View Full Version : [LoC vs. RDJW] KKK and Derecho vs. Ronaldodinho and Jaco Patterson

08-30-06, 10:17 PM
One fall to a finish. No time limit.

RP deadline is Wednesday, September 6th, 11:59:59 PM.

09-06-06, 01:41 PM
Stage hands and construction crew were hurrying around in the background as Kevin Kassidy Kenwright stood at the buffet table. KKK was snacking as the photographer set up the black background for the LoC Dupree Cup photo-shoot, with Phoenix Rose standing next to him as the pair snacked on the buffalo wings and chicken nuggets that were on offer.

Naturally, Kenwright was in a mood to complain. “I just think it’s hypocritical, that’s all” Kenwright added as though finishing a point.

“Why?” questioned Phoenix before licking his lips and lifting a chicken leg.

“Why what?” snapped Kevin at his manager, obviously disgusted that he had asked why.
Clearly, he wasn’t listening.

“Why do you think it’s hypocritical?” mumbled Phoenix as he salivated lips wrapped themselves around the juicy leg of chicken that was perched in his hands.

“Come on… Think about it,” sighed Kenwright. “Every week the Legacy of Champions bosses put out a press statement in which they basically saw a law onto myself and that they in no way agree with what I stand for…”
Phoenix nodded.

“…yet they put me forward to represent LoC in this Dupree Cup thing.”

Phoenix shrugged. “So?”

Kevin shook his head. “Look at the rest of the team. Turk, Derecho and Ryan Billows… and last week, Ulysis Solian. All mongrels they may be but for some reason our moronic fans adore them and then there is me.”

“The bosses clearly know you are the great wrestler you say you are,” suggested Phoenix, trying to be supportive.

Kevin sighed. “I was getting to that. You are always stealing my thunder. That was my final point. You’re such a pain in the ass.”

Phoenix shrugged. There was nothing more he could do, his mouth was busy with yet more chicken.

“And who is the RDJW anyway?”

Phoenix shrugged. “Never heard of them. I don’t even think they are a real federation.”

“Seriously? What kind of Mickey Mouse event have I been entered in?” questioned Kevin.

Phoenix shrugged, more chicken.

“Oh well,” grinned Kevin, “as long as I’m out to represent LoC I should at least do some preaching… wait a minute!”

Phoenix’s attention was grabbed as Kevin began pointing at a think black man that was approaching the table with a large dish of chicken.

“Who is that?” questioned Kevin.

“The chef… I assume.”

*vomiting noises*

*more vomiting noises*

“****!” finally added Kenwright after throwing up. “**** probably tried to poison me…”

*vomiting noises*

09-06-06, 05:08 PM
The screen was black, but not silent.

There was an audible heart beat in the background. Text faded in and out on the screen with a deep voice that matched the words.

“The unthinkable happened.”

A clip aired of Jason Payne pinning Derecho after a Payne Killer.

“It drove him to silence…”

“But now…”

”The silence will be broken…”

A logo of Kevin Kassidy Kenwright and Derecho standing back to back is shown.

“And with his alliance, his targets have been chosen.”

Derecho’s voice booms over clips of him in LoC of various wrestling moves in rapid succession.

“One thing I hate… is someone getting lucky. I assure you… everyone’s luck stops here and now”

The screen added to black

The heartbeat slows and then flatlines.

An image of Ronaldodinho and Jaco Patterson is displayed on the screen. Below their image is a timer ticking down. Derecho’s voice booms again.

“This time… victory is certain!”

Black screen once again, and it stays that way as the promo ends.