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09-07-06, 03:43 AM
All RP for the FOXX / STARR (c) match at New ERA BattleBRAWL 2 should be posted in this thread. This match is for the Women's Heavyweight championship!

RP and angles are due Tuesday, September 19th, at 11:59pm PST. All angles should be sent to secandido@san.rr.com ... enjoy!

09-07-06, 04:56 AM
"Give it up already!"

Foxx sits on the tailgate of a beat up old Chevy... HER beat up old Chevy as a matter of fact. It's got a few bags in the back. She's ready to start the trip to fabulous New York, New York. ...But first there's issues to resolve.

"How many times do I have to beat you fair and square for you to admit I might actually be a challenge to your precious little tin belt. ...Yes, I know. I never really BEAT you that time; you just screwed up. It's amazing how a partner with good timing can win a match eh?"

"I looked back a bit though. Ah...memories. I beat you in the second; SECOND match of my career. I've improved...have you?"

"This time you don't have a tag partner or Boogie Smallz to hide behind. What happens now? Will I have to chase your ass around the ring? I certainly hope not. Have the dignity, honor and courage to face me in the ring without blinking. ...And please...try not to get on my nerves. You're the only one laughing at your little games."

"I try to be nice. I try to be civil, but you just spit in my face. Well this is where you get that final, crushing epiphany. 'Hey, maybe I shouldn't walk around pissing everyone off. It tends to make my matches a lil tougher.' Then again, I don't think you'd ever think about that. You're too busy with that smug lil grin on your face. No one's ever taken your belt from you, right? Why should they now? Hell, maybe you can lose this match and they'll still hand you the title to keep all to yourself. Would that make you happy? Or maybe more realistically you'll grab the belt from the referee and run away bawling til they have to pry it from your arms."

"The title? Nothing. It puts flair into the match, but I'm more interested in knockin your ego down and out for the good of the fans as much as it is for me. And you know what? I'll have a good lotta FUN doin it too."

"I'll even play your little game. I'll stand still...for five seconds. That's all you're gonna need right? That's what all the little...

The word escapes her lips a bit hesitantly and with a good hint of disgust.

...whores who think they're better than you have to do when they step in the ring right? Least that's what you said before you LOST."

"Your bragging rights, your putdowns, your Harvard education, your EGO. They mean nothing in this match. Bring your best. God knows I'll be bringin mine."

And with that she hops off the tailgate, slams it shut and walks around to step into the driver's seat. Fade to black as the truck starts and Willie Nelson's "On the Road Again" drifts from the open window.

09-14-06, 04:04 AM
"You try to be NICE??"
(Fadein, Karla Starr in front of an NEW BATTLEBRAWL 2 Backdrop.)

STARR: How sad. You try to be nice in a business that...ISN'T nice.

But yet you still try.

Some would admire at such perserverence, but me??

Well, you know...

(Starr smiles and motions to her shirt, which says "B*tch 24-7" on the front.)

It's not that you really even have a choice about it either, the fact of the matter is...it's not the latest Craze, it's not the newest toy out on the market...

But damnit, you screwed up version of PIPPI LONGSTOCKING, YOU JUST DON'T GET IT!!

However...maybe it is...starting to work after all.

You called women and girls..."WHORES".

Your jealousy of me is becoming more and more evident every time you open your mouth...which can mean only one thing...

There's still time for you Foxx!!

You can still make it back to the same universe that we're all apart of!!

(Starr flips her hair back abit, and a look of bewilderment flashes across her face.)

But yet...you're more after me than my title??

(Starr smirks.)


If you didn't care about "the added flair" that was put into this match, that my title was put on the line for those who wanted me to beat the ignorance out of you...

Just so they could THINK that you have something to shoot for...

Then you'd just be another slut wishin' to make something of your life at my expense, and the track records here show how well that's worked out.

You don't want the title shot, and just want a good ol' fashioned one-on-one, B*TCH-AGAINST HEIFFER FIGHT...

