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09-11-06, 06:37 PM
No time limit. One fall to a finish.

RP deadline is Monday, September 18th, 11:59:59 PM.

EDIT: Ulysis Solian will be replacing Ryan Billows.

09-19-06, 08:28 PM
The camera fades in to a familiar room seen previously with the Legacy of Champions backdrop against a brick wall.

There was no table this time, however there was a steel chair and a lit clove. The man that was sitting in the chair and held the lit clove was none other than The Prodigal Son of Wrestling, LoC’s reigning Relentless Champion, and most recently, wrestling’s guiltiest pleasure…

Ulysis Solian.

The artist formerly known as Suicide sat relaxed against the back of the steel chair. His arms were dangling at each side with the lit clove in his right hand.

Ulysis Solian stared into the camera for about two minutes before something that had not been seen thus far in TEAM, though seen a few times in Legacy of Champions, finally happened…

Solian: ”No, no, you don’t need to worry about me conveying my thoughts via another brilliant pun using objects to represent such things.

No, I think that ship has finally sailed off over a waterfall and crashed down into some jagged rocks.

Instead, I think it’s time I need to have a word with you people that’s been bothering me for a few weeks now.

Legacy of Champions.

You know, when I came into this promotion, which, and this is something many people do not know, but I was the very first one to be asked to join them and help start up them up the right way, but that is in the past…

…no! When I came into LoC, I was a nobody and probably now, I’m still a nobody. Hell, before I came into LoC I was a nobody. But now I’m a nobody with a title, with a mission, and with your attention.

Unlike some of these guys who have been waltzing into LoC, the likes of Vince Jacobs, Alias, Disposable Heroes, et cetera, et cetera – I, like I always have done in the past, worked my way from the bottom up, scratching and clawing and basically sacrificing everything that composes of me.

I was the very first one who said they would represent LoC in this TEAM Dupree Cup. Not to be outdone, Derecho, Turk, Ryan Billows, KKK, and probably a couple more, decided to follow suit. They looked into my eyes and knew what I was going to bring to this tournament. Everyone got a taste of that against Kin Hiroshi as his flesh was viciously torn apart by that barb wire – much like myself. The difference, however, was that I did not let barb wire hinder what I was set out to do.

Derecho, that pompous sonovab****, who had dubbed Team LoC ‘Team Derecho’, failed in representing a team that he christened with his own namesake. Rather than handling the business at hand, he rather spend his time bragging about how he won the Legacy Title in which he needed someone, who by the way also wrestling in NFW, in one Alias, to help him accomplish that task.

Meanwhile, my ass was put through hell and through sheer resilience and stupidity, I accomplished the same task he did two weeks prior, only, I did it by myself.

Because of Derecho, my match was the deciding factor in having LoC advance and take the lead.

Then, the next week, we have Turk, former LoC Underground Champion, but acts like he still is the champ and more than like will be handed the title back because let’s face it; it’s a title no one cares about wanting to win.

This guy, prior to becoming said champion, sneak attacked people like the b**** he is from behind just for a couple of C-notes. Sure, I was one of them, but I did not let that hinder me from competing. Sure, I got my ass beat plenty of times after that, but I still carried on.

Turk, on the other hand, gets a cheap shot right to the face, bleeds a couple of drops of blood on the mat, and when he sees his own blood in that particular way, he decides he needs a doctor and doesn’t want to continue. Now he can see why I never bothered to wrestle him in that Gauntlet match for the Underground Title.

Ryan Billows, an amazing young man, whom I had the utmost pleasure of having my ass served to me on a silver platter by, carried, yes, I said carried Turk’s ass in that tag match in Week 1, much like KKK, that f***ing racist, carried Derecho’s ass in Week 2.

He was the one guy I could depend on in helping me represent LoC the way it should and what does he do?

He decides LoC isn’t worth defending anymore because his career comes first.

You know, for a team that people have been claming to be the odds-on-favorite to win, we’re tearing at the seams.

At least KKK is in on it, but I bet he’ll just falter like the rest.

Which brings me to this point after all that inane dribble I just spewed. You can see why I don’t really want to talk much. That, and because I end up hurting people’s feelings with the truth.”

Ulysis Solian pauses as he lifts up his hand to his face and takes a drag from his clove. He exhales a cloud of smoke before he turns his attention back to the camera and the matter at hand.

Solian: ”Basically I’m LoC’s last hope. The first guy who they wanted, the first guy who threw his name into the mix to represent the place, is the only guy left to give this place a chance in this tournament. We win Week 3, we get a bye, then let two teams smack each other up, take care of them, take care of the next team, and whatever else these guys have planned, and we win.

Sounds simple, right?

But it’s not, no matter how much the rest of the team wants it to be.

I’ve got to face this guy, Red Rock, who is representing AWC. They look like a bunch of pushovers, but being an underrated wrestler myself, these cats will more than likely show us a surprise or two.

I like surprises.

In fact, I’m the guy who probably invented the surprise in professional wrestling. And if someone else has the patent on it, then maybe they need to reconsider handing it over to someone who can put it to some real use.

Nevertheless, with that piece of rambling out of the way, Red Rock, I don’t know you and I could give two sh**s what you have accomplished.

I’ve got more losses than anyone else in the history of Legacy of Champions, but even on a bad night I can make someone’s life that much worse.

You can save the pats on the back and the bragging of accomplishments for someone who can retort back just as ‘witty’. I’m here to win, I’m here to earn my respect, and I’m here to get the f***ing recognition I deserve!

You come into our match thinking it’s just going to be another one of those silly parlor games, and I’m yelling ‘Bingo!’ as I lay your ass out.

It doesn’t get any simpler than that.

Just like Kin Hiroshi, whose now re-thinking about using Crisco on his ass, you underestimate The Prodigal Son, and it will be a night you will never…forget…ever…”

Ulysis Solian looked sternly into the camera as he took another drag from his clove. The camera then zoomed in to the Legacy of Champions logo before it finally faded out to black.