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09-11-06, 06:25 PM
No time limit. One fall to a finish. Ring apron will be engulfed with flames.

RP Deadline is Monday, September 18th, 11:59:59 EDT.

09-11-06, 09:09 PM
:::::F*ckin somewhere, you decide.:::::

Jay Smash: Hmmm… Well this just doesn’t seem right… but I’ve heard by a dick face that mathematically we have been taken out of the tournament but oh boy we have one chance to show the UCW what pride we still have. You know, after all the talking, and all the bull sh*t comments, I guess it just doesn’t stop someone from amazingly blow right by you with a victory… but I guess that’s what you can expect from those feds that encourage those steroid injected, pill pushing, drug addicts. Now, perhaps we’ve finally gotten away from all that to show just one night that those of us building our bodies the right way can certainly leave by beating down, and taking out the competition to at least gain one victory… As for me, I will be burning my opponent in an Inferno match… Sounds beautiful, but don’t blink when you see the results in this match, you might miss something… after all, those results that you’re watching on television may seem short and out of place… but trust me… live is a whole other experience… You can even watch my opponent burn alive instead of cutting to the end in about twelve seconds. I guess that’s what you get when you’ve got the retards handling the mechanical equipment during the show for so many different federations. The result… is just poor television.

:::::Still doing something… like masturb… can I say that?… I’ll just leave it at that.:::::

Jay Smash: So now that we’ve gotten ourselves in this situation where we are no longer getting anywhere in this competition, I guess we’ve met that point where none of us in the EUWC have anything left to lose. Although losing is something we’ve become well known for in this tournament I guess it just goes to show that it certainly takes a lot more than better quality athletes and stronger talkers to get through this thing. I guess having friends in the right places may help… possibly an as*hole for a referee to give a bad call for a match… who knows, but the history stands that EUWC has lost…. And I guess after all the trying, all the fighting, all the teamwork… We still could not overcome the odds even as one of the only federations trying so hard to work together to stay strong. But boy was it fun to get hurt, feel some pain, and return the favor for a short amount of time. Now with one last match here in this tournament, it will be an Inferno Match. Someone either randomly chose this match or feels like burning my skin a little bit more, but thank you… I now get to take out a few “at home” frustrations from a recent match that seared my flesh just one month ago. Hey… take a look for yourself…

:::::The footage from EUWC’s Summer Sizzler event begins to play during the Ring of Fire match between former champion Jay Smash and now EUWC World Champ Adam Benjamin:

Benjamin keeps the chokehold on Smash for as long as he can, but Smash moves both himself and Benjamin closer and closer to the flames, frightening Benjamin with the fire only a foot away. Smash pulls himself until his body is almost touching the fire. The heat can be felt by both men, but Benjamin doesn’t want to release the hold. It’s not until Jay Smash throws his own hand past the flames that Benjamin releases! Jay smash pulls his hand back and covers it between his legs while Benjamin rolls away from the flames and back to the center of the ring.]

Scott: Jay Smash just sacrificed his own right hand in order to get out of the rare naked choke hold that Benjamin had Smash in! It’s not over yet!

[Smash begins to stand with his right hand hanging down, covered with burned tape attached to his skin. He stands and stares over at Benjamin at the opposite end of the ring. Benjamin begins to run towards Smash as he stands staring at his hand, but as soon as he reaches Smash, Smash takes Benjamin down with a spinebuster! Jay Smash props himself back up and waits for Benjamin as he tries to climb to his feet. Adam Benjamin turns around and takes a kick to the mid section by Jay Smash. Smash lifts Benjamin up onto his shoulders and tries to deliver The Disease, but Benjamin swings off and lands of his feet. Benjamin bends Smash down and goes for the Final Countdown, but Smash counters as Benjamin tries to go over into a sunset flip. Smash grabs Benjamin’s arms and takes Benjamin down to the mat with The Smash Attack!!!

