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09-07-06, 03:50 AM
All RP for the GOP / MARX (c) match at New ERA BattleBRAWL 2 should be posted in this thread. This match is for the New ERA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!

RP and angles are due Tuesday, September 19th, at 11:59pm PST. All angles should be sent to secandido@san.rr.com ... enjoy!

09-11-06, 09:22 PM
We are on a large stage with a stately podium. In the back hangs a giant American flag. From stage right enters The Phantom Republican, dressed to the nines. The crowd of faithful Republicans cheer their party's representitive into the wrestling world. GOP steps on the podium and taps the microphone.

GOP: The time has come for injustices to be righted. Ladies and gentlemen, the eve of BattleBRAWL II is upon us, and now, I have come to take something that was wrongfully taken from me, nay, STOLEN from me by the Moscow-San Francisco Axis, the Bolshevik-Pillow Biter Conspirpacy! I have come to take back the NEW Era of Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship from Red Jonathan Marx!

Five years ago today, the terrorists took something from us, something near and dear to our hearts. They stole our innocence and our normalcy. They stole something that we may never be able to take back, yet we have fought relentlessly to reclaim it over this last half-decade. If we, the Republican dominated nation of America, the Moral Majority, will fight this hard for something that we may never be able to take back, then how hard do you think I shall fight to bring back something readily obtainable, tangible even!?

The answer to that question is that I will fight with every ounce of red, white and blue American blood in my body. I will fight until there is nothing left in this Christian soul of mine to give. I will make sure that I break him in half like the Ivan Drago son of a heathen godless Communist pig that he is! And do you know why?

Because inside of his cold, black, empty heart, he knows he is toting around stolen property. He knows that much like the queer-bait supporting Democratic Party gives crack addicted mothers money to feed their habits, he got MY belt because of the conspiracy my partner was in on to SCREW me out of the Championship! He knows he's on borrowed time with hot goods. He knows that no matter how much he wants to convince us that Communism is the way to go and that everyone should share that World Championship, that he's awakened a sleeping giant. He's awakened a man whose mantle was taken wrongfully.

And now, I'm coming. I'm coming with the Stealth Bombers and Star Wars. The Terror Alert has been upped to Red. There will be MOABs. There will be Weapons of Mass Destruction used with just force. Gordon Oliver Powell will stop at NOTHING, NOTHING! to get his title back. No Communist nor homosexual will stand in his way this time.

GOP bows to a raucously cheering audience as the screen fades to the NEW logo.

09-13-06, 09:49 PM
::Jonathan Marx and Brandon Jacobs are off the shore in their yacht standing at the bow of the ship by the wheel in the shadow of the Statue of Liberty at sunset::

JONATHAN MARX: When my family generations ago made that long journey by boat to the United States all the way from Europe, they knew that they had finally arrived when they saw the Statue of Liberty on the horizon and it was a beacon of hope for a better tomorrow.

BRANDON JACOBS: She is a pretty lady at this time of night.

JONATHAN MARX: She has seen this country weather many a storm. Two presidential assassinations, two World Wars, the Great Depression, and 9/11… through all of that she has stood tall as a symbol of America’s resilience and has shown us that we shouldn’t dwell on tragedy because we will make it through and prosper.

BRANDON JACOBS: Sort of like how NEW has finally overcome Jean Rabesque & Phantom Republican’s title reigns?

JONATHAN MARX: Exactly, the clouds are finally starting to part and the sun is starting to shine again because an old school revolution which will bring upon a second golden age of wrestling is upon us and one needs to look no further than how well NEW has been doing in league competition with my guidance behind the scenes constructing game plans for each and every match except for Mr. Entertainment’s which I handed off to you.

BRANDON JACOBS: ::looks down ashamed::

JONATHAN MARX: Under my vast influence, Copycat and Shawn Hart have come in specifically to compete for BattleBrawl 2. I even scouted a young rookie named HAL who I recommended to management as possibly being the future of wrestling… and I’m simply starting to warm up. NEW is finally emerging from the darkness which started that fateful rainy night that Larry Tact was robbed out of the title by Rabesque who tarnished the title even more by losing to that B-Star Phantom Republican who has no respect for what the NEW World Heavyweight Title truly means. I will not let NEW regress back to those dark and miserable days, it is time that NEW to walk back into light and take its rightful place on the top of the mountain.

BRANDON JACOBS: You know what Phantom Republican is like, he is one of those people who like to dwell in the past and play on people’s fears of the chaos that could come with change.

JONATHAN MARX: That is what people like him have to do to maintain their position, make everyone and anyone they can utterly miserable. They want to snuff out all hope and irradiate the world of people like me who are willing to stand up and fight their mind games. Screw them all, he’ll have to kill me to ever get this title away from me.

BRANDON JACOBS: There is an old saying by Patrick Henry, “Give me liberty, or give me death”…

JONATHAN MARX: Death is not an option, a person only starts dying when they stop dreaming and too many people in New York City have experienced the heart ache of their dreams come to an end before their time, I will not let their dream for a better NEW come to an end. It is much too soon for that.

::Marx grabs the wheel of the ship and steers toward the lit up coastline::

JONATHAN MARX: Let the first chapter in the Golden Age of Wrestling begin, New York City, here we come!


09-15-06, 02:25 PM
::The camera pans in on the Toys R' Us Mega Store in New York City, the scene changes to the NEW action figure aisle where the Marx & Jacobs two pack, the MWG, the HAL, Chaos, John Doe, and Beau Michaels & Cameron Cruise two pack with vibrating action are all sold out, the only figures remaining are three rows full of Phantom Republican and Jean Rabesque action figures. Hundreds of people, including many young children with their parents are waiting in line to get Marx & Jacobs autograph who are sitting at a table with the NEW banner draped over the edge::

::a nervous brown haired boy walks up to the table with his Marx & Jacobs figure two pack::

JONATHAN MARX: What is your name little boy?

BRANDON JACOBS: If Beau Michaels was asking that question, that would mean something sinister.


YOUNG BOY: My name is Noah.

::Marx reaches out his hand and shakes young Noah’s hand::

JONATHAN MARX: It is a pleasure to meet you. I’m glad you came out in the rain to be here today.

NOAH: I wouldn’t miss it, you are my favorite.

::Noah hands Jacobs the figure to sign which he promptly does and hands back to Marx::

JONATHAN MARX: Thank you, and what do you think of Brandon?

NOAH: Eh, he is okay. But I miss Domovoi…

::Jacobs begins to pout in silence::

JONATHAN MARX: *laughs* Brandon is an acquired taste. What do you think of Phantom Republican?

NOAH: My mommy always said that if you can’t say anything nice about someone, you shouldn’t say anything at all.

*long silence*

JONATHAN MARX: *laughs* Your mother is right, if you want to grow up to be a gentleman, you can’t sort to name calling. So, what do you think of the poopy head?

NOAH:: ::starts cracking up:: He talks and talks and talks about politics. It is like the news my daddy watches after Sesame Street ends except I fall asleep a lot more when he talks. Why doesn’t he talk about wrestling? Does he like wrestling?

JONATHAN MARX: I don’t know, he may, but I think he likes to hid it.

NOAH: Why would he want to hide something as cool as that?

JONATHAN MARX: He is afraid of what other people will think.

NOAH: My mommy told me that you shouldn’t be afraid to be who are.

JONATHAN MARX: Your mother is very wise. Make sure to tell her that you love her, you can never say that enough.

::Marx takes the Sharpie pen and signs his name and a short personal message to Noah::

NOAH: Do you have a mommy?

JONATHAN MARX: My mother died when I was twelve, she was very sick for a long time.

NOAH: Was she scared?

JONATHAN MARX: At first, she was, but then she realized that living your life constantly being afraid doesn’t help and she realized that you can’t obsess about what you can’t change. She realized the time she had left was a gift and vowed to make the most of it.

NOAH: How come Phantom Republican wants everyone to be afraid?

JONATHAN MARX: He is either evil and uses people fears to get what he wants or he is a good man who thinks by playing on people’ fears, he will keep everyone safe when he is causing as much fear as the people originally who caused everyone to be afraid to begin with. He doesn’t realize you can’t live your life constantly being scared and you need to seize the day.

NOAH: But I understand it and I’m only seven…

JONATHAN MARX: Some people are just slow learners


09-19-06, 12:03 AM
Backdrop is an overcast Boston day. GOP is standing in a quad somewhere downtown.

GOP:[b/] To you, Communist Marx, a day like today represent a beautiful, gorgeous day. A day where the sun fails to shine through the clouds, where dark clouds dominate the landscape, threatening rain on the good, hard-working people of America. Despite the fact that outside of Berkely, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has more godless liberal swine populating it than any other haven for illogical left-wing trash, the God-fearing, righteous, conseravative men and women of this town, all seventeen of them, deserve to have the sun shining through, to have beautiful skies and green fields above them and surrounding them. To them, your vision of what's good and pure in this world doesn't set well. To them, your vision of what's right is nothing but a cloudy, depressing day, devoid of any light other than the ones powered by electricity made in your collective plants through slave labor, where the workers go home and share one television and one loaf of bread, seeing as how that's the Communist vision of how everything works.

Well, I'm not about to stand here and let your vision of the perfect day ruin it for everyone else. Back when I was the NEW Era World's Heavyweight Champion, the sun shone, people could frolic in the fields and men came home from working their jobs to televisions of their own and their wives slaving over a hot stove, pregnant and possibly barefoot as well, making sure that the king of the castle got the royal treatment. When I was the Champion, the times were better. The economy was up, terrorists weren't threatening major attacks on our cities and people didn't spit on Rick Santorum or Jeb Bush as much when they walked down the streets.

But then you took over, and this happened. The rainclouds looming overhead, threatening to spit water and lightning down if people didn't fall in line with your radical views, spreading lies and propaganda that I, Gordon Oliver Powell, wanted America, the hard-working coal miner, working for minimum wage, or the even harder working accounting executive, making the American dream come true, to fear me. To be afraid of me. No, the only person who should be afraid of me is you, Communist Marx. You should tremble before the power of the Stars and Stripes because it's you who brings this country and this federation down with every breath you take.

Your vision for the Golden Age of Wrestling is nothing but an immoral farce. You wish to strip us of our ability to watch men like myself fly through the air like stealth bombers or pummel those like you with innovative strikes and blasts. You wish to keep the high flying moves contained by those crazy Nips over in Japan. You'd rather have it so that the only legal moves were chin locks and back rakes. Well, I for one will never stand for such a heathen practice to fall over my wrestling company.

That is why, at BattleBRAWL, I will not only end your title reign, bringing joy and happiness to everyone in this country who counts, all the good little conservative boys and girls who read Bill O'Reilly's children's book and boycott Target, but I will end any hope of you continuing your crusade against decency. You may have brought in names, but I bring down the house upon you. You may have influenced wrestlers, but I influence a nation.

At BattleBRAWL, may the God you don't believe in have mercy on your soul. Because I certainly won't.

[b]GOP V/O: I'm Gordon Oliver Powell, and I approve this message.

Fade to the Republican elephant logo.

09-20-06, 07:54 PM
::Marx and Jacobs are sitting alone for a private screening of “Cosmic Collisions” in the Hayden Planetarium inside the Natural History Museum in New York City::

BRANDON JACOBS: I don’t know what it is about the Planetarium, I’ve been coming here since I was a kid, but whenever come to see a show, I start to falling asleep.

JONATHAN MARX: You mean like the boredom induced haze caused by waiting for Phantom Republican to respond?

BRANDON JACOBS: No, that is like a medically induced coma, but I do get pretty tired… but through all that fog I noticed that Gordie was speaking from Boston, Massachusetts instead of New York City.

JONATHAN MARX: That is easily explained; Beau Michaels told me that Phantom Republican was a tea enthusiast.

BRANDON JACOBS: I never figured him for a tea drinker.

JONATHAN MARX: Oh, he is hardcore alright, according to Beau, he likes to teabag all night with his other male staffers.

BRANDON JACOBS: I may have misjudged Gordie. If he has all those friends, he can’t be as bad as Rabesque.

JONATHAN MARX: Rabesque never wrapped himself in the French flag and stood on his soap box preaching nationalism to the masses like they are a bunch of brainless zombies.

BRANDON JACOBS: Rabesque even with all his annoying traits never preached nationalism, but I believe we saw him with the French flag wrapped around his waist when he came out to get his room service.

JONATHAN MARX: Brandon that was a white towel, Rabesque just came out of the shower.

BRANDON JACOBS: That would explain why he was dripping wet. I thought it was just his coke habit rearing its ugly head again.

JONATHAN MARX: Phantom Republican doesn’t need drugs, he has those poor coal miner’s screaming their support at the top of their charcoaled blackened lungs.

BRANDON JACOBS: Leave it to Gordie to use fear to garner support with the sick and those unable to escape their conditions. I’m glad that in the civil war, I’m with hope for a better tomorrow for wrestling and the world.

JONATHAN MARX: The reason why both Rabesque and Phantom Republican fell from power is simple. They weren’t students of history and failed to learn from mistakes others have made in the past because of their arrogance in thinking that they knew it all. Even with being declared a genius at an early age far ahead of most of my teachers, I always realized that as much as I know, I still have a lot to learn and discover as both a student of wrestling and life and I will take full advantage of my knowledge whether it is an idea from the 1950s or something that most people can’t even imagine. I’ve learned so much in my life by looking up at the stars. Og Mandino once said, “Search for the seed of good in every adversity. Master that principle and you will own a precious shield that will guard you well through all the darkest valleys you must traverse. Stars may be seen from the bottom of a deep well, when they cannot be discerned from the mountaintop. So will you learn things in adversity that you would never have discovered without trouble. There is always a seed of good. Find it and prosper.”