View Full Version : [A1E vs. MBE] Andrew Gilkison vs. IrishRed -- Dog Collar Match

09-11-06, 06:22 PM
No time limit. One fall to a finish. Both competitors will be attached to each other with dog collars and a chain. The chain is the ONLY legal weapon in the match.

RP Deadline is Monday, September 18th, 11:59:59 EDT.

09-12-06, 04:53 PM
Hello Drew. Holy crap we just seem to run into one another all over don't we? A1E, MBE and now here in TEAM. We've even managed to meet in the ring once or twice. Now here we are facing each other for the honor of promotions that we both have very storied histories with. Could I have been on the A1E team. Sure it could be argued I have had more success there then MBE. Should have you been on the MBE Team? Maybe. You are almost synonymous with the federation.


You see while you may have been one of the great faces of MBE, while you may have had the lines of fans waiting to touch you and talk to you, while you may have gotten the huge pops and multiple title reigns I was the federations dark soul. I was what embodied the federation. The underdog that constantly overachieves. The upstart that doesn't belong. The fighter that will never give up. The ugly dark corner that has a rabid following of its own.

That's why I got the call Andy. That's why MBE needs me. That's why it's me and not you.

This doesn't have to be personal Andy. This doesn't have to be anymore then a match between two decent men fighting for the honor of the past and the future. This can be a 5 star match guaranteed to be talked about for years.

Or you can drag that dark side out of me and get your ass handed to you and lesson taught to you in blood, pain and humiliation.

I leave the ball humbly in your court Drew.

Hope to hear from you soon.

09-13-06, 07:02 PM
Excuse me, Red, but I think your memory is a little short.

You don't seem to remember the last time you and I had a singles match together, so allow me to remind you just what you are up against this week.

It was in Dublin, Ireland, at A1E's Warfare earlier this year, where I brawled with you all over the arena, and left you a bloody mess, before I powerbombed you on steel steps and threw your ass back into the ring and then pinned you for the one two three.

And then a week later, I stood toe to toe with you and everyone else in the Pier 6 Brawl, and after I dropped you on the back of your head, the only thing that stopped me from eliminating you from there was a Force Of Nature who picked his spot, and waited until I was focused on handing you another ass whooping, before he attacked me.

Yeah. You are a fighter.

Yeah. You don't quit.

Yeah. You have a darkside and a mean streak.

Congratulations. Would you like a ****ing cookie?

Don't threaten me, Red. I am not going to back down when someone talks that kind of **** to me. I am going to give it back to them tenfold, and shove it all back in their face, and have a **** eating grin on my face while I do it.

Yeah, you're tough, you're a badass, you're the shooter, and you're the ****. I'll give you your due, Red.

But what you fail to remember is that I've faced you before, and I came out on top against everything that you are, right in front of your friends and family, and I did it decisively, and proved that I was the better man.

I have already proven to the world that I can hang with you, and beat you into a bloody pulp, and I don't really see any reason why I can't do it again.

So I'll tell you what, Red.

If you really don't want this to become personal, then maybe - just maybe - you shouldn't make threats against me that I have already proven to you before that you can't back up.

You know what they say about those who forget history, don't you?

Do yourself a favor and don't repeat your history of underestimating me. Because we both know what happened the last time you did that.

You got beat. That's what.

And you are going to get beat again.

Darkside or not, you are going to be left laying in a pool of your own damn blood again, with me on top of you, pinning you, and getting another W.

Oh, and don't make the mistake of thinking that you can get me riled up by bragging about how Hida and Spoiler picked you for the MBE Team and not me, because I got to be honest with you, Red. I couldn't be any happier being on the A1E side of the line.

I mean, I am just as much A1E as I am MBE, Red. And in some ways, A1E has earned my loyality more than MBE has.

Houston has always treated me very well, and I never had to worry about him sending Spoiler, Hida, and Housefly down to my dressing room to attack me just because I spoke out against him (and I've never had to, because he doesn't let his ego get in the way of good business), nor has he ever put any of my enemies in one of my matches as a guest referee for the purpose of screwing me over. He has always given me a fair shake.