The footage cuts off after the finisher is delivered and back to Jay Smash staring down at his hand wrapped with tape, covering the burns he received during the match:::::

Jay Smash: It’s just as painful to watch… So now that the rest of you know a little bit more about what I’ve gone through, I can’t wait to show you what I’m willing to go through to not only defeat my opponent in my final match here, but leave him with the same burns that have already smoldered the skin on my back. What else can I possibly say? I’ve told you the truth before when I said I would beat Troy and Spoiler… but I bent the truth a little bit… I’m planning on beating this f*cker come… whatever day of the week this piece of sh*t tournament is. I really can’t stress this enough though… I don’t want you to start talking back… I don’t care what you’ve got to say… I could honestly care less what comes out of your mouth… All I will do is come back with more to say because that’s what I do… I ramble…. And I do it to get inside of my opponents heads… I like to make it personal… but for you… for the first time, I’m going to change it… and what a coincidence… The first time I change how I affect my opponents… sorry, I mean infect… and well by golly gee wilikers you’re name is The First! No F*ckin way! I’m not gonna come up with some smart *ss remark that implies that your name comes from something idiotic, or even use it in some sexual preference… Instead, all I want to do is talk…

:::::A wink and a nod.:::::

Jay Smash: You know, just regular talking… Like, hey… The First, really don’t understand the name, wanna know all about it, do tell. How are you? What’s you’re favorite color, what kind of steroi… I mean ice cream do you enjoy most? I like chocolate chip mint but I sure do love Chocolate Fudge Brownie. How about you? What are you’re feelings, truly about this Inferno Match? Are you scared? A bit nervous to enter a match like this? Well if so, you really have every reason in the world to be nervous. Honestly, I’m nervous. I’m going to be facing you in a match where flames are wrapped around the ring! Who wouldn’t be nervous about that? Especially when you’ve never faces me before and both of us have certain advantages. I know that mine is that I’ve been in several matches that include flames burning my body, and I know I’ll do all I can to stop that from happening, cause it stings like a b*tch. Perhaps if we et to know each other a little better… And I do not mean that in a gay way, we could possibly figure out a way to keep the flames rising around the ring out of this… Otherwise… oh boy.. I’m sure we are gonna get hurt in this tournament. So, hey, let me know what we’ve got here in terms of agreement and we will get together, have lunch and possibly hit the ring once or twice before this match. Can’t wait to hear from ya, and for everyone else, like the referees that judge these types of matches, and the staff that works on getting these results on television quickly, and even the guys that run this whole things… really, just for everything we’ve been through together, f*ck you very much… hate you all.

:::::Faaaaaaaadddeeee awwwwwaaaaayyyyyy.:::::

The Great Eye
09-12-06, 01:17 AM
(FADEIN: The First standing in behind a camp fire...The flames jump into the camera shot now and again. He's still dressed in his mad hatter outfit.)

THE FIRST: "You want to know about my name? Do you really, oh I could tell you the story, but it wouldn't matter to you...You would just have it go in one ear and out the other, you would blame happenstance, you would blame the faceless, nameless 'enemy' after I beat you...Learning who I am, what I want is meaningless in a situation when my opponent's mind is already made up...Any victory he should obtain would be gained only by rightious merit...Any loss would be caused only by the 'other' those who seek to deny you glory...

It is history's greatest joy...Scapegoating...The Dolchstosslegende...You didn't lose...Others denied you glory...

It's not you that lost...It's those that sold you out...The blacks, the gays, the jews, the athiests, the communists, those different then you...Yes, that's how it Jay...The World is out to get you...

But then again Jay...What's more honest then fire? I mean really, it burns anything it can ignite...Anything it can touch...(The First puts his hand over the fire) Yes fire...You know what it feels like when your legs catch fire...When the flesh starts to burn, when you can smell your own body burning...What the stink of it is like? Feeling the flames getting higher, almost hoping they will, so the pain will becoming blinding, that you'll finally black out and die? To feel your intestines bubbling and boiling...(Winces) it is horrific...It is...nightmarish...It is...Erotic...(Smiles)

Yes fire and I have been together before...We've been...intimate as it were...Oh I've loved her, and she...In turn has treated me well...But there were times she's betrayed me...I've been burned, one might say...If one would pardon the horrific pun...But in the end, fire is honest...It does only what it wants, what it needs, what it desires...

