking towards the right for a moment, he stares towards the sunset. Then he turns his head to the left, looking at the purple sky on the horizon. He turns and looks forward, a worn look on his face. When he speaks, the years spent battling in the ring, the years spent shedding blood, sweat, and tears in an unforgiving industry can be heard.

Payne - "Spoiler. I have heard your words, but quite frankly, I think you're full of ****. It must be hard trying to formulate a response to someone when the person you're going against already knows what it is you're going to say. And yet, I left it fairly easy for you to be honest, because all you had to do, was to take the points I laid out, and reverse them to your own benefit. This is slightly unbecoming of someone of your stature isn't it? I mean, you're the 'Force of Nature', yet in reality you're just one in a hundred other wrestlers who follow through with the same tactics time after time after time. Spoiler, for all your accomplishments, and for all the legend that is heaped upon your name, you truly are mediocre."

"You want to come out here and talk about how you don't care for titles, or the accolades that you have earned in this business. When you said that, I heard a noise. That noise was the collective of so-called smarks out there on the internet who think that just because they belong to a wrestling blog that they have 'insider information' on what goes on in this business. They might drink the Kool-Aid you so glady feed to them. I however, know different, no matter what type of spin you might put on things."

Jason Payne turned to the left, and gestured down the road he had travelled on. Behind him two ros of dilapdated structures, all at one time serving a useful purpose. Now thier only purpose was a hollow and lonely reminder of what thi place once meant to people.

Payne - "This road I'm on Spoiler is long. It's dirty. And as you can see, time has not been kind to myself, or Payneville. But in the grand scheme of things, I haven't been too kind back. These buildings, once alive with people. Once vibrant with fresh paint. They remind me of the men I have faced in my career. Looking at these buildings now, they are a shell of thier former selves. Much like those same men who have had to endure the torture that I have put them through in my career."

"Where is Christopher McMillan? He has hardly been seen since his last encounter with Jason Payne. And when he was seen, was he the same person that he was before? No, he wasn't. He was nowhere near the same person he was. Where is Steel Viper? He only had a brief encounter with the Dog of War, and yet he has not been since for the last two and a half years. Where is Beau Micheals, or MWG? Do you see what I'm getting at Spoiler? You seem to think that by asking for this match, that I have sealed my own doom. Quite the opposite. I think that once our war is over, that you are going to be just like those buyildings back there. Empty. Hollow. Without purpose. So much so that you're going to have to crawl back into whatever hole you crawled out of in order to contemplate whether or not you have what it takes anymore to make it in this business."

Payne turned back forward, and he looked straight ahead. The wind picked up for a moment and blew his hair off to the side somewhat. Payne let the silence linger for a few moments, letting the weight of his words sink in.

Payne - "If it helps you to sleep at night thinking that I took this match in order to make a name for myself, then I tell you what Spoiler, you just go right on thinking that, because in truth that is not the reason that I chose to face you at all. I've already made my name known in this business Spoiler. I've already made my name known in this tournament. Quite frankly, I'm even surprised you gathered up the guts to even help promote our match, seeing as my last three opponents haven't bothered showing up. And do you know why they didn't show up? Oh sure, it's convenient to say that something came up for them that conflicted with the schedule, or that they were just too lazy. But in reality, they know what you know Spoiler. They know that once they step into the ring with Jason Payne, it doesn't matter how great someone thinks they are, or how many titles they have won, because all that goes out the window, and then you are made to suffer at my hand."

"It would be good for you Spoiler, to go back, and watch some of the vignettes that Derecho produced when we were booked together in the opening round of this Dupree Cup. You and him sound an awful lot alike if you listen close enough. Both of you think you're unstoppable forces, and that no opponent can defeat you. And we saw how that turned out didn't we?"

Payne stepped forward, closing the gap between himself and the camera. He stopped just in front of it, with only the top of his chest, and his face showing. Reaching up with his left hand, he removed his sunglasses. His emerald eyes piercing in the sun. Squiniting due to the sunlight, he looked older than usual.