Then just walk your preppy-Jennifer-Amber-Thissen-wannabe-butt right down that hallway and tell Juliet Marceau.

Because believe me...I've got much more better things to do than to put my title that will NEVER leave my waist...on the line against a slut like you.

I don't have to bring ANYTHING to this match than what I've had with me the last seventeen-hundred times I put my title on the line.

And that's my confidence...not to mention my autographed picture of David Faustino..

He's such a HUNK!!


09-14-06, 04:12 PM
Foxx is sitting on her truck tailgate again, only this time it's in front of Madison Square Gardens.

"I applaud your ability to come out of so many losses and still keep that petty attitude of yours. What's with you and those d*mned shirts anyways?! B*tch this; B*tch that. It's sickening! We all know you're a b*tch. No need to flaunt it to the world. You should try shopping outside of Goodwill. It'll help your wardrobe immensely."

She gets a bit of a laugh from that one...

"Now, I realize the world is full of scuzzballs like you and several of the other people I've wrestled, but that doesn't mean I can't be an exception, now does it. If anything that actually makes me ORIGINAL. I can actually use the time I would have spent deciding who to piss off next to do something halfway constructive. It's a matter of personality, hun. You just don't have the means to be nice. It's a shame really."

She shrugs.

"But so now, everyone knows you're a b*tch. You've made it blatantly obvious on several occasions. So now that we've figured out that you're a self-righteous ***** what do we do now?"

"Not much really. Being a ***** just gives you the innate ability to piss people off and the means to not feel guilty when you break the rules. But we've already discovered that chairs and cheating do NOT win a match and you can piss me off all you want. It just makes me all the happier to remove that pretty lil belt from around your waist. You know...the one you say will never go anywhere."

"You don't have Mercedes to take the loss for you this time. Will you actually concede a defeat once the belt is in my possession instead of around your waist? I can only hope so, but time will tell."

Fade to black.

09-15-06, 07:47 PM
(Fadein, Karla Starr being tended to in a backstage Lockerroom for her bags. The attendant looks up at Starr, who notices him shy away in embarressment as she smiles.)

STARR: You 'applaud' me Foxx?? You...APPLAUD me...for my attitude??

Skank, only Opera's and newborn babies need and applaud, and while I still may be young, I sure as heck ain't here for the Opera.

But since you're still living in your own little dream world...allow me to clarify something:

YouYou ride around in old, beat up, Chevrolet Pick-up trucks.

Marcus LaRoque makes sure I ride in nothing but the best in Limosine's with comfort only the best money can buy.

You're lucky to make it here on time by probably stealing Bubba's dirty pick-up by telling him what pretty girls' like you wanna hear.

Like you think for some reason that I can't possibly know what it's like to be 'nice', rather than the fact that I'm a B*tch, twenty-four seven.

You should've seen me at Marcus LaRoques' Christmas Party last year...the darling give's everybody food and drink, but take's his time out to give the myself and those other folks with titles' a BONUS.

(Starr scratches her head a second as if to ponder something.)

Wait a second...now that I think about it...I didn't really see you there at all...unless you were one of those poor sluts who got stuck with "Dish Duty" for their paychecks...

You didn't get the Memo, which means...

You didn't matter worth the VOMIT Marceau gave to the Porcelain God's then, that night, and you BARELY matter now.

Don't worry about Mercedes showing up, tramp, because she'll be busy enough with Cameron in the Battle Royale. This I can promise you.

But one thing that I CAN'T promise you..is how long I plan to keep beating you once the match is over.

I DO have a wonderful track record this of defense's that's lasted almost TWO years, now...which is pretty much the longest current Reign going.

You wanna shut me up Foxx??

Fine, but on one condition.

Respect the title and do like others have done in the past, and that's to either save yourself the time to get ready and just move on to your next booking...or just show up and GIVE UP, like everyone else has.