Expect this to be honest between us Mr. Smash...You, me, and fire...That's it...One of us gets lit up in flames, the other does not...In the end...We have nobody to blame but ourselves...


09-12-06, 12:36 PM
Jay Smash: No… please stop. You’re hurting me!

:::::A flash of a teary eyed Jay Smash. His body is bruised, his skin is scared with burns. His hands are deeply stained with blood. He sits there lying on the ground in a corner, sitting in a ball. He begins to rock back and forth as the tears continue to drop from his face. He looks trapped, afraid, with nowhere to go. His hair hangs down, sticking o his face from the tears and sweat pasting over his cheeks and glazed over his eyes. Every so often he whispers to himself but the words cannot be heard. When he tries to speak up, he chokes on his own voice. His heavy breathing continues to help keep the words from coming out, till he swallows down what is frightening him so much to finally get a word out.:::::

Jay Smash: I’m sorry… I don’t know what’s wrong with me. This isn’t me…. What’s wrong with me!?!? ….. Everything is wrong with you! You’re weak! Look at yourself! You’ve let your conscience take over! Stop listening to that good in the back of your mind! You know who you are Jay Smash! You know who you really are! What tournament is this? Come on Jay Smash, tell me! What kind of tournament is this!?!?

:::::After the arguing, the tears begin to fall once again and Smash’s face drops between his knees as he rocks back and forth, curled up in that ball in the corner. He can’t seem to get the problem out of his head. The signs of his demons he once had, had never left at all. Jay Smash had become one man… Not the man he thought he has become. The evil has taken over, but the good in him is fighting again. There he lies, the demon inside of him and the Jay Smash that has been hiding, afraid to come out.:::::

Jay Smash: You’re a worthless piece of sh*t Smash! You know nothing about pain and suffering! You are just a scared little boy inside a man’s body. I’m the man, no go back inside! Leave it to me! Do you see what I have done! I’ve caused old friends to come out and play Smash! I’m on the edge of being kicked out! Don’t you love this!?!? Don’t you enjoy the show? You are watching Jay Smash go down as the sickest, heartless, most demonic superstar to ever be in Fwrestling! Now you will watch and witness either the burning of Jay Smash on live television… or rewarded with a pink slip and a big f*ck you from every superstar you ever tried to become friends with in the past! Remember those like Angel of Death and Nero. You tried to be there friends before… But you can’t have friends! You’re not allowed friends!

:::::Before he can continue, Jay Smash begins to slap himself, while a side of him laughs, as another cries. He tries to stop himself but he is pushed back into the corner and left to bleed. He is left sitting in the corner to whine once again, but how much further he is willing to go is still unclear.:::::

Jay Smash: Now, if you’ll shut up and stay out of this, I finally get to what the f*ck I wanna say. Okay, so now onto this idiot that apparently has no name… or doesn’t feel like talking to me kindly. So I’m gonna do what I do, and hopefully it turns out the way I want it to…. Please don’t! Stop now, I’m not gonna take this anymore!…. I said shut up! SHUT UP!….. You can’t do this to me, you won’t! These people are good people! Don’t do this, you’re not Jay Smash!…. I’m more Jay Smash than you could ever be!…. You’ll never be Jay Smash!… I am the disease my man, I am the God that you will never become. I’ve got your soul, I’ve got all of the soul of everyone here! They will never see their pal Ch…. STOP! Don’t do this! You won’t take my life away! This is my body, this is my career!… I’ve been able to get myself into countless amounts of World title shots since you’ve been gone! I’ve been World champ and it was done without you! So what are you going to do to stop me!?! You were forgotten when you injured yourself two years ago! You were forgotten when I took control! You will never be the Jay Smash that I have become!…. And I don’t want to be the Jay Smash that you have become… You are sick… You’ve gotten so caught up in the lies you speak that you can’t even win a match anymore! Nobody likes you! Every good thing that has ever come out of your mouth has been me trying to fight back!

