View Full Version : [UCW vs. EUWC] The Sergeant and Cameron Cruise vs. Damian Stone and Classy Mike C

09-11-06, 06:26 PM
No time limit. One fall to a finish.

RP Deadline is Monday, September 18th, 11:59:59 EDT.

09-15-06, 07:13 PM
The Sergeant: As quickly as all of this started, it looks like it's all over with for the UCW representative team. A1E and MBE both swept us. It should be an embarrassment to the whole UCW organization...

But it's not.

What do we have to be embarrassed about? I mean, we were looked at from the very beginning as huge underdogs. Most of our first choices for the competition either balked or declined in favor of competing for other organizations. Yes, Irishred... I'm talking about you. What a fighting champion! At least the belt is off your waist now.

Seriously though, we have nothing to be ashamed of. One of the greatest competitors in this whole thing was taken to his limits by yours truly, and there were a few other bright spots for us, as well.

So, I guess it is my job to inform those of you from the EUWC crew that are pitted against myself and Cameron Cruise this coming week that the spark is still there with The Sergeant and the rest of the UCW crew. The competitive spark.

We're not leaving here without a collective win. It starts with the man you see in front of you right now.

09-18-06, 12:30 AM
The Sergeant in a gym, which is typical assylum from the worries and cares of the world. He looks over at the camera after unloading a few rights and lefts at a punching bag, rocking it slightly with each blast.

The Sergeant: I'm trying to warn you EUWC boys that I'm in this to win. I hope you're listening. I might not be the most physically intimidating man around, but I promise you that I am more than capable of imposing my will on the likes of anybody the EUWC can throw at me.

Listen up.

I promised to lead the charge in this competition, carrying the UCW banner. I made a fine showing in a losing effort my first go round, but I barely showed up for the second match. The third time will be a charm, and I'll do it with or without the help of my able bodied tag team partner, Mister Cameron Cruise... a tag team specialist, nonetheless.

I'm becoming increasingly irritated at those that doubt my abilities after I put on a show night after night against the best that this sport has to offer. I'm tired of being relegated to the midcard. All of that tiredness, anger, and frustration is going to prove to be your undoing come week three of the Dupree Cup.

Mark my heartfelt words.

This combat tested and mother approved UCW competitor is going to dismantle two of EUWC's finest, single handedly if I have to.

Scene fades.