Payne - "Spoiler, I suggest you go back to the drawing board, and re-think your next segment, because quite frankly, you're not going to get very far in this match by being a Derecho clone. You talk about obliterating your opponents, I do the same thing. You talk about how you don't care how much fame is heaped upon your name, I don't either. When you look in the mirror, are you sure it's not me that you see? I'm sure that it probably isn't, because based on what you have said to me, you don't quite measure up to the Dog of War."

Payne walks past the camera. The camera turns to follow him as he continues walking down the faded yellow line of the road, just as he walked into the shot.


10-15-06, 11:49 PM
(...The Spoiler.)

SPOILER: It's interesting that you should bring up internet smarks with wrestling blogs, boy. Because I just recently found my attentions directed to just such a site.

Perhaps you've seen it. The owner has been spouting on about how he is already the MVP of this little tournament despite the fact that the job is hardly close to being done. In fact, it seems that the poor fool has gone so far as to reiterate exactly what you have just been denying as to why you BEGGED the powers around here to put you in the ring with the Force of Nature.

Fact is, Payne, you wanted to step up to the plate and face the Spoiler in some vain hope and prayer that some of what makes me the Living Legend that I am might rub off on you just a little bit.

You know it and I know it and anybody that has watched even 15 minutes of your career knows it. Heck, boy, you practically define the whining, moaning, "nobody gives my due" out to prove himself better than he is archetype so common in our profession.

You challenged me because I have something that you do not, isn't that right boy?

And that thing is the respect of all that have ever come in contact with me.

But you know something, Payne; I didn't have to beg for it. I just went out there and took it.

And if you want even a lick of respect from me you are going to have to prove you deserve it. You are going to have to take it. Because unlike you foes of the last three weeks, The Spoiler is not just going to hand it to you.

You say you are surprised that I even bothered to show up this week?

That in itself shows that you are in no way prepared for the task at hand. Because if you know the first thing about what you were in for this week, you would know that The Spoiler always comes out full bore.


And if you think I am even the slightest bit afraid to mix it up with some “on fire” punk riding a hot streak - well, boy – suffice to say, I have been extinguishing streaks like yours since your were spitting up breast milk on your mama's apron.

And that ain’t Kool Aid, Payne. That is documented fact.

So in answer to you questions - I have no idea who Christopher McMillan is. Let alone who. Same goes for Steel Viper. Nor could I profess to know the whereabouts of Beau Michaels or MGW. And, here’s the thing. I really could care less, either.

You see, boy. Christopher McMillan will not be in the ring with us this week. None of them will.

Neither will your close pal Dericho.

Nor shall Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, or Fairy ******* Godmother.

In fact, it’s just going to be you and me - “The Little Engine That Really Wishes He Could” against the “Force of Nature”. So you may as well kiss all your dreams of glory and honors you have yet to earn good-bye because the Spoiler ain’t the Make–A-Wish Foundation. And no matter how much you might want and beg to be my equal the fact is that you are not even close.

Oh… and boy….

If you want to run down my talents and call me a clone, you might not want to then follow it up with all of your claims about how you are just like me.

Because you are not.

And you shall never be.

So you might as well cherish your time amongst the ruins and desolation along that “post-apocalyptic” road you are traveling. Because, one the Force of Nature has passed over you, those dilapidated structures are going to look like the Taj Mahal next to the wreckage of your empty boasts and shattered career.

Jason Payne
10-16-06, 12:46 AM
Fade in on a TEAM banner with an NFW logo spray painted over it in red paint. A generic voice over is heard.

V.O. Dude - "The following message has been approved by Jason Payne."

The screen fades in to a podium with the prior logo hanging from the front. Jason Payne makes his way to the podium with a ledger and several sheets of paper. Wearing what appears to be an Armani suit, he takes his place at the podium. Pulling some eyeglasses out of his pocket he puts them on, and shuffles his papers, and clearing his throat.

Payne - "I'm glad that you could all be here today..."

The camera pulls out to show an empty room with chairs lined up ever so neatly.

Payne - "I called this press conference today because I want to address some of the accusations that my opponent this week in the Dupree Cup, a man who goes by the name of, 'The Spoiler', made in his most recent promotion for our match in the semi-final round. As a man of integrity, and someone who has the best interests of the people at heart, I feel it is important to just go ahead, and get some things out of the air now before you have to hear the twisted and spun version from my opponent. At this time I would like to read a prepared statement."