:::::Jay Smash tries to slap himself again, but his good side stops himself. Just as he block the shot to his face, he headbutts himself into the wall. Jay Smash falls to the floor, bleeding from his forhead, but staying strong against the demons inside.:::::

Jay Smash: You are not a God. You’ve turned the disease into a joke! You’ve destroyed everything I’ve ever fought for! You’ve taken my name and you’ve used it to make people believe that you could do better than me. You’ll never be better than me. You’re the weak one. All you’ve done is become a loser! You are trying to destroy me and everything I tried so hard for to accomplish! You will never do this again! I am back, and I will make you suffer as you made me! I am the man the walked into the EUWC years ago to make a name for myself, and I did that. I am the man that held that United States Championship. The man that won the EUWC rumble as the number one entry. I am the man that held the World title, and the man that lost that title when being thrown on the shelf due to an injury. I am not the man that returned to EUWC a year and a half later. You tried to take over after my family died… WHAT FAMILY, you have no family!…. My son! And my wife! You tried to use my weaknesses to hid me away, but these people need to know the truth!

:::::Jay Smash begins to scream at the top of his lungs, beating himself in the head and leaving blood, sweat, and tears flowing down his face. He begins a rampage in the room, as chairs are thrown and tables are broken. The television smashes to the floor as does his body against it. He throws himself against the wall, but the words coming out of the good in Jay Smash just won’t stop.:::::

Jay Smash: Do all you want, but you won’t do this anymore! You’ve crossed a line. You’ve pushed and shoved and you have gotten nowhere. I’m here, and I’m not leaving anymore!…. You suck! Let me talk! Hey First! You’re a jackass! You suck! You suck! You…. NO MORE! It’s over! You’re done!… You b*tch… Jay Smash…. You’re fired, get out!… What?… You heard me, you’re fired get out… You…. You can’t fire me!…. I just did get out. That’s what you wanted to hear wasn’t it? You just want to make me miserable but you’re still confused about the world… so get out, you’re fired. We don’t want you here anymore so leave…. Just like that huh?…. Yeah just like that, get out…. You can’t do this to me, what are you doing? You can’t do this! You are going to be remembered this way! You must me remembered! Don’t do this! I’ll f*ck you up! I’ll f*ck you up! Oh sh…..

:::::With his eyes shut, his hair still hanging over his face and the blood, sweat, and tears dripping him his flesh, Jay Smash stands inside the room filled with the destruction. The rubble all around him, but he stands still with his eyes shuts and face down. Moments later Jay Smash raises his head to the ceiling, pushes his hair back and smiles. He walks towards another room, opening the door and finding himself standing at a sink and looking down as his reflection shows only him in the mirror. Only Jay Smash whipping the blood from his face with the warm water pouring from the faucet. Smash cleans himself off then opens his eyes and stares at himself for the first time in a long time. With the look of happiness inside Jay Smash, the camera looks up and fades to black.:::::

09-13-06, 01:18 AM
:::::A quiet night in a city that always seems so busy. The lights still sparkling from a distance like stars in the sky, if it were possible to see passed the lights that brighten the world below. On a hill not so far away, there he stands with the wind blowing across his face, his eyes shut, feeling the air he has been waiting so long to breathe again. He smiles for a moment feeling as though he has finally found peace in a world that is so far from it.:::::

Jay Smash: Everything I have to say is very important, so it’s best you listen to every word that comes out. My name is Jay Smash, and I am a superstar for the Extreme Universal Wrestling Corporation. I have been gone for a very long time, but the pain has remained and by body has continued to scar. I had a problem, one that some of you may understand, while others may not. I was diagnosed with multiple personality disorder. Multiple personality disorder is very rare, and in some cases those with this disorder have had another personality that was not liked. As for me, I know about my problem, and I have been fighting this problem for years. I grew to hate myself, and everything about myself, but it was not me inside that was feeling this hatred. It was someone else in me, like another living being taking control of my body and turning me into this insane beast.