The things I loved about the old MBE had nothing to do with the egos of Spoiler and Hida Yakamo. You can deal with that headache, Red. I want nothing to do with either of them, because I can trust them as far as I can throw the Empire State Building.

With names like James Irish and Big Dog on the same side as me, as well as Troy Douglas, and when you add in alternates like Beast and Daymon, well... that is simply one great group of talent to be associated with.

That is the Team that is winning this thing. That is the Team that is going straight to the top.

And I am going to do my part in that, by coming out on top against you.

Will it be a 5 star match? I don't know.

I'll let guys like David Meltzer give out the snow flakes. I will just concern myself with giving you everything I got, and taking everything you got and getting back up begging for more.

When it is all said and done, I will drag that darkside out of you, Red. And I will crush it beneath my heel, just like I've done before.

I don't have any reason to fear you, Red. I respect you, but I will never fear you. I will never have to.

And the end result of this match will tell everyone exactly why I don't need to fear you and your darkside.

Because I can match you blood for blood and darkness for darkness, Red. You know it, and I know it.

And in this Dog Collar Chain match, I will have the perfect opportunity to do that once again. And you can bet your sweet ass I will take advantage of it.

So let's tear the house down, as only you and I can.

But I will be the one walking out, while you will be the one carried out.

09-17-06, 10:47 PM
Irishred sits alone on a stool in front of an MBE banner.

Andy this could have just been a simple and entertaining match. This could have been one that the fans would have talked about for years to come. This could have been a match that we could have talked about and looked back on in the A1E locker room and the MBE locker room. This is a match that we could have shown to the young men and women coming up in the business and said now THIS is how you do a match kids.

But now...now you had to go and bring up that ass kicking you gave me in Dublin. You had to make me remember that little match we had. Now you know I was doped out of my mind, on a full week drinking binge and had quite a bit on my mind. You know all of that. Hell Andy you were one of the few willing to give me a second chance when I sobered up. You were one of the few to take me at my word. But there you are rubbing my face in a defeat that you handed to me.

So you can throw that 5 star match **** right out the door. You can throw that out with your health. You can throw that out with your chance at a win in TEAM. You can throw that out with any freaking chance you have of stepping out of this match with your sanity. This match has now become a 5 star ass whipping son.

Chain me up ref. I beg you...take a big old log chain on a new piece of leather and strap that sum***** around my neck. Tie that other end around Andrew's pencil neck and just let us loose. Give the ref the night off Jess. Just leave me and Mr. Gilkison in that ring and let the blood flow.

I didn't want it to be this way. There's absolutely no reason it had to be this way. But dammit Drew you just don't know any better do you. You honestly think that you have the testicular fortitude to go blow for blow with me. You truly believe that you can match me violent act for violent act. You think that your youth and energy are going to come out on top of my anger and drive.

You Andrew are a silly little boy. I am going to personally do to you what your daddy should have done to you and that wayward brother of yours the moment you crawled out of the womb. I am going to put you over my knee bare assed in the center of the ring and give you a proper whipping. I'm going to give you the ass whipping that you deserve for your arrogance and disrespect. I'm going to leave my hand print on your white bread pasty ass and then drag your bleeding carcass from corner to corner while the fans laugh at your full moon and touch every one of the top turnbuckles.

When that's done...and trust me Andrew that will be done I'm going to stand you up and shake your hand. You see Drew life is full of lessons. They don't have to happen because of a big old feud or money or perceived insults; but they do need to happen. Sometimes your elders just have to step up and give a lesson. You may not want that lesson, you may think you don't deserve the lesson, but someday as you sit there alone you'll get a smile on your face and realize that dammit that good old boy Irishred set me right with that ass whipping in the TEAM tourney of 2006.

You won't understand it now. You'll resent it. You'll feel ashamed and embarrassed Andy. But trust me my friend...someday you will thank me.

See you in the ring buddy...

Irishred rises off the stool and begins to walk off camera. He can be heard muttering as he leaves.

....dammit I was really looking forward to just wrestling for once too. But they always make me turn it into a brawl. Dammit...