Payne shuffles some papers before clearing his throat again.

Payne - "First things first, I would like to take this time to announce that my real and legitimate name is not Jason Payne. It is in fact, Jason ******* *****. I am not originally from Payneville, Kentucky as I have claimed to be all these years. I am in fact a resident of Louisville Kentucky. Payneville Kentucky is a real town in Kentucky, however it is located about 50 miles to the west of Louisville in Meade County, and is not the post apocalyptic wasteland that I have depicted in my promotional materials. The reason that I decided to portray myself as being from the town of Payneville, and for depicting it as an apocalyptic wasteland, was to enhance the character of Jason Payne, a professional wrestling character that I have been portraying for the better part of five years."

"Yes, I said five years. Not the ten or so that I have stated in the past. This also was an exaggeration made solely for the purpose of enhancing the character of Jason Payne. In the course of portraying the character of Jason Payne, I have stated that I was dishonorably discharged from the Navy for striking an officer. This is not true. Indeed I served in the Navy for a period of six years, and was discharged under honorable conditions. The reasons for depicting myself as a dishonorably discharged vet were to enhance the character of Jason Payne."

Payne shuffles papers, apparently going too the next sheet.

Payne - "In addition to all this I would like to point out that I was picked on in grade school, abused by my father, nearly kicked out of school for attempting to strangle the principals son, addicted to anti-depressants, a chronic bedwetter till the age of 14, never got to third base with a woman until the age of 21, and only after paying her 50 dollars..."

Payne stops and looks at his papers, and then reshuffles them.

Payne - "I apologize; I confused my notes with those on my opponent for this week. My mistake. Here we go. I also operate a web blog located at www.payne.fwblogs.com entitled 'Too Hot For The Internet'. This is my personal web blog in which I comment on the events that are happening in my career. My opponent has been quick to link this blog to statements that I made in earlier promotional material, mostly regarding the circumstances in which I asked for this match. At this time, I would like to set the record straight about the reasons as to why I asked for this match."

Payne puts his glasses down and looks straight ahead at the "audience".

Payne - "I won't need notes because what I am about to say comes directly from the heart. I asked for this match because unlike in NFW where Michael "Manson" McNichols controls 90% of the booking there, I knew that if I approached Tom Holzerman and asked for this match, I knew I would get it. I also knew and trusted Tom to give me the match without having to be humiliated and shamed as Mr. McNichols did to me when he booked a triple threat match between myself, Yori Yakamo Jr., and Jonothan Marx, and the following show against himself."

"I took those bookings thinking that I was going to get a chance to finally break through in this business and become a mainstream name in this industry. However McNichols in his never ending quest for control and dominance in this business, chose to bury me instead of a barrage of ****ty commentating, and then in a spectacle never before seen, attempted to get me to perform a sex act on himself while I molested a goat."

"What does this have to do with why I asked for a match with The Spoiler? Because what I wrote in my blog is the absolute truth. I begged for this match because I want the notoriety of defeating the Spoiler, and further cementing a legacy for myself in this business, which I am in the process of building with my current performance in the Dupree Cup thus far. The Spoiler would like to have you all believe that I am weak for having begged for this match instead of "taking it", as he so bluntly put it."

Payne looked down to the podium for a moment, and then looked up again with a slight smirk as he loosened his tie and then removed it. Sliding his jacket off he tossed it over his shoulder, and unbuttoned his shirt. Pulling the shirt out, he revealed a black sleeveless T-shirt underneath. Payne reached up and took off the glasses, and tossed them over his shoulder. They landed with a click on the ground. The camera closed in on Payne as a familiar look in his eye burned into the camera.

Payne - "So now that I have come out with all that Spoiler, I'm going to be very interested to see what it is you're going to say about me next. I mean, I just displayed my weakest moment for you to see. Did it give you any insight on how to better destroy me in our match coming up? Did it give you the confidence boost that you're obviously so desperately looking for? I mean, you went on a blog that I wrote, and you are actually taking everything that it says at face value, and you're going with it. Far be it from me to mess up your fun Spoiler because quite frankly, as big and as scary as you make yourself out to be, I am really being entertained by you."

"I've been sitting and watching every tape I can get my hands on Spoiler and I have been evaluating just how I'm going to pick you apart. And when that happens, no one is going to be more surprised than you because after all the talking that you have been doing about how you are the Force of Nature, and how you're going to roll over me, and how I don't have a snowball's chance in hell...when all that slaps you right in the face after I've just beaten the hell out of you, then what the hell are you going to do next? Nothing. You're going to crawl back into whatever hellhole you dragged yourself out of and never be heard from again as I send you, and the rest of MBE packing from this tournament."

Payne kicked the podium over the stage and it landed with a crash. Payne stepped forward to where the podium once stood and folded his arms over his chest.

Payne - "I'm really sick and ****ing tired of playing this game with you Spoiler. I'm sick of talking about all this, and I'm sick of hearing you talk about all this. Talk is not going to get either one of us anywhere. I've got tapes to watch and a match to prepare for. Which are really better things to do then having to come all the way down to this studio and cut a promo or a segment on just how I'm going to be more of a challenge than you could have ever hoped for. I'm through talking you overhyped son of a *****. If you want to keep talking, then keep talking. Talk until your teeth fall out, or until you run out of breath. What you should be doing, is trying to find something meaningful to say that's actually going to make you look like an intelligent person than a frothing idiot whose parents didn't see the 'No Diving' sign at the shallow end of the gene pool."

"You keep trying to bury me under this whole persona of being this unstoppable force that no one in their right mind would ever want to face. Well guess what *****? I'm in my left mind, which means I don't give a damn about whatever force you are, or whatever it is you think you want to do to me. the time for talking is over. Put or shut up *****. Either way...you're getting old fast."


10-18-06, 10:54 PM
(Again...The Spoiler)

SPOILER: Payne. I am sorry that you are sick and ****ing tired of having to deal with the Force of Nature. Truly I wish I could have given you the free pass through this event that you no doubt have gotten used to during the last few weeks of this event. Alas, poor child, The Spoiler does not roll like that.

You want me to go away, boy? You want me to leave you be and just let you continue on unabated to claim your cherished Dupree Tournament MVP Trophy?

I could probably do that for you...if I felt like it.

I don't though.

You see, I am not a generous man, Payne. I do not give things away. And if you want to get anything from me, you are going to have to take it. Which in itself is somewhat akin to standing your ground amidst a hurricane force wind while trying to snatch and Elephant out of the air as it is blown past by a 200 mph gust.

Do you think you can you do that, Payne?

Do you?

Me neither.

But, let me tell you how I do so get a kick out of the irony of where we are now. How your week started off with you going on about how you begged TEAM to put you in the center of the ring with me - only for it to end with you calling a press conference to then beg me to leave you alone.

Hell, even The Force of Nature isn't used to seeing his foes beg for mercy at least until after the bell has rung.

But, hey - you do things differently, don't you Payne?

I mean you are the kind of guy to walk through a post-apocalyptic landscape talking about how you are going to make me resemble it. And then mere days later go on about how it was all just a set piece. (Wow, should I still really be intimidated or should I now just fake shaking in my boots?)

You see, while Jason Payne might just be a character that you put on for effect, boy; The Spoiler is The Real Thing. And there shall be nothing fake about what I do to you in the ring this week.

Fact is, boy, I don't just go by the name "The Spoiler"; I am The Spoiler. And I really do hail from Parts Unknown. I do not pull my punches and when I drop you on your head it shall hurt. A lot.

And when I say that I really do not care who in NFW you were trying to impress or show up or prove wrong when you came up with the brilliant idea of begging to face me - trust me - I truly do not. Because it really doesn't matter who you "really" are or why you are "really" here. All that matters is that you are the next man to set foot in the ring against The Force of Nature - and you shall be treated accordingly.

I care nothing for how you may have been humiliated in the past or what you plan to prove in the future. All I know is that right now you have run afoul of the True Legend of MBE - and that I shall treat you any other poor, lost soul that has wandered into my home in the center of the ring fully unawares of his folly.

Because, while you may well be "Too Hot" for NFW or "Too Hot" for TEAM or "Too Hot" for the whole dang internet - to me, you are nothing more than the next cool drink of water. Hell boy, now I am thinking that perhaps I shall gorge myself on a whole bucket of Jalapenos before stepping on through the ropes and knocking you down as a chaser.

But before it is over, I promise you this one last thing. Because I have been so impressed with how you have conducted yourself this week, I have decided to give you one last opportunity to do what it is that you obviously do best and I freely invite you to beg me for my comassion and leniency right before I administer your Final Rites in this Tournament.

Not that it will make a difference given my discompassionate "persona" and all. I just thought it fair to offer you the chance before I took the MVP honors away from you along with your dignity.

Jason Payne
10-18-06, 11:55 PM
Fade in on Jason Payne sitting in a small room in the Basham-Schultz Wrestling Academy watching the latest promo from The Spoiler. Payne watches the screen with pure intensity. Standing off in the corner, leaning against the wall is Payne's partner in crime, 'The Wolf' Chris McMillan. As the promo fades out, Payne looks at McMillan.

Payne - "Well Chris, what do you think?"

McMillan scratches the goatee on his chin in thought before giving his reply.

McMillan - "I think you're right Jay. I think Diet Dr. Pepper does taste more like regular Dr. Pepper."

Payne slaps his forehead and shakes his head in frustration.

Payne - "I meant about Spoiler's promo."

McMillan's eyes widen and an "Ah" escapes his lips as he looks down in deep thought.

McMillan - "I wasn't watching it to be honest with you. I got bored by the time he compared himself to a hurricane. Which in reality, that should piss me off seeing as he's my favorite super hero."

Payne looks at his friend for a moment before looking back to the black television.

Payne - "We gotta come up with a plan. We have to do something to capture the imaginations of wrestling fans everywhere to show them that Payne vs. Spoiler is the match to see this week."

McMillan - "While at the same time utterly destroying some form of pop culture."

Payne looks over at his former tag-team partner.

Payne - "Agreed. Let's find some inspiration."

The screen spirals into a tight spin as we transition to the next scene, which shows Payne and McMillan sitting at a computer.

Payne - "Where should we start?"

McMillan - "Let's check out You Tube."

Payne - "Good call."

The keyboard taps as Payne types in the address. The site comes up and Payne and McMillan peer at the screen.

Payne - "What do we look up?"

McMillan - "Type in "Spoiler" and see what comes up."

Payne puts in the search, and then scrolls through the results as they come up.

Payne - "ER spoilers, Lost Season 3 spoilers, Gilmore Girls spoilers..."

McMillan - "Oh click on that man I love that show!"

Payne turns around and gives McMillan the most incredulous look.

Payne - "No way man! We gotta find something or my promo against The Spoiler. Besides, Gilmore Girls is totally gay. Let's try 'Force of Nature'."

McMillan - "Telling you man, those chicks are hot."

Payne ignores him as he types in the next search. When the results come up, Payne scrolls through the list.

Payne - "Let's see here...Clay Aiken attending "Forces of Nature" concert in KL. Teen Titans 4.1. Ryan & Marissa Force of Nature. What the **** is this? Everything that has to do with the Spoiler churns out this queerish crap!"

McMillan - "Well maybe this is where he gets inspiration from ya think?"

Payne - "This is horse**** dude. I gotta find something I can use."

McMillan - "Try 'begging for mercy'. He says that a lot."

Payne again types in the search.

Payne - "G-Units Beg For Mercy Music Video using FRAPS and San Andreas? Man...YouTube sucks ass! I'm going to hit up Google."

McMillan - "You realize that Google just bought YouTube?"

Payne throws the mouse down in frustration, standing and storming off angrily.

Payne - "****!!! First Nova's hairbrained idea now this!"


10-19-06, 09:45 AM
(And one last time...The Spoiler)

SPOILER: I will give you this much, boy. You certainly are...


I mean, first we have "The Ernest Competitor" giving me my due and showing that he is "up for the challenge" in a fairly standard and straight forward promotional piece. Then it's "Jason Payne - Post-Apocalyptic Road Warrior" getting all gloomy on me as he displays how I now am traveling the path to me very own doom. Next here comes "Loose Cannon" Jason Whateveryourrealnameis, exposing the business as he "shoots" me down. Then finally, its "Saturday Night Payne" with you laughing it up at my supposed expense with some guy who earlier in the week you told me has disappeared off the face of the earth after encountering you in the ring.

(The Spoiler pauses for a moment to give it some thought.)

Hell boy, you are all over the place, aren't you?

And while to some people might say that all of this makes you an ever-changing enigma; all I see is an indecisive punk - completely unsure of himself and incapable of making up his mind.

And that could prove fatal when you enter the ring to face the likes of The Spoiler.

You see, while you may constantly metamorphasizing as you try to find yourself; The Spoiler, like any Force of Nature remains constant and unchanging. Just as the wildfires burning today through the Amazon are same as those that burnt the Antediluvian forests and the lava flow that recently swallowed Montserrat were just like those that buried Pompeii, the unbridled might that you face in me is the same one that has fallen all the great champions that have come before you.

Unlike you, boy, The Spoiler knows exactly who he is and what he does. I need not waste my time figure out who I want to be this week and how I should approach a map. I don’t need to figure you out – scout you minutely, and adjust my game accordingly. I just come out and do what I do and if you want to survive my onslaught you are the one that must adapt accordingly.

It is a matter of Fight or Flight, boy. That is the only decision you have to make this week. Not that it will change the final outcome all that {just ask the residents of New Orleans on this one}, but those that choose to flee tend do to slip into the recovered phase a lot more comfortably.

But you are not about the better part of valor, are you Payne? You are a fighter (at least this week) and you will stand your ground and do battle against me in the best manner that your little fractured mind can come up with at any particular moment.

Too bad that all the frantic, strategic adjustments in the worlds will avail you no better in the ring than telling me to shut up availed you in silencing me.

This is the end of the road for you in this event, boy. Because you step in the ring with The Force of Nature the question no longer should be "What does Jason Payne want to be when he grows up?" But more on of, "Will he actually be given a chance to grow up at all?”

Jason Payne
10-19-06, 01:13 PM
Payne V.O. - "Someone needs to get you to church Spoiler. Preferably a Catholic church so that you can satisfy this "boy" fetish you seem to have."

Fade in on Jason Payne standing in front of a TEAM banner. His brown hair laying lazily over his shoulders, his eyes concealed by a pair of black shades, his face turned into a scowl. His arms folded over his chest, Payne is obviously in a foul mood.

Payne - "So here we are, full circle. Back to the standard 'I'm going to rip you apart and there's nothing you can do it about it' promo. Of course that's what you're all about isn't it Spoiler? Full speed ahead, all balls, and no brains? You're so one dimensional that it's almost tragic. Where you see weakness, I think shows that you fail to understand, might not really comprehend what it is your up against.

See, while the forces of nature in this world are indeed powerful, they are also unpredictable. You never know when or where they are going to strike. All that you know is that when the time comes, it's going to be destructive. You aren't unpredictable Spoiler. With you, it's the same old thing. 'I'm the Force of Nature. You'll survive if I let you.' It's the same old tired bull**** that you've been using for years, and quite frankly, it's run it's course.

You view my 'erractic' behavior as indecisiveness. Far from it. The truth of the matter is I have planned all this since the beginning. Whether you realize it or not, you're wanting to know what's going to come next. What else is Jason Payne going to bring to the table? You're going to worry yourself sick trying to figure out just what it is you're up against, and before you know what happened, it's going to be too late because you will have already fallen victim to my Payne Killer.

The forces of nature are not predictable in thier timing, locations, or intensity, and neither am I. You consistently tell everyone within earshot of your power, and how you'll crush your opponent. And to your credit, you're very sucessful. But you've never faced anything like the Dog of War before. A true force of nature. One that you can't predict, one that you can't forsee because you are blinded by your own hype. Come this week, after the finals for the Dupree Cup have been decided, there won't be any debate on who the true force of nature is. One thing I can certainly say, is that it won't be you.

So keep preaching to the choir about how you don't need to adapt to meet the challenge before you, about how you don't have to scout me minutely, and about how my ever changing persona is a weakness you intend to exploit. Keep building the walls for you to hide behind Spoiler. The more you build yourself up, the bigger the pile will be when this force of nature, the Dog of War, is through wreaking havoc upon you."