I’m not sure if this person inside of me is gone for sure, but I’ve fought harder than you could possibly imagine in order for me to get my life back. My life has been tragic, from the death of my parents, to the death of my wife and child. I have not forgotten them, although the person that I have been has told lies. I’ve lied about who I am and what I remember, but it was something I could not stop. I had no control over the things I said, and believe me when I say that I am sorry the world of wrestling ever let me back in. I was ready for retirement when I injured myself in the EUWC about two and a half years ago. I was ready to slit my throat when my family was killed in an accident while I was laying in a bed recovering. I know how the death of someone so close to you and affect your life. I’ve lost everyone I ever loved, so when I fight… no… when I wrestle in that ring, I do it for those I lost.

The Chad Dupree Memorial Cup Tournament is of course in memory of a friend to many, and they are entering that ring for him, but everyone has reasons they enter that ring, not only for this man that befriended all of use in life and in death. This tournament reminds us all what we enter that ring for. It reminds us why we wake up every morning to do what we do with our lives. It reminds me of my family, and now with the passion that I have to enter the ring in this final match for this Memorial Cup Tournament, I stand here to prove that win or lose, I will have those reminders in my heart. So enter me in a match one on one. Add flames around the ring for the fun of it. I will do something that I have been unable to do for a very long time, and that is to entertain those fans and send them to their feet when they watch Jay Smash give out my daily dose of Vitamin Jay to The First in this upcoming Inferno Match.

Go on and tell me all about the fire. Lay down all kinds of wonderful information that may help you televise your face for just a couple more seconds. Be the faceless, the nameless opponent that can graze the fire with the palm of his hand for a second, because your name and your face will be meaningless after you stare down a flame burning inches from your pupils. The horrified scream that yelps out from your throat as you choke on that fear too large to go down will be something I wait for as I stand there behind you, watching your body get pushes closer and closer to the fire that the Inferno Match ignites.

These are my words now… What I say comes from the heart… And what I do to you in my last match here I will not apologize for until we meet in the back after the flames have lowered and I step out the victor. I don’t take back what I say, but I can respect you for everything you fight for. I am ready for this match in so many ways. I understand you will not go down without a fight, and neither will I. I say good luck to you, and hopefully you will have a face that I can stare at after the match still, so I can look you eye to eye and shake your hand before I go. I’m not sure if this is everything I have to say, but I think it’s good enough. So I’ll see you all at the tournament, where that clock will once again ring, and those throughout the arena will know what time it is…. My Time… It’s Smashing time.

::::And like the wind that has been blowing across his body, it is felt for a moment, and quickly just a memory, there we have a blink of an eye and Jay Smash is gone for the night… But he will not be missed for long…..:::::

The Great Eye
09-18-06, 10:10 PM
(FADEIN: The First sitting on the steps of Front Street.)

THE FIRST: "Wow...I mean, that first thing you did, I was scared, like honestly, I thought you lost your mind or something, I almost was going to call 911 before I remembered that it was a pre-taped segment and people were watching you when you lost your mind like that. I figured they knew better then I to judge your mental health and if you were a threat to yourself or not."

"I know you want to win this fight to honor Chad Dupree...I understand your sorrow over his passing...I can not truly mourn, for I know that nobody truly dies...Leaving this body to return beyond the veil is something we all must do...Most of us will return here...The endless cycle of birth and death...We all play our part, we all come and go...We're all gone...We're all here, it's just the way things work...For this brief instant in time we're here...And we're fighting, and we're setting each other on fire...Or doing our best to attempt to...

It shall be a night to remember...Hope you enjoy it.