Do that, and you have my word as a Lady and a B*TCH, that you'll not hear one more word from me again.

How about it, Foxx.

I'm not crossing any fingers (Holds up both hands.)...are you??


09-18-06, 10:22 PM
"You lose focus so quickly..."

Foxx in full wrestling attire sitting in a metal folding chair. It's backstage in what will soon be NEW's PPV. The area is dark beyond the few lights around her.

"Now we've moved on to how you're obviously better than me, because you ride in limos."

"Do you have any idea how much I CARE. ...I think you do."

"I choose the way I live. If you have a problem with the vehicle I choose to travel in, you can kiss my *ss. I'm more likely to drive my truck into the ground before I buy a new one. Yes, I do have the money to buy another vehicle, but that truck a' mine has been runnin faithfully since the day I bought it. Why should I change? And why the hell would I ride around in a freakin limo?"

"The day I start gettin carted around in a limo is the day I start actin like you...or, God help me, Carlee Marx."

That obviously brings up some disgust...

"Oh! I'd also like to point out that my first NEW match wasn't til JANUARY! But look where I am now. What, four, five matches later? Why I'm challenging you for the title! Either someone up high likes me or they just plain don't like you."

"Get a clue, you twit. What makes you think this outcome will be any better than your last?"

"I do actually respect the title, but around your waist it just seems...wasted. So don't count on me to give you an easy run, that just wouldn't be respectful to the title, now would it?"

"I'll be seein ya, Starr, very...very soon."

Fade out.

09-20-06, 07:52 PM
"Wait a second...I lose focus??"
(Fadein, Karla Starr, dressed in a NEW ERA BattleBrawl 2 attire, with the shirt tied in a not and her hair pulled back. A glint of shine flashes across the NEW ERA's Women's Championship, as it rests over her right shoulder.)

STARR: Let's think about this a second.

You came into this business a few months ago, all goody-goody-Miss-Lollypop-Princess, with your willingness to be polite rising to a level that would even make Pippi Longstocking vomit a boot out of her...

But now...see, now is a different story altogether, pipsqueak.

Now, within just a few months....I've got you cussing, criticizing my attitude and the way I carry myself...and even going as far as calling other girls WHORES, hell...you just told me to KISS YOUR ASS!!

Hypocrite much?? Move over Tony Stewart, Foxx is comin' through!!

Pardon me Un-Original...but I do believe you're stealing MY lines.

See Foxx, you're pissed because I've been the NEW ERA's Champion and do what I do, whenever I wanna do it because of the fact that you know deep down...that you want to too.


You wanna talk like me, dress like me, walk like me...hell, had I thought of things any differently....I'd-a thought that Poison Ivy had walked in the room on a strict visionary sense of wanting her part of the trademark infringement.

(A beat passes.)

Why? Because she knows that as hard as she tries...I can do ANYTHING that she can do BETTER...and she's the one that did it FIRST!!

I ride in Limo's, irritant...because I CAN, because a B*TCH like me EARNED IT and because Marcus LaRoque won't have anything less for the people that represent NEW ERA, and believe me hooker...

I represent it WELL.

The fact of the matter is this, your deaf tramp:

I've been the NEW ERA Women's Champion for almost TWO YEARS....which is more than what I can say for you because I'm sure the way you carry yourself...two years ago...PUBERTY caught up with you!!

I said it when I walked into this company...I said it when I gave Larry Tact the "Moonshot" that lost his World Heavyweight title and Jean Rabesque his dignity...Carlee her memory, and gave Caitlyn Daymon the Willies...

This title is MINE, even before it was invented to be PRESENTED.

I proved it from Day One, to when I showed up Caitlyn last year at the FIRST Battle Brawl.

I AM/B] the best NEW ERA's got, no matter who they throw against me.

I gave you a chance to step down, out of respect to the fact that we both know that I'm better.

But now I'm telling you....you have NO CHANCE of beating me, with my title on the line.

You've never competed for a title before this disregarding matches in other companies, the bottom line is this:

None of that matters.

When you step into that ring, you step onto MY territory, and that's a part of the land that people DO NOT go down without injury.

It's happened to Larry Tact.

It's happened to Caitlyn Daymon.

Carlee Marx has felt my wrath, as well as Krist Blue.

Olivia even tried the same route as you, and I HUMILIATED HER on National Television.

You know what the difference between you and those other girls is, Foxx??

I'm going to do this on WORLD WIDE PAY-PER-VIEW for the entire [B]WORLD.

And I'm going to enjoy every second of it, you want to know why??

Because that's what a B*TCH like ME does BEST.


09-21-06, 03:33 PM
Foxx...sitting at ringside in the announcer's booth. The area is deserted beyond some of the crew still lagging behind.

"There's an embarrassing moment... "I'm sorry, but we have to delay the show cuz most of the people that are suposta be in the big brawl haven't even shown up yet."

"Some star material that is."

"You wanna know why my attitude has changed, Starr?"

She counts them off on her fingers.

"One; I can't stand doing things halfassed. You do that quite well. If you're going to make fun of me get your facts straight."

"Two; you talk waaaay too much and way too highly of yourself. There's just no hope for your ego, but I guess at least you won't have issues with self respect."

"Three; you're just plain...not nice."

"That's three strikes. You're out, b*tch."

"I really am a nice person...truely. Like I said, I tried to be nice to you. This could have been so much better, but you just won't let it be. You wanna play hardball? Well I'm here to show you that I can play hardball too when I put my mind to it."

"...And I used that d*mned word because I was quoting you directly. You don't remember? Our first match? The one I first beat you in?"

"Old times aside, you can gloat about how you're actually serious this time. That all those other times you weren't trying. You can tell yourself that all you want. It won't affect this outcome in the slightest."

"Just keep talkin. THAT is what you do best."

"Our meeting's been delayed, but it's only delaying the inevitable."

"See ya there, Karla."

"I think this match will be even better than the so-called 'Main Event'."

She grins as the screen fades.

09-21-06, 08:47 PM
"I talk too much, but yet you never seem to SHUT UP."

(Fadein, Karla Starr in front of the same backdrop.)

STARR: No Foxx, I don't wanna know why your attitude changed...I'd rather take the time to hire someone to take inventory of my TRAVEL makeup than to listen to you.

Hell...now that I think about it...Bob Villa probably would too...and that ol' bastard use to put me to SLEEP at night!!

But you just never do get it, Foxx, and I suppose even if I try to explain my reasoning, you never will.

But here goes GENIUS:

You started not too long ago correct?? That in-and-of-itself should be a surefire reason why I get what I want and I do what I do.

Because first off (Starr gives the camera a middle finger), I've been in this business longer than you, you stupid heiffer.

It's called SENORITY.

I have it...you don't.

Secondly (Starr fires off her other middle finger in the same manner), I've got the NEW Women's Championship.

YOU don't.

I get special privilages and transportation, due to the fact that people know who I am.

(Karla flips back her hair behind her shoulders.)

STARR: A B*tch ..sure...but it's because of the fact that I'm KNOWN.

Hell, as far as I'm concerned...you might be like that other punk acouple weeks back...people still might think of you as the WRONG GENDER, when you walk down the aisle.

Not that it makes any difference to me, mind you hooker, but if I were you...I'd be pretty ticked at that notion.

(Starr twirls her finger around in a circular motion.)

All these gifts, these luxeries that I've been given and used...all because of who I am, and what I've done to get there.

And believe me tramp...if I've been able to do it here in NEW ERA...I can do it elsewhere, and I can BE it anywhere.

Be a *****?? Sure.

But that's old hat for me.

I'm talking about being a CHAMPION.

Something that you've never been and as far as I'm concerned...something you'll never do anything but aspire to be.