View Full Version : [NFW vs. RDJW] Jason Payne vs. Ronaldodinho -- Tables Match

09-11-06, 06:42 PM
No time limit. One fall to a finish. You must put your opponent through a table to win.

RP deadline is Monday, September 18th, 11:59:59 PM.

Jason Payne
09-11-06, 08:25 PM
Fade in on Jason Payne standing in front of a TEAM banner that has an NFW logo underneath it. Payne, wearing his trademark black sunglasses stares straight ahead, his voice deep with anger, and coarse with vengeance.

Payne - "I am the MVP of this tournament. It's only two weeks into this thing, but I have already shown the rest of the world that I, Jason Payne, am the man to beat in this Dupree Cup. I have already beaten a so-called champion, I have destroyed an inferior specimen from across the pond, and now I have to lay waste to someone whose name is a combination of a beloved fast food mascot, and a sex toy. If it wasn't for the fact that my competition thus far has been vastly inferior, I would swear I was back in New Frontier."

"Look upon my face Ronald McDildo, and realize that not only your time in this tournament, but your time on this planet is soon to come to a violent, screeching halt as your chances at victory run headfirst into the freight train known as Jason Payne................."

There is some static, and quite suddenly, thre is a loss of feed.

09-11-06, 08:26 PM
Before Jason Payne's promo could continue... the airwaves seem to have been hijacked.

“Heh heh...”

There was blackout on the screen, but slowly the lights illuminated. There was Derecho… his hair was frizzed and he had a demonic smile across his face. It appeared as it he hadn’t slept last night. Derecho, with bloodshot eyes, stared into the camera.

“Last week…. Last week, Jason Payne was dealt sweet revenge. I proved that it was a fluke victory. I delivered the Vortex Powerbomb and with that, I delivered personal justice.”

Derecho looked at his hands as if there were blood on them, but none was present.

“You see Jason… during the first week; you and I had the match of week. Many people were impressed by us, but I think that the only reason why we had match of the week was because I was there and that I carried you along for ride. You see… people pay to see ME. People come to watch ME… you were there in my limelight for a brief moment and you had the audacity to get lucky enough to steal it away, but you see, Jason Payne.. oh no that will never happen again… I will not allow it.”

Derecho continued to crack a sinister grin as he continued on.

“Ever since that night, Jason, you have been a cancer that has been eating away inside of me. So much that I went into silence and came back a much more focused wrestler. KKK and I took down one the easiest teams we ever faced in our respective careers… and it was that fire that burned bright inside of me that allowed me to perform above my limit. When all was said and done… the fire enraged inside still…. And then I saw you, Payne… then I saw you in a moment of weakness, and like when the vulture circles its prey and waits for it to die, I waited until you were on your final breath after you match and I stuck with all my fury and left you laying dead in the center of the ring. My revenge was enacted, but I expect retaliation.”

Derecho grinned one last time.

“Sweet retribution burns through your mind. Do not take me lightly this time, Payne.. I was asleep before, but be assured… this time… I am fully awake.”

Fade out to black.

Jason Payne
09-11-06, 08:32 PM
The screen goes from black to a brief snow screen, before being replaced by the previous image of Jason Payne in front of the TEAM banner. His sunglasses are now off however, as he continues on about his opponent in this week's TEAM match.

Payne: "Just like Derecho, just like Red Rock, you are going to find yourself the victim in this match. I can't, and won't be responsible for what is going to happen to you. Just as the sands pass through the hourglass, so does the time pass before your day of judgement has arrived. It will not be swift, but I damn well guarantee that it will be brutal, bloody, and violent. By the time the match ends, you'll hurl yourself through that table just to escape the punishment that awaits you. Tick, tock, tick, tock. It's all just a matter of time."

The screen fades to black.

Jason Payne
09-17-06, 09:40 PM
Haga para aparecer progresivamente en Jason Payne delante de una bandera de TEAM con NFW quemó a través del inferior de ello. Sus armamentos plegaron el pecho, él mira el cuadrado en la cámara y habla. Sin embargo, desde que esto se transmite en Brasil en Telemundo, la voz viciosoa normal de Payne que suena es reemplazado por el wetback más grasiento que suena que usted ha oído jamás.

Greasy Wetback V.O. - "Primero cosas primero Derecho, usted hijo de un pastor sin madre de cabra que nacía a una puta de la grieta que le balanceó por la cuerda de umblical de su vagina por cuatro semanas antes ella kmnew usted estaba allí, si usted piensa que la policía de Orlando me podría tener por un segundo, usted está joder muerta pelo equivocado de asno. Vea a hijo, yo tengo más dinero que usted podría esperar jamás gozar tener, y era capaz de anunciar la fianza en ningún tiempo. Usted tuvo mejor esperanza que Dios él mismo me para antes la exposición esta semana porque tomará un acto del Todopoderoso él mismo a en la orden para mí matarle quiere esa hermana mugrienta que adora a ramera que usted es."

Las risitas Payne levemente pero la sonrisa no dura mucho tiempo como regresa al negocio.

Greasy Wetback V.O. - "Ahora, Ronaldodinho. Espero que usted haya estado atendiendo a lo que ha estado pasando porque si usted piensa lo que he hecho así lejos a Derecho es malo, entonces beleive mí cuando yo le digo que usted obtendrá apenas un poco menos que lo que él hace. Y no piensa que eso es porque yo le respeto o algún otro impulso ignorante o vano tal como eso. Es apenas que cuando yo Derecho masacrado, será una obra de arte. Una obra de arte original que yo no deseo estropear prometiendole la misma paliza. Así que usted obtendrá una paliza levemente menor. Pero no hace error. Usted esfuerzos en este torneo así lejos no han sido suficiente en sacudir el mea del fin de mi dick por la mañana. Dé su alma al asshat del Señor porque su cuerpo pertenecerá a mí."

"Dirigiré NFW al pináculo de este torneo. Y cuando todo se dice y es hecho, y estamos a la cabeza de la montaña, nunca nos seremos dichos de Jason Pagado otra vez que él acaba de mostrar arriba para un cheque de pago. Soy el MVP de este torneo. Tengo mas ser emparejado contra un adversario de un calibre digno. Todo que ha sido colocado en mi sendero ha sido vencido y lanzó en pies. Sirvo arriba nota a todos de A1E, a MBE, a UCW, e incluso a mis amigos sobre en NEW. De uno en uno ustedes caerán al puede eso es NFW, y si usted hace no beleive eso, entonces ustedes están en para un muy, la desagradable sorpresa. "

Jason se inclina hacia la cámara, y cuando él habla otra vez, él sólo habla una línea, que si usted lee los labios, sea simplemente, It's on now *****es.'. Sin embargo, nuestro traductor mexicano grasiento pinta un retrato diferente.

Greasy Wetback V.O. - "Mataré a sus mujeres, comeré a sus niños, y violaré su ganado."

Fundido en negro