View Full Version : Blood is thicker that gold?

09-13-06, 01:23 PM
(Fade into the Locker Room of "Yours Truly" Adam Benjamin. Seen sitting on a bench is Adam Benjamin who is covered in the blood of Mr. Incredible. In his hand is the empty case that once held the UCW United States Championship.)


"As fast as night turns into day you have turned a gentleman into a killer!"

(Adam looks at his hands covered in blood.)

"You have taken all the science of the mat out of my mind set. The very fabric of Yours Truly has been defaced."

(Adam tosses the empty title case into a trash can.)

"And to think all it took was a back elbow from a broken down hack who is trying to hold on to old glory by screwing with Yours Truly.

In front of nearly 13,000 fans you took away my pride, my honor, and most of all my respect.

For those of you out there that think I am mad about losing the United States title realize that I will one day be this company's world champion.

But the fact is right now the only color that I am in search of is red."

(Again Adam looks at his hands smiling.)

"I listen to your words.....

(Footage of Mr. I's interview plays)

Well you see these arms JJ... Deep down in the very veins that run through these arms flows the blood of a competitor. The heart that pumps that blood will never ever stop beating the love that I have for this sport. That brotha will never ever change.. no matter if I'm retired or not.

And I have to tell you JJ.. I'm loving this feeling .. this high that I get to step foot into that ring one more time.. even if it is to referee. I love this sport with every ounce of my blood and soul. If you would take a knife and cut me right now brotha.. I would literally bleed UCW!!

(Back to Adam live)

Now I ask you knowing full well that you have drop blood for this company, are you in fact prepared to lose more.

I am not asking you to come back and become a star again. All I am asking for is one fight, hell they do not even have to put up the ropes.

Just "Yours Truly" Adam Benjamin vs. Mr. Incredible in a ultraviolent Street fight.

One match at the next PPV, come as you are, bring what you want street fight.

I have tasted your blood, I have heard your scream in pain, but now I want more.

Because if you don't man up brotha, I will make your life a living stream of blood and psychological terror.

For I am the new face of UCW, and I am prepared to paint many canvas's with your blood again!

(Adam writes "Die MR. I" with the blood on his hands as the camera fades